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Aurauralite: Power Rock Testimonial Love Letters

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Aurauralite: Power Rock Testimonial Love Letters

I have had some very intriguing and magical personal experiences with this rock and feel like it is one of my best friends and allies! I have seen it heal rashes right before my eyes by rubbing it softly over the affected area! I have watched people who were in trauma hold it and immediately begin to calm down and their energy field shift! I witnessed one woman who held it and she said she felt "energy lightening bolts" shoot through her body and out her arm. She said it was very invigorating!

I have had reports of people meditating with it and moving into a space where they see the web of life connecting all of Creation together!

Another report came to me from a therapist who gave a client two power rocks to hold for grounding after an intense emotional release session. Her client instinctively put it to her forehead and immediately went into the void, seeing and feeling the love and potential of all of creation! (This scared the dickens out of her daughter who had accompanied her….and the therapist. They both thought she must be having life threatening problems, because her eyes rolled back into her head and she became totally unresponsive to her earthly environment.) They began talking to her, asking her if she was all right, and softly shaking her. Finally she abruptly came back to this reality, and was slightly irritated to say the least! She had never experienced anything as beautiful, expansive, and loving as the place she was basking in, and then to be suddenly jerked back into this realty really upset her! She wanted to linger longer and absorb what she was feeling and experiencing, and to this day she has never had another experience like this…it totally altered her perception and her life!

I have also had a variety of people respond back to me by letters, telling of their personal experiences. Here are just a few:

Recent Love Letters.

N. Lang - Canada

(Posted March 2019)

Here is my experiences with gridding 2 sites in my city. The first being a huge hospital complex that I actually worked in for years. For me this was a very empowering experience to work with the rocks to create a deeply transforming/alchemising all the death energies that reside within this environment. After gridding this complex when I placed the 5th rock in the centre, I felt the activation! WOW!! I then chose to grid a church/cathedral in the centre of the city. This also was huge for me as I’ve been challenged by religion growing up and how it affected me. Once I completed this grid I felt a rush of energy fill my body! I was “giddy” “silly happy” all day! Extraordinary. A VERY UNIQUE experience.

Marianna G. - Hawaii

(Posted March 2019)

After I got my beautiful, sparkly rocks, I meditated with the biggest one in my hand. I noticed something mindblowing after a while: I couldn’t feel my hand at all but it’s not that it was numb. Even if a limb goes numb, you can still feel it. There was no reason for my hand to go numb anyway because my arms were lying next to me perfectly comfortably. It was like my hand...dematerialized! It felt like my rock holding hand vanished to another place (UV-realm?) along with the rock - for I didn’t feel the rock either anymore -, while the rest of my body was still lying in bed. It was a very interesting sensation.

Khalil P. - United Kingdom

(Posted March 2019)

My Pet Rocks Receiving my Aurauralite pendant was one of the most exciting things. It's been indelibly fixed in my memory, the same way I remember the day I got my first pet cat. I work with the Aurauralite and Eggs everyday, though 'work' is not the correct word... more like chat. They really are best friends.

Alicia S. - Washington

(Posted Feb. 2019)

My aurauralite rock and pendent are my protectors and friends. I always have one on me. They help protect me and keep my life in order and balance by showing me the truths of life.

Sara "Curandera" (Medicine Woman) - New Jersey

(Posted Feb. 2019)

I went to work cleaning houses energetically, and after doing the cleaning I got back home and was very tired and drained, I wanted to go to sleep, I had to sit down as soon as I went inside my house, and practically had to push myself up to wait for my son coming from school, this happened every time. Also I was tired after doing healings. I asked for help to my guides and just like that I found the rocks, I decided to give it a try and the moment I received them I fell in love, I got the pendant and the rocks and I used them for protection every time I did a healing or went to clean houses, there was a huge difference, I was not drained anymore, they are so amazing and help me to be protected, keep my balance and ground me. I work with the Andean tradition, because of my lineage, I was born and raised in the Andean Mountains of Cusco, Peru, we are very connected with Mother Earth, we love and honor her and respect all of her creatures and at certain times in the year, we make special ceremonies to show her our gratitude, sometimes people release a lot of things in the ceremonies and the rocks help to ground the participants if needed. They also help me when times are hard as I have a special needs son, who needs a lot of help and sometimes has difficult days. I could never do without my rocks. Nowadays as a rule I always give the rocks to my clients before the session so they can be protected and grounded. They help some people to come back and anchor them to their bodies when needed. Many of my clients can tell the difference and fall in love with the rocks and of course want to have their own rocks. I recommend them to all my clients and friends. With love and gratitude to Laura Lee and the amazing rocks.

Linda S. - Wisconsin

(Posted Feb. 2019)

My Aurauralite buddies are the best! They assist me in every way possible. They greet me when I come home from work or a day of shopping. They accompany me everywhere I go, assisting in every way. When I am looking around with my inner vision or listening to a show, they help keep me nice and safe/clean. If I’m working through a tough issue, sometimes I have two on me (somewhere in my clothing) or I sleep with one in each hand. I know that whatever they choose to do will be done extraordinarily well. Their presence is very comforting. I really rely on them. What did I ever do without them???

