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The Universal Curse From Hell

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The Universal Curse From Hell

Written: 06-18-06

The Mother of All Curses (We Jokingly Named..... “The Big Easy”) To those of you who have NOT had an easy life and who have NOT had the laws of cause and affect or the laws of averages work in your favor. For those of you, like myself, who constantly experienced “Anti Synchronicity” instead of being in “The Flow” ...who have had the laws of averages defied in favor of extreme amounts of bad luck, pain, and senseless suffering in spite of trying to maintain a positive attitude. For those of you who have even been ridiculed from well meaning “New Agers” for your physical, financial, energetic and psychic destitution. For those who withstood all of this (and are still alive and kicking...) I commend you! There was a reason for this.....and it was NOT something horrible you did, it was NOT Karma coming to bite you in the behind, it was NOT your “poor me” attitude or your inability to “just think positive, think love, light and abundance and it will be attracted it to you” was “The Universal Curse.” Those of you who really know me, know that I am generally not a whiner, I try to look at the bright side of most everything and I’m as tough as tempered after years and years of horrible bad luck in spite of a focused positive mindset.....I knew there was something “Really Wrong!” going on. Letting out Karma and Justice from the entrapment they were in nearly a year ago helped immensely, but there was still more work to be done. The following are excerpts from correspondence I had with a First Wave Indigo team that supported and helped me and Lady Ann get to the bottom of this curse .....and get it handled once and for all! Maybe then when you look back on your life it will “make sense out of the senseless.” 6-12-06 Hello Team, My kids have been asking me to do something about “The Family Curse” as they call it. At first it was a joke, but my son Reuben got serious about it the past couple of weeks. He said it made everything such a struggle for all of us, not that we can’t get through it but it takes much more time energy and aggravation than it should. For instance, everywhere he goes, he gets lost...this has happened since he was a little kid...he now has to allow 2 hours longer to go on any trips because he gets lost. My Son Micah would get things stolen and broken. My Son Xavier has broken about 12 pairs of glasses in the past 6 years (including the indestructible kind) with “freak accidents.” He could not get a job till just a few months ago and has been seriously trying since he was 15...(he just turned 19) and has had quite a few rough life experiences, including getting assaulted in the mall 3 years ago and getting his front tooth knocked out...(he now has a plate) and broke it a few days ago! My Daughter Ma’Lady has had some rough things too, like getting sick 2 years ago in college and now has to take an extra semester over....(but she seems to be less scathed than her brothers.) Life was extremely hard for all of us, especially the last 5 years when Gary was living with me...mainly because he was amplifying this curse! These examples are just a sampling of struggles with me and the kids, there is much, much more, but it gives you an idea of what the challenges are. I started looking at this and realized that it all started when I walked in at the age of 9 months old. Life has constantly been a struggle and for the past 30 years I have done a tremendous amount of subliminal tapes, positive mental attitude programming, brain mind re-patterning, and on and just didn’t’ seem to make much of a difference. When I first started doing the curse reversal spiral ceremonies 2 years ago that my guides taught me, (NOTE: The protocol for this will soon be posted on this site) it started to break through some of this crap....and I feel like things are easing up.. and now after being on the recovery from eliminating all of the “anti’s”

NOTE: An article on “the Anti’s” will also be posted soon)....I was feeling quite relieved that there were better times ahead. I told this to Reuben yesterday (Sunday) and he didn’t seem very convinced that it was all over with. I said, “Well, you got accepted into Digipen in the fall...that’s a major mile stone!” He replied that this would have happened any way, it just wouldn’t have been as hard...(his letters of recommendation got lost in the mail and many other mishaps.) He seemed to think it would take a month to take this one down since it was so intricate and the time I was confident that things were getting better...but had not actually scanned to see what was still mistake. Shortly after our conversation, around 3:00 in the afternoon, Reuben was driving down Frances and ready to turn left on Maple when he was wondering why all the traffic had stopped...he then heard a siren but did not know were it was coming from till he saw a fire truck come out from behind a bus and he slammed on his breaks and stopped. The car behind him however did not and it crashed into him and pushed him out into the intersection. Thank Goddess for protection. If the fire truck had not been going slow, and observant as to the through traffic, it would have gotten him too! The fire truck stopped, and had phoned in to have another team to take