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Classes | First Wave Indigos


Knights In Training... 

Begin Your Quest.

Online Classes For First Wave Indigos by LauraLee Mistycah

Intro Class: Getting In Touch With Your Inner Warrior Knight.

*Aurauralite water Test (Have 2 glasses of water ready)

*Kryahgenetics Badd Ass Egg Connection (A copy of this Eggs traits and abilities will be sent to you when you sign up)

*Understanding your Suemah & how to connect to it

*5-Star meditation - The Messenger -Quest of the Dream Warrior - by David Arkenstone

(Be prepared to lay down with arms & legs spread - pillows & blanket may be needed.)


Class #1: Unplugging The Magickal Key To Self-Empowerment!

*Drop the Tissue  (You will need several Kleenex tissues and a trash can for this)     

*Count Down to -0-

*Rewiring Brain - (New Method)

*SYL & UYL protocol

*Center laser focus – Group lock launch blast!      


Class #2: Finding & Neutralizing/Removing Implants

*Identifying Organic, Metallic, Psychic, AI Implants

*Implant Removal – Chakras, Kundalini Snake(s), Astral body(s)


Class #3: Forced Agreement/Contract Voiding & Spiral Ceremony.

*Identifying, Rescinding & Eliminating  all kinds of forced agreements and threats.

*Spiral Curse Reversal Ceremony Instruction


Class #4: Timeline Soul Retrieval Therapy Session

*Issues you can’t seem to fix, bring to this class for your timeline soul retrieval journey.


Class #5: Energy/Psychic Debris Sweeping Training

*Learn how to get not just stresses, but debilitating psychic and other electromagnetic debris/goo off people.

(You need to have a partner for this class to practice on – and yes, they get to come for free!  :o)



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