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Aurauralite & Aulmauracite: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Mar 27

Aurauralite & Aulmauracite: Frequently Asked Questions

Page Updated 03-27-2024

*Where did you get this rock? Who is your supplier?

The source that I got my supply from said he excavated the rocks from somewhere in the Rocky Mountains... he was a very eccentric and secretive man, and wouldn't tell me exactly where. I believe that it was the only known repository for this rock. The last time I saw him was in about 2006 and he was devastated as his house and shed he stored the rocks in had burnt to the ground, and since these rocks melt when being torched because of the high iron content, there was nothing left of them. He also suffered a heart attack about that time and when I tried to call him to check in and see how he was doing, his cell phone was turned off. I tried to look him up on the internet many times and came up empty handed. Unless he magickally appears back in my life to excavate more for me to purchase... my supply is all I know of.

At this time, March 2024 I still have enough rock to last several more years. I am also aware of the possibility that my supply will last long enough for the rocks to do their job, and once these rocks have found their way to the people who need them and know how to use them… that will be it.

*Can I use the Rocks or Dust to make Orgonite?

NO! - Most of the resins used are polyester and will smother this living rock! You can however, put a pendant on top of the Orgonite pyramid, or put a Rock next to your Organite and ask the Rock to collaborate with it.

*What are Power Grid Rocks and how do you set them up?

I have been using 1-gram grid rocks for several years now helping in my Ghostbusting ventures. Grids can be placed in rooms, houses, yards etc. to stabilize the property and create a new matrix. To set up a 5 Stone Power Grid, place a rock in each corner or outer perimeters and one in center or as close to the center possible. Once a power grid is put in place, pick up the 5th or center rock and give the grid whatever commands you feel appropriate i.e.; bring truth, justice, peace, prosperity, healing, "wake-up calls" etc. Then tell the grid to “turn on” as you place the center stone. You can instantly feel it charging up and creating an energy of stability and clarity. For inside your house, you may want to put these little stones in some colorful tissue paper the way they are when you receive them so you won’t accidentally vacuum them up if you place them on the floor. Many people thumbtack them to the wall or ceiling, especially if they have pets!

I recently met a man who had a real strong connection and affinity to the Aulmauracite rocks and started experimenting with them. He put grids up in his home town in various places that he felt needed "truth, light and/or stability." He placed them around the outskirts of town, around specific buildings, and in the mountains at the source of the city water supply! Since he didn't have a car, he took a cab to do the city and water supply grid, it was a 12-hour journey, and the cab driver said it was "The Ride of his Life!" (I'm sure no other cabbie has a tale to tell that beats that one!) Then he came to my town and we put up grids around some specific government buildings, cathedrals, the city center, around the city limits and then around the entire county! (That grid was an all day project!) In one of the center stones we dug a little hole and buried an Aulmauracite stone wrapped up inside a picture of the Kryahgenetics Egg with our intentions written on the back such as, UV-light, laughter, truth, justice, and support for the Indigo Nation. I felt an immediate difference and then things began to shift... and shift... and shift... and then stabilize. At first you might think it is a bad thing when all the "Truth Comes Spewing Forth" but when the dust settles, you know it is "All Good." :o)

Experiment with your grids. One power grid owner directed the grid he placed around the room he used for massage and healing, to expand out to his house, and then to his yard. He felt the energy as it did indeed expand into his yard. If you have any tales to tell, please write to me and I may post it in the "Aurauralite stories" section of this site.

*What if I forget to put something in my grid, is there a way to update it?

YES! If after a few weeks or months you think of some new things you want your grid to help you with, simply pick up the center stone and say something like, “Ohhh and by the way, I would also like to have ________ and ________ happen, could you please help me out with that?” Then put the center stone back in place and feel the energy shift. It is interesting to note that in the beginning we used to call these rocks our “wishing rock” as many a wish has come true using these amazing stones as a power booster for the desires of your heart!

*How do I use the rocks to do the 5-Star Meditation?

First lay down and imagine/create a BIG Kryahgenetics Egg surrounding you... (you can either get inside of it or have it come over you.) Take a few deep breaths and then tell the egg to “turn on” as you continue to breathe deeply, releasing anxiety and stress as you exhale . (Sometimes the eggs spin and sometimes they pulse…they can do lots of interesting things. :o)

Then when you are ready, put an Aulmauracite Rock between the first and second toe on each foot, one in each hand and one at the top of the head, then spread our arms and legs out so we looked like the Di Vinci Man. In this position you are protected and stabilized by the Kryahgenetics Egg and Rocks. You “feel” different, and it is much easier to focus and get information from your Higher Self/Suemah & Spirit Guides as you feel safe and can relax, open your heart, mind and creative centers without psychic distractions. This is also a great method for “unplugging” because you have just cleaned out a lot of debris, and now you can relax while you lay there. This may be the first time you have been able to actually feel your own authentic energies, free from outside interference!

NOTE: Many people have an Aurauralite pendant constantly on them that sits over their CoreStar. This seems to really help stabilize and adds power to the geometry of the other 5 Star Rocks as it is in the “center of everything.” Also, you can do this meditation standing up if needs be, just “go with the flow” and adapt if you can’t do something exactly the way it has been presented. Always remember, YOU are the power source, and these are just suggestions of methods that have worked for others.