Amari S. - Illinois

(Posted Feb. 2019)

The rocks really pack a powerful punch! I have been able to use them to heal my friends, get really corrupt places under control, etc. Story time! I bought my first Aurauralite pendant a few months ago, during a very important spiritual transition that was happening in my life. Not even a week after, I started feeling much more balanced and peaceful. My intuition grew stronger, and my memories began coming back to at an almost exponential rate! The dowsing pendulum has proven to be even more helpful. I have experimented with the dust, and have discovered a plethora of healing and evolutionary growth abilities because of it. Using the dust while burning incense is a great meditational tool, and helps channel the energy of the UV Realm. For those with chronic pains, using just a little bit of dust in water or food helps alleviate it, as well as strengthens your immunity and metabolism. I'm still experimenting, but I think we may even be able to use the rocks and dust for power and other resources!

La'Zaurah M. - London England

(Posted Dec. 2018)

My gridding experience which most stands out to me was one this summer. Only 20 mins walk away from where I live is the iver Wandle. It has never had very good energy ever since I've been there, due in no small part, I suspect, to the overhead electricity pylons which straddle it. This summer I decided to go elderberry and blackberry picking as an abundance of these berries grow there. I literally had to steel myself literally *every single time* I went down there. All walks down there had my hair almost standing on end, accompanied by a feeling of 'I really don't want to go there.' One day I went was overcast and the energy got so bad I walked another much longer route to go back home rather than take the quicker walking path back the way I came. It took me three weeks to recover from this and go back to the river. This time I approached the overhead electricity pylon and gridded it and the entire length of the river with etheric Aulmauracite as I forgot to bring the physical rocks. I left it for another week or so before going back. The transformation was startling! The energy was much, much lighter and I didn't cringe and nor did my hair stand on end when walking down it. Because of this I decided to heal the trees as there are many old, large trees which have been damaged and were untended due to previous high winds, storms and the ravages of old age. I used the rocks to help heal these trees and requested that they spread the healing to those other plants and trees who desperately need it. Not all of the old trees wanted the healing as they felt their time to pass was soon, which I was very saddened by, so they agreed to pass it on to their scions and the younger trees. I intend to go back to spread some of the rock dust physically in this area as there are still pockets of low vibrational energy I need to attend to.

Joonas Reismann - Estonia

(Posted Nov. 2018)

About Aulmauracite rocks, they have helped to build up my confidence a lot. They give me extra protection on times when so many technology is around me, that tries to keep me away from learning about myself. I really like that rocks can cool me down, so I can deal with my own thoughts and keep my mind clear. They give me better focus and help me to find things, what I should really do.

Airah K. - California

(Posted April 2016)

Several years ago (2008) a friend and her husband helped me grid the California State Capitol. There are always many people around, and much security, both uniform and undercover. I have been told that on both sides of the entrance on the west side of the California State Capitol, there are motion detectors, even in the flower beds. ( I do not know this for a fact). We decided it may not be wise to put grid rocks on the actual Capitol grounds if we could find a viable alternative. We wanted a place that our grid stones would be safe, as would we. Across the street was a restaurant with the perfect raised flower beds outside of it. There were joints in the stone making up the flower beds that were perfect for the rocks, that if the soil was replaced, they would be safe. We put the rocks in the cracks, one in each bed on each corner across the street from the capitol. Then we activated the grid. Several months later, Hillary Clinton visited the restaurant as part of the primary tour. It was all over the local news the next day that she ran out of the back of the restaurant unexpectedly. There was no reason given, and all the local news outlets were totally baffled. What truth did she not want out? I personally think she was just too close to the stone of truth to keep her reptilian nature hidden.

Gwen O. - Saskatchewan

(Posted April 2016)

I often place Aurauralite on top of important documents or pieces of paper with information that I would like to oversee truth and justice to. Recently, while expecting some important test results to be faxed to a specialist, I placed a couple of grid rocks on the fax number. Within minutes I received a phone call from my specialist’s office, and was told that they had not yet received my test results! This prompted me to investigate into the matter. Every day miracles occur in the way of relieving headaches, and oftentimes I use this rock to remove blockages and pain, within/around/or throughout the body. Each member of my family has their own first-hand testimony also. I’ve asked Aurauralite to assist many times on a microbiological, and microcellular level, and have ingested the dust myself. Without a doubt, I can attribute Aurauralite factoring into my well-being, performing internal debris sweeping of emf’s and w.s., not physically reachable otherwise. This has worked when nothing else has…. Aulmauracite (in partnership with the Kryahgenetics egg) has been an incredible tool in helping to stabilize the energy of my home and property. On a grand scale, I call upon the properties of this magical stone to bring truth and justice to our planet.

