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Kryahgenetics - I & II

Kryahgenetics II: Covert Secrets & Alchemy

Is NOW available in e-book and print!

This Book has been in the works since approximately 2016.  There is brand new, vital information here to help those who are on the Cosmic Clean-up Crew to get their  “game on” before things get really crazy.


The background information in this book about all the funky things we are dealing with on planet Earth right now is epic!  Learn what you can do to keep your sanity on a planet that has been implanted with "insanity on steroids" and ruled by evil Dark Lords .

Here are the chapter titles that were not in the Limited Edition:


  • Ch. 35: The Prayer/Preyer Business Is BIG Business!

  • Ch. 36: The Avatar/Suemah Connection

  • Ch. 37: Unconsciously Participating In Blood Sacrifices

  • Ch. 38: To Swear Or Not To Swear How to Cuss Properly

  • Ch. 39: New Age - New Cage It’s just a New Gage for... Lying, Manipulating, Thieving, & Deceiving the Believing

  • Editor’s Note & Note From Hal, The Co-Author


For a sneak peek into these  Covert Secrets, Click Here.

The Hal Special - Vol. 1 & 2 Bundle

There is NOTHING like it – Trust me, it is “One Hal of a User’s Manual!” You can purchase Kryahgenetics Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 in our Treasure Shop, or purchase the "Hal Special" of both e-books.

**We are now posting a new video series with more background and updates on Kryahgenetics I & II called  "Inside Insights," with the Editor Nancy Bliss. Learn about our new Allies like the new "Spy VS Spy Birdies that are on our side and a real "Game Changer"

    Kryahgenetics -1
 The Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy

For the Love of Humanity, the Earth, the Animals, The Nature Spirits, & The Innocent 


It is time to WAKE THE HECK UP!

This book was written for YOU, it is in YOUR hands,
and it is up to YOU to start making waves.

The most loving thing we can do right now is fearlessly stand up to,
take on, and take down the socio/psychopathic tyrants that are
perverting, torturing & destroying everything
that is beautiful and authentic.

The Corruption/Virus has got to meet the Anti-VirUS….. US!

You are holding a book of Keys…..

What you do with these Keys could change history.
These Keys could make YOU a Hero & a Legend…

Are You  Ready???

Kryahgenetics, the Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy was originally written back in 1999 as a limited edition author’s manuscript with only 1000 in print. They have been sold out for over 7 years now and I have to thank Hal for the inspiration and motivation (in the mist of intense and sometimes extreme personal challenges) to update and revise this timeless work and get it back out to those who are destined to read it. Kryahgenetics is a unique and Very inspiring book, as Hal’s wisdom and humor are intertwined in each paragraph.


While I was re-editing it and re-reading it, I felt the Kryahgenetics energy absorb into my mind and emotions. I felt a “lift” and inspiration that seemed to penetrate my cells and help me dream of new possibilities of freedom, regeneration and expansion for myself and also for all the life forms in the cosmos who have been oppressed or damaged. I felt a renewed excitement about our future here, in spite of all the extreme oppression, fear and suffering that the dominating forces are attempting to infiltrate and dampen our minds, our hearts and our spirits with. I also realized I was singing more than I can ever remember of doing! I found myself using the keys in the book to face my challenges, and the outcomes were astonishing.

I know that this book will not resonate to everyone, and it was never intended to…it was written for a selected group of people on this planet who are ready for a kick start into remembering who they are and what the heck they are supposed to be doing here…and mostly how they can go about that with increasing success ...and have a darned good time doing it!

What is Kryahgenetics?

The word KRYAHGENETICS is what I call “simpplex...” It can be very simply explained, yet on the other hand, it has complexities that are beyond our comprehension.

There are 2 parts or elements to this science that are very powerful in and of themselves, and when coupled together, make an awesome duo.

  • The 1st element:

    • kryah, is the encompassment and direction of magnetic fields through: TONE/SOUND - LIGHT/COLOR - GEOMETRY/MATH - LOVE/COMPASSION

  • The 2nd element:

    • genetics meaning: The information and life-force encoded and imprinted in the blood.

