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Aurauralite: Power Grid Rocks

Updated: May 24

Aurauralite: Power Grid Rocks

* Power Grid Rocks *

(See my "Wish List" at the bottom of this page)

I have been using these magical little grid rocks for several decades now, to create an environment of stability, clarity, truth and internal power. They are an absolute requirement when my Ghost Buster Partner Ronnie and I are contracted to do a Ghost Busting. Whether it is remote work or if we are there on site, we won’t even begin without having the property properly gridded. We have found that when we have the assistance of a power grid on the property, the truth surfaces quicker and the energy and ghosts are easier to manage. Before discovering the extreme supernatural abilities of these grids, our ghost busting work would leave us psychically and physically drained. On one occasion we felt it necessary to do psychic work on a house before it had been gridded and it was like trying to walk through Jello. Psychic information was very slow at coming and we had to really stretch our psychic abilities to the max to even get every morsel of information and clarity on the situation. It left us physically exhausted and energetically trashed for hours afterwards. We both ended up having to take naps. After that incident, we make it a policy to always have the premises gridded before we do our work.

I have since been using these grids on my own home to keep the “riff-raff” out of my sacred space. This does not mean that nothing “supernatural” ever happens inside the borders, but it does weed out much of the incessant barrage of psychic and electromagnetic interferences and disruptions. I now figure, that if anything gets through these grids, it is allowed so that I can gain some kind of awareness or education from what ever energies/entities these grid rocks let in.


What Kinds Of Things Can You Grid?

I have been working with hundreds of First Wave Indigos to do “Power Grid Work” and we have gridded literally thousands of areas, placing a stone on the exterior corners of the property or whatever is being gridded and one in the middle that turns it on. This includes many houses, yards, bedrooms, offices, buildings, monuments, churches, schools, court houses, cemeteries, rivers, down town areas, cities, counties, airports, and all kinds of government properties and spiritual/energy spots. We have found that when a grid is put up, it bumps that "Gridder" up to a new level. We have also noticed that if the person that is doing the gridding needs to move, they soon find themselves on their way to a new adventure! If they need to stay, things stabilize and their lives improve ...(but sometimes not without some kind of drama as Truth and Justice come to the surface.)


(Here is an explanation we send out with Grid Rocks on how to set up a grid.)

Aulmauracite Power Grid Rocks

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of some amazing “Guardian Pet Rocks!”

I have been using 1-gram grid rocks for over a decade now, initially helping in my ghost busting ventures and then expanding to help our quest for Truth & Justice! Grids can be placed in rooms, houses, yards, towns, cities etc. to stabilize the property and create a new matrix. To set up a 5 Stone Power Grid, place a rock in each outer corner or perimeters and one in center or as close to the center possible. Once the 4 corners of the grid are put in place, pick up the 5th or center rock and give the grid whatever commands you feel appropriate i.e.; bring truth, justice, peace, prosperity, healing etc. Then tell the grid to “turn on” as you place the center stone. You can instantly feel it charging up and creating an energy of stability and clarity. You may want to put these little stones in some colorful tissue paper the way they are when you receive them if you buy rocks and make your own grids so you won’t accidentally vacuum them up if you place them on the floor. Many people thumbtack them to the wall or ceiling to keep them away from their pets reach.

If after a few weeks or months you think of some new things you want your grid to help you with, simply pick up the center stone and say something like, “Ohhh and by the way, I would also like to have ________ and ________ happen, could you please help me out with that?” Then put the center stone back in place and feel the energy shift. It is interesting to note that in the beginning we used to call these rocks our “wishing rock” as many a wish has come true using these amazing stones as a power booster for the desires of your heart!

Experiment with your grids. One power grid owner directed the grid he placed around the room he used for massage and healing, to expand out to his house, and then to his yard. He felt the energy as it did indeed expand into his yard. If you have any personal stories you would like to tell, please write to me for possible posting on our website!

Laura Lee Mistycah

NOTE: We are trying to get as many towns and areas that are in need of “Truth and Justice” gridded as we can. These Grids are causing massive disruptions and exposures to the corruption on this planet!