Theresa Ramdas - Singapore

(Posted May 2013)

I was listening in on a teleconference in early March 2013, when Anakhanda Mushaba, one of the guest speakers and my fellow spiritual friend of the Mushaba Planet of which I hail from, suddenly made mention of some rocks. Not catching the name, I emailed him and he shared briefly about the rocks and an implant session he was incorporating. Through the link and reference he made to the First Wave Indigo website and Laura Lee, my foray into the world of Aurauralite-Aulmauracite, the Magical Mystical Stone of Truth & Justice began, changing my reality forever. For lack of a better word, I actually ‘pounced’ on these rocks after my initial scrutiny of the website. Right after placing my order, I felt an innate urgency to ask Laura to expedite the shipment to Singapore, whatever the additional charges to be incurred. While waiting for the arrival of Aurauralite-Aulmauracite, I proceeded to educate myself on this whole business of FWIs, what with Laura brazenly tattling on my Indigo status. While no hidden surprise on the one hand, given how I’m wired up, on the other hand, what with the prevalent thinking of Indigos stemming from the younger breed, I have not regarded myself as one. Seeing I’m one of the stragglers, age-wise, an important piece of the puzzle of my spirituality definitely fell in place for me. Laura Lee is truly a one-of-a-kind spiritual leader and champion of sorts, bravely addressing the adult wing of the Indigo nation. I am extremely grateful to her for her selfless devotion to her cause in these unchartered territories. Back to Aurauralite-Aulmauracite. By the time they arrived, I had developed a full-blown flu. Nothing unusual in itself except that I have a strong resistance to the flu bug and can usually mitigate the slightest of symptoms even in the midst of a pandemic. This immunity has been especially evident in my recent years. I know now that this flu attack was a protest against Aurauralite-Aulmauracite making a grand entrance in my life. I tell you, I was so hard hit that I was sapped of energy and strength and my throat felt like I was swallowing broken glass. Come to think of it, the flu surfaced right about the time when I placed my order. Despite the agony and debilitation, all I could think of was gridding my country and home as soon as my Aurauralite-Aulmauracite landed. Being able to track the exact day of arrival, I planned to do the gridding during the one-week March holiday break from school. I’m a school teacher. I still had to chalk up some extra days of lessons for my students. I had no idea how I was going to pull off the 2 days in class with my flu and all. On gridding day 1, right after school, I practically dragged myself to the first spot followed by the second, which was the centre spot. Singapore, my country is a tiny place in South-East Asia, roughly the size of New York city, for those of you not familiar with the other side of the world. One can zip around to the 4 corners within a few hours. Gridding Day 2 saw the completion of the other 3 spots. It was only later that I read that the centre grid should be done last. I did not get the order right but know it doesn’t matter for these rocks have an intelligence of their own and can adjust accordingly. Then I completed my home gridding system. It felt so right. The days after that began my intimate relationship with Aurauralite-Aulmauracite. It felt like we had been apart all these years and finally reunited. My Facebook status might as well have been …’In a relationship with Aurauralite-Aulmauracite’. My life has not been the same since. I never leave home without them. Come to think of it, I don’t return home without them either. I have them on me throughout. If I wear clothing with pockets, I slip both of them in plus pin the pendant to my bra. Aurauralite-Aulmauracite has over delivered on all counts and aesthetically speaking, she is a beauty! For those of you who have one or two or any number of these amazing rocks, you know exactly what I speak of. What with Aurauralite-Aulmauracite being the stone of truth, I thought somehow I’d be confronted with some hard-core truth issues that I had buried, just as the Aurauralite-Aulmauracite poster claimed. I was, except I realised a couple of weeks after using the stone that it was in reverse meaning it showed me the injustice and wrong-doing vouchsafed on me and not the other way around. Some people from my past and my experiences with them surfaced and I was shown how the drama and pain was not because of anything I did but a result of their issues. I feel that many of us who awaken are told by the spiritual community to make peace with our past and hurts by forgiving and transmuting the pain. We had to do it or we would not evolve. I have spent hours in a couple of modalities forgiving others, myself and situations till I turned blue, green and whatever other colours all over. I’m not saying it’s all bad or wrong. In some instances, I had to face up to my wrongs and I’ll be the first to say I have a lot of that, what with my ego and differentiated way of viewing the world. Crossing swords with the people around me happens when it needs to. In putting a blanket statement of forgiveness, so to speak, over all my hurts, Aurauralite-Aulmauracite showed me those where I had been right and got me to back up and call that injustice by its proper name. One example revolved around someone whose demeanour towards me was one of resentment and rejection. This had gone on for twenty over years. As this was an elderly relative whom I had to show respect plus visit regularly, there was much frustration and suppressed energy on my part. I was shown that forgiving did not diffuse the negative energy. It only buried it within my psyche. I was in fact carrying guilt and blame. Sound familiar? My beautiful Aurauralite-Aulmauracite told me in the face it was pure racial prejudice on that individual’s part and added that this person was not able to be in my presence because of the light I emanated. There was nothing wrong with me. I had done no harm. As I am now penning these words, I’m being shown that I had also experienced this to break the code - the old ancient code of prejudice which has started and is still starting wars and dissension in the Universe! Wow! I never expected my Aurauralite-Aulmauracite to come through in this manner. There were also some other forgiveness issues with a couple of people I will not mention here. The point is I felt so free after this. What I want to extol here especially for Indigos is the need to take back whatever we’ve given away, in terms of power, integrity and our spiritual essence. Aurauralite-Aulmauracite is the Being for this. This rock is not a tool, mind you, but a living breathing entity. Aurauralite-Aulmauracite has squelched my apathy about many of the injustices we are going through and a few days after receiving it, while recovering from my flu lying in bed, I found myself holding the rock between my fingers and showing the dark forces my Aurauralite-Aulmauracite, like I was doing the middle finger thing -:} I’m serious. While I was ranting and cussing at them, I realised the position of the rock in my hand and laughed. A deep inner rage seeped through me and still does now. It was like I was back in business again. It felt so good and after I had my 1st session with Laura, my faith and belief in my mission and purpose took on a new-found vigour, embellished with authentic self-love. And which Indigo cannot do with a good dose of self-love, tell me! Is it any wonder, when I was told that Aurauralite-Aulmauracite is one of my Guides and as if that wasn’t enough, the forced contract Laura shared with me in our 2nd session was this “If I find Auraralite/Aulmaracite, I would agree to let them shut me down.” In fact Laura felt herself shutting down just before she was tuning in to this info for me during the session. I have since taken that forced agreement out, inflicting the most vengeful blows I could muster on the 50-some entities, sending all to the Cosmic recycling bins. My other Guides, including Amikah, couldn’t wait for this! The only shutting down that came close for me was a nasty flu. Ha! Since harnessing Aurauralite-Aulmauracite in my spiritual practice, I am truly stepping into my Mushaba and Indigo Beingness of Freedom and Empowerment. Aurauralite-Aulmauracite, you couldn’t have come at a better time. Had you come earlier, I may not have been ready having to work through layers of finding myself. These past few years and especially 2012, a dam of sorts burst within me as I began to face and accept the Goddess that I really am - the one that had been cloaked and veiled by this alter, illusionary self. The truth is, I knew I was this powerful being at my core but was really afraid of how powerful and majestic I AM. Even now, I’m choosing to embrace my Goddess Essence incrementally for it is all-consuming. I will get there, I know. I’m now also working on my Aurauralite-Aulmauracite in both my manifestation abilities and in reality-shaping. That I know will take me to a whole new vista I can’t wait to conquer. Won’t you join me in this, my fellow First Wave Indigos!

