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Kryahgenetics Vol. 1 E-Book

Kryahgenetics, the Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy was originally written back in 1999 as a limited edition author’s manuscript with only 1000 in print. They have been sold out for decades.


Hal, my Cosmic Informant and humor mentor, inspired me to update this book and get it back out to the public, and has been a great inspiration to those who are ready for this Cosmic Information.


What exactly is Kryahgenetics?


The word KRYAHGENETICS is what I call “simpplex...” It can be very simply explained, yet on the other hand, it has complexities that are beyond our comprehension. There are two parts or elements to this science that are very powerful in and of themselves, and when coupled together, make an dynamic duo.


The 1st element, kryah, is the encompassment and direction of magnetic fields through: TONE/SOUND - LIGHT/COLOR - GEOMETRY/MATH - LOVE/COMPASSION


The 2nd element, genetics meaning: The information and life-force encoded and imprinted in the blood.


There are also five gifts or keys that we all have been given. Once understood and used deliberately and properly, these keys can lace and weave these two elements together to create alchemical change in the holographic fields. They can bring about total balance and trigger quantum evolution. They can also connect you to what might be termed “Super Human Powers!” The possibilities are literally limitless. When this is accomplished in wholeness, aliveness, and synergism, it will create the highest octaves in this reality! If we trust ourselves enough to learn, or rather remember how to effortlessly and skillfully activate both of these elements, then we just earned our tickets into inter-dimensional consciousness!

To begin uncovering some of these simple secrets, click here.

Kryahgenetics Vol. 1 E-Book

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  • Publication Details

    • Author: Laura Lee Mistycah
    • Format: eBook (PDF)
    • Pages: 210
    • Publisher: Mistyc House Publishing
    • Language: English
    • Release: 2014
    • ISBN: 978-0-9707117-5-5
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