One of our First Wave Indigos I humorously refer to as “The Grid Meister” because he has such a knack for Feng Shui, and has put up some extreme grids in different countries. He has assisted many people with grid maps and helped support them in putting up grids in their towns. He has some amazing tales to tell about his Power Grid Rock Adventures. This is a copy of a letter he sends to the people he works with to give them specific instructions on how to set Grids up.

Can You Have More Than 4 Outer Stones?


Yes! Some places seem to need an extra rock on the outside perimeter to cover the area better, and a 5th outer stone can be used, making a total of 6 grid rocks needed. Then there are some properties, towns or islands that are more "Pie Shaped" and in that case you can place only 3 outer stones. Use your logic and intuition on this, (and you can always ask the rocks what they would recommend.)

Gridding For Pros by V.K.

Aurauralite-Aulmauracite ''The Stone of Truth & Justice'' Rocks can be used to grid all kinds of areas and places: corrupted, negative or depressing, in need of protection, stability or humor, enhancement or UV-enlightenment.

Grids can be put up in and around beds, rooms, houses, yards, buildings, monuments, parks, towns, cities, states etc. Use local maps or the Google or Yahoo Earth map programs on the internet to locate the best placements for your grids. Here you have to use your own research and intuition to find out where the grids are most needed and how many of them. Some places may need more than 4 rocks on the outer perimeter because of the geographical structure, there may be 5 or even 6 corners to reach all the important structures, buildings, or boundaries. Use your intuition on this.

The regular Aulmauracite Grid is set up with five Rocks – one on each corner and one in the center or as close to the center as you can get (there have been cases as stated above, where we have used more than five Rocks in a Grid, but never less). You want to put them up as symmetrical as possible, with the four cornerstones equidistant from the center stone. If exact symmetry is not possible, just tell the rocks to adjust the energetics and they will....(they are very smart! ;o)

The size of the Rocks used for gridding does not matter, as one little grain is as powerful as a 2 lb rock. However, sometimes it just “feels better” to have larger grid rocks. The center stone is always buried or installed last and is used to “turn on” the Grid. We prefer to have the center stone a little bigger or heavier than the cornerstones because it symbolizes the energy powerfully radiating out the grid’s intent from the center.

Normally the grid rocks are buried in soil. I either use a little spade, screwdriver or some other small pointed item like a pencil or ball point pen to dig the holes and I try not to draw attention to myself. (Pens are much less threatening and easier to conceal than screw drivers, especially if there are surveillance cameras. Since some grids are set up in public places, people can get suspicious about someone carrying a big pointy object to dig holes in the ground with). If there is no soil or appropriate place to bury the rocks, look for cracks in the concrete, knot holes in the trees or other spots where the rocks are most unlikely to be moved.

The Rocks are a life-form and are therefore very much aware and so you should treat them with respect, but even more with love. It is all about energy and intention. I kiss every rock before I bury it either right before I place it or in my car where no one can watch, and wish him or her a good time and a good journey. If you forget to do that, don't worry just think of the rocks and send them warm fuzzies. :-)

Once you have set up the four cornerstones, it is time to bury the center stone. Before you bury the center stone visualize all four cornerstones you have buried before and connect them mentally and energetically with the center stone. Then put what you want and need into the Grid such as: Truth, Love, Justice, Honor, Karma, UV-Light, Laughter, Prosperity etc. Then tell the Grid to “turn on” or “activate.” Then kiss the center stone and bury it. (If you are in a public place, then kiss the the center stone *before* you set out to grid! ;- )

It is likely that you will encounter some resistance or “weirdness” of some kind, when setting up the Grids because at the moment there are still energies and entities out there who are not happy with you bringing Truth and Justice to the Planet.

Should you ever feel uncomfortable, anxious, paranoid, discouraged or run into problems and resistance during the setting up of a Grid, know that you are always protected. Remember that you can always ask the Rocks or your Spirit Guides for more assistance and support if you need it. Another helpful thing to do from my own experience is to make your self invisible (just think about it and put an invisibility shield around you) ...And psychically ''egg'' yourself (or others that put up a Grid with you) with one or more of Laura Lee's Kryahgenetics Eggs "Badd Ass Eggs."

