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Kryahgenetics Spiral Bound Book - Autographed

Kryahgenetics, the Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy was originally written by Laura Lee Mistycah back in 1999 as a limited edition author’s manuscript with only 1000 in print. They have been sold out for over 7 years now and I have to thank Hal for the inspiration and motivation (in the mist of intense and sometimes extreme personal challenges) to update and revise this timeless work and get it back out to those who are destined to read it.


Kryahgenetics is a unique and Very inspiring book written for First Wave Indigos, Adult Indigos and the Cosmic Clean-Up Crew, with Hal’s wisdom and humor are intertwined in each paragraph. While I was re-editing it and re-reading it, I felt the Kryahgenetics energy absorb into my mind and emotions.


I felt a “lift” and inspiration that seemed to penetrate my cells and help me dream of new possibilities of freedom, regeneration and expansion for myself and also for all the life forms in the cosmos who have been oppressed or damaged.


I felt a renewed excitement about our future here, in spite of all the extreme oppression, fear and suffering that the dominating forces are attempting to infiltrate and dampen our minds, our hearts and our spirits with.


I also realized I was singing more than I can ever remember of doing! I found myself using the keys in the book to face my challenges, and the outcomes were astonishing.

Kryahgenetics Spiral Bound Book - Autographed

  • Product Details

    This is a spiral bound book for easy reading.

  • Publication Details

    • Author: Laura Lee Mistycah
    • Format: Spiral Bound Book
    • Pages: 210
    • Publisher: Mistyc House Publishing
    • Language: English
    • Release: 2014
    • ISBN: 978-0-9707117-5-5