the call they were on since they were a witness to the accident and stayed with Reuben till the police got there. Reuben called his room mates to take him to the hospital to get checked out and then came to my place and I balanced is spine and cranial bones and did reflexology on his feet. I gave him some herbs and minerals and told him he needed daily treatments. He was a pretty soar camper when he left last night. He was bummed out because he has just put in about 2,500.00 into repairs on that car and now it is totaled. After talking to Ann, and getting ideas from her, I scanned and found that through much dedication and ongoing commitment, this curse has been 50% lifted.....and also that it was put in motion by my bi-polar opposite, the psycho bitch in the UV-Realm I refer to as “my sister.” She also had this curse filter down to the Knights in the court and beyond. When ever I look at this, I just draw is hard to get through all the protection around it in order to see it clearly. This “Curse” is very real and is affecting many of you....making life a struggle ....physically, financially and spiritually....(since life is not as easy as “just put out positive thoughts and good intent and it will happen”. ...because many times you get the opposite!) I will be working on taking this down tonight and am requesting your assistance with your psychic insights and energetic support. I know that life will be extremely easier for all of us once this is handled. The good part is that half of it is already handled and the education in it all is most valuable. Thank you in advance for your help and support....I love all of you from the depths of my heart! ~Lady Mistycah~ 06-12-06 HI Laura, You have my support. I'm being instructed at the present time. My friend the light beings as I call them are activating some things in me. I have no idea what it is as I'm not supposed to understand it. I just know that it's gonna change things. What things I can't tell you, but it feels big. I'm not allowed to know more about myself, they say it would disturb my evolution. But just know that I'm working with you. Lately I've been put in a trance mode by my friends. I wish I could explain more but I have no idea myself what exactly I'm helping for. I know that a giant energy grid is being formed from the connexion of a group of people like me, you and some masters. It has to do with our geographic location. The message I get for you is: focus more on you. I almost feel like being in this recovery was a way to show you that you need to focus more on you. Somehow if you focus more on you you'll amplify the giant energy grid that we are forming. The vision I get is that if we focus ALL our energy on our core it will really amplify this grid. It's gonna create such an energy field that the whole planet will benefit from it. I also feel the people from the inner earth very active in this process. I hope I helped... Love. Taho / Lumina 06-12-06 Hello Taho, Thank you for your insight...yes, the information you gave me does indeed help. I understand completely what you are saying and it makes sense. I have been feeling deep grief today....on the verge of tears. I think part of it is the grief for all the Knights of both the Empress' and Emperor's courts ...(and my kids) of this horrible curse that has been active since each one arrived here on earth....or walked in. I feel somewhat responsible since it was me that she targeted and the fallout has gone so deep. On the other hand, I know that my Knights (and the Ladies) are strong enough to help me untangle all of us from this infernal trap/curse. In a way, it is bringing us all into swift unity.... something that needs to happen...and this is a catalyst. I Thank you and Kati for all you do....I am grateful to finally connect with you both once again after leaving the Realm. In Love and gratitude.... ~Lady Mistycah~ 06-13- 06 Hello Indigo Team .... ...And thank you for all your support. Just to update you on the latest. Last night I was totally falling apart and my life force fading. Steve came to my rescue and pulled out dozens of implants. When he did this I would gasp for breath like I had been under water and drowning. Many times during implant extractions, I would wince, moan and even yell ....but this was very different. I felt like my lungs and nose were filled with water. Steve said, “You were drowning in sorrow.” This felt so right. After this Steve got me centered and my core energy activated again, and then he tucked me in and let him self out. It was only about 11:45 at night and I have not been to bed before midnight for eons...usually get there around 4:30-6:00 AM after the sun has come up. I felt much more stable today. Ann flew in late last night but was also very exhausted from lack of sleep and spent the night at James’...(they are an item now :o) Ann came over bright and early and we found that there are 3 parts to this curse. The first part had to do with bad luck and harsh times both in health and finances. This affected not only the Emperor’s & Empress’s Knights (and Ladies) but many Indigos around the castle court as well as others in the field. Dismantling the first part of the curse entailed 2 steps. 