Defense Against Negative Energies...An Aurauralite Pendant By Charles Lightwalker

(Posted Dec. 2007)

If you expect to gain any headway on the healer’s path, it's important to be smart and aware of the negative energies you will be dealing with as a healer. You need to learn how to combine a quality of great openness, so you can communicate with your clients' guides/angels and link with Source, the Creator of all healing energy through your heart, and wear a protective pendant of Aurauralite around your neck or carry a stone in your pocket or place it on the healing table when working on clients.

In the Harry Potter books, the staff of Hogwarts, the wizard school, has great difficulty keeping a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Most of the candidates who end up taking the position are either useless against negative energies, or practitioners of the negative energies themselves.

In a similar way, members of the Holistic Healthcare Community do new healers and psychics a great disservice. Mostly, older and more experienced holistic healthcare workers do one of two things when a younger person asks them questions. They respond with a lot of useless techniques and advice such as, "Just surround yourself with bright white light, that will protect you."

The ones who tell you to surround yourself with bright white light are really quite dangerous. They don't know what they're doing.

Think of it logically. You want to shield yourself so that negative energies and evil/negative practitioners don't target you for harm. That means you want to become LESS VISIBLE to them, correct? Every Shaman knows this one.

So you go off and surround yourself with huge amounts of bright white light. Take a guess. What do you think you just did to yourself?

You just took a spotlight and shined it at yourself. You just created a huge flashing neon sign that basically says, "Look at me! I'm a beginner! I do not know what I am doing.”

Working at remaining invisible can involve a great many things. (Most shamans learn this trick in their training for traveling between worlds.) One trick the shamans use is to simply learn to be still, slowing your vibrations down so that you blend in to the background of things. You can do this in your dream body while you are asleep and with your physical body as well.

I know that it's possible to become invisible even when you are walking down the street next to your enemy; I've tested that one in battle conditions many times. It's quite interesting to see someone who has hates you and threatened to harm you look you in the eyes and not SEE you. That's when you realize that the shamanic path, which includes spiritual warrior techniques, fills in a lot of the gaps missed by other traditions. Also using Aurauralite in your medicine bag or as a pendant around your neck, can give you the protection you will need. I carry one with me all the time.

You can also work with a wide variety of colors and vibrations, symbols, animal helpers, angelic guardians, crystals, stones, tuning forks, and so forth. It's important to find the right combination of energies that resonate with you. Do some experimenting. I prefer the use of Aurauralite, tuning forks, (Om Fork) and various crystals. I especially use Aurauralite, tuning forks, crystals and stones (Pyrite) when do my healing work on clients.