Kryahgenetics Egg


This was a short introduction of the methods I use to set up Aulmauracite ''The Stone of Truth & Justice'' Grids. I hope this will assist and inspire you. Once you have set up two or three grids on your own you will develop a feel for gridding and create your own grid techniques and have your own indescribable experiences.

I wish you all the best for your future grid projects and much Love, UV-Light and Laughter...…V.K.

Just a note about being discrete!

When I was gridding the 4 block radius around the courthouse here in Spokane, the center stone was placed next to the flag pole in the front of the building. There were cameras everywhere, so I had to be inconspicuous. I sat down on the lawn by the flagpole and started rummaging through my purse and pulled out a granola bar. I unwrapped it and started eating it while reading some papers I had in my purse. People passed by and just thought I sat down to rest, or perhaps I was waiting for someone. As I was casually doing this I took out my pen and discretely made a hole in the lawn and dropped the center stone in and then covered it up. (If you want to kiss the stones, do this beforehand so you won’t draw attention to yourself.) As I was sitting there appearing to be reading something, I was actually mentally connecting to the rocks and asking the grid to “turn on” giving it instructions for truth and Justice to infiltrate the “justice system.” (Pretty ironic to say the least.) After a few minutes I put the wrapper in my purse, stood up, brushed the grass off of me and walked away to my car that was waiting several blocks away.


Power Grid Rocks Placed

NOTICE: (If you have set up an important grid that is not on this list, please contact us at

As of June, 2023 we have Power Grids set up in:

- Essen & N.R.W. Germany - Dec. 2006

- Ramsau am Dachstein, Austria - Dec. 2006

- Spokane, Washington - Jan. 2007

- Soap Lake, Washington - Feb. 2007

- Vancouver, BC - Feb. 2007

- Seattle, Washington - Mar. 2007

- Berlin, Germany - Mar. 2007

- South L.A. California - Apr. 2007

- Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota - May 2007

- Burlington, Wisconsin - June 2007

- New York City, New York - Oct. 2007

- Houston, Texas - Nov. 2007

- San Fernando Valley, California - Nov. 2007

- Pollock Pines, California - Nov. 2007

- Aspen, Colorado - Dec. 2007

- San Antonio, Texas - Jan. 2008

- Bucharest, Romania - Feb.2008

- Las Vegas, Nevada - Feb. 2008

- Toledo, Ohio - Feb. 2008

- Detroit, Michigan - Feb. 2008

- West Sacramento, California - Feb. 2008

- Toronto Ontario, Canada - Feb. 2008

- Columbia, California - Mar. 2008

- Sacramento, California - May. 2008

- California State Capitol, Sacramento – April 2008

- Frankfurt/Main, Germany - Mar. 2008

- SE Andhra Pradesh, India - Apr. 2008

- Chennai, India - Apr. 2008

- Pondicherry, India - Apr. 2008

- Redmond Washington/Microsoft Campus, Washington - Apr. 2008

- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - May 2008

- Nederland, Colorado - May 2008

- Boulder, Colorado - May 2008

- Denver, Colorado - June 2008

- Milan, Italy - June 2008

- Florence, Italy - June 2008

- Rome/Vatican City, Italy - June 2008

- Moscow, Idaho - June 2008

- Vienna, Austria - June 2008

- Pullman, Washington - June 2008

-The United States Mainland, July 2008 -

Corner Stones: San Diego California - Miami Florida - Quebec Canada - Vancouver BC Canada -

Center Stone: Wichita Kansas

- New Orleans, Louisiana - Aug. 2008

- Boise, Idaho - Aug. 2008

- The Country of Romania - Sept. 2008 (Click here for unique grid map)