1- a tone to blast the curse through time and space and 2- a healing tone to heal the wounds and then connect the Indigo grid network (that Taho explained) and anchor and infuse it into their being.... and then out to the Universe. This took a tremendous amount of energy on our parts and we were getting plenty of interference. The good news is that all of you were assisting us and we could FEEL IT! It made the interference minimal compared to what it could have been and the entire process only took about 20 minutes. Ann said she also sensed our dragons battling dark dragons and we smelled something strange like burning sawdust off and on. The next part (2) is for me to do a “curse reversal” spiral ceremony (that I have taught many of you) which I plan on doing tonight around midnight my time. I will update you on the outcome of this tomorrow. The 3rd part I don’t have a clue on yet....any ideas? I was thinking that I probably need some of the court Jesters, hahahha such as Ann, James, Steve, and Candy to accompany me. I know that many of you have been afflicted to the extreme by this curse and it is about DAMN TIME we got it handled! Thank you again for all your encouragement and especially all of your unwavering support. I am already psychically seeing things improving and that we are making extreme transformations in our positions of power here on this service mission. I also see that we do indeed succeed in our service missions is just a matter of time until we complete the journey! UNITED WE STAND! WE ARE THE UV-LIGHTS UNTO THIS WORLD! Please feel free to send me your comments. In Love and Service.... ~Lady Mistycah~ 06-15-06 (Reply Letter from my Son Reuben) I'd just like to start off, as a precurser to the body of this letter that one, i'd just like to thank all those who partake in this. I'd send you all cookies if i could. But the following text is nothing of happyness or sweet daphodilles. My mother insists that her and all of your's joint activities will bring this hex to a close and that will be the end of it. That will partially be true, as initial output of it will cease. However, to truley defeat an enemy, you must know them better than your own blood. It does no good to put a fire out and leave the fuel there, you must clean it up afterwords for not to risk someone else to come by and re-ignite it. Alot of research must be done in the wake of its removal, such as the history of the curse, its purpous and who's involved A curse cannot persist on its own, sustained magic and enchantments are like a machine, if you do not maintain them, they eventually break down. Much research needs to be done, on the curse first. It must be learned about. What determines who it affects? is it lineage related? or does someone specifically target a person, and why? whats their criteria, is it random? Or can they see something about us that we cant, do they know things about our future and our capabilities that we do not yet? Is that why it affects who it does? Or is it just some underground school that trains its initiates on curse maintenance? Maybe it could be some kind of family boon, as each generation goes by, someone is trained on keeping this up. Is its potency affected by celestial alignment? How does it function? is it highly elusive? does it just want us to think that its being brought down? Which is the trouble with dis-information, dealing with it so much, it can be hard to find the truth. Or maybe there are extra-planer entities involved, maybe the human is just a vessel for some spirit or deamon of malevolence.

How is it maintained? Does someone have to light a candle each saturday? Do they have to hold a ritual every couple months? draw blood, do they have to sacrifice some small furry animal they find at the pet store? or does it even go as far as to someone wombing a baby each year for the purpous of brutally sacrificing it and bleeding upon a scorching altar? Who are these people, is it people involved in the first place? or is it all extra-planar, or even extra terestrial, is it our own government, or maybe inter time travelers. Alot of these questions, and probably hundreds more will need to be investigated into before the source of this hex will come to light and then be ceased, if we can fully stop it from here in the first place. Who knows, maybe those who keep it active will have to physicaly die for it to never return. Or maybe it will be a constant battle to keep it down once it has been subdued. One thing i will caution to anyone who chooses to undertake this one is that to tread carefully. I'm sure you've heard of the phrase "be careful when you look into the abyss, because it might just look back at you" I cant say for sure as to how deeply rooted into the supernatural this curse of ill luck and needlessness of the additional hardships of life may be. Just remember that alot of us may not be normal to the rest of the world, but just as there are ancient spirits such as Micheal the arch-angel and Ramtha who shed light upon us, there are also beings of spite and hate who would very openly share their mind with yours and show you horrors that can cause even the most strongest of mental fortitudes to snap in moments. Be careful and dont overestimate your personal strengths or underestimate the enemy. But hopefully it is just a few simple answers Again, thankyou. Reub 06-15-06 (Reply Letter from Taho) Laura Lee is a wonderfull giving person that really helped us recently with our struggles. Since she entered our life by generously sending her book and some stones we feel much happier! Always