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Aurauralite: Power Rock Testimonial Love Letters

Aurauralite: Power Rock Testimonial Love Letters

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I have had some very intriguing and magical personal experiences with this rock and feel like it is one of my best friends and allies! I have seen it heal rashes right before my eyes by rubbing it softly over the affected area! I have watched people who were in trauma hold it and immediately begin to calm down and their energy field shift! I witnessed one woman who held it and she said she felt "energy lightening bolts" shoot through her body and out her arm. She said it was very invigorating!

I have had reports of people meditating with it and moving into a space where they see the web of life connecting all of Creation together!

Another report came to me from a therapist who gave a client two power rocks to hold for grounding after an intense emotional release session. Her client instinctively put it to her forehead and immediately went into the void, seeing and feeling the love and potential of all of creation! (This scared the dickens out of her daughter who had accompanied her….and the therapist. They both thought she must be having life threatening problems, because her eyes rolled back into her head and she became totally unresponsive to her earthly environment.) They began talking to her, asking her if she was all right, and softly shaking her. Finally she abruptly came back to this reality, and was slightly irritated to say the least! She had never experienced anything as beautiful, expansive, and loving as the place she was basking in, and then to be suddenly jerked back into this realty really upset her! She wanted to linger longer and absorb what she was feeling and experiencing, and to this day she has never had another experience like this…it totally altered her perception and her life!

I have also had a variety of people respond back to me by letters, telling of their personal experiences. Here are just a few:

Running Wolf (William M. Lovse)

Aho my sister Laura Lee Mistycah,

Thought I’d share with you some of the experiences I have had with the Aurauralite.

I have seen fantastic results by letting people hold the Aurauralite….physical healings took place. I was at a funeral in Texas with my genetic relatives. One had a migraine headache so I handed her the vial and said to just hold it a while. In 5 minutes the headache was gone. Two others were bothered with allergies and I was prompted to do the same thing. In a short time their allergy symptoms were gone! I had others hold it and watched in amazement as they became centered and peaceful right before my eyes. When they asked what it was, I usually told them, "POWER."

Then later I would give them a full description.

Yesterday, a saleswoman came into the store. She was going this weekend to visit a friend with Aids. He is being helped/cured by a Navaho medicine man. Buffalo prompted me to give her the vial of Aurauralite for her friend. I will let you know if I hear any results from him using it. I have more vials on order. This is amazing stuff!

Until we meet again… may you have a peaceful journey……

……Running Wolf

Rosie Turpin:

"You asked me for feedback from Aurauralite users. I have found that its work for me is to keep my heart positively charged and to support the transformation initiated in my sessions with you (Laura Lee.) Wearing my little vial, I feel GREAT. But on the two occasions that I forgot to put it on again after my shower, I found my spirits low. As soon as I put it on again, there is a tremendous charge to the heart, like overpowering JOY, which takes me about half an hour to adjust to again. Yes, it certainly is a Power Rock!"

T. Nails:

Being somewhat familiar with geological assay reports through the rock hounding exploits of my father, as well as many friends, I was quite astounded by the report that I read concerning the substance referred to here as Aurauralite. It basically contains every geological element known to exist on Earth! This includes the entire platinum group as well as several other rare elements including Thulium. Thulium is one of the 14 rare Earth elements in the periodic table and is well known in the occult chemistry. It is one of the original elements that was involved in the creation of the Earth. The platinum group elements are what is used in the manufacture of White Powder Gold. It is simply amazing to find all of these elements in the same place!

Cathy Langlous:

"I met Laura Lee at the Prophets Conference in L.A. and I got one of the "healing rocks" to take to my classes to have my students read with them and had some very interesting observations. Several students found chronic pain leaving their body immediately upon placing it on the body part with their intent to release the pain. It is as I’m sure you know, a great catalyst for your own healing focus! Here are some other responses I got from the classes. I didn’t tell them anything ahead of time so they would just express their own information.

I feel pulsing and keep seeing asteroids flying through space.

I saw a swirling planet with 4 rings around it.

I felt something like its energy force go up my arm and clean out my energy field.

It holds the energy of creation!