There are five gifts or keys that we all have been given, which once understood and used deliberately and properly, can lace and weave these two elements together to create alchemical change in the holographic fields. They can bring about total balance and trigger quantum evolution. They can also connect you to what might be termed “super human powers!” The possibilities are literally limitless.

Below is a preview of the Table Of Contents:


  • Foreword- By Vrahc’ Kahnym

  • Author's note

  • Welcome

  • Kryahgenetics

  • Music Of The Kryahgenetics Egg

  • Kryahgenetics Lexigrams

  • Adapters

  • Walk-Ins & Shove-Ins

  • What the Devil’s Been Going On Here?

  • Money, Money….. Who’s Got The Money?

  • Money Money - Part II

  • Soul Braids, Soul Mates, Twin Flames

  • Dysfunction-Junction

    •    The Knight's Code

    •    What is a Goddess?

  • Evolutionary Spirals & The 5 Types Of Beings Playing On This Planet

  • Profiles Of Creepy Cryptos

  • Excerpts & Additions To Articles From FW-Indigos .com

    •     The Secret Behind The Chakras

    •     The Kundalini ConsPiracy

    •     The Artificial Intelligence

  • Unplugging

  • Aurauralite….. Aulmauracite

  • Just Who Do You think You Are?

  • Laugh-Ah-Genetics

    •    -Party Palace Previews

    •    -Curses, Spells & Hexes

    •    -UFO-SHB's

    •    -Treasure Map

  • Post Note

  • Backwards –By Ronnie Rennae Foster

Kryahgenetics -1   Reviews

I would say this book Kryahgenetics is very revolutionary, especially for Indigo's after waking up it will help them become self-empowered once again. Kryahgenetics is not a book for new souls or middle ages souls who generally read about metaphysics. It is also not a book that even beta light-workers will take seriously or take to heart unless under constant guidance and being truly ready for it. I really think it is a book for very old souls who are awake already and have broken all the conformist belief systems first before they can start using this book and applying it's knowledge. It is especially for HRT knights and any really dedicated true Cosmic Clean-up Crew member or Indigo, it is a must have. It compliments other top world truth speakers about the deceptive side of New Age topics in more detail with hidden knowledge about the chakras/kundalini/implants, hidden agendas, and the true controllers who influence our dimensions. It shows what we can do to disconnect and re-remember how to take our power back and evolve as souls, by going within and not externalize outwards to some deity. It also contains very, very powerful magick and should be taken seriously.

Kryahgenetics shows you new metaphysical tools, meditations, and how to deal with or deflect curses, spells, psychic attacks. You will gain powerful applicable knowledge as you learn a lot of methods on how to be safe and practical when uncorrupting our reality we call earth. The Aulmauracite Rock, the Kryahgenetics book, as well as all the other Mistyc House books have made it 100x times easier to deal with this reality properly. I give Kryahgenetics a 10 out 10 rating.
- Dave aka Archimedes Truthblade


"Kryahgenetics" by Laura Lee Mistycah is a must read for all Indigo adults. This is a magickal living book. "Kryahgenetics" can open up new dimensions as one reads and explores the information within. Little did I know the freedom and wisdom I would receive from the knowledge in this book. My favorite chapters include: 3.) Kryahgenetic Eggs, 8.) Walk-Ins and Shove- Ins, & 22.) Aurauralite... Aulmauracite.

If this book has made its way into your reality - you are very blessed! What and where "Kryahgenetics" may take you, is of course, up to you :) Kryahgenetics is awakening and transformation through truth!


Hi Laura Lee,

I received your book in the mail and dove into it right away. I must say, it is structurally rebellious and very comfortable and easy reading with its illustrations and captions.

Loved the beginning and felt very empowered. Such a wonderful gift!

Love and hugs,


The Kryahgenetics book is awesome. I flew through it and am starting again. I have also found 2 of the books you recommended. I started 2 years ago in the new age area, but it somehow never really resonated with me. I had more questions after reading books and starting/learning about energy work. The Kryahgenetics book feels more on track for me. People thought I was crazy before, now they think I'm just NUTS. : )
Lots of Love,

I stumbled upon Laura Lee's book, "Kryahgenetics" in December 2019 while I was researching how to get rid of entities. I was experiencing massive interference and was going crazy, I needed relief. I read it all in one sitting as soon as I downloaded it, and could feel my body relaxing with each chapter. There was something incredibly special and deeply activating and moving about the book and I went on to read her entire website afterwards.