here to help in the hardest situations, she opened up a new path for me and Kati. Even tho she is too humble to tell us, we know that she fighted some strong dark energies to make us having an easier path. In the middle of a war she would stand in front of you to save you against any attack. Does she forgett herself somtime? Yes she does! Does she tackle to much the darkness sometime? I think so! But what a courageous, wonderfull, devoted person she is! She will allways be here when the light ask for her services. She would run to you with her leggs borken. You did an amazing job Laura Lee and you have no idea how much we appreciate this enormous help you provided to ease my path. The universe is trying to tell you to rest and think about you in this hard time, you did more than expected and you deserve to rest for a little while. Focus on you and your inner beauty, I hear. Fly over your eternal inner spring, contemplate the fruit of your amazing work! Smell the perfum of those light flowers that you planted and forgot to admire sometime. Let the wind carress your soul as the sun warms it up for you. You are love beyond mesure, take a silent breath into time to explore your infinity. Your Indigo family will be fine, you made sure of it. Dance with the light, celebrate your power, your unlimited courage. Angels sing a symphony of love for you, take the time to listen to it. There is nothing else in this world than beauty. Look at your inner mirror and see what I mean :) Thank you so much for what you do, may your place in my heart give you comfort and happiness. Taho / Lumina 06-15-06 (Reply Letter from Chuck) Thank you Taho Lumina for your words. I'm sure that many of you have experienced great and unselfish giving by Laura Lee. She is indeed a Special Lady. It is wise that we acknowledge our love and appreciation for each other while we are alive. Much to often, how we value someone, is left un expressed until it is too late upon their passing. I am confident in fact reassured knowing that Laura Lee has much protection around her and has tremendous power to support the mission of moving our planet and it's people toward greater light and love for some time to come. Sincerely, Chuck Hossfeld 06-15-06 Hello Team! Thank you all for your amazing letters and energetic support. The general consensus from all of you seems to be that I need to ‘Unplug” for a while and take care of myself. (I guess I can take a hint now hahahahaaa.) I know what you say is true...if I am off balance, I will not be in proper order to handle the curve balls this curse might throw. Yesterday morning I woke up after doing the first part of the spiral ceremony and I felt like I had literally been beaten up...sore bruised ribs, sore back and neck, achy all over....I knew it was response to what I had done...and it made me “Right Proud” hahahah... I knew I was making huge headway! I am taking some “down time” with clients, and it is the most odd thing to experience. I am only focused on getting this curse out of the way and doing mundane “earth things” like clean my house, and go hunt for “flowers with faces” at the stores for my flower boxes. I may even get a massage today! Last night I completed the spiral write and burn to break and reverse this curse....and I know it made a difference because I was in that kind of black hole sleep that makes you exhausted to the point of drooling! hahahahahaaa. I could feel you all with me backing it up and I want you to know we kicked behind! Thank you Reuben for the heads up on all of the details we need to look at. My mind was so fogged I didn’t have a clue where to go next and you have given me a road map of checks and balances. What Reuben said about this curse taking a month to completely take down was true ...and I use the term WAS TRUE........ but I have been doing work (and many of you participating in one form or another) to make time and space collapse so that we can get this done quicker, more efficiently and get the residue and mop up done within days instead of weeks. What used to take a long long time I am finding we can do in minutes or days. In addition to what we already know about this curse, it also has to do with a huge operation trying desperately to stop the activation and spreading of “the Holy Grail” ....which some of you know was fully activated on this planet a month ago and several of us now have the codes for this....the Holy Grail is NOT something that is in a chalice...(it could be .....but it ISN”T) and even if it was, if you weren’t in the mindset and vibration to drink it, it would kill you! The Holy Grail is something that happens in the blood and has a chain reaction mechanism that turns on latent memories and psychic powers. In short it is seeing and actualizing the GOD/DESS in yourself! I will keep you posted on the latest of this last phase we are heading into and as always, if you have any ideas or comments, they are most welcome. In Love and Service..... ~Lady Mistycah~ 06-15-06 Hello Indigo team, Well, today Ann and I went to lunch where the Spokane River awesome place to get a handle on Phase III of taking down this curse. We went over Reuben’s letter again with a fine toothed comb and found some valid points we already knew but needed to keep on the forefront. During this process we got a message from none other than Ramtha and one of my creator counterparts in the UV Realm! This