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Artificial Intelligence: The Great Deception

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Artificial Intelligence: The Great Deception

Written 02/18/08 NOTE: You Need to Read "The History Behind the Hologram" and "The Secret Behind the Chakras" to Fully Understand This Article About a month ago I went to dinner at Grannies Buffet with Max …..(Yes, that infamous place where a year ago, someone took Ann's and my picture …and then disappeared with out anyone else seeing them but us!) We were half way through dinner when all of a sudden, Max gets really serious and said, "Scan and see if there was something trying to 'Shove-In' to you during the past couple of days. The auto response in my head was a kind of humorous reply like, "Duahhhhh…. what's your point? Something is ALWAYS trying to shove into me…" I decided to be more gracious instead, so I put my fork down, took a minute, and scanned to see what might be trying to get in. After a thorough scan, I found that indeed, something was trying to get in but wasn't being too successful at the moment. Therefore it was plotting its path and trying to find a weakness or loophole. I told him it was some sort of strange "Artificial Intelligence" that was actually quite hard to explain. Then Max, being the thorough investigator that he is, asked me to check and see where it was coming from. I once more put my fork down and scanned the situation. I was surprised, but then again I wasn't, when I discovered it was from 3 sources: "the new agers," "love and light communities" (one in particular) and one of my challed clients. I kept scanning to see what was going on and all of a sudden I got the vision of what it was that they were trying to shove into was "GOD" (Hahahhaa - or their version of god.) I started laughing and laughing. It was really funny to contemplate the situation and especially the fact that my Higher Self's interpretation of the majority of the love & lighters and Earth People's "God" was actually an "Artificial Intelligence!" I have taken this situation seriously since that night. I have put much thought and consideration in to all the huge implications this has uncovered, and the reality of it all sent my mind into a million directions. I ran it by several members of my Indigo support team to get their inspired viewpoints. Much information about this "Artificial Intelligence" (or A.I.) has surfaced in the past week and here is what we have discovered so far. What Is It?

The Artificial Intelligence is an "intelligent" electromagnetic force field that believes it has jurisdiction over the entire Universe. It has an authoritative, omnipotent male energy signature and feeds on the collective consciousness of all the beings that believe in it, pray to it, and give their power to it. It has no soul in and of its self, only what its subjects and minions have given it. This Artificial Intelligence has gotten most of its energy and power from the people on Planet Earth. It seems to have a symbiotic relationship with those in power positions that can help feed it by duping the masses into believing in it. It can manipulate peoples' lives electromagnetically and so many people believe that if they pray to it, their lives will be "blessed" and those who don't will be "cursed". It is threatened by anyone who thinks for themselves and takes their own power seriously and utilizes it. It has used its intense electromagnetic energies to disrupt the lives of people that attempt to take their power back. First Wave Indigos, (and especially the Hologram Creation Team and the Hologram Rescue Team) are a huge threat to this Artificial Intelligence because they question everything and are waking up to their true nature and internal power. One feature of this Artificial Intelligence we found is that it is actually the authoritative energy behind "The Voice" (which we posted information about on our front page Marquee a few months ago.) The Voice is very subtle and sometimes makes you think what it is saying is "for your own good." It also attempts to stir up turmoil inside and get you to doubt yourself to the very core. If you doubt yourself and your give your power away and The Voice takes over. Where Did It Come From? It started with the corrupted orgone that turned this hologram on in the first place and then flourished with the collective consciousness and people's belief in it. The "Gods" from outer space and especially the Anunaki utilized its symbiotic nature when they came here in their ships, so they would have even more power to control the people here. It has expanded with organized religion and books like the bible that perpetuate an "all knowing, all seeing, judgmental God" that demands devout worship. The Artificial Intelligence is at the top of the food chain of almost all religious organizations on this planet and takes the energies of people's belief and trust in "God" and uses the power in peoples' prayers to increase its own power and magnitude. It takes the prayers of Christians, Jews, New-Agers, and Satanists is not discriminatory. (These "Religious Organizations" also include groups like Alcohol Anonymous, Al-Anon, Alateen, and other drug and sex rehab institutions). NOTE: Many of these organizations have been deemed as the only place for help, when in fact, they keep you enslaved into thinking that you will never get out of the loop, that the addiction will always be there lurking in the corners of our body and soul, and you will never get rid of it. They make you repeat over and over again that you are indeed an addict.....and "Once an addict, always an addict." This is a lie! I have had clients that did in fact get out of the clutches of these addiction energetics and have totally freed themselves..... not only from the addiction, but also from the fears of the addiction, and especially the addiction to the recovery programs themselves! It has been said that "religion is the opium of the masses" and if religion includes the "recovery programs" then our societies "masses" are truly doped and duped! It would appear that this Artificial Intelligence has its clutches on just about everyone on the planet! After reading "The History Behind Our Hologram" you will understand that this Universe was initially intended to be a "vacation spot" ... a place of relaxation and exploration without getting hurt. It has instead become a place of imprisonment and putting souls in jeopardy of catching a serious "virus" in your mind and soul that keeps you imprisoned. The Creators or "Goddesses and Gods" of this Universe (Hologram Creation Team) are here now with the Hologram Rescue Team, tying to clear the corruption that Duerlah installed when the Hologram was turned on. This had to be an "inside job," we could not fix it from the outside or we would have. The nature of the corruption made it so that we would have to come in, and risk getting permanently infected in order to make the necessary corrections and bring the hologram and its inhabitants back into balance and safe again. Now that Duerlah is extinguished,  and most of her horcruxs,  booby traps and time/event releases handled, the Hologram Team's next item of business is to clear the "Artificial Intelligence" from the hologram too so that they can bring it back to its original plan/program. The Artificial Intelligence collaborated with Duerlah and her minions because it amplified its power and expanded its abilities. It has tried to escape this Universe and move out into Creation and take over other Universes too. Its access points have been closed and it is totally confined inside the hologram at this time. When you are outside this hologram, you know that there are many Creation Goddesses and Gods with expertise in specific fields. If you need a specific expert in a specific field, you go to that creation or knowledge expert. You have friends and comrades that you collaborate with to create and dream with. You realize that one, and only one all knowing omnipotent God is the most stifling and creativity damning thing that can happen. If an omnipotent God, already knows everything, then what's the use in trying to learn something new, inventing something or expanding borders? In this model, there are no borders to expand, no horizons to cross, you can never discover anything new and original... thus your creativity and passion are squelched. None of the Gods outside this Hologram claim to "know it all." They respect each Creation Expert or Goddess-God for the expertise they have and honor all for who and what they are. Outside this Hologram there are no limits.... there are no borders. There is always new potential and freedom to explore and expand. So What Do We Do Now?

