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Kryahgenetics - II

Covert Secrets & Alchemy

Kryahgenetics - II, The Sequel,
is now in print and e-book!

The following is only a sampling of the intel you'll learn to help YOU on your mission:

  • The untold story about our little Green Earth/Gaia & the truth about the planets in our solar system.

  • The real history behind our hologram -where & how it all started…

  • What exactly is Magick? (You are using it even if you are not aware of it.)

  • The "Creepsters", the the master minds behind the tricky deceptions and glamours that have many of us fooled. Understanding them is half the battle!

  • Who our allies are, and what they can to do assist us.

  • The Broken Heart & Mind/Psyche Healers - They are now available to assist us.

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Continue your training with your purchase of Kryahgenetics - II, The Sequel.

The long-awaited sequel to the break-through manual, Kryahgenetics - I, is now available.


(Click the image to view the cover art.)

There is brand new, vital information here to help those who are on the Cosmic Clean-up Crew to get their  “game on” before things get really crazy.

Written by Laura Lee Mistycah and offered for First Wave Indigos, the information about all the funky things we are dealing with on planet Earth started stepping up its pace in the past 2 years and then exponentially increased in the past 6 months, since Feb. 2020, when Covid entered the scene.

There is NOTHING like it – Trust me, it is “One Hal of a User’s Manual!”

You will learn several "How-To" cutting-edge techniques

to help you break free of the Hologram traps and prisons including:

How to pull out of Loops, Traps & Mind Games that keep us stuck and/or spiraling.

How to terminate and revoke the various and deceptive Forced Earth & Hologram Entrance Agreements with detailed instructions.

How to connect with your personal Suemah, the once previously dormant part of our Souls. (Many of us believe we are longing for a "soulmate" when we are really longing for our Suemah!)

We will peel back another layer of deception to reveal the real history behind the Hologram.


"This graph makes it easier to get a more visual image so you can wrap your head around where we are in the grand scheme of things. It is more logical and understandable now than ever since we are living in an advanced high tech world of robots, 3-D printing, super computers, AI, virtual realities and Holograms.


To begin with, Our Hologram/Universe is literally a Kryahgenetics Egg! Also, the OmniVerse is not as vast as what we would think, and this whole system sits inside a huge magnificent state of the art warehouse facility inside the Ultra-Violet Realm."

pg. 14, Chapter 2: How Our Holographic Universe Works

"It is disrespectful & dishonorable to every benevolent lifeform on the planet if we do NOT give Evil Beings their Just Karma.

Even if they get taken to -0-, they need their Karma first."


~The Emperor~

Reader Reviews


"Have you ever felt there are unseen agendas at work here on Earth that are not benevolent? And, if so, wondered what or who they are and what you could do about it? KRYAHGENETICS II is an amazing and inspiring book based on the pursuit of fully disclosing truth and implementing justice . . . not to mention humor of which there is aplenty. Disclaimer: Such an eye-opening book might prevent you from blinking, so it is advised to have some dry eye drops handy. "

-Nancy Bliss
At present: Scribe & Knights’ Squire

“The Kryahgenetics 2 book will fill you with laughter, as it gives you simple and effective tools to step into your sovereignty. These techniques have helped me as well as many of my clients. I am a massage therapist, and 2020 has amped up the stress, fear, anxiety, tension, and anger of just about everyone I have run across. Those that utilize the tools in this book have come back to me saying that they had real benefits from them. The book is affordable, intriguing, insightful, practical, and full of humor too. This has become the number one book that I recommend to people. Thank you Laura Lee and team."

Daniel F., LMT

"Thanks so much, Laura Lee! I wanted to let you know that your work/techniques are the most powerful I’ve come across in 30 years. I’ve worked with them on and off for a few years and have some wild stories). Recently a friend of mine, who has been suffering from an end stage chronic illness told me she didn’t think she was going to make it through the month.  I jumped into gear with the eggs and tuned into her every few hours. I gave her some rocks and she was able to sleep through the night for the first time in months ( they disappeared the next day, though, and she had to order more from you ).  Her health has turned around.  It’s been about a month and she  is still ill, but feeling better and not terrified that this is the end anymore. I gridded her house, as well and even her skeptical husband is a believer now.


I’m going to see what other things your book recommends to try to help her possibly get back to normal.  She’s one of us, so the attacks have been lifelong.  I would really like it if she would make an appt with you and I’ve encouraged that.  I’ve been experimenting with asking the eggs to go into “Med Bed” mode and reset the entire body to reverse aging and health imbalances.  We will see what happens, but I already feel it’s working!  Thanks for being you and bringing your gifts to the world."


Nikita S.


Knights of Mistyc House

Knights of Mistyc House

Sharpen your swords and shine up your armor.

You are now hereby being called to action. It is time for battle! Or there will be nothing left to batttle for. As you take on your armor, your shield, and your sword...


Do you have the memory and the courage to activate yourself... And bring forth a living, breathing, Knight into this millennium?

It's time to step up to fully restore Truth & Justice in this Hologram.

Book Excerpts


The Power of Gold Chapter:

"The silent controllers of this planet are extremely adept at what they do, as they have been in charge for a loooong time and have had plenty of practice with little opposition. I have maintained for years that this planet is being run in secret, in the shadows, and with/by Black Magick. Few people know this, and fewer have the ability to actually stand up to these tyrants because they would have to match their level of cunning, as well as their Magickal power and psychic abilities. Yes, there are a few of these noble Knights here, and I’m happy to report that they are growing in rank and power! We are FINALLY getting our team together and have the ability to not just stand up to these ass souls but overthrow their corrupted regime."



