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Kryahgenetics Vol. II Limited Edition E-Book

This E-Book has been in the works for approximately 5 years now.  There is brand new, vital information here to help those who are on the Cosmic Clean-up Crew to get their  “game on” before things get really crazy.


The information about all the funky things we are dealing with on planet Earth started stepping up its pace in the past 2 years and then exponentially increased in the past 6 months, since Feb. 2020, when Covid entered the scene. 


The urgency to get this information out immediately in a limited edition E-book form before the print copy is out came from Hal,  so, if there are editing errors or irregularities you know why.  Use your adaptors from Kryahgenetics-1 and overlook any mistakes so you can get to the heart and soul of this book.


There is NOTHING like it – Trust me, it is “One Hal of a User’s Manual!” 

Kryahgenetics Vol. II Limited Edition E-Book