So if you want to do the most good for yourself and your clients, get yourself some Aurauralite, use the tuning forks to balance the energy fields, and crystals to enhance the healing process and protect yourself from negative/ dark energies.

Walk your path with strength, courage, and joy and awareness.

(Charles Lightwalker is a Metis Shaman, Medical Intuitive and Healer.)

Correspondence with Laura Lee

(Posted Dec. 2007)

Hello Laura Lee,

My stones have arrived!! I put them on my altar for safe keeping. However, a few strange things happened yesterday before I even had the stones in my hand. I wonder???? Hmmm.

Well anyway, I put the pendent on immediately and within a few minutes I started to have heart palpitations. What does this mean? I kept the pendant on, and started reading indigo book. I started have really fast flashbacks over the events of the day. I went to bed and put the two stones under my pillow. I kept on having heart palpitations so I put them on my night stand, and tried to settle down.

Hope to hear from you and thank you for the speedy delivery


Hello Karen!

If your pendant is causing your heart to go "pitter pat" then tell the rocks to "turn off" and then reboot slowly to match your energy. Sometimes they just get so excited they can make your heart race....this happens a lot and is remedied by telling them to turn off and then reboot. Let me know how it goes.... :o)

Laura Lee

Hi Laura Lee,

Yesterday around noon time the palpitations or, “my heart was all a flutter”, stopped. I feel more centered and grounded. I am asking the Aurauralite stones to heal me as of now. Thank you so much for all your help.



More Amazing Stories by Rebecca Wilson

(Posted Nov. 2004)


I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings towards the Aulmauracite power rocks, and the Aurauralite rock dust in my life. I have only obtained these amazing rocks for a little over a month, and can tell you that my life has completely changed in that short duration. To be completely honest, I don't even know how to describe the immense energy that these rocks have added to my already swelling aura, but here goes...

For one, I am ALWAYS at the right place at the right time. Not only that, but it is always arriving at this perfect moment the Perfect time ( I have become incredibly attracted to time sequences such as: 2:22; 11:11; 5:55...and so on...and so on). It never fails that I am completely immersed in perfect energy at any given moment, but can honestly say that this has increased by such overwhelming standards, that it is beginning to blow my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whenever I have to get to a particular point or destination ( which is a frequent occurrence in my profession as an assistant to the Risk Management department at a medical center) I arrive there without the slightest notion of "how I knew where I was going". Being the most direction inept person that I know, this is a huge development for me. I swear, just a few months ago, I was getting lost everywhere, and know I always seem to be exactly right on track...down to the slightest detail. I cannot deny this new founded quality in my life, and frankly wouldn't dream of denying such a brilliant force. It is a blast to just ride the waves of energy I not only feel, but can actually see around me.

Secondly, my ability to perceive future events has sky rocketed since this beautiful babies joined me on my journey. I just have these "random" vision/thoughts, and literally moments later they manifest themselves in the exact same way that I saw it/thought it. This has completely hurled me forward on my path toward my one true "self", and it is crazy how each of these experiences broadens my perspective of "what is real". Even when I "see" "negative" situations, I understand their purpose before it event even occurs. I am undeniably aware of all that is happening around me, and can see the ultimate "truth" in my existence. I understand that there is no past, or future, and that everything that has ever existed or will ever exist is happening right at this very moment. These ideas come to me, and I immediately understand them.

This takes me to the third biggest change in my life...writing. I have become "something else" when I write lately, and it seems that with every sentence that I produce this force is becoming stronger. I don't know where these eloquent words and phrases are coming from, but I just let them flow out of me, completely uninhibited. I have begun to write "theories" on human existence, and it all makes perfect me at least. I am just so infatuated with the words that are coming out of me, that I can't seem to stop writing. I just go into these "dazes", and my fingers begin to type at hyper is quite the experience, I am not going to lie. Not only that, but whatever I seem to write always pertains to the people around me, completely!!! I write e-mails to friends, go into a daze, and then find out later that what I wrote to them completely captured the essence of their current situations (mind you, most of the people that I am writing to leave at least 500 miles away from me.)

The presence of these power rocks is very apparent in my life. It is actually apparent to all those that I encounter, and they don't even know that these rocks exist. An example of this happened just last weekend when my cousin came over to my home. She is legally blind, and I have very strong feelings that those without sight obtain an incredibly heightened sense of the energy in their immediate presence (I worked with a school for the blind, and was simply astonished by the level of their perceptivity). Well, when she walked into my home she immediately stated, "this house has an incredibly warm, and soothing energy to it" (mind you I have placed four rocks at the corner of my home, and one in center to keep the entire establishment "grounded"). I immediately thought of the rocks, and this was just one more validation, amongst many, that what I have been experiencing since they came into my life is undeniably REAL!!!!

I just wanted to share my thoughts with all of those out there who "understand" the power that is within us, and respect the immense value that these rocks can bring into our lives.

