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First Wave Indigos

We're Glad You Are Finally Here!

Now Follow Your Destiny...

Wake Up Your Memories & Your Passions!
Your Noble Power Within Awaits You!

Are YOU A Knight From

The Great Realm?

Join Us In Our Quest To Bring Truth, Justice
Love & Laughter To Planet Earth!


First Wave Indigos


NOTE: *We use the term Indigo because that is one of the UV colors we have earned, which is embedded in our energy field.

*We are NOT a network for Indigo Children.

*We are Adult UV-Knights here on a service mission to bring Truth, Justice and Balance back to the planet.

*We use UV-Light, Humor, Neutrality, and UV-Love, (which is often times “Tough Love”) in dealing with corruption.

After you've read the article, "What Is a First Wave Indigo Knight?", and have started on the Indigo articles, keep in touch with us by joining our Knight's Newsletter.

About this website

This is not your typical website.

The navigation of this site is like a "choose your own adventure" taking you on a journey aimed to help you remember and awaken to your Indigo Knight!

 This site is truly a labyrinth

of new information, humor and magick!   All roads lead to another road or adventure.... and there are NO dead ends, (but there are "new windows!")

While you navigate, you'll find

"hidden" eggs and other fun quirks, including the "Hal Zone!"


Click here for a "Hal-of-a-good time".


Where would you like to go next? Choose your adventure below!

Latest Knights Updates

For returning First Wave Indigos, here is what's happening. Check here for updates, new interviews, classes, and intel from our Cosmic Clean-up Crew.

Now Available!

Kryahgenetics II - Limited Edition


The Limited Edition E-book of Kryahgenetics II is NOW available! Purchase your copy in our Treasure Chest below.


Aurauralite & Aulmauracite: The Stone of Truth and Justice

This Magickal Stone is here to help FWI's & the

Cosmic Clean-up Crew on their missions.

The Knight's and Lady's Code

Read the Knight's and Lady Knight's Code. Learn what it means to walk with Truth and Justice.

Sign the Mistyc House Guestbook

Leave your name and message along with other Indigos on the Mistyc House Guestbook.

A Special Tribute to Amikah...

Who's physical presence is greatly missed... but her unwavering support and commitment is with us still! Read this letter to learn about her and to honor her presence. 

July 27, 1955 - July 18, 2008
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Have a Hal of a nice day!
~Laura Lee & Hal

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