Some time ago we were working with some dimensional doorways and we found one that looked like the monolith in the movie 200l. One of my "act before you look" students jumped in there and couldn’t get back, so I had to go in and get her and bring her back. We both agreed this rock felt much like that place we were in. It was very hard to talk about on a physical plane.

I like what one of the last people said to me: "I see all the hands that ever held this kind of rock and many were not classic human hands, but each learned something from it!"

It is clear to me that it isn’t from Earth but is a familiar energy. I saw cities built at the base of mountains of it. It was used as an energy source for them. It also is helping to reactivate some of the dormant DNA we need to re-own and assist in our receiving information about our true spiritual origins. It certainly seems to be an aid to focusing your own healing intent to whatever you are working on. Thanks for the opportunity to play with this Power Rock!"

Deeanna Hurlbert

The Aurauralite rock came into my life in the form of a necklace holding a vial filled with dust from the rock, after an acquaintance shared with me her experience of wishing on the necklace for money and then receiving a settlement she had given up on, within the next week!

I thought this could have been coincidence, always the skeptic, but thought "what the heck, it doesn’t hurt to try." So, I went to Laura Lee’s office and purchased a necklace. I was in the mood for a miracle to say the least. Within the last six months, my husband had left me, I was living in a place I was not comfortable with, I had no sense of spirituality or anything to look up to. My son had just turned three, and I was dealing with all the shifting emotions he was going through following the divorce.

I made my wishes on the rock for things such as peace of mind, courage, and so on. One by one, my life really took a leap for the better. I didn’t want to think that this might have to do with the Aurauralite, but I did keep wearing the necklace just in case.

One of my wishes and intentions was to be united with one of my Soulmates. Within two months, I was dating the man I felt was a Soulmate. Many experiences, which I will not go into here, occurred in this relationship to further push, sometimes drag, me along my path!

Then six months ago I felt an astonishing confirmation of the power of these rock entities. I was doing a Kryahgenetics session with Laura Lee to release a negative Being who had attached himself to me. As we did the final release, an ice cold electrical sensation ran down each arm into an Aurauralite rock that was being held in each hand.

I found this all very interesting, the rocks choose how they would work, not the other way around. I realized also that if my energy was not for loving intention and to further my growth, the experience would not have happened.

Obviously, I purchased the rocks after that experience. I knew I had to have them. They seem to be a part of me and have been working with my energy ever since.

One rock has male energy and the other female energy. I have used them to balance out my own energies, in my healing work with other people while practicing Reiki or release therapy, and their "home" is situated under my bed with the female "Earth" under my feet and the male "sky" under my head. I haven’t given any thought as to how well they work, and have taken them for granted really. When something works, you just assume it will continue.

On New Year’s Eve morning, 1997, I was visited by a person who has quite a bit of animosity towards me. I was friends with his wife, and never approved of their marriage, so I stood accused of trying to break them up and much more. This did not really affect me, or so I thought, since my friendship with her had ended a few months before.

At approximately 7 p.m. I had a sharp, stabbing pain in my abdomen and felt dizzy. The pain was so intense, I couldn’t stand up. I went into a room in my home where I do meditation and cleansing ceremonies and laid down. I felt better, so I got up and left the room. As soon as I did, the pain returned.

My friend Patti arrived at 9 p.m. or so, and I told her what had happened. We both felt there was some sort of energy being directed at me. It felt like a "dark presence." We both had a good idea where the energy was coming from. As we sat in meditation, I tried to protect myself with love, but nothing seemed to be happening.

Then something inside led me to get the Aurauralite rocks from their home under my bed. I sat with the female on the right and the male on the left. Patti placed her hands over mine. I tried to muster up love for the person I felt was sending the energy, but I was still angry about the events that happened earlier that morning. Instead I intended that the energy be returned to whoever was sending it. The rocks in our hands got very hot as it was transmuting the energy.

Afterwards, I was feeling much better, lighter, and full of energy, but, the rocks were cold and seemed to have lost their spark. They felt like ordinary river rocks, but much colder. I even said, "Oh no, we’ve killed them!"

I put them in a container with some rose quartz crystals and river rocks to see if that would recharge them. After three or four days, they were still cold and something very strange had happened, the bottom of the male rock had turned a dull pink color! Also the female now had a band of copper on one side that had not been present before, and they both had lost their sparkly dust that used to shed from them.