With all the Love and Light that my being can produce,

Rebecca :)

Jerome Finley

(Posted Nov. 2004)

Laura Lee,

Jerome here. How are you? Whew, crazy GOOD things are going on. I have been working with the stones and found something interesting . . .

You mentioned that wearing a pendant and working with a stone in each hand creates a type of triangular energy and I found this to be true. I also found that if you raise your hands ABOVE your head (so the body makes a Y shape) you will create an inverted triangle. My guides told me to first make the triangle with the stones at waist level, hands out to my sides, and then above my head creating its opposite. This completely balances polarities within the body and energy fields. It feels great to do and Kinesiology has proven its dramatic effects. People are just amazed!

My guides also let me know that we can use this triangle as a "triangle of manifestation" sending our affirmations and visualizations into it before releasing them into the Universe. It increases their power dramatically. Sort of a Cosmic Filter and Amplifier I guess . . .

Well, for my BIG news. Since receiving my Aurauralite/Aulmauracite I have gone through some tremendous changes physically, mentally and spiritually. I am getting into better shape and making excellent decisions regarding my health. I am mentally and emotionally clear and stable and my healing work has been all the better for it.

Since having my stones, my Ancient Ancestors have called to me in dreams. It seems I am being led to Africa to learn of the ways of the Sangoma; Traditional African Healers.

You were right when you said that unless a person really wished for huge changes to be made in their lives, they should not approach these tools/stones. I know this to be my life's path and will be leaving for Africa in January. I could be there for some time, 6 months or more. I am so excited! There are not many things I will be able to take with me during my training, but the Aurauralite and Aulmauracite are going for sure. My girlfriend is ultra-supportive and my ancestors are pleased :)

Please lets keep sharing breakthroughs . . . it fuels me in so many ways! I trust all is well in your Universe and I look forward to hearing from you sometime.

In service,

Jerome ......Future Sangoma.

Jon Miler

(Posted Sept 2003)

I just received my stone of truth. Ohhh my gosh! Amazing, Ancient, Very sacred …...Awesome! I have never seen such marvelous stones in my whole life! The first thing I noticed is the shining beautiful glittering dust on this wonderful Stone. As I unwrapped it I felt an electrical charge and the small one tried to move and practically jumped right into my mom's hands. She was amazed and excited.

I looked at the big rock in awe. I could tell it was a healing rock, it generated heat unlike any stone I ever held….. (I really needed it too because I had a real bad cold the day I got the Stone.) I placed it where I was feeling pain and the rock instantly took away the pain. It also took away the fever I was running! The warmth I felt from it was so welcoming.

The smaller rock seems like a dream rock, a spiritual portal to another world. I even heard what sounded like radio signals coming from one of the stones. It sounded metallic….a crackling sound….. it seemed to have some kind of encoded messages that I cannot yet understand.

I felt the power in the stones. I held one in my hand and I quickly fell asleep into a restful ancient darkness that reenergized me. I felt like I was within the stone itself! It showed me things….. images of their world…..a place with very steep beautiful mountains like "The stuff dreams are made of." The whole place shined and I think I saw water with sparkles, a lake perhaps.

The previous night I got NO sleep, so when I woke up I was amazed and very happy that I actually got some real and very peaceful sleep. I love my stones. I can go to them and ask them questions and they respond. The rocks tease me too, and make me laugh…. It's great!

These stones to me are priceless. I know many great medicine men/women use these stones....very powerful and the most sacred of stones I ever had my hands on! They have opened a whole new world to explore. Life is going to change for the better very fast. I love my "pet rocks" and in return they love me right back, unconditionally…. just the way I am.

I will keep in touch. I know there are going to be more experiences that will blow my mind with these beautiful stones of truth and grace…..they have much to teach me! There is a story in every rock.

I know my destiny has changed because the stones of truth & mystery joined my spiritual quest

May the Great Spirit bless all. A'ho!

Jon Miler, Intothevortex

Running Wolf (William M. Lovse)

Aho my sister Laura Lee Mistycah,

Thought I’d share with you some of the experiences I have had with the Aurauralite.

I have seen fantastic results by letting people hold the Aurauralite….physical healings took place. I was at a funeral in Texas with my genetic relatives. One had a migraine headache so I handed her the vial and said to just hold it a while. In 5 minutes the headache was gone. Two others were bothered with allergies and I was prompted to do the same thing. In a short time their allergy symptoms were gone! I had others hold it and watched in amazement as they became centered and peaceful right before my eyes. When they asked what it was, I usually told them, "POWER."

Then later I would give them a full description.

Yesterday, a saleswoman came into the store. She was going this weekend to visit a friend with Aids. He is being helped/cured by a Navaho medicine man. Buffalo prompted me to give her the vial of Aurauralite for her friend. I will let you know if I hear any results from him using it. I have more vials on order. This is amazing stuff!