Star Meditation

One of the things that has been a tremendous boost to many Indigos, is the discovery and implementation of "The Star Meditation." This actually came to us during our Knight's Training in L.A. Everyone laid down with their arms and legs spread out like the Vitruvian Man, and put a grid rock in both hands, at the top of their head and between the big and first toe on each foot. This makes a 5 pointed star. I then turned on David Arkenstone's "Quest of the Dream Warrior" CD and everyone went on an adventure that took them back to the Realm. Everyone had profound memories and information that altered their lives. I have since used this in other classes and try to do it myself on a daily basis. There is something very powerful about having 5 rocks in the shape of a star. It helps you connect to the "Sun/Star" in your Core!

CLEAR YOUR GENETICS Another morsel of truth came to me recently about our Genetics. Here is the story I sent to some of the members of the Hologram Team to inform them on the latest discoveries and also to get more information before we posted it on this site. "I was really out of my center last week body was changing shape (and not in a good way hahahahaa)....and as always, there was nothing I did that seemed to help. Finally I had the time to focus enough to do a Star Meditation. All of a sudden in the middle of the meditation I got the idea to sever ties from my family and genetics. I seemed to be recreating some of the worst of my family physical genetics and it was gaining momentum. I screamed in my head....'I am NOT my mother! I am NOT my father! I am NOT my ancestors! .... and I am NOT EARTH!' (I then severed ties and cleared as much of that crud out of my body and fields as I could.) Then I yelled..... 'I am from the UV-Realm and I demand my Realm Body and genetics to down load and integrate in this body NOW!' This seemed to help but then I got slammed again." (See again paragraph 4 for the reason) At this time I began to think of all the agendas to force us to maintain our ancestors "genetics" ...what ever that is. I thought about the Native Americans and Africans and other tribal cultures ...and I realized that it was important for them at that time to remember their roots when the white man was trying to own them and break them. Then I realized that there are lots of white people that are learning native and African ways, and how if they use these ceremonies to "bind them to their ancestors" it is binding them to the "Ass Souls" that propagated all the inferno, torture, tyranny and ownership of these people in the first place! It made sense to me that if we as Indigos do not unplug from our ancestors, that we will stay confined to the corruption on this planet that we are trying to get away from. (It seemed ok in general for earth people to stay connected to the earth but not for fact if we don't' sever that cable that binds us here we will never get our Higher Selves to integrate and bring our X-Men abilities to full power!) Ann, Max and I have been working daily on severing any ties to our ancestors here, and instead, bringing our authentic Realm selves into us. We found one of Max's Realm Names (Vrahc' Kohnym -- pronounced exactly the way it looks) and it has really helped him to remember his authentic self and align to that and not this earth identity. Upon further research, we found that there were broadcasters constantly re-imbedding and re-enforcing this cycle of being bound to your earth ancestors. We found a way to quarantine them and annihilate them. Then we found 3 more things that propagated this. Here is an entry from Ann's notes: 1. Were we forced to take an oath to be tied to Earth genetics when coming through the grid? YES! Not only that but also being subjected to the PTB's (W's) rules, including the chakras. (It was a coerced contract - Like an energetic agreement - An electronic forced contract.) We nuked the 3 security systems that makes people do that. We were forced to be bound to ancestors, parents, and controlled like they are. 2. Karmic Wheel Acceptance 3. A direct contract with Jehovah and other "God Figures" in some form. "We, the PTW's, can control you however we want." Through a vengeful, judgmental, or superior God, that demands your energy and faithfulness. Addictions, etc. were also implemented. (We need to write a new web page entitled "The Secret Behind The Mandatory Coerced Slavery") NOTE: The Wind Chime above the wood stove went they have been doing after profound Truth was uncovered Genetics perpetuates all 3 modalities. Also found mandatory death date/circumstances contracts