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Knights In Training... 

Begin Your Quest.

Online Classes For First Wave Indigos by LauraLee Mistycah


Knight's Training Academy:

The Full Course with all 5 Classes + FREE Intro Class Bonus

$150.00 if purchased individually, get the entire set of 6 for only $125.00


Now Available!

This is an accelerated program for you to shine up your armor and get ready to have your "X-Men" abilities turned on.

These classes will aid you in connecting to and comprehending your True Soul Essence. The Knights training will give you the tools and help you to develop the skill sets to complete your mission and reason for coming to Earth. This is the first time Laura Lee Mistycah has put her classes online. She is joining forces with Rise Multiversity to advance your ability to stay stabilized, centered, sane and effective as you Rise and co-create the next human genome, complete with its upgraded divine blueprint.

  • Read Kryahgenetics Vol. 1 and Kryahgenetics Vol. 2.

  • Have an Aurauralite Pendant or Aulmauracite Rock with you.

  • Grid the place you will be at during the class with Aulmauracite Rocks.

  • You need to take all the classes in order, including the intro class. 

  • It is also strongly advised to read as much of the articles on this site as you can to help get you familiar with much of what the Knights Training will entail. You can find all the articles here:

  • NOTE: The proceeds from this class will go to Rise to offset admin expenses and continue expanding their work, and also to Mistyc House to help get Kryahgenetics II printed and out to the public.


Intro Class

Intro Class: Getting In Touch With Your Inner Warrior Knight.

If you are just getting started in your “wake the heck up and do what you came here to do” journey, OR if you have been on that path for years, this Intro Class will give you a kick-start to the next level!

You will be given some magickal implements that have been hidden and protected till enough of us Front-Liners arrived on this planet. We are here now and this Magick has recently been activated and made available for those Noble Knights that would know how best to use and not abuse it. The Kryahgenetics Egg, its partner the Aurauralite/Aulmauracite Stones of Truth & Justice, and the recently upgraded “Badd Ass Egg” are at the top of the food chain for being versatile lifeforms that can protect and assist us on our missions.

You will learn who they are, and how best to utilize and collaborate with them. They will help you connect to your Authentic Self, and your “Soul’s Suemah” Adventure that can alter your Life forever! 

This Class Features:

  • Aurauralite water test (Exercise).

  • Kryahgenetics "Badd Ass Egg Connection"  (Exercise).

  • Understanding Suemahs and connecting to them. "Part of your soul essence".

  • 5-Star meditation: "The Messenger -Quest of the Dream Warrior" .

  • Recorded Audience Q&A

  • Bonus: Class #0 Outline

  • Bonus: U-17 Badd Ass Egg Info Doc.

  • Bonus: Suemah Explanation Doc.

  • Bonus: Our Suemahs/Souls Meditation with David Arkenstone Music Doc.

Class 1

Class 1: Unplugging – The Key To Self-Empowerment!

In this crazy reality we live in, with people, places and things pulling us in every direction, and along with traumas from the past rising up to haunt us, it is hard to maintain sanity, let alone balance!

This class will help you maintain sanity and keep your balance while giving you more tools to put in your “How to Navigate Earth Life” tool box!

Besides learning some really easy and effective methods of unplugging from stresses and trauma, we will also learn how to utilize our "X-men" abilities as a group and put events into motion.

We will be literally focusing all of our collective power as a group to blasting and neutralizing opposing energies and entities that are sabotaging our mission here on planet Earth!

If you have a specific situation that you feel is interfering with your progress and needs blasting from your life, make a note of it and bring it to this class. We will collaborate with you on that goal.

This class is truly part of Kryahgenetics, the “Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy” part!

This Class Features:

  • Drop the tissue  (Exercise).

  • Count Down to -0-  (Exercise).

  • Rewiring Brain - (Exercise - New Method).

  • Center laser focus – Group lock launch blast!  (Exercise).

  • The SYL & UYL protocol.

