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Welcome to the Hal Zone


Laughter is the best medicine!

In fact, it holds the keys to unlocking the universe. 

Hal is my cosmic informant who's been with me since the 90's. He's a wise guy.

Are you ready to have a

Hal-of-a-good time?


Go ahead, pick a card, any card for your humor theme for today.

A little Hal story...

 It was 2001 and I was homeless and staying in Ronnies basement when Hal said to me, “Say Ambulance backwards” I’m like what the hell?  Why would I want to do that?  He said, “Go on, Just say it!”-- So I’m like... EsssNaaLuubma?  What the hell Hal, what is wrong with you!? I told Ronnie and she said something similar.  We laughed our tails off at how silly it was and how funny it was to try to say it backwards.  (it kind of messes with your mind trying to figure it out when you don’t have it spelled out in front of you.)


Ok, so we laughed about this over and over and would crack each other up by saying to each other from out of the blue, “Say ambulance backwards”  and then get all tongue tied and rolling with laughter again.


Fast forward 2003.  I told this story to a guy who knew a guy that had a reverse speech machine. He had him record “ambulance” and this is how it turned out.


To me it sounds like he is saying, “Silly Me!”

Listen to what Hal was trying to get at! "Ambulance" backwards:

Ready for your next adventure? There are 3 hidden "eggs" on this site. Go off and find them!


These "eggs" are a vital comrade to the Holographic Rescue Team, and a part of every Knight's tool-kit. 


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