Learning the Egg techniques was a GAME CHANGER. I was initiated into Reiki in 2009, and used those teachings and techniques, but I was finding them getting less effective to the point they were useless. Now, I *only* use the Egg techniques. It is so simple and it works. What I particularly love about the Eggs is that they can be used in so many ways and they are highly adaptable. Different situations require different clearings, and the Eggs provide a variety of options to use depending on what you need.

Sirena L.,

Recent Book Updates


(3-29-2014) After re-reading Kryahgenetics recently, I found a part that might be considered misleading. In the book at the bottom of page 122 it talks about Crypto attacks. When I went through the calendar that I kept notes on about when the attacks came, I found that there were attacks every single month…so that is what I wrote in the book. Now, the misleading thing is that maybe I got one on the 25th of the month but then again on the 7rd of the next month, so they were only 2 weeks apart. Also after looking at several months of “Crypto Attack History” I found that they could be anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks apart. I was looking for some kind of pattern and there was none. It is also misleading as there might be someone wondering if it has to do with PMS or some female imbalance, which would totally be an inaccurate conclusion, one that would annoy me and most every woman on the planet that gets this stigma flung at them! ;o)

Here is how it was printed:

These attacks seem to come about once a month, and last all day. I was wondering if there was a reason for this time sequence. What I was told is that the Cryptos would like to do this EVERY DAY, 24/7… but my Higher Self has blocked it, and only let it in once a month.

In all the e-books sent from 3-29-2014 on and any books printed from 3-31-14 on, they will read:

These attacks seem to come about once or twice a month, and last all day. I was wondering if there was a reason for this time sequence. What I was told is that the Cryptos would like to do this EVERY DAY, 24/7… but my Higher Self has blocked it, and only let it in every few weeks.

(4-12-2014) Skank Altar Updates:

Just FYI, you can do variations of the “Skank Altar” so that you are not exposing your “back door secret” to those around you. One young man said he put his in a big padded envelope and put it in his back pack for a “mobile skank altar!” (I laughed pretty hard at that one, it was ingenious!”) He said that he didn’t want his little nephew to see it and this was his solution. I thought it was brilliant!

Right now on my altar I have my “very private” items in a red fuzzy flat bag I got at Christmas time. I feel too that some of these things need to be cloaked to any onlookers, and this is a good way to do it.

NOTE: 7-17-19  It has just come to my attention that you only get 1 Major manifestation from your Skank Altar.  It is life changing and will give you avenues for more  $ $ $ $ $  if you are savvy and do things right.  Also, your Skank Altar will  attract a major Skank accompanying this $$$ ...that is the down side... BUT if you keep your integrity, you can maneuver around and through this Skank and come out victorious!

Keep up the good work everyone…we’re making huge headway!


(02-05-2015) White Light Update:

After more research and intel gathering, it has come to our attention that since white light can hide things, (kind of like when you paint over finger marks, they are still there, just hidden) so we need to take things one step further and when you do implant removals and other psychic work. It is important to use the word, “Clear” when defining “the Uncorrupted Light.” Clear, Uncorrupted Light is sparkly like the shimmering of light on water and you can see through it, so there is nothing that can hide behind it… it’s all out in the open. We updated the implant protocols to reflect this new information.

(06-23-2016) Kryahgenetics Egg Update:

One of my First Wave Indigo buddies sent this link to me….. “The Unexplained Portuguese Cosmic Egg” --I about fainted! The similarities to the Kryahgenetics Egg are amazing!

portugese egg.jpg

Keep checking back on this page for more new updates on... the alchemy of Kryahgenetics.

Laura Lee Mistycah..... & Hal

Purchase Kryahgenetics

The Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy in our Treasure Chest. You can order an ebook, a spiral autographed copy, or  softcover autographed copy. Learn more about the book by watching this YouTube video.

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