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Tiny Aurauralite Bottle

This tiny bottle holds 3 grams of Aurauralite Dust.


You can choose the color of the silk cord and the length.  You are also the one that gets to tie the knots and custom fit it to what or who  you are using it for: 1-foot cord for hanging on your rearview mirror or tying on a pets collar. 2 foot to 2-1/2 foot cord for a child,  or a 3-foot cord  for an adult.


NOTE!:  When you get your tiny bottle,  and after you have tied the knots, I suggest that you  put a dab of super glue  on the knots and also around the neck of the bottle. When you glue the bottle neck knot,  also put some on the bottle neck and slide the cord around till it sticks. This will provide added security if it gets in water when you take a shower or bath.


I leave mine on 24-7 and have had my present black cord pendant for over 4 years now and the knots are still holding up just fine!


(NOTE: The picture shows this tiny bottle of dust next to the regular bottle for a visual image of the size.)

Tiny Aurauralite Bottle

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