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Site Policy & Disclaimer
+ (& Shopping Cart Instructions)

Shipping Policy


We offer Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping via the USPS. If you are shipping within the United States, your shipping rate is based on real-time USPS rates. Please expect your package to arrive in 3-5 business days.

Canada and International Orders

USPS shipping rates just went up - again. :o(    We are very sorry, it’s not our fault.  We are not a big corporation that can give you “free shipping.”  If you are international and only get one item, you may want to reconsider getting more since the shipping is so outrageous. If you have a huge order, contact us for special arrangements at



  • If you are buying 5 or less items, please choose the first option in the drop-down ($29.55 for Canada, $40 for International).

  • If you are buying 6 or more items, please choose the second option in the drop-down ($59.10 for Canada, $80 for International).


If you are shipping to Canada, or any other country, your package will be shipped via Priority International Flat Rate shipping via the USPS. Please expect up to 14 days for your package to be delivered to Canada, up to 21 days to all other countries.

Tracking Your Shipment


You will receive a tracking # to your email address as soon as your package is on it's way.

Return Policy

Refunds and exchanges are negotiable except for digital downloads. For any questions or concerns, please email us directly at: Thank you!

Our Products & Services


Our information, products and services - whether in person, over the phone, via email, or through electronic or physical products is not - and is not intended to be - medical or psychiatric treatment and/or a replacement for such treatment of physical, mental, or emotional health challenges.

Our products, services and spiritual advice are not a substitute for professional healthcare and is not intended to replace your doctor, chiropractor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or any other health care professional.

Any healing or enlightenment gleaned from the information on or (or any of their mirror/sister sites) or from direct correspondence with Mistyc House or Laura Lee Mistycah personally is purely the responsibility of the recipient.

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