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Donate to  Mistyc House

Donations are greatly appreciated to help Mistyc House with all of the office expenses required to get new content out to the public, and also for food and vet bills for the Mistyc House avian rescue farm. This is a picture of my daughter feeding the rescue chickens we got in the spring of 2012 from the Turlock California factory farm rescue, where 50 thousand hens were left to die and rot in a factory farm.  The reason?  The owner said he couldn’t afford to feed them! The good news is that it brought to light the hideous life a factory farm chicken lives in – no natural light, living in a tiny filthy cage with 4 or 5 other hens for their entire wretched life! This was how I got an "in your face" education and REALLY understood the evils of  factory farming.

Your support for all of our projects is greatly appreciated!   Visit - Our next book project. (1)-min (1).jpg
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