*Can the rocks be used to remove implants?

YES! Here is the protocol web page with the instructions. Click here to read the "Implant Removal Protocol" article.

If you have a Kryahgenetics book, the instructions are there too, but the website has updates on new implants we have found.

*I can't find Aurauralite/Aulmauracite in my gem and crystal book.

You won't find these rocks in your gem books (yet) because to my knowledge, no one else knows they exist.

*Where did Aurauralite-Aulmauracite get their names?

These names were revealed to me after some intense meditation with the rock, and were confirmed by my guide, Hal. When the names were lexigramed, I had a second confirmation I had absolutely gotten the right names.

At the beginning of the words Aurauralite and Aulmauracite, you will find the letters "Au." This is the chemical symbol for the element of Gold, as well as being one of the Universal tones found in names for "GOD" and spiritual deities, i.e. Allah, Amon-Ra, Yeshua, Krishna, Shiva, Rama, Brahma, Buddha, Dalai Lama, Ptah, Dianna, Gaia, Athina, Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ambika, Uma etc.

It does not surprise me that this tone is repeated twice in both Aurauralite and Aulmauracite.

NOTE: This does NOT mean that I align with any of these gods or beings, I was just pointing out an interesting observation.

*My rock is changing color. Is it being over worked, am I using it to much… am I hurting it?

The truth is that you CAN'T use your rock too much, in fact the more you use it, the happier the rock is! The 2 large stones I use in my Kryahgenetics sessions are changing color too. One has some greenish casts to it (like it is growing moss or something on it), and the other one has some pale pinkish-orange that is slowly spreading. This color transformation seems to be just one of the amazing phenomena that occurs when you start using these highly intelligent rocks.

In regards to the rocks changing color, another interesting Aulmauracite Rock discovery occurred several years ago. I was shaving down a rock for a client that needed it to be flat on top so he could place a Tesla device on it. I used a steel file and was filing away when I noticed that wherever the rock was filed, it instantly turned a redish-purple! Also, the Aurauralite dust that was filed off changed color too! (I used the Aurauralite dust in some pendants but they didn’t last long, as everyone that saw them wanted a “red one”.) I was shocked later to find that the Aulmauracite rock totally wore down the steel file and made it smooth. I went through 2 double-sided steel files trying to make this rock flat!

A few months later I had to rub some Aulmauracite rocks together to create some Aurauralite dust for stabilizing someone’s house. While rubbing the rock, I noticed that wherever the rocks rubbed together, they turned the same redish-purple! I’m not sure why this happens, but it is an interesting phenomena that I thought I’d pass on. If anyone has any ideas as to what might cause this, please feel free to e-mail me. I’m open to any and all possibilities.

*My rocks are missing; they are not where I put them!

This happens once in a while, as they are “interdimensional” rocks and sometimes run off to do jobs in another dimension, but they usually ALWAYS return when you call them back. One woman reported that her rocks that she normally left on her night stand showed up in her medicine cabinet! If by chance you have earnestly called them back and cannot find them after a few weeks, write to me at: and we will work things out to get you some new ones.

*I was making some L-R #5 water (Love Resonance #5) and after dipping my pendant in a glass of water and stirring for only 1 or 2 minutes, I could taste a difference! Is it necessary to continue stirring?

In recent experiments it seems that the more people are using this rock, the more efficient they become. It is now only necessary to charge the water for 1-2 minutes (or less) for the water to be fully charged. Also you don't need to worry if you forget and leave your pendant in the water overnight. It will shut off automatically when it is finished charging. (Gosh I love these "User Friendly Rocks!")

NOTE: If you are concerned about the little dab of super glue holding the knot in place or the dye in the silk cord, then just dip the bottle in the water up to the neck…it will still charge it! Also, you might want to wash off the pendant if it has been next to your skin and you have perspired on it. Personally I don’t feel it is a problem and have totally immersed my pendant in water for years, but if you have a lot of additives in your water that might make the glue dissolve, then just put the bottom 2/3 of the bottle in the water and stir…it will still work. I just tried it and could feel the water start to get thicker on about the 5th stir! :o)

NOTE 2: Be careful not to drink too much water the first day. I would recommend only 4-8 oz the first day because detoxification can take place, causing you to have flu like symptoms. Aurauralite/Aulmauracite puts light filaments into the water, when this is ingested, it will put that same light into your cells causing abrupt changes in your body. I find that I am more centered, composed, and attuned to my core and spirit when I drink this water. I also feel tremendous physical strength and stamina when I use this as a nutritional supplement.

If you want to do the "Taste Test" have 2 glasses of water that came from the same source. Charge one of them with Aurauralite, and then take a sip of both of them. The Aurauralite-Aulmauracite water will taste sweeter and have a smoother, thicker texture. (Always use glass glasses, not plastic.)

INFORMATION UPDATE: It used to be detrimental, but is now ok to put a rock in water to charge it! If you do, and drink some of the dust particles, make sure you are stable before you go out in public or drive! (Note: Some FW-Indigos even suck on the rocks for psychic boosts and a stronger connection to the rocks and their own core.)

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