  • Recorded Audience Q&A​​

  • Bonus: Class #1 Outline

  • Bonus: Rewire Your Brain - Handout

Class 2

Class 2: Finding And Removing/Neutralizing Implants

NOTE: You will get 2 videos when purchasing this class. One full version of the class and the other with just the 15 minute implant removal meditation extracted to use by its self once you have watched the class video. This makes it easier to find when you want to do future implant removals.

This class is on implant removal and will be VERY useful at this time as much of our problems stem from some kind of implant or imprint that tries to control us.

Getting grid of the chakras and reinstating the authentic "-8- energy system" is vital to our missions here. Also your ASStral body (ies) need the boot along with the hissing freaking snakes!

Yes, there is a looooong list of peripheral energies that you need to identify, but the exercise does a thorough sweep and you get better and better at it. I am soooo much better off now with those eliminated from my body and my life. I can’t imagine what kind of Hell I would be in if I still had them tormenting and trying to control me! (Probably in the loony bin or pushing up daisies. ;- )

If you have already gotten rid of these implants, then in this class you can work on something specific to you that needs to be gotten rid of. It is really nice to have someone read off the list while you handle it, even if you have done several already. This will be a huge help!

This Class Features:

  • Identifying organic, metallic, psychic and AI implants.

  • Implant Removal – Chakras, Kundalini Snake(s), Astral body(s).

  • Recorded Audience Q&A.

  • Bonus: The Implant Removal Protocol Meditation - 15 Minute separate video.

  • Bonus: The Evil Twins The Creepers 1&2 Document.

  • Bonus: The Implant Removal Protocol Instructions.

Class 3

Class 3: Forced Agreement/Contract Voiding & Spiral Ceremony

 In order to get into your Earth bodies, if you are from “outside the Earth wheel” (aka star seed) then you HAD to make agreements that are insane!

These agreements would hamper your ability to do anything substantial to help free those in bondage and clean the corruption here. Many had threats behind them so that if you did break this agreement or contract, something bad would happen to you or those you love and have stewardship over. These agreements were set up by the “Dark Lords” to insure we would not mess up or disrupt the corrupted system of enslavement. It was also to guarantee continued loosh production here to be used as a food source and also to sell on the Ghost Gangsta and Cryptos “black market.”

It seemed impossible for us to come here and do anything of any consequence, but we made the agreement anyway with confidence that we would find loop holes in the system…which we have.

You can learn these loop holes in this class!

You will also be getting an education on who is behind these agreements and what some common agreements are.

This Class Features:

  • Identifying and overturning all kinds of forced agreements and threats.

  • Spiral curse reversal ceremony instructions.

  • Recorded Live interactive Q&A.

  • Bonus: Forced Agreement Document.

  • Bonus: Magick Definition (10-2019) Document.

  • Bonus: Spiral Curse Reversal Ceremony Document.

Class 4

Class 4: Timeline Soul Retrieval Therapy Session


When we experience a severe trauma, 90% of the time parts of us get shattered and stuck “somewhere in time.” We move on and forward but the trauma and the “ghost of the past” continue to haunt us, even though we have pushed the experience out of our conscious mind for self-preservation. You may not even remember some of the trauma consciously. The energies of the trauma continue to run through your nervous system like a background program that loops over and over. This of course, over years can make you literally sick and twisted.

Many of the therapies today make you go back and “relive that trauma” in order to deal with it. Some of these therapies make you relive the ordeal over and over in hopes of flattening the bump in the road. Many times we feel that it was so horrific the first time, who in their right mind would want to go back and relive it again!? (Only a hard core masochist would do that, right???)

After decades of studying, going to myriads of classes and trying new methods, I developed an extremely effective procedure using the Kryahgenetics Egg that is actually fun!

It is fun and exciting because you get a different soul-serving perspective on the experience while you collect your shattered or damaged pieces, clean them up, and have them re-installed. You don’t have to relive all the hideous pain and suffering again, you just sit back and watch your Higher Self take over and do all the work! The “Ah Hahhh’s” you get from this perspective are absolutely mind altering …

… only this time in a good, empowering way!

I have used this method on many people who were MK Ultra programmed. These people whose pieces and psyche were deliberately shattered in order to reprogram them to be subservient to their “handlers.”

