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Hidden Kryahgenetics Egg #1

Congratulations, First Wave Indigo, you found Hidden Kryahgenetics Egg #1. 

There are two more hidden eggs left on this site. Each hidden Kryah egg will be a mini-activation for those who find them. 

Only those with honor and respect will able to use these powerful allies for truth and justice!


The Kryahgenetics Egg is a wonderful cosmic tool that can be used both as a protective protocol and also as a quarantine device. 

How To Work With The Kryahgenetic Egg: Visualize yourself inside a Kryahgenetics Egg, or have the egg come and wrap around you. The egg can be very large, with lots of room inside, or just big enough to go around your body. Make sure to have the DNA helix running down the core of your body, with the star at the top and the diamond at the bottom. Take note as to what the egg looks and feels like inside, as it may change the next time you use it.) Then take a few breaths and when you feel comfortable, tell the egg to "Turn ON." It will immediately start sucking all the debris out of your body, and when it hits the shell it will be instantly neutralized. With each breath, release debris and keep doing this till you feel calm and stable. (Your egg may pulse or even spin to pull the debris out of you, but if it does, you will notice that you won’t get dizzy!)

Continue on your adventure on this site to find the other 2 Kryahgenetics Eggs!

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