Until we meet again… may you have a peaceful journey……

……Running Wolf

Rosie Turpin:

"You asked me for feedback from Aurauralite users. I have found that its work for me is to keep my heart positively charged and to support the transformation initiated in my sessions with you (Laura Lee.) Wearing my little vial, I feel GREAT. But on the two occasions that I forgot to put it on again after my shower, I found my spirits low. As soon as I put it on again, there is a tremendous charge to the heart, like overpowering JOY, which takes me about half an hour to adjust to again. Yes, it certainly is a Power Rock!"

T. Nails:

Being somewhat familiar with geological assay reports through the rock hounding exploits of my father, as well as many friends, I was quite astounded by the report that I read concerning the substance referred to here as Aurauralite. It basically contains every geological element known to exist on Earth! This includes the entire platinum group as well as several other rare elements including Thulium. Thulium is one of the 14 rare Earth elements in the periodic table and is well known in the occult chemistry. It is one of the original elements that was involved in the creation of the Earth. The platinum group elements are what is used in the manufacture of White Powder Gold. It is simply amazing to find all of these elements in the same place!

Cathy Langlous:

"I met Laura Lee at the Prophets Conference in L.A. and I got one of the "healing rocks" to take to my classes to have my students read with them and had some very interesting observations. Several students found chronic pain leaving their body immediately upon placing it on the body part with their intent to release the pain. It is as I’m sure you know, a great catalyst for your own healing focus! Here are some other responses I got from the classes. I didn’t tell them anything ahead of time so they would just express their own information.

I feel pulsing and keep seeing asteroids flying through space.

I saw a swirling planet with 4 rings around it.

I felt something like its energy force go up my arm and clean out my energy field.

It holds the energy of creation!

Some time ago we were working with some dimensional doorways and we found one that looked like the monolith in the movie 200l. One of my "act before you look" students jumped in there and couldn’t get back, so I had to go in and get her and bring her back. We both agreed this rock felt much like that place we were in. It was very hard to talk about on a physical plane.

I like what one of the last people said to me: "I see all the hands that ever held this kind of rock and many were not classic human hands, but each learned something from it!"

It is clear to me that it isn’t from Earth but is a familiar energy. I saw cities built at the base of mountains of it. It was used as an energy source for them. It also is helping to reactivate some of the dormant DNA we need to re-own and assist in our receiving information about our true spiritual origins. It certainly seems to be an aid to focusing your own healing intent to whatever you are working on. Thanks for the opportunity to play with this Power Rock!"

Deeanna Hurlbert

The Aurauralite rock came into my life in the form of a necklace holding a vial filled with dust from the rock, after an acquaintance shared with me her experience of wishing on the necklace for money and then receiving a settlement she had given up on, within the next week!

I thought this could have been coincidence, always the skeptic, but thought "what the heck, it doesn’t hurt to try." So, I went to Laura Lee’s office and purchased a necklace. I was in the mood for a miracle to say the least. Within the last six months, my husband had left me, I was living in a place I was not comfortable with, I had no sense of spirituality or anything to look up to. My son had just turned three, and I was dealing with all the shifting emotions he was going through following the divorce.

I made my wishes on the rock for things such as peace of mind, courage, and so on. One by one, my life really took a leap for the better. I didn’t want to think that this might have to do with the Aurauralite, but I did keep wearing the necklace just in case.

One of my wishes and intentions was to be united with one of my Soulmates. Within two months, I was dating the man I felt was a Soulmate. Many experiences, which I will not go into here, occurred in this relationship to further push, sometimes drag, me along my path!

Then six months ago I felt an astonishing confirmation of the power of these rock entities. I was doing a Kryahgenetics session with Laura Lee to release a negative Being who had attached himself to me. As we did the final release, an ice cold electrical sensation ran down each arm into an Aurauralite rock that was being held in each hand.

I found this all very interesting, the rocks choose how they would work, not the other way around. I realized also that if my energy was not for loving intention and to further my growth, the experience would not have happened.

Obviously, I purchased the rocks after that experience. I knew I had to have them. They seem to be a part of me and have been working with my energy ever since.

One rock has male energy and the other female energy. I have used them to balance out my own energies, in my healing work with other people while practicing Reiki or release therapy, and their "home" is situated under my bed with the female "Earth" under my feet and the male "sky" under my head. I haven’t given any thought as to how well they work, and have taken them for granted really. When something works, you just assume it will continue.

On New Year’s Eve morning, 1997, I was visited by a person who has quite a bit of animosity towards me. I was friends with his wife, and never approved of their marriage, so I stood accused of trying to break them up and much more. This did not really affect me, or so I thought, since my friendship with her had ended a few months before.

At approximately 7 p.m. I had a sharp, stabbing pain in my abdomen and felt dizzy. The pain was so intense, I couldn’t stand up. I went into a room in my home where I do meditation and cleansing ceremonies and laid down. I felt better, so I got up and left the room. As soon as I did, the pain returned.

My friend Patti arrived at 9 p.m. or so, and I told her what had happened. We both felt there was some sort of energy being directed at me. It felt like a "dark presence." We both had a good idea where the energy was coming from. As we sat in meditation, I tried to protect myself with love, but nothing seemed to be happening.

