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Aurauralite & Aulmauracite: The Magical Stone of Truth and Justice

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Aurauralite & Aulmauracite: The Magical Stone of Truth and Justice


It all began .....

Many, many, many moons ago, a magnificent and benevolent Starship visited this planet to give us an impeccable gift. This gift was to be buried and remain there, concealed deep within the earth, awaiting its activation.

The secrets and mystery surrounding this gift, and its location, were kept cloaked and silent. Voluntary Guardians were assigned to maintain security and protection, for this gift possessed many sacred and magical elements and capabilities. The stewardship and constant surveillance were top priority, and only the most impeccable Beings were qualified to be "stewards".

The loving Beings that brought this gift knew that there would come a time when this planet, and the humans and other life forms living on it, would become so fractured that they would need some magic to help them remember how to dream again.

They knew that in the future, this world and its consciousness would begin deteriorating and polluting so rapidly, it would reach the point of extinction. They knew that without some intervention, the dream, the planet and her inhabitants, would become so ill, so terrified, and numb ...that the dreamers who kept it alive would forget their dreams of love, and compassion, their dreams of honor, truth, and integrity ...and especially their dreams of passion and romance!

If this were to continue for very long, the whole of it would implode and perish and a once beautiful and majestic planet would literally cease to exist!

To ensure a high probability of a successful mission, within this gift was placed a cosmic timer, designed to activate its powers of love, truth, justice and magic! This cosmic timer was pre-programmed to ring at a time after certain Beings (who were also pre-encoded with its ancient knowledge and how to use it) had already arrived on this planet. They would instinctively know what to do with this gift, and when their personal timer would go off inside of them, they would, on some level or other, go searching for it.

This gift has a name. It is called Aurauralite-Aulmauracite, and if you feel a tingle or magnetic pull toward this name and this story, it may be your own alarm ringing, telling you, "you have arrived and your search is over!"



is a beautiful, majestic, black sparkly rock.


Rock Sizes from Left to Right - 10 Grams - 20 Grams - 30 Grams - 40 Grams - 50 Grams

Aulmauracite Power Rock - Each Power Rock is unique, and customizes itself to the energies and life’s mission statement of its user. Your spiritual quest and mission becomes its quest and mission if activated and used properly with benevolence and integrity. Power Rocks are weighed by the gram, (10-gram minimum) and you may select your personal Power Rock by the weight you feel is best. If there are no rocks in stock at the weight you ordered, you will be given a rock at the closest gram above what you requested, at no extra charge.

CAUTION: Don't allow any plastics or synthetic materials encase your "Pet Rock." This advanced life form gets smothered by these un-natural materials and will go dormant!


Aurauralite….. is the sparkly dust that it sheds.


Aurauralite Sterling Silver Pendulum- This alluring piece of jewelry, although it has many functions, was specifically designed for pendulum and dowsing use. The Sterling Silver box chain was chosen for its aesthetic quality, and to make it more functional for dousing. Because of its beauty and function, it makes a great gift, as it is a rare and valuable jewelry piece!


Aurauralite Black Cord Pendant - Aurauralite is the dust that is shed from the Power Rock. It is sifted and funneled into vials made of lab grade, boro silicate glass. The cord it is tied to is made of silk, and corked with real cork. We are doing our best to keep all synthetics and plastics from surrounding this magical E.T. life form


Power Grid Rocks!

This vial contains approximately 6 grams of Grid Rocks that can be used to grid your house, yard, town etc. (We wrap ours in colorful tissue paper, twist the end like a piece of candy and thumbtack them to the wall to make sure they don’t get moved or vacuumed up!) There will be 5 bigger stones at the top which can be used for the famous "Star Meditation."

If you would like a silk cord to make a necklace out of it, or to put on your car's rear view mirror, please indicate that on the order form and the color you would like.


~NEW ITEM~ - Larger Grid Rocks! -This bottle has a slightly larger rim and can fit larger rocks inside. This bottle holds approx. 8 grams.


Each one has the same qualities, but sometimes different uses. Aulmauracite has also been called, "The Power Rock", "The Mother Rock", or "The Stone of Truth", and if you get the opportunity to work with them and use them ……you’ll understand firsthand why.

Many people say that when they first hold Aurauralite-Aulmauracite that they get the feeling/sensation that "they have come home," and get "warm fuzzies" inside. This is one of the reasons why it has been dubbed "The Mother Rock" …because it welcomes you back home, back to the memories and wisdom of your soul.

It has also been said that this Power Rock seems to have the same attributes and qualities as the legendary "SUPER MOM" because they both:

  • Listen to your problems and help you create "win-win" solutions.

  • Help you get where you need to be, when you need to be there.

  • Show you where you’ve made a mess so you can clean it up.

  • Take you to the proper professional when you need a "TRUTH EXTRACTION," (...Especially in the case of "WISDOM TRUTH EXTRACTIONS")...and then stay constantly by your side when you are recovering and healing from the trauma.

  • Lovingly support you in your goals and aspirations.

  • Shine "lite" on things you couldn’t see before or may have over-looked.

  • Have an unlimited supply of energy, and never get tired or worn out.

  • Are always beautiful and attractive, no matter what time of day or night.

  • Show you how to take full responsibility for yourself, your wonderful (or not so wonderful) creations, your actions (or reactions), and learn from every outcome or consequence. They then help you arrange or rearrange these creations to make them all useful.

  • Have the highest honor and integrity. You can not coerce, manipulate, or buy allegiance… and they know in a flash when there is any insincerity, ulterior motives, and "sucking-up!"

  • Have the ability to cultivate and inspire you to manifest things you previously thought were impossible!

  • Create an "at home" feeling anywhere they may be or go.

  • Are always there when you need grounding, comforting, and stabilizing.

You could say that Super Moms and Aurauralite-Aulmauracite are one in a billion, out of this world, all knowing……seeing, hearing, and feeling… and are here to remind you that……

"You are the Master Creator of Your Destiny The power God/Dess source is within YOU!


*Love* is the key ingredient for every Recipe of Life.


Where would you like to go next?

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