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Aulmauracite & Aurauralite: Scientific Qualities of This Power Rock

Updated: Mar 27


Some of the more scientific qualities of this rock that we

have discovered, have been absolutely astounding….

as it has properties that are literally

"Out Of This World."

  • Assay testing revealed that Aulmauracite is 58% iron (in a form that does not oxidize/rust.) The other 42% consists of 72 other elements, including all the noble metals (plus some that are foreign to this planet!) It appears that the ratio of these elements in relationship to each other gives this "Power Rock" its unusual properties.

  • It has its own power source and its own ground…..that’s not of this world.

  • It is a high-powered broadcaster that beefs up the volume of whatever you’re trying to broadcast, whether a desire or intention, or whether it’s being used to amplify Tesla technology.

  • It custom-designs itself to the user to assist them with their benevolent intentions.

  • When someone tries to use it for unethical or UN-loving intentions….it has its own internal ethical code and will shut off its power and go temporarily dormant … won’t get involved!

  • It puts its owner or user on their best destiny path, which almost always alters their lives, and brings about some very dramatic changes when they get their rock!

  • When you pass it around a room of people, this Power Rock won’t pick up and hold their psychic debris like crystals do, instead it neutralizes it and grounds it out, therefore you don’t have to clean it! It’s extremely "user friendly."

  • Aulmauracite is a very intelligent rock, but You and Your Higher Self/Suemah are the power source that activates its energies…it simply will wait for you to give it a job, and the more you use it, the happier it is, and the better it works.

  • Sometimes you may not know when you give it a job... some of its commands may come directly from Your Higher Self/Suemah and you may not be aware of it immediately. For instance, when most people pick it up, it usually goes to work balancing their energy and holographic fields, opening up their psychic centers, and when they begin to work with it, they automatically lock on to their best destiny paths!

  • It doesn’t like to be encased in plastic or synthetic material because that smothers it and therefore, deadens its signal.

  • When you acquire one of these rocks or the dust, truth automatically begins to surface and manifest in your life. This may or may not be a welcome addition to your life, if you’re not willing and ready for the blatant reality of truth to shine big and bright, in your face, right there in front of you!


My Own Personal Experiences with Aulmauracite


Having worked with this cosmic rock for several years, I have some amazing tales to tell. About a year ago I took the rock to a friend of mine who is a Tesla Scientist. I told him about some of the experiences I had with the rock, it’s broadcasting capabilities, and how it has it’s own grounding system.

He responded the way a lot of men do the first time I present them with this amazing rock and try to explain it’s vastness in two or three minutes (while they are only half listening and the other half patronizing me.) I knew he was very skeptical about this "New Age Rock" I was showing him, but he did give me the courtesy of saying he would like to conduct some experiments on it with some of his equipment. Of course I had no problem with this, as I was curious too as to how the rock would stand up to some new hard core 3-D testing I hadn’t done before.

To begin with, he wanted to see what would happen when he ran electrical current through it to see what it’s conduction capabilities were. He first ran A.C. current into the rock and nothing happened… no reading on the meter… so next he ran D.C. current through it... and Zip, Zero, nothing was reading. At this point he kept testing other materials to make sure there wasn’t anything wrong with his meter… With this rock’s high iron content it didn’t make much sense that he couldn’t pick up a reading! Next he tried running different sound frequencies through it… but again… with no meter reading! Still wondering if there was something wrong with his equipment he kept checking and rechecking it with other materials to make sure his equipment wasn’t malfunctioning.

After this, he decide to run light pulses through the rock… and once again… no reading! At this point I suggested that he take the grounding wire off and see what happens. He looked at me like "this is an absolutely unfounded, asinine request, and you really don’t have a clue about what you’re asking, but I’ll patronize you and do it any way….. but not before I check my equipment again for a short or some other defect."