- Sandpoint, Idaho - Dec. 2008

- Placerville, California - Dec. 2008

- San Francisco, California - March 2009

- CalPers (California Retirement Complexes) Sacramento, California – April 2009

- Stuttgart, Germany - April 2009

- Bellingham, Washington - April 2009

- Paris, France - April 2009

- Banff, Alberta Canada - May 2009

- Invermere, B.C. Canada - May 2009

- Cranbrook, B.C. Canada - May 2009

- Folsom, California – May 2009

- Missoula, Montana - June 2009

- Folsom California Mormon Temple, March 2009

- Roseburg, Oregon - July 2009

- Eugene, Oregon - July 2009

- Rossland B.C.Canada - July 2009

- Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - July 2009

- Temple Square area, Salt Lake City, Utah - July 2009

- Nelson B.C.Canada - July 2009

- Castlegar B.C. Canada - July 2009

- Hopi and Navajo Reservations Arizona - Aug. 2009

- Lewiston, Idaho - Sept. 2009

- WSU Campus - Pullman, Washington - Sept. 2009

- Military Bases in Iraq - Sept.2009

- Mt. Shasta, California - Sept. 2009

- Chicago, Illinois - Oct. 2009

- Butte, Montana - Oct. 2009

- Helena, Montana - Oct. 2009

- Great Falls, Montana - Oct. 2009

- London England - Dec. 2009

- Sandringham House Estate-England - Dec. 2009

- Stonehenge, England - Dec. 2009

- Oxford, England - Dec. 2009

- Cambridge - England - Dec. 2009

- London (City of Westminster) - England, Dec. 2009

- Royal Park (Greenwich) England - Dec. 2009

- Norwich, England - Dec. 2009

- Bangkok, Thailand - Dec. 2009

- Khon Kaen, Thailand - Dec. 2009

- Singapore, Singapore - Feb. 2010

- Tulsa Oklahoma - Mar. 2010

- Stanford University - Mar. 2010

- Portland Oregon - Apr. 2010

- Tokyo Japan - Apr. 2010

- Seoul Korea - July 2010

- North Korea border - DMZ - including train station to North Korea - July 2010

- French Meadows Reservoir, California - Oct. 2011

- Hell Hole Reservoir, California - Oct. 2011

- Mather Field AFB, Arcata, California - Oct. 2011

- Goettingen, Lower Saxony, Germany - Jan.2012

- Mt. Shasta, California - May 2012

- Large Diamond Grid: Queanbeyan, Tharwa, Bungendore, Murrumbateman, & Canberra Australia - The Center Stone On Top Of The Parliament House - Aug. 2012

- Pahrump, Nevada - Nov. 2012

- Lake Tahoe - Nov. 2012

- Mt. Lassen, California – May 2012

- Arcata, California - Dec. 2012

- CERN, Switzerland - Dec.2012

- The Island of Oahu Hawaii, Dec. 2012

- The Big Pyramid at Chichen Itza Mexico - Dec.2012

- Tulum Temples Mexico - Dec. 2012

- The Township of Yass - New South Wales - Dec. 2012

- Estes Park, Colorado - Dec.2012

- Parma (+ Parma Hts.) Ohio - Dec. 2012

- Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - Dec. 12, 2012 - 11:11 a.m.

- Buckingham Palace, London - Mar. 2013

- Singapore, Singapore (extra grids) Mar. 2013

- Osoyoos B.C. - Mar. 2013

- Washington D.C. - May. 2013

- Coleville Saskatchewan, Canada - Apr. 2013

- Hackensack, New Jersey - Apr. 2013

- Albuquerque, New Mexico - May. 2013

- Las Vegas, Nevada (Strip) - June 2013

- Scottish Parliment, Edinburgh Scotland - Sept. 2013

- Hellendoorn - Hulsen - Nijverdal - Netherlands - Oct. 2013

- Flagstaff/Bellemont, AZ. - Jan. 14, 2014.

