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Kryahgenetics II: Covert Secrets & Alchemy E-Book

Kryahgenetics II: Covert Secrets & Alchemy replaces the “Limited Edition” e-book and has new snippets of information throughout, plus 5 new chapters. This book is more like a user’s manual for all “Cosmic Clean-up Crew” members on how to navigate the insidious corruption on planet Earth, and learn how to clean it up and without getting slimed too bad.


You will feel like you just got the “GET OUT Of JAIL, FREE” card in the game “Monopoly”!


This large 8 ½ x 11” book with 288 pages is filled with not only humor, but vital life and Soul-Saving covert secrets and Alchemy. It is highly recommended that you get both a hard copy AND a digital copy so you can look up words and topics via the search option.  It is also filled with links to very important websites and songs that help you understand and “grok” the emotions of some of the topics.


You can also use the option to have “the robot” read it to you if you are traveling. The hard copy is nice to have the print in hand while you are away from digital devices, and has a page at the end to write your own personal notes. 


Here is a “sneak peek” of some of the chapter titles:


  • What is Magick?
  • Our Allies & Protectors
  • The Broken Heart & Mind*Psyche Healers
  • The Power Of Gold
  • Forced Earth & Hologram Entrance Agreements
  • The Ghost Gangstas & Their Crime Families
  • MK-Ultra & Agency
  • Blood-Thirsty, Loosh-Eating Psychopath gods
  • Skank Altar Updates
  • The Prayer/Preyer Business
  • The Avatar/Suemah Connection
  • Unconsciously Participating In Blood Sacrifices
  • To Swear Or Not To Swear: How to Cuss Properly


For a sneak peek into these  Covert Secrets, click here.

Kryahgenetics II: Covert Secrets & Alchemy E-Book

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