After checking his light pulse machine thoroughly, he ran the pulses through the rock again meter reading. Then he took the grounding wire off as I had suggested… and his eyes got so big they darn near bugged out of their sockets! He said "Well I’ll be darned," (only he didn’t say darned ) " ..This thing has it’s own ground!!! How can that be? I’ve never seen anything like it! …It has it’s own ground!" I said, "I know, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!" Then he looked me square in the eye and said, "Where the heck is it getting it’s ground? What’s going on here?!! ...Where did this rock come from?" I replied, "I told you it wasn’t from around here, now do you believe me?"

With that he went to work re-checking to see if the sound and electrical current would show up on the meter with out the ground… but again, no meter readings ...Only with light pulses!

Draw your own conclusions as to what the implications are here, and what it means. I know for me it was extremely validating, but to my scientist friend it was very unsettling to have a substance that defied some of the laws of physics that had heretofore been so cut and dried… (And I have to admit here, it was amusing to me to see his left brain try to rationalize and figure out what in the world was going on with this "New Age Rock" ...and ironically, you would have to go out of the world, to get your answers!)


Protective Qualities of Aulmauracite


When doing research and development in making the pendants as sturdy as possible, I stomped on them, threw them on the sidewalk, and did all manner of things to try and crack or break them. I wanted to make SURE they were unbreakable! In the past 20 years I have been working with Aurauralite, I have NEVER had a problem with them breaking, but did get a report that one of them broke in shipping…the strange thing was, no damage was done to the box, but inside the bottle had broken into several pieces! This has happened twice in 20 years that I am aware of, and it has ONLY happened to a First Wave Indigo.

A few months ago, I was making pendants and one fell on my very soft, spongy carpet and BROKE! I was just flabbergasted... this was virtually impossible! Then later that day as I was putting black cords on some bottles I had filled with dust, I put them in a wicker basket and felt something sharp. At the bottom of the basket I discovered that 4 of the bottles had broken! I carefully took the other bottles out and examined them for any damage, they were fine… But when I tried to piece the glass back together from the broken ones, some of the large glass pieces were missing! Also, about 2/3 of the dust that was in the bottles was missing too, the glass and the dust were just “poof’” gone! (I had the basket in a metal bowl so if any of the dust fell out it would have gone into the bowl…but there was hardly any in there when I lifted the basket up.)

My conclusion after checking out all possibilities, and then finally communicating with the rock was this. I had been under severe psychic attack for days because of some things that I had written on my website and some other psychic work I was doing to help clean the corruption here on this planet. What I discovered brought me to tears. This amazing comrade/friend called Aurauralite, had very literally “taken the bullet for me” and the energetic assaults that could actually have done me in, were rerouted to the pendants and they took the hits for me, shattering the glass but doing no real damage. I owe them my life many times over; as this is about the 18th time I am aware of, that they have saved my body from mortal wounding and death.

Another Interesting Story…..

comes from a colleague of mine who has traveled the world for years. She has done extensive study and research in ancient healing arts and in the mystery schools. Through her travels she has been given a wide variety of articles from the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms, as well as artifacts from energy vortexes and ancient sacred sights from all over the globe. Her home is like a museum as she has everything from a suit of armor, to original stained glass windows taken from historic buildings, to jewels, to shamanic ceremonial items that she uses regularly in her healing and teaching gatherings.

One day she got the idea to find out what the most powerful item she had in her home was, so she picked up her dowsing rods (which she has become very proficient in using,) and asked the question. She told me that the rods turned straight to the table where she had the Power Rock sitting. Wanting to make sure it was the rock and not the table, she moved the rock to another place in the room, and the rods again pointed to where the rock was. After doing this test in several places in her house, and the rods consistently pointing to the rock, she concluded that with all the wonderful and magical things she had in her home, the Power Rock definitely must be the most powerful item she had.

She related this story to me because she wanted me to know, having been a guest in her home and seeing all the amazing things there, that the Power Rock was at the top! It sort of surprised me… but then again, it didn’t surprise me at all... in fact, it validated all my research and made perfect sense!

Where would you like to go next?

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