Then something inside led me to get the Aurauralite rocks from their home under my bed. I sat with the female on the right and the male on the left. Patti placed her hands over mine. I tried to muster up love for the person I felt was sending the energy, but I was still angry about the events that happened earlier that morning. Instead I intended that the energy be returned to whoever was sending it. The rocks in our hands got very hot as it was transmuting the energy.

Afterwards, I was feeling much better, lighter, and full of energy, but, the rocks were cold and seemed to have lost their spark. They felt like ordinary river rocks, but much colder. I even said, "Oh no, we’ve killed them!"

I put them in a container with some rose quartz crystals and river rocks to see if that would recharge them. After three or four days, they were still cold and something very strange had happened, the bottom of the male rock had turned a dull pink color! Also the female now had a band of copper on one side that had not been present before, and they both had lost their sparkly dust that used to shed from them.

I wanted to call Laura Lee to find out what to do about the Aulmauracite and how to recharge them, but kept putting it off. On January 5, the situation with the ex-friend and her husband felt resolved within me and I could find forgiveness and love in my heart for them and myself.

The next day, January 6, I finally called Laura Lee. I explained to her what had happened and she said that they were holding the energy so it would not boomerang. Now here is where the story gets a little weird…she had me hold one of the rocks in each hand, far apart from each other, and then bang them together. I did as she instructed, feeling neutral about it all, and banged them together.

If I had to describe the sound, it would be a rumbling underneath the Earth. I held them in my hands for a few minutes while we talked on the telephone. Soon my hands started warming up and sweating ….and all of a sudden the sparkles and dust had returned! As I watched them, the dull pink was being covered with black and the copper on the female rock was narrowed from about 2 inches to about 1/8th of an inch! I wouldn’t have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes!

Laura Lee asked me to write this down and as I do, I still cannot explain how incredible the feeling was to see these magnificent entities rejuvenate and transform themselves. I don’t understand how they work and maybe never will.

I do know that they have shared their energy with mine and mine with them. I have a respect for other forms of consciousness now that I did not have before, largely attributed to the amazing occurrences I have personally witnessed.

Does this scare me? Not in the least. The fact that they went cold when I could feel no love and only anger, but still offer their protection, affirms to me that only the highest intentions will be channeled when using them. There is so much to learn and I am grateful that I have had this opportunity to share in a consciousness that practices, literally, positive intent!

Ronnie Foster

I am intuitive counselor with a BA degree in psychology. I have been fascinated with rocks since childhood and have worked extensively with crystals for many, many years. When Laura Lee first gave me the rock, Aulmauracite to hold, I saw a vision of benevolent Beings in white robes, programming this rock with codes and keys. There was a powerful love vibration emanating from them into the rock. I knew without a doubt that Aulmauracite did not originate from this planet. I had a sense that it was left here for us to discover when we were evolved enough to know what to do with it.

I find Aulmauracite/Aurauralite opens my Heart Core-Star and helps to balance my energetic fields. It also helps me to center and ground. When I gave my 11 year old son a piece, I asked him if he felt the stone had a message. He then placed it on his forehead (3rd eye) and said, "The message is, ‘I will protect you.’ " He also said it reminded him of Moldavite, another rock that is not from this planet.

As I hold a piece of it in my hand, these sensations come to heart….Aurauralite-warm fuzzy feelings of home….gentle and strong, peace love, compassion and truth. It feels soooooo good. Sparkling, shining, caring, giving, …..LOVE!

These are just a few of the interesting and diversified reports we get on a regular basis. One of my clients, when she first got her Aurauralite, said with a sparkle in her eyes and a grin on her face as she put the pendant around her neck, "I feel like I’m part of the club now" …and that’s kind of how it is…..but more like a family… "the Aurauralite-Aulmauracite family" …and it’s changing people’s lives all over the planet (plant and animal people too!).

Please continue to send us your adventures and experiences with this "Mother Rock" to:

Mistyc House

816 West Francis #244

Spokane Wa. 99205

We are compiling a "Family History Album" of "very true and amazing tales" from our Aurauralite-Aulmauracite family. We’d love to have your stories be a part of this book to share with our prolific and ever-growing family.

An Aurauralite family poet sent us this descriptive poem that tells more tales of the mystical magical gift that was lovingly brought to us by our "Other Family" many, many, many moons ago…….


As dark as night with moonbeams glowing

It’s uncanny power will give you a knowing.

A deep feeling inside each tiny cell

It might change your life, who can tell?

With your resonances’ glowing

What else might be showing?

A sacred remembrance of who you are

Or where you come from.....what star?

This magical dust that encases your All

Will help your life to have a ball.

For it amplifies all that is good and kind

When Love and Blessings sweep through your mind.

Earth’s Divine Love comes from out of the blue

Aurauralite from Nature is a gift to you.

Protection, Perfection as healing forces draw near

They will cover your body from danger or fear.....

A mythical gift from a mystical force

Helps your dreams evolve on a magical course.

From Nature to You with all her Love

Entwined with a Light Force...A Gift from Above.

Bonnie Ireland

July 1998

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