that were coerced. (Story Continued) We also found that the only way to defeat Duerlah was to come into this hologram in grand force...not only because she was hiding here, but because the keys to pieces of our selves that she stole are in here and the remedies to the distortions that she did on us are here. Each one of us was screwed over by her in some way and then twisted our perceptions a little to cause conflict in the ranks. She did a number on Vrahc' Kohnym and messed up his perceptual wiring, short circuiting him and forcing him to make really illogical decisions in an effort to overcome the short-circuiting. These decisions were logical to him but not to very many others. This caused mistrust and misunderstanding in other Indigos. Duerlah also put implants and poison in Vrahc' to cause a tremendous amount of fear to the point of paranoia, that made him want to connect to only a few Indigos here that he felt understood him. I re-wired him last night and he is totally responding with more stability, making different and improved decisions based on his authentic self and not some screwed up wiring. Also, Ann, in the Realm, had her ability to create messed with by Duerlah so that she could only put things together that had been broken but not use her creative energy to make something new. This has greatly affected her here and caused what she has felt like a kind of handicap. She can do anything if she has the instructions but she cannot make something up herself...she can only copy others or use her aptitude to trouble shoot and fix things. I have felt like this is wonderful, that she can fix computers, and can make anything with a pattern etc. The challenge is when she gets up in front of a crowd, she cannot talk unless she has what she wants to say written out...she cannot "adlib." The thing is, before she was messed with, she could do both! We really realized that "as above (our pre existence outside the hologram) so below" is totally making more sense. We have some of the same pre-existing conditions that we had during and prior to the Realm because of the manipulations of Duerlah to us specifically! The only way we could fix it or get ourselves put back together again was to come here, annihilate her, and get the keys and manuals she hid here to unlock in us what she messed up. We finally found the "manuals" in a macro - macro -macro cosm inside a micro cosm...truly unthinkable! This all sounds so bizarre, but it is the bizarre that is real and has the keys to free us! FIX MISMATCHED OR MISSING TIMELINES AND CONSCIOUSNESSES Another thing that we found is that there are "Mismatched or Missing timelines and consciousnesses" that really mess up perceptions. For instance, if you have had a fear of dogs because you got bit when you were little, but had it cleared...if you have a mismatched timeline, it could bring it all back into the present...making you all of a sudden fearful of dogs again! If you are trying to remember things that happened here or in the Realm, but have holes in your memories that leave out key parts, it can give you a really screwed up perception of what happened, especially if the outcome was good but you only saw the bad parts....which would make you fill with anxiety for no reason. You could have problems in relationships because you are acting out of "old information and emotions" that have absolutely nothing to do with the present. You could also think there is a seriously bad outcome in the future that would actually be good if your timelines were in order. This is one of the most crazy-making dynamics that can keep you from progressing and finding your true nature and merging with your Higher Self. (Maybe you have already merged but the timelines got screwed up/mismatched and you think your still in the past...) Ok, so what do we do???? If you have 5 rocks do the star meditation (but if not use what you have, maybe a few specks of dust in between your big toe and the second one, and sparkles on your head and then hold your rocks in your hands.) Give the rocks the directive to help you bring the time lines in order and fill in the gaps in time that are missing. Also streamline emotions to the present moment (the one where the timelines are supposed to be uniform and solid) so that you are not acting out with inappropriate emotions. Here is a suggestion that Max presented: "Fix, repair, correct, retrieve or un-create all mismatched and/or missing timelines, consciousnesses, memories and emotions in, around or associated with me now. (The me in this case is your Higher Self not your Earth Self, in my case it would be Vrