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The Story of King Sh!t

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The Story of King Sh!t

Written: 12-13-06

The Story I am about to tell is true....(although it may sound like the biggest bunch of Sh*t you have ever heard!) But for those who have been involved or affected.....well, you will know I speak the truth. Two nights ago I was working with a First Wave Indigo from the East coast who has had far more than his share of bad luck. It seems that everything he tried to do to better himself turned exceedingly sour. He was fired from jobs, not for performance or ethics breaches, but for other lame, nebulous reasons. This cycled over and over and over. In his personal endeavors, he is an excellent writer, artist and sound tech. He has written some incredible articles that should be all over the internet but things just "go sour" and nothing ever gets off the ground. As far as his love life goes, he has no problems getting dates but either before the date (or after the first one that went well), the walls would cave in and things would invariably turn sour. One day he had a date with a very nice woman and she actually showed up at a civic event and it was all going well. He thought ..."Oh Gooodie, the spell is broken!" and then he gets a call on his cell phone from his buddy that said, "Hey, you better get home fast, YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE!" This type of "Crap" went on and on and on until he felt like he was doomed and destined to an empty life full of "Crap" and people that treated him like "Crap." His mother is a very controlling creepy spider/snake lady that has been sabotaging him energetically to keep him under her control for over 40 years. She wanted total control over him, his energy and his power. She also wanted him to "need her" and no other woman was going to step on her turf! He got rid of her hooks and did the egg protocol, and he even had her on "freeze" (literally, he did a magickal procedure and put her picture inside a quarantine egg and put it in his freezer.) It looked like things were going better and then WHAM.....back in the "crapper" he went. He tried an experiment last week to have 6 or 7 dates lined up to see if we had broken the spell yet. It was looking good and he thought he had finally broken free..... but then every one of them fell through. Either his dates got sick, or some unexpected dilemma came up or they just weren't home when he went to pick them up. He was feeling pretty low and desperate when I talked to him and he asked me to please scan and see if there was anything besides his mother that was making this bad luck happen. He researched on the Internet about dark magick and was led to a site with some "Hell Hounds." He was wondering if psychically she was calling them on him to sniff out his intentions so she could squish them. I checked it out and indeed found 5 Hell Hounds on his trail. We got them handled and he asked me to scan for anything else... he just knew there was something else. I scanned and did not believe my psychic eyes. I was on a 3-way conference call with him and Ann and I started to laugh and laugh and kept saying ...I don靖 believe this.....I just don't believe this .....and I don靖 understand what I'm seeing AT is just TOOOO WEIRD! Of course they are dying to hear what I was viewing and I was laughing so hard it was difficult to relate my vision.

I finally said, "Well, this is NOT what I was expecting to find, and I really could NOT make this up! I don靖 understand it, but what I am seeing is that on both sides of you, your mother put two pieces of 'Crap' ....long, slimy, stinky, repulsive log stools about 3-4 feet tall!" Hahahhahaha what the Heck! Now this is REALLY WEIRD SH*T! Well, my client didn靖 think it was all that funny. He said it made perfect sense to him because it was exactly how people treated him. (It was hard for me to contain my amusement about the whole thing but I could tell he was serious and I tried to sober up.....hahahhahaaa but it was really hard!) He said, "At first they are all nice and congenial and they seem to really like me and then out of the blue, something "unknown" happens and they treat me like slimy, disgusting, stinky Sh*t! I asked one women point blank what the problem was and she said she honestly couldn't tell me....just that she didn't want to go out with me!" I told him she was exactly right, SHE didn靖 even know what happened, just that something changed and she could not go out with reason...just couldn't do it. It was like someone threw a bunch of "dung" on him and no one wanted to come near him! This made so much sense to him and he was very earnest in following instruction on how to fix the problem. I showed him how to clean the "crap" off of him with the Kryahgenetics Eggs, and then do something to put the "Little Sh*ts on freeze" till I could figure out what to do with them. I then instructed him in how to do a "spiral ceremony" and told him when he was done to check back with me. He felt much better after the conversation. (NOTE: Instructions are posted on our website - The Spiral Ceremony.