I wanted to call Laura Lee to find out what to do about the Aulmauracite and how to recharge them, but kept putting it off. On January 5, the situation with the ex-friend and her husband felt resolved within me and I could find forgiveness and love in my heart for them and myself.

The next day, January 6, I finally called Laura Lee. I explained to her what had happened and she said that they were holding the energy so it would not boomerang. Now here is where the story gets a little weird…she had me hold one of the rocks in each hand, far apart from each other, and then bang them together. I did as she instructed, feeling neutral about it all, and banged them together.

If I had to describe the sound, it would be a rumbling underneath the Earth. I held them in my hands for a few minutes while we talked on the telephone. Soon my hands started warming up and sweating ….and all of a sudden the sparkles and dust had returned! As I watched them, the dull pink was being covered with black and the copper on the female rock was narrowed from about 2 inches to about 1/8th of an inch! I wouldn’t have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes!

Laura Lee asked me to write this down and as I do, I still cannot explain how incredible the feeling was to see these magnificent entities rejuvenate and transform themselves. I don’t understand how they work and maybe never will.

I do know that they have shared their energy with mine and mine with them. I have a respect for other forms of consciousness now that I did not have before, largely attributed to the amazing occurrences I have personally witnessed.

Does this scare me? Not in the least. The fact that they went cold when I could feel no love and only anger, but still offer their protection, affirms to me that only the highest intentions will be channeled when using them. There is so much to learn and I am grateful that I have had this opportunity to share in a consciousness that practices, literally, positive intent!

Ronnie Foster

I am intuitive counselor with a BA degree in psychology. I have been fascinated with rocks since childhood and have worked extensively with crystals for many, many years. When Laura Lee first gave me the rock, Aulmauracite to hold, I saw a vision of benevolent Beings in white robes, programming this rock with codes and keys. There was a powerful love vibration emanating from them into the rock. I knew without a doubt that Aulmauracite did not originate from this planet. I had a sense that it was left here for us to discover when we were evolved enough to know what to do with it.

I find Aulmauracite/Aurauralite opens my Heart Core-Star and helps to balance my energetic fields. It also helps me to center and ground. When I gave my 11 year old son a piece, I asked him if he felt the stone had a message. He then placed it on his forehead (3rd eye) and said, "The message is, ‘I will protect you.’ " He also said it reminded him of Moldavite, another rock that is not from this planet.

As I hold a piece of it in my hand, these sensations come to heart….Aurauralite-warm fuzzy feelings of home….gentle and strong, peace love, compassion and truth. It feels soooooo good. Sparkling, shining, caring, giving, …..LOVE!

These are just a few of the interesting and diversified reports we get on a regular basis. One of my clients, when she first got her Aurauralite, said with a sparkle in her eyes and a grin on her face as she put the pendant around her neck, "I feel like I’m part of the club now" …and that’s kind of how it is…..but more like a family… "the Aurauralite-Aulmauracite family" …and it’s changing people’s lives all over the planet (plant and animal people too!).

Please continue to send us your adventures and experiences with this "Mother Rock" to:

Mistyc House

816 West Francis #244

Spokane Wa. 99205

We are compiling a "Family History Album" of "very true and amazing tales" from our Aurauralite-Aulmauracite family. We’d love to have your stories be a part of this book to share with our prolific and ever-growing family.

An Aurauralite family poet sent us this descriptive poem that tells more tales of the mystical magical gift that was lovingly brought to us by our "Other Family" many, many, many moons ago…….


As dark as night with moonbeams glowing

It’s uncanny power will give you a knowing.

A deep feeling inside each tiny cell

It might change your life, who can tell?

With your resonances’ glowing

What else might be showing?

A sacred remembrance of who you are

Or where you come from.....what star?

This magical dust that encases your All

Will help your life to have a ball.

For it amplifies all that is good and kind

When Love and Blessings sweep through your mind.

Earth’s Divine Love comes from out of the blue

Aurauralite from Nature is a gift to you.

Protection, Perfection as healing forces draw near

They will cover your body from danger or fear.....

A mythical gift from a mystical force

Helps your dreams evolve on a magical course.

From Nature to You with all her Love

Entwined with a Light Force...A Gift from Above.

Bonnie Ireland

July 1998

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