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NOTICE: Canada & International Orders, please read the Site Policy above.

USPS shipping rates just went up - - Again.  :o(       We are very sorry, it’s not our fault.  We are not a big corporation that can give you “free shipping.” If you are international and only get one item, you may want to reconsider getting more since the shipping is so outrageous. If you have a huge order, contact us for special arrangements at:

*In order to help override the outrageous shipping costs, we have found ways of getting more items in the priority shipping envelopes.  You can now order up to 5 items instead of 3 before we have to use another envelope, and then then pay more shipping.  :- )



(If you order an e-book, please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive your PDF file in your inbox, and add to your Contact List to make sure you continue to receive updates and announcements.)

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