came in when we read the part in Reuben’s letter about AA Michael and Ramtha. Here is what they said: Realm Creator - You are going to complete this, you are right on track - we are helping from this end. You have all the resources you need - this should be complete in 3 days (Sunday) - and then you need to go and celebrate! Ramtha- Wants me to know he will be with us - these energies are huge, the nastiest in creation but we are bigger, stronger and more powerful, and we need to remember that. Keep denying their power and out-create it. So here is the plan they gave noon on Sunday, we are getting together and doing what ever it takes to KNOW WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE ARE CAPABLE OF! We will get in a Circle, holding hands with a candle and Aurauralite In the we stare at the candle, we will link into our power and the powers/psychic abilities we had in the Realm. We will reaffirm our own source-power/abilities and memories of who we are/were. Then affirm the same for the others in the circle. It will blast and annihilate the curse and the cause and all the peripheral protocol...... and in the process, blast everyone in the circle to the next level. A win-win for us all! (hahahahha but not so good for the curse perpetrators.) We were cautioned that for 2-3 days after this, we may feel some residue on a time release ...that is all it is NOT the real thing but may seem like it, so watch for this and out create it.....and invalidate the Hell out of it! This work Needs to be done before Bohemian grove (check this out on the internet if you're not familiar with it) because they will be trying to access our energies and drain us for that....(they already have tried this in the past 6 weeks) ....and this ceremony will bring us to full power....which will thwart their plans.....NO DRAIN - NO ACCESS!. After this curse annihilation, we plan on going to a concert at “The Big Easy” in are naming this curse “The Big Easy” because it is the BIGgest - baddest ...”Mother of all curses”, but it will be EASY to finally take down with our knowledge and collective X-Men Powers! Soooo...for those of you who feel the call, we invite you to do the noon on Sunday, what ever time zone you are on....and we will blast this curse periodically through out the day...literally “blasting the Hell out of it!” :o) From now till Sunday....contemplate your X-Men abilities and bring yourself to optimal power and memories....know what your capable of and give it all you have! You have been trained for this and now it’s “show time!” In Love-UV-Light and Confidence.... ~Lady Mistycah~ 6-16-06 Hello Indigo Special Forces Team! I have been networking with Taho-Kati and Ann to bring you this next bit of information and assistance. I think it important to note, that this entire operation to take Indigos down is ultimately making us stronger and more unified. That is NOT the intentions when this curse was put in place, perpetuated and amplified, but it WAS a risk they took. (BIG RISK!) This is just the beginning of our joint efforts, and it is the beginning of a huge powerful squad that will continue to increase in power and numbers! Also, you got an e-mail from Chuck....he is in the middle of a huge “counter operation” and they seem to have their “BIG ceremonies” on the same day I have been having mine....strange coincidence indeed! Lets send him what ever he needs from us...just put it on auto pilot...he will get it! Here is part of the correspondence I had with Taho. Feel free to copy the affirmations and recite them when you can and feel the power rising with in you!: Taho ready to go!!! :D It would be really nice to have a written version of your spiral curse removal as we only did it from what we understood on the phone. I would like to make an animation that we could put on your web site and our new web site (still under construction) Also Kati could write a little text we could record and play in loop with music in the background for Sunday. We do that with positive affirmations, we almost completed a collection of 6 CDs to be released soon on Docotor Positive web site !!! We could post a mp3 so everybody could play this on sunday? Is it a good idea? Hello Taho! Thank you for that amazing and kind letter you sent to the team...I about cried when I read it.....your insights are so profound. I have been hanging by a thread for so long...I needed to take some down time...especially now at this critical time. I just scheduled a massage for this afternoon....I haven’t done that in years! About the spiral curse removal web page, I think that is an awesome idea! I will work on that. About the mp3 for Sunday....I was talking this over with Ann and this is what we came up with for the statements on that mp3. Remember..... who you are...a Knight or Lady-Knight from the Ultra-Violet Realm. Remember..... the Love, Power, Majesty and Passion in the Ultra-Violet Realm. Remember..... the strong bond of Love and Connection you have with your Ultra-Violet Realm Comrades, Guides and Guardians. Remember..... you are well trained for this mission. Remember..... you have the power “With In” you. Remember..... YOU are the God Source....the Source is INSIDE YOU! Remember..... you are bigger than your challenges. Remember..... you have inner strength and courage that make you tough! Remember..... as Knights from the Ultra-Violet Realm you are the most