The Power of Gold – Part II Chapter

"The Sadistic, Perverted Practices of Corporate Profits The Power of Gold Part II If there is one thing that can get my fur ruffled and adrenalin pumping quicker than anything, it is the way this planet is being managed, or rather deliberately mismanaged. Remember when President Bush was giving a speech to an inside circle of friends at a banquet, and talked about the “have’s and have-not’s?” Then he joked that he was in the company of the “have’s and have-mores!” Well, it was is and has always been that way for the power elite who are running this planet. I think many of us feel that this is just a part of “Earth Life” these days and there’s nothing we can do about it.


Well, actually that’s not true, we have choices. We can either close our eyes and accept it and try to live with it, OR we can get creative, rally together and find ways to counter and reverse what is attempting to be forced on us. As First Wave Indigos and also Cosmic Clean-Up Crew Members, the second choice is the one we are here to make."



The Foul Story of The Terror Being

"When it comes a-calling, someone or something has to “Die of Fright!”


NOTE: This was the second story I have written for Brad Steiger’s books. The first one “Curses spells and hexes” was in his book “Real Zombies.” This story however, somehow fell through cracks and didn’t get printed. Brad apologized profusely. I am used to this kind of glitch though, and felt fortunate that at least the first story got printed and didn’t get blipped out like this one


The story you are about to read is true. The explanation of how it all works may be hard for you to swallow, or it might make perfect sense. Perhaps you or someone you know may have even had a personal horrifying encounter with The Terror Being …and if so, you know exactly what I’m talking about!"

The Ghost Gangstas & Their Crime Families

"(...& yes there really is such a thing!)


I think it is appropriate here, to reiterate the terminology of Evil and Magick.


Evil: "Extreme Self Centeredness - willing to hurt other people and things to get what you want, or just for fun." --This is what this world (corporate, political, and many religious structures) has been operating under... Pure Evil!


NOTE: If we happened to hurt someone or something in our conscious efforts to clear the corruption in this Hologram/Universe, we do it with an absolute knowingness that: "If we win, everyone and every life form here wins, BUT if we lose… everyone and every life form loses!


The bottom line is: We are on an extreme mission and didn’t sign-up to lose!"

The Ghost Gangstas - Part II

"(The hidden cause of the pain and Insanity of Alzheimer’s)


My mother died of Alzheimer’s in a rest home at the age of 66. She was in her early 50’s when she was diagnosed, and she spent the last years of her life incoherent, in diapers, and “babbling” in a rest home. Being in the holistic healing field, I took it upon myself to figure out a “cure” for her. I absolutely KNEW there was something the medical profession was missing.


At her funeral I read a poem I wrote, in which one of the lines read, “Her contract was to die, and mine was to wonder why.”

Here are 15 of the 34 chapter titles to give you a clue what is inside:

  • What Is Magick?

  • How Our Holographic Universe Works

  • Our Allies & Protectors

  • The Magickal Power Of Symbols

  • Blood Thirsty, Loosh Eating Psychopath gods

  • The Broken Heart Healer

  • The Trick/Trap Of The Light

  • MK-Ultra & Agency

  • The Ghost Gangstas

  • The Ghost Gangstas Part II – The Hidden Cause of the Pain & Insanity of Alzheimer’s

  • Fate ...And Other Super-duper B.S.

  • The Secret Behind Butt dust

  • Close Encounters With An Incubus OR Succubus

  • The Foul Story Of The Terror Being -When it comes a-calling, someone or something has to “Die of Fright!”

  • Forgive & Forget???

NOTICE: This book was NOT written for the masses.

But for a target group called the Cosmic Clean-up Crew

(which includes the Indigo Nation and the Hologram Rescue Team.)

About The Author(s)


Laura Lee Mistycah, Author

Laura Lee Mistycah AKA "Witchy Woman" is a Holistic Healer and professional Ghost Buster who has morphed into what she calls a “Futuristic Sorceress.”  She collaborates with the Aulmauracite/Aurauralite Magickal Mystical Stone of Truth & Justice to protect and assist her and her clients in managing the seen and unseen worlds, as well as to outwit the Dark Lords who have hijacked this planet.

In 2007 she was under much cross fire for exposing the hidden agendas behind the Chakras, the Kundalini, the Astral Plane, and the Artificial Intelligence (AI). Laura Lee continues to be at the cutting edge of exposing the hidden agendas and threats behind what was previously considered “immutable facts” of how systems and our Holographic Universe work.


Hal, C.H.O.O.

The book explains what this acronym title is.

Hal is Laura Lee’s “Cosmic Informant” and has been hanging out with her since the early 1990’s  He gives her direction, information and instigates humor whenever he visits.  Laura Lee found out recently what his title was outside this Hologram and it nearly knocked her fuzzy socks off! She reveals that and much more in this book.  It puts a new perspective on why he knows so much about what is going on inside this Holographic Universe.


"Kryahgenetics-II: Covert Secrets & Alchemy" are now available!

* E-book format for only $19.55

* The Perfect bound edition for $28.55

* & the Spiral bound edition for $29.55

Bundles are available too!

(If ordering an e-book, please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive your PDF file in your inbox.)

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