FINALLY something was making sense! (It was still hard for me not to make Weird Sh*t comments and I told him he had to lighten up about this whole thing so it would not over power him and he agreed.) When we hung up the phone I knew he was at last getting a grip on his life. I wrote to him yesterday telling him that there are other Indigos that have had similar challenges and it seems to be coming mostly from controlling parents, like 95%. One woman in particular has had the same kind of "poopie" life that he as and has been to hell and back so many times she could never use up the frequent flyer miles! She is attractive, brilliant, talented, psychic, compassionate woman and is on disability because of some medical malpractices. She has not been able to get an attorney to help her. They do at first, and then just like him, they all of a sudden treat her like "Sh*t" and not only disconnect from her, but try to black ball her in the community! She has often commented on what a "Sh*tty" life she has been living and I know that "Poop Heads" are at the bottom of her problems too. After we got off the phone with this man from the East Coast, Ann called me back and said she thought we needed to get to the bottom of what had created this "Crap." As I scanned the situation on a cosmic scale, I found that there was a "Sh*t Consciousness" and there was actually a "King Shit" Queen, just a king. I thought this odd but it was what I was getting. Then I scanned deeper and said.... "Oh my gosh, someone messed with "Sh*t!" (That was funny on soooo many levels!) On further investigation, I found that "King Sh*t" was like Lady Karma and Lady Justice, he could dish out "Good Sh*t or Bad Sh*t" but he had been controlled and manipulated and was forced to dish it out to people who didn't deserve it...(especially FW-Indigos and those who had the ability to take on the "Tyrannical Powers" at top levels!) I'm sure you all know who was behind this sinister operation. She "The D-Meister" had him under a mind/power lock doing her bidding and there was nothing he could do about it..... and it was torturing him to be forced to dish out this "crap" to his comrades. This may sound strange, but She turned him into Sh*t to give the FW-Indigos Sh*t. He was in his own private Hell, knowing the suffering he was causing the ones he loved....with no way out and no one aware enough to rescue him. You can imagine the grief he had to bear and what torment this was for him We somehow found a way in-between all of the security systems and the booby traps to connect to him and pull him free with out being detected. We shut down the operation and I put an egg round him to clean him up. For the past 5 decades he had been enslaved and tormented. Then I said to Ann, "Oh my goodness.....I don't believe this, but he just said he is here to serve us! He is down on one knee, a very knightly man with a black cloak, boots to the knee and longish hair, Ohh myyy....Ann, he is soooo handsome! Now he's saying "Thank you for releasing me from bondage. I'll never be bound again! I'm in your service and in alliance with you and your purpose. It really wounded me to see the sh*t all of the Indigos were going through because they didn't deserve it." He is still on one knee with his head down. I kissed his forehead and told him it wasn't his fault and that he needed to let go of his grief and guilt and help us put balance back. Then he stood up and got on my left side and took my hand. We surveyed the whole of everything everywhere! He then said, "O.K., let零 walk together!" Ann said..."Do we need to give him assistance like we did Karma?" I scanned and replied, "Do you remember all the billions of beings I created with one of my Knights last week and we weren't quite sure what they were? Well, they are interdimensional sentinels and they are now specifically in service to King Sh*t! Then Ann asked, "Does King Sh*t have another name?" I checked and indeed there was. I heard two words, "Awe-Men"......and then I heard "Ohh-Men." His name is Ahmen-Omen. It has something to do with a play on words, like men being in awe and also creating good or bad omens. I'm hazy on all of the implications here but I'm sure we will figure it out. After contemplating this later, I remember thinking how bad I felt for having recently gotten such a potty mouth and one of the things that slipped out the easiest was "Oh Sh*t" or just plane "Sh*t!" It really bothered me because it sounds so crude, but I just could not stop saying it! I think somehow I was aware of this whole thing and was trying to give myself clues! (Hahahahaaaaa......we will see....if my potty mouth subsides, we'll know what the cause was.) For those of you who feel that you have been affected by all of this R.B.S. "Really Bad Sh*t," it is time for the "Sh*ft to hit the fan" and be redistributed to those who have been dishing it out.....their days of deception and manipulation are over! Here is what I would recommend you do: First clean yourself out in a Kryahgenetics egg, then do the "Spiral Ceremony" to thoroughly clean all the nasty, slimy, crappy, smelly "Sh*t" that has been plaguing your life for ohhhh sooo long and get it reversed!   Call on Ahman-Ohman (King Sh*t) and his support team to help you  .....and from now on...only "Good Sh*t - Cool Sh*t & Amazing Sh*t will be fertilizing your life in the future! :o)

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