- Sedona/VOC/oak creek canyon, AZ. - Jan. 15, 2014

- Lisse, Netherlands - Feb 2014

- Kelowna & West Kelowna, BC Canada - Feb. 16, 2014

- Court House & Parliament Buildings, Haifa, Isreal - May 6, 2014

- Down Town Hong Kong - May 31, 2014

- Corner Brook, Newfoundland - June 5, 2014

- Ile de France - June 2014

- Red Wing, Minnesota - July 2014

- Haifa to Tel Aviv/Yaffo, Isreal - Sept 2014

- Fort Collins Colorado - Dec 2014

- Denver Airport - Complete Grid - Feb. 2015

- Kuala Lumpur, Malayisa (includes Palace of Justice & Wisma Perdana) - Feb. 2015

- Pine Gap, Australia (includes Township of Alice Springs) - Feb. 2015

- Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Feb. 2015

- Manila, Philippines - March 2015

- Adelaide, Australia - Apr. 2015

- Salinas, California - Apr. 2015

- North Battleford Hospital, SK Canada - May 2015

- Montauk Point, New York - June 2015

- Scott SK, Canada - August 2015

- Bergenfield New Jersey - Sept. 2015

- SOUTH POLE - Jan. 2016

- NORTH POLE - Apr. 2016

- Eastern State Psychiactric Hospital-Medical Lake, Washington - Feb.2016

- Tempe, Arizona - Mar. 2016

- Kindersley SK, Canada - Mar. 2016

- Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah - Apr. 2016

- Beachwood Canyon, California - Sept. 2016

- Denpasar, North and South Kuta, Bali (Including International Airport) - Aug. 2016

- Victoria, B.C. - Aug. 2016

- Victoria, B.C. Parliment Buliding & Court House - Oct. 2016

- Palmerston North (and surrounding area) New Zealand - Dec. 2016

- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Jan. 2017

- Mt. Rainier, Washington - Apr. 2017

- Arsenal Football Stadium - Highbury London, UK - July 2017

- Tillinn, Estonia - July 2017

- Keila, Estonia - July 2017

- Coffs Harbour, New South Wales-Australia - Aug. 2017

- Brunswick Heads/Byron Bay/Lennox Head, New South Wales-Australia - Aug. 2017

- Gold Coast/Brisbane, New South Wales-Australia - Aug. 2017

- Kalgoorlie, Australia - Feb. 2018

- Hastings/East Sussex, U.K. - Mar. 2018

- Legislative Council Complex, Hong Kong - June 2019

- Center for Disease Control (CDC) - Atlanta, GA. - Nov 2019

- North Savannah, GA - Nov. 2019

- CA. State Capitol & Surrounding Area - Sacramento, CA. - Nov 2019

- Central WA. Hospital, Wenatchee WA. - Nov. 2019

- "Space Force" Vandenburg AFB, CA. - Jan 2020

- Phoenix, AZ - Feb. 2020

- St. George Police Station, Assessor, Justice Court, Auditor - St. George, Utah - Mar. 2020

- Tranbjerg J., Denmark - April 2020

- Data Protection Agency & National Museum of Archaeolgy - National Museum of Natural History -Dublin, Ireland - June 2020

- Wellington, New Zealand - Aug, 2020

- Queensland Parliament, Queensland Australia - Oct. 2020

- Temple New Hampshire - Oct. 2020

- Stockholm, Sweden - Oct. 2020

- Arboga, Sweden - Oct. 2020

- The Great Peace Pipe Medicine Wheel + Parliament Hill - Ottawa, Canada - Oct. 2020

- Harstine Island, Wa. - October 2020

- Vashon Island, Wa. - Oct. 2020

- Maury Island,Wa. - Oct. 2020

- Brisbane City, Queensland Australia - Nov. 2020

- St. Ives, Cornwall UK. - Nov. 2020

- Kanata Ontario, Canada - Dec. 2020

- Mobile, Alabama - Dec. 2020

- Walton Beach, FL. - (Includes Hurlbert Field Air Force Special Operations Command - Wright FL. - Ocean City FL. - Shalimar FL. Mary Esther, FL.) - Dec. 2020

