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A Tribute to Amikah

Dear Comrades,


It is with many mixed emotions that I write to you and tell you that my best girlfriend, support system and comrade, Ann – AKA Amikah – passed away Friday July18th 2008 at 9:55 a.m. here in Spokane (For those who don’t know, 55 is a “Hal” number.)


She fought a brave fight and took down many, many multitudes and minions of our opposing forces and tyrants along the way. Amikah has been an immense help already on the other side, (including paving a way to get most of the W.S. notes from her house to mine without falling into the wrong hands!) and now she is continuing her legacy of service by assisting many of you as a “spirit guide and ally” on the other side.


I recently told her she did NOT have to walk back into a body as she had promised, and she was thrilled! The Indigo web site had not been updated for a long time, as Ann had been very sick with much more than the medical profession could understand. Ann was our FW-Indigo web master and, I am just now getting things back in order and figuring out how it worked. (Thank our Guardians that she gave me all the pass codes the day before she passed!)


Although the blood tests and her death certificate showed ovarian cancer as the cause of death, there was much, much more that was going down. Her biggest complaint was not physical pain, but "soul pain" as she uncovered the gruesome details of mind control, torture and threats to keep her history and information secret. She of course, did NOT keep it secret and would not succumb to the threats and manipulation of "Ass Soul Tyrants."


She was going to create a web site, to help support and educate those who have been involved in ritual abuse and mind control like she had. She even told the paramedic that took her to the hospice home that he had not seen the last of her, because she was going to write a book that would be a best seller. He just patted her hand and smiled at this frail lady and said, “yes, of course you are” ...(and I’m standing in the corner watching it all and laughing to myself because I knew whether it was this body or to assist someone else, she would indeed do it!)


One of the most important things you all can do right now is to not get caught up in the “Earth Dramas” and especially “Fears” and instead keep your focus. One of the many gifts that has come from Ann's passing is the information I got from her and my guides while trying to understand why I got the creepazoids for 2 nights after she passed. (As a professional Ghostbuster, I understand death more than most people and am NOT afraid. That is why this was experience was so bizarre to me.


When I finally understood it, then it all made perfect sense!) It is an amazing story of a P.T.B. agenda that is keeping us imprisoned by debilitating fears around death that are perpetuated by necromancers and magick...the bottom scum of the porn vibration. This article will be posted on the Indigo website soon.


I am totally at peace to be working with Amikah in this new venue, and she is thrilled to be helping us on the other side... and has been a grand inspiration to many. She told me that she can be in many different places at one time and move from one place to another at thought speed. She is so free and skilled where she is now, as she is one of the few beings that we can rely on because she has "been here" and knows first hand the challenges we face in "Earth bodies." I am happy for her to finally reunite with part of her Twin Flame who had been helping us for several months prior to her transition.


I would like to give you the advice Hal gave me the night after Amikah passed. He said that the most important thing we can do for ourselves and those we have stewardships over is to “Laugh, Live and Love.....and you yourself have to do the Laughter and the Loving to really truly one else can do it for you!


May you all be guided and inspired by the essence in your core star, and keep that energy strong and bold to give you the power to go to the next level of our joint missions, and your personal missions.


"Onward and Forward" (....that was Ann's/Amikah's favorite line she would say at the end of many of our heavy phone conversations, strategizing how to take down the next Dark Lords and their agendas! :o)


~Lady Mistycah~

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