Powerful, Noble beings in this Universe! Remember..... you have complete power over your 3-D body. Remember..... you can completely heal and bring into balance anything that is degenerating, attacking or out of order in your body Remember..... your abilities to manifest anything in 3-D.... including $. Remember..... it is your divine right to manifest Good Luck, Synchronicity, Joy and Wealth. Remember..... it is your divine right and duty to find Cosmic Romantic Love. Remember.....all training and protective protocols from the Ultra-Violet Realm. know how to “out wit” any opposition. have the power to permanently reverse this curse so the perpetrators are now the ones with physical, financial and energetic hardships. Remember.....this Universe has been locked down, no outside interference can come through any more. Remember.....any device that has ever been used against you, you have the ability to extinguish it permanently with one focused thought. Remember..... your sense of humor and ability to create “Ascended Laughters.” I am hearing that when the words “remember” are spoken, it echoes slowly 5 times fading a little each time, before each new statement is made. The waves in the background are a nice touch...that might be good...or if you have some soft, enchanting “Realm Music” that would be good too. As Ann and I were working on this, 2 beings came through...(hahhahaaa...they give Ann chills...when they want to talk to me....I said, “They ring your doorbell, when they want to visit with me, that’s really funny!” ) was Hal...and that’s when we put in the last affirmation. Then my Creator Counterpart came through, and here is what he said....”I want you to know that I am with you always, I love you though eternity, and you are going to win this final Battle!” (Ann got chills when I said this and KNEW IT WAS TRUE! We will have challenges to face still but they will be much much easier when we have the physical and financial resources to do what we need to do. (Then I got visions of recreating the Realm here, with a castle, with marble tables, fountains, plants, music and the ambiance that we had there, and being able to call meetings and have the funds to get the entire emperor’s and empress’s court full make and execute plans to bring this planet back into balance. We both got chills as I was reciting my vision to her. The castle gate...had a fence around it and a HUGE EGG that you had to walk through the DNA helix (which was some kind of laser light ...It was also like some kind of screening device....) in order to get into the castle courtyard. I am going to write a letter to the team and give them this info. I will tell them that you are working on an mp3 for this. If the file is too big to send, I will direct them to your web site...and I could post it on mine too. Thank you and Kati for all your efforts and support. You were always so dependable In the Realm, and you have continued that ethics on into this life. I know I can count on you at any time...which is a grand relief to me to have such a high caliber couple on my team now! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart ....and what Taho said was true....I would stand in front of any of you and take on the nasties for anyone in the Realm. It is like I said in the Indigo book....”As the Empress and Emperor would not ask anyone to do anything that they were not willing to do themselves, and that included scrubbing floors, cleaning toilets, or taking on dark forces ...Neither would I in this Earth Incarnation!“ Much UV Love to you both.... ~Lady Mistycah~ 06-16-06 Hi everybody, I made a little animation and mp3 for "The Big Easy". (Link to be posted soon) Kati and I will go exercise and play the mp3 in loop and give it strengh while exercising! After the gym I'll go in my alpha level and visualise the meditation again. I recommend playing the mp3 in loop somwhere in your home, even if it's at very low volume. :) Taho / Lumina 06-19-06 Hello Team! Thank you all for your focused energy and support during this challenging time. The Flash Video Taho and Kati did was incredible and helped us on this end really get “in state” with what we had to do....and I’m sure all of you that saw it, felt the same way. Thanks again Taho and Kati....we are lucky to have you on our team! Well, yesterday at noon, I smudged Ann, James A, Steve, Candy and James L as they came into my house. We watched Taho’s movie a couple of times and then “chilled” while we connected with each other. Then we sat around my coffee table and went to work. I lit an “egg shaped candle” Gloria gave me. I placed an Aurauralite rock and a picture of the Kryahgenetics egg in front of each of us. I had Jonathan Goldman’s “The Divine Name – Sounds of the God Code” playing in the background. I had hoped to play Taho’s MP3 but we were unable to get it burned onto a CD. I first made clarification on the nature of this curse. I said, “It is attacking me first, then my kids, then the court Knights and keeps trickling down to keep us all in bondage. My Realm bipolar opposite that sometimes I refer to as my sister, was one of the original curse perpetrators with the assistance of Jehovah. This curse was designed to bring us down, give up (or hopefully commit suicide), and keep us in such a spin of survival that we can’t do any thing...nothing gets accomplished....if it does it is only through sheer will and guts!” “I