- Darwin & Palmerston City, Northern Territory, Australia - Dec. 2020

- Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Dec. 2020

- Destin, Sandestin, & Miramar Beach, Sandestin FL. - Dec. 2020

- Crestview FL. (Includes Bob Sikes Airport) - Dec. 2020

- Monsanto Headquarters - St. Louis MO. - Dec. 2020

- 3 Pfizer Pharma Plants, Newark NJ. - Dec. 2020

- Vilcabamba, Ecuador - Dec. 2020

- Naval Postgraduate School- Monterey, CA. - Dec. 2020

- N. Dixie Downs Rd. L.D.S. Chapel - St. George, Utah - Dec. 2020

- Fitzwilliam Square & Medical Council - Dublin, Ireland - Jan. 2021

- Salinas, CA. - Mar. 2021

- Media Park, Hilversum - Netherlands, (Including City Hall -MH17 Monument & Free Mason Lodges) Mar. 2021

- Council House & Court Centre - Darby, England - Mar. 2021

- Albuquerque, New Mexico - Mar. 2021

- Bellemont, AZ. - Mar. 2021

- Washington City - Utah (All major City Gov. buildings, police station etc.) Mar. 2021

- Redcliffs L.D.S. Temple (site before construction) Washington, Utah - Mar. 2021

- St George L.D.S. temple &Dixie Regional Medical Center - St George, Utah - Mar. 2021

- Oldenburg Lower Saxony, Germany - Apr. 2021

- Coeur d Alane Casino, Coeur d Alene, ID. - May 2021

- Helsinki, Finland - June 2021

- Helsinkiv-Vantaan Airport - June 2021

- Amazon Fulfillment Center, Troutdale, OR – June 2021

- Apple Valley, Utah - June 2021

- Vilcabamba, Ecuador - July 2021

- Pergamon Museum (Throne of Satan - Ishtar Gate & surrounding museums) Berlin Germany - Aug. 2021

- Regent's Park, London England - June 2022

- Silverwood Theme Park - Athol, ID. - July 2022

- Hill of Tara - County Meath, ‎Ireland - Aug. 2022

- Dallas Texas F.D.A. - Oct. 2022

- RUSH Family Physicians Building, Chicago IL. - Oct. 2022

- Health Care Service Corporation, Chicago IL. - Oct. 2022

- East Garrison, Marina CA. - Oct. 2022

- Evergreen Park Village, Chicago IL. - Nov. 2022

- Isle of Dogs, London England - April 2023

- Zoetermeer (Sweetlake City), Netherlands - June 2023

- Hurricane, Utah - June 2023

- Waipa New Zealand North Island (includes Paterangi Cemetary) - Oct. 2023

- Oceanview High School and Cell Tower, Huntington Beach Ca. - March 2024

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

AIRPORTS WITH GRID ROCKS IN THEM: LAX Airport - S.L.C. Airport - Atlanta Airport - Wichita Airport - Vancouver Airport - San Diego Airport - Miami Airport - Newark Liberty Airport - Quebec Airport - Toronto Airport - Amsterdam Airport - Eugene Airport -Portland Airport - Phoenix Airport - O’Hare Airport - Heathrow Airport (entire perimeters) - Singapore Changi Airport - Tokio Narita.


I am thrilled that in April 2021 my wish for gridding the

4 major global centers of Power/Control/Enslavement

has finally been realized! They are:

~Vatican City (Spiritual Enslavement Center) June 2008

~The City of London (Financial Control Center) December 2009

~Washington. D.C. (Military Power Center) April 2013

~Monsanto Headquarters, St Louis Mo. December 2020

~My Wish List For Future Grids~

Let me know if you are in these areas and can grid there and I will send you the grids complimentary! (Remember when gridding that these stones are placed on the outer perimeters of the building or block or city or country and the center stone is placed in the middle and that center stone is used to activate the grid.)

*Koch Industries - Wichita, KS

*Tyson Foods Inc – Springdale, AR

*Hormel Corporate Headquarters - Austin, MN

*HAARP Facility - Anchorage, AK

*FDA - Silver Springs, MD.

*AMA - Chicago, IL.

*USDA - Washington, DC.

Thank You to all the persistent Knights & Lady Knights

who are stealth-fully gridding the planet with Aurauralite

so that Truth & Justice can finally prevail!

You can Contact me at:

Where would you like to go next?

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