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On this day July 14, 1998

And from this day forth…

A Universal Call Is Made
To activate all the real men and women
Who remember and are willing to live by…

The Knight's Code

You are now hereby being called to action.
It is time for battle!

(.....or there will be nothing left to battle for.)


As you take on your armor, your shield,

And your sword...

Do you have the memory and the courage

To activate yourself...


And bring forth a living, breathing,

Knight into this millennium?

Do you have the wisdom, the will, the fearlessness,

THe strength and the power it takes to be a 


And live by the Knight's Code from this day forth

Until the moment of your last breath?

Oh great and valiant Knights of the Earth 

Come froth now and be counted 

The time has finally come.

(You know who you are)

Wake up... Arise...

Let Your Destiny Begin!

Accolade_by_Edmund_Blair_Leighton (1).jp

The Knight's Code

A Knight is true "blue" ...and is at peace with his/her God/Goddess.
As A Knight, You Will Be Honest & Just In All Business And Personal Relationships.


A Knight can be trusted for a Knight honors his/her word.
As A Knight, You Will Do What You Committed To Do, When You Committed To Do It,


A Knight has a profound sense of self respect,
Paving The Way To Fully Love And Honor His/Her Beloved.

A Knight owns himself/herself - no influence or substance dictates or runs their life and the lives of those around them.
As A Knight You Overcome All Your Addictions. The True Armor Of Knighthood Is On The Inside, Not The Outside.


A Knight thinks before speaking, for once words are spoken,
As A Knight, You Are Bound By Your Words!

A Knight uses wisdom and discretion in word and action,
As A Knight, You Are Considerate And Compassionate In All Things.


A Knight takes daily action to fortify and strengthen
Your Body, Your Mind, And Your Spirit.


A Knight is confident and abhors arrogance.
As A Knight, You Know That The Arrogant THINK They’re Grand... The Confident ARE Grand!


A Knight is strong...yet gentle with women, children, and animals.

As A Knight, You Use Your Might To Defend The Weak!


A Knight activates the brain before using brawn
When Faced With A Challenge Or An Opponent.


A Knight has a light heart and a sense of humor.
As A Knight, You Make Even The Most Grueling Task Fun And Memorable.


A Knight knows when a joke is destructive.
As A Knight, You Are Willing To Take A Stand When A Joke Is Harmful.


A Knight uses grace and dignity in words and actions,
Especially In The Company Of Women And Children.


A Knight honors and respects procreative power.
As A Knight, You Always Take Responsibility When Using These Powers!


A male Knight honors and reveres women and their feminine nature.
As A Knight, You Know That Proper Interaction With Feminine Power Is A Link Back To Your Source, Therefore You Are Ready And Willingly Protect And Defend That Power – Even Unto Death!


A Knight has a passionate love and respect for nature and The Planet Earth.
As A Knight, You Use Your Strength And Courage To Act When They Are Threatened Or Violated.

Oh Great, Honorable, And Noble Knights

Of This World.....


Step out of your hate, your anger, and the pains of your past!

Step out of your corporate worlds...and the hunger for useless power!

Put on your armor of honor, pick up your shield of love, and your might sword of truth!

Be living proof that chivalry and valor are alive and unyielding!

DO you have the strength, the courage, the wisdom, the ancient encoded memories

and the passion it takes...

To Be A Millennial Knight?

This decree given to Laura Lee Mistycah on July 14, 1998 on Mt. Spokane
By "The Lady Of The Lake"…..Auraura ©

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After the Knights Code was written, I had several requests to write one specificially for Ladies. Click below to read Lady's Code!

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