do know also that there is a lot of conscious opposition to what we are doing right now....there are groups right this minute that are in direct opposition to what we are of our members is smack in the middle of one of them sending us inside information. Also this is somehow connected to Bohemian Grove.” “The good news is that just having it 50% relieved has made a huge difference for all of us since 2 years ago when I did the first spiral ceremony which cracked this thing open and started us on recovery. I think now we need to collectively take this down with our joint energy/power and take it down once and for all.” Then I went around the circle affirming each persons X-men abilities both here and the ones they had in the Realm. We used the power and focus of the group (and yours) to amp up what was already there and really “feel” who we are and what we are capable of, activating abilities and memories. This raised vibration and put us all into a higher gear. Then I read a part of what I put into the spiral ceremony I did 3 days ago and laid it on the altar next to the candle. This is what it said. “Shatter the curse with a tone – Put an end to it now and forever – We are all free of this Damn Curse that has been plaguing us for eons – We are now free to do what we came here to do – We are free from this moment on into eternity! So Be It! Then the women/Goddesses stood up and held hands with an Aurauralite rock in each palm, and the Men/Knights sat behind us supporting and protecting us. I said, “The Goddesses in the circle stand up - with our supporters and protectors by our sides and behind us. As Goddesses we have the right and power to create and to uncreate and to anti create... (then we disconnected from our male counterparts and held hands as Goddesses. Our male Knight supporters put one hand enveloping a pair of goddesses hands to back us up.) Breath 3 times in unification – Then I said, “As Goddesses from the Realm we are united once more In Love and Power, in the passion of the Realm, with compassion for the good of the whole. “It is our divine right and our stewardship to take on this roll now and to be who and what we are and begin activation the UV Realm powers of the Goddess here on this plane. Our first task as a unified group is to identify the whole of this curse that first assailed upon me and my children and then the Realm. Identify the whole of it, it’s history, and where it’s supposed to be heading. Identify it. (breath) Target it ALL! (breath) Center laser focus- (bring energy into our circle) – take a deep breath and then uncreate the whole..... Ready.... GO! Breath – Again Breath - One more Breath (Blast) “...Through out time, throughout eternity, through time and space... This energy goes to the sources of this curse to anti create, uncreate, annihilate, and dematerialize.....Like heat seeking missiles it will not stop until it is all complete...deep breath ......So Be It! So It Is! So Be It! (Scan) Ann saw white ....Candy saw a lot of white. I ask, “ Do any of you see UV light? We need to see BOTH! Candy said “ I’m seeing it on the outside like back up. Scan again...for anything we missed....Are we complete? James green, James L...yes, Steve...Yes, Ann got OK, Candy got OK. Squeeze hands....So Be It. We are Goddesses of the UV Realm...(repeated 3 times....) Deep breath.... IT IS DONE! The missiles are on Autopilot and if we don’t have enough and the deep darkness keeps coming up, there are more automatically created just for them. During the ceremony Candy saw intense light swooping...Ann saw white light, James said,...Just standing guard!” Hahhahah that is a good thing...just what we needed! Then I said... “Having us come together like this is kicking major cosmic butt because we have never come together on this planet like this. This planet has never had all of us together like this ever ...ever...We have come to do things here before, but not as a clan...not together like this. The network from the upper echelon of the UV Realm ...this is a major major thing to write in our journals. NOTE: Hahahahaa.....I’m glad that Ann recorded this for transcription, or I wouldn’t have a clue as to what was said here! Last night Ann and I went back to the altar and took down the “back lash” of this curse .... out of a possible of 100% backlash, it was a mere 30%. Now my mighty UV Realm team members....what I would like from you is feed back and especially the evidences that this curse is gone and that your lives are improving and you are now able to get going on your missions here. If you do however have any “residual side effects” that you can’t handle, please let me know that also. May you all be free now to continue your missions here....and may you all know you are Loved and supported by many. This is the risk the other side took when they did this to us. The risk was that we would be tough enough and smart enough to figure it out, to find each other, and come together.... united to free ourselves and take them down permanently. From this moment on we will continue to gather and bring Truth, Balance and Justice to this planet. We have just taken a quantum leap to fulfilling our destinies, and now we KNOW we have Power over the opposition...The oppositions’ greatest fear has just occurred. GAME ON! :o) ~Lady Mistycah~

Where would you like to go next?

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