This method using the Kryahgenetics Egg is EXTREMELY effective in overriding the handler’s imprints and access to your mind, giving you back your memories, your life and your power!

Come and be a part of this class. You will feel safe because I will be there to assist in case one of you gets “stuck” and needs a lift.

NOTE: I don’t recommend people do this work by themselves the first time, as it can be a bit tricky till you get to know your way around and how to navigate through time.

This Class Features:

  • Explanation of other methods of trauma release Laura Lee uses: Rapid Eye Therapy (R.E.T.) &  Kryahgenetics (AKA “Boo Therapy”.)

  • Stories of “Pets” that were healed by using timeline techniques.

  • Find out what is in your own personal “Treasure Chest!”.

  • Timeline session instructions –3 different stops to fix issues.​

  • Recorded Live interactive Q&A.

  • Bonus: Kryahgenetics Timeline Soul Retrieval Method Document.

  • Bonus: Kryahgenetics Timeline Soul Retrieval Method Meditation - 33 Minute separate video.

Class 5

Class 5: Energy/Psychic Debris Sweeping Training​

As we move through the day to day stresses in our lives, we can unknowingly attract or pick up and embed electro-magnetic debris from our environment, and also the people around us. In addition to this, we can create this kind of garbage ourselves from our negative hostile thoughts and also the reactions to our experiences. When this energy builds up, it can make us fatigued, restless, irritable, depressed, or even disoriented. Eventually, if this energy embeds into our physical body, it can cause aching, soreness, or hypersensitivity in the tissues.

Laura Lee Mistycah developed this method of “energy eviction” during her years as a reflexologist and having many “close encounters” with body workers. It came to head when one therapist started pulling the debris off - starting at the shoulder and going down toward the hand. It felt sooo good to finally have this energy pulled out, but then... the therapist reversed the direction and pushed it all back up to the shoulder and left it there! This was the impetus for this full method to be developed and perfected to what it is today.

Another method Laura Lee developed is a "Compression Rotation & Vibration Technique" that if done correctly, can give instant pain relief.

You can even do it on yourself!

You will learn not only these methods but also see firsthand a demonstration in how “Directional Non-Force Chiropractic” and “Muscle Skeletal Balancing” works.

This is the last class in the Knights Training Academy.

This method, believe it or not, can also be done remotely and on animals with excellent outcomes!

Note: Aulmauracite Rocks or pendant are mandatory for this class as you will be putting the debris into the rocks for neutralization instead of (as some therapists do) flicking it off and into the room which then pollutes the room and puts you at risk of getting the debris stuck on you again!

Debris sweeping for stress and pain release is one more magickal tool you will acquire to put in your Knights tool chest. (Kind of like being a first responder/paramedic for someone else who is in trauma or pain, and you can be the “rescue remedy!”)​

This Class Features:

  • Learn how to get not just stresses, but debilitating psychic and other electromagnetic debris/goo off people and animals.

  • Learn the "Compression Rotation & Vibration Technique".

  • A demonstration in “Directional Non-Force Chiropractic” and “Muscle Skeletal Balancing”

  • Recorded Live interactive Q&A.

  • Bonus: A Message From Hal- Document.

  • Bonus: The Secret Behind Butt Dust Document.

  • Bonus: Debris Sweeping Document.

Alpha 1 Training - Certificate Requirements


If you would like a Certificate Of Completion, here are the requirements:

  • Grid with Aulmauracite some place in your town (or someone else's town) that you feel needs a good dose of Truth & Justice. Get a map and mark the places you set the grid stones, the date they were placed, why you chose that place.

  • Read both Kryahgenetics I & II.

  • Attend all 5 Classes + the Intro Class.

  • After attending each class, write a short (or long) essay telling what you learned in the class and how it will help you in your Earth Mission.

  • When you have all your essays written, and your grid map complete, send those to me either by: E-Mail

  • OR Snail Mail to:

             Mistyc House

             816 West Francis #244

             Spokane WA 99205

  • Send me your mailing address and how you want your name to read on the certificate

  • Once I have received and reviewed them, I will send you your certificate through snail mail with a complimentary signed copy of The Knights Code   


~Lady Mistycah~

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