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Kryahgenetics II: Covert Secrets & Alchemy Perfect Bound (Autographed)

This autographed perfect bound copy of Kryahgenetics II is a users manual that contains many of Hal's deep and previously hidden messages... and of course, helps you laugh a-lot.

NOTE: It his highly advised that you get both a print copy AND an e-book copy of this super-duper Halish “Get out of Jail, free” manual, as you will want to use the search feature to look things up and since this book is 288 pages of 8 ½ x 11 with 12-point font. That’s a-lotta info smashed in one book! (I personally am looking things up ALL THE TIME! It’s amazing how much time this saves.) Also you may want to use the “read to me” feature and have the robot read it while you are driving or just “chilling.”


There is a second reason, and that is the links in the e-book. They are VERY important to the subjects, especially some of the short videos, like “Make me a Hercules” and “The Power of Gold” songs. When you click on them you will totally understand.


Here are the chapter titles that were not in the Limited Edition:


  • Ch. 35: The Prayer/Preyer Business Is BIG Business!
  • Ch. 36: The Avatar/Suemah Connection
  • Ch. 37: Unconsciously Participating In Blood Sacrifices
  • Ch. 38: To Swear Or Not To Swear How to Cuss Properly
  • Ch. 39: New Age - New Cage It’s just a New Gage for... Lying, Manipulating, Thieving, & Deceiving the Believing
  • Editor’s Note & Note From Hal, The Co-Author


For a sneak peek into these  Covert Secrets, click here.

Kryahgenetics II: Covert Secrets & Alchemy Perfect Bound (Autographed)

  • Release Date

    Sept. 2021

  • These books are great "gifts" that keep on giving.

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