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The Lady's Code


What Is A Goddess? 

(The Lady's Code)

Since "The Knight’s Code" was written in the summer of 1998, it has been reprinted, put into several publications, and displayed on many web sites. I have received nothing but wonderful responses back from the people who allowed this code to find it’s way into their hands! People from all walks of life, who have been longing for honor and nobility in their present existence, suddenly acquired a grand re-igniting of this flame. With a renewed conviction and determination, they started putting the fire back into their lives. They began to reinstate the valor, gallantry, and heroism of what some would consider to be a fairy tale! In fact, many have told me that it gave them hope and clearer vision. Some said it activated powerful memories, and gave them the courage to take on their present day Warrior Quests.


In addition to this, one of the most frequent comments I heard was, "I just loved the Knight’s Code, it really struck a deep emotional chord within me, as I remember those days…….but what about the Ladies, what about the Ladies Code?..…. You need to put The Ladies Code in this book too!"


I have pondered and thought about this a lot, trying to figure how I could find out what "The Lady of the Lake" might have in mind to empower and restore true femininity back to the women of this challenging era. The answer came catapulting at me like a bolt of lightening.


I gave one of my editors, Ronnie, (who by now with all the late night editing sessions, has become one of my closest friends and allies) a poem that had been coming to me in segments for several years. I finally completed it, and just wanted her to proof it as well as give her a copy for possible framing. She said after reading through it, "This is great, are you putting it in your book?" I started to respond… "Well I guess I could, I’m not quite sure how or where to fit it in" …and then it hit me… THIS IS THE COUNTERPART TO THE KNIGHT’S CODE! THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN ASKING FOR, AND SEARCHING FOR… AND IT’S BEEN RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE ALL THIS TIME!!!!! (Well, actually it’s been hanging on my wall above my alter!) When it manifested its purpose to me, it was so obvious it was almost a joke… (I could just feel Hal in the corner, laughing his fake mustache off!)


So now you have a little background on how this came to be. As you read it, may the fire of your memory banks be ignited, and may you understand at a soul, core level, what the true feminine nature of woman really is.


It is my desire that all women everywhere, will have the opportunity to ponder and contemplate these words (as well as their subtleties) in their hearts. With a clear, pure image of their true nature and power, it will become easy and automatic for them to release the bondage and repression that has been confining them for eons. As they continue to disengage and free themselves from their inhibitions, doubts, and fears… They will then be in position to morph into the Power and Excellence of their True Feminine Nature… The Goddess.

NOTE: 06-13-2020 ---After careful consideration, I was instructed to change one of the words in “The Lady’s Code.”  It has been concerning me for years and I kept getting “it’s OK, don’t worry about it, leave it the way it is.” Then today I got, “It’s time for an upgrade/update.”  I was quite relieved and then when talking to a fellow H.R.T. member about this, under the inspiration of Hal and “The Lady of the Lake” got “The word hurt needed to be changed to conquered.”  That was perfect!  Apparently hurt is a subsidiary of conquered, and it was not wrong at the time this was written 20+ years ago, but energies have changed since then and our mission has expanded. The word “Conquered” is much more appropriate at this time.  There are other reasons for the word “hurt" to have been placed there originally that has not been revealed to me...(yet.)  The Limited Edition Signed Copies will now reflect this update.

I now present the new version of "Lady's Code."

What Is A Goddess?

A Goddess is strong and powerful.

A Goddess is mystical and creative.

A Goddess is intelligent and wise.

A Goddess is pure laughter and joy.

A Goddess is loving and inspiring.

A Goddess is Sensual and Beautiful...

...and She Knows It !

Therefore, She never hides it or represses it.

Instead, She allows and cultivates it.

Then, She emanates and projects it.


Without the least concern

as to how others will receive, or interpret it!


She is the most powerful force in the Universe

The very essence of Creation!

A Goddess is fearless, because…

She Knows She Can’t Be Conquered!


She Is A Woman Who Realized


© Laura Lee Mistycah 1998

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Read The Knight's Code

Read the original Knight's Code, given to Laura Lee Mistycah by the "Lady of The Lake" on July 14, 1998.

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