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Cyber Stalking: Threats, Lies, Slander, & Blackmail

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Cyber Stalking: Threats, Lies, Slander & Blackmail

The Lawless Terrorism of the Future

Written: 12-20-2010


If you have been a target of any of these neurotic cyber campaigns, you understand how deep the rabbit hole can go and how infinite it can spread. I am an avid advocate of "freedom of speech," as this is one of the basic rights First Wave Indigos are here to maintain. Everyone has their right of opinion and perception, and these opinions and perceptions change as more information is given or uncovered. It is an essential element of the evolutionary spiral. Cyber-slander however, is "free speech run amuck!"

I have always said, "if you stick your head above the crowd, you are likely to get a stone in the face!" This scenario I have witnessed many times with those brave souls who are on the front lines making waves in the social consciousness. New and radical ideas or discoveries are seldom met with embrace by the masses. The cyber world these days, is a breeding ground for obsessive, compulsive people to flourish with what I refer to as a new brand of A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder...which means, if they don't get constant focused Attention, they suck energy to the point of Deficit in those around them and spew Disorder. They need to be in the middle of everything and seek the limelight in order to get their fix.) It is one thing to have an opinion about someone and share it with your close associates for further examination. It is quite another to take a personal vendetta out into cyber-land with hopes of gaining followers to desecrate and ultimately assassinate someone's character. This dynamic is used as the ultimate power trip for a cyber tyrant! One of the things Front Line Indigo Knights are here to do, is be ahead of the crowd and get hit in the face by a few stones along the way. It is not an easy job and is not for the wimpy. You have to be the toughest of the tough to withstand the heavy artillery you get hit with on the front lines! I have been a subject of a variety of character assassination attempts, and have firsthand experience into the dynamics of how it operates. The perpeTRAITOR of this campaign has taken information (like private journals of mine and Amikah's/Ann's he got a hold of, which were never intended for public viewing) and twisted it, skewed it and morphed it into what he deems serves him and his agenda. It is beyond pounding a square peg into a round hole, it is more like trying to pound a huge star into a smaller round hole, it just won't fit (unless you cut the points off and stuff the middle in.) This is similar to what he did, and the points of the star that would not fit got cut off. This leaves many aspects missing and only gives you a portion of the star, one "without the points!" Therefore, it is pointless! For instance, Amikah/Ann and I were so close it was said we were like Siamese Twins. When she crossed over, it felt as if she never left because we have a clear telepathic link. I am in constant communication with her as she continues her work on the other side. In a recent smear campaign, my stalker is spreading that I didn't cry much after she died. He neglected to say why and that I did fall apart the day she died before pulling myself together when I could hear her again. He further implies that I was responsible for her death and brings up unrelated reasons as "proof." (The truth is, she died from ovarian cancer. The only place she felt safe was my home and I cared for her the last few months of her life, attending to her needs 24/7. It was a very stressful and heart wrenching time for me.) His sick and twisted accusations are beyond demented. Nothing is sacred or off limits to him. What this experience has done, is actually given me a grand education into the inner-scapes of the mind of a psychopath. I have come to realize that you don't find psychopaths locked up in asylums and prisons only, but the majority of them are out walking among the masses, many scaling their way to the top of the corporate ladder. They have absolutely no scruples, no integrity and NO HONOR! They will sell anyone out if it serves them and they think nothing of trashing someone because they lack common sense and consideration. They only care about getting what they want, when they want it, and will do what ever it takes ...lie, cheat, deceive, steal, blackmail... nothing fazes them as they have only one thing in mind, their twisted agenda! It turns into a total addiction and a rush. It is like blood feeds them and makes them high.

They prey on immature souls to magnetize to their rantings, and feed the frenzy. This usually takes place on online forums where users can stay anonymous.


Internet trolls are a good candidate for this magnetic pull. They swarm together, feed each other's egos, and create chaos and devastation. The more seasoned psychopaths set themselves up as "the victim who is trying to help other victims" (or as the selfless, suffering martyr). This can escalate into playing "the hero" or "savior", saving other people from a skewed and trumped up threat of which only they have the power to fix-- all to serve their agenda of getting revenge and see/feel their victims suffer, while being in the limelight.... something they crave. They lust after drama and sensationalism. They love being "the winner" the "big cheese" the "head honcho" and get a thrill out of the hunt and conquest. First Wave Indigos are motivated by win-win situations, but these beings strive for win-lose scenarios with them as victor. If they can't achieve that, they will go to plan-B...a total lose-lose outcome. They then go kamikaze and try to destroy everyone, even if it means destroying themselves in the process. At this point they will pull in innocent bystanders and bring them down too. I experienced this when my stalker dragged my family, who had absolutely nothing to do with anything, into his character assassination campaign. He even dragged my business partner's family into his sticky web. He got their e-mail addresses when jokes and other interesting info was passed on. (I recommend that you Blind Carbon Copy your list e-mails if you are ever in doubt of someone skimming e-mails.) He stepped way over the line when he published our residential address, complete with pictures of the house and rural mailbox, spreading it around on forums and internet websites. He knew that I have taken great efforts to keep my residence confidential and have a separate post office box for the public. This was his way of breaching our privacy as a retaliatory form of aggression. Many Indigos have a service contract here on planet earth of "The Domino that stands up" which means that they do not cave into the pressures of the masses and do NOT fall when everyone else around them does.


They stand up to tyrants whoever and wherever they may be, and they hold their ground with inner strength and courage. This is the position you must take if you are the recipient of this kind of assault. The more out there on the front lines you are, the more likely you are to be a target. It is part of the mission here and something that front liners were trained for in the UV-Realm. It doesn't mean it is easy, it means that you have the strength and courage to handle it and use it as an education tool, not the destruction device it was intended to be. If you have been a recipient of cyber terrorism, use it as an education and get tough. Remember, the most important thing you can do is NOT LET THE BUGGERS WIN! Do NOT give into their coercion and threats.....EVER! Keep your focus, keep your spunk, pick yourself back up and keep doing what you came here to do. ...And above all, keep your sense of humor! ~Lady Mistycah~ P.S. I fully expect that the posting of this web page will infuriate my stalker and bring on a new smear campaign against me. I too have a contract for being a domino that stands up, and I'm ready with my armor of Laughter, Humor and UV Light! For those who have been harassed personally or affected by cyber stalking/bullying, here are some excellent resource links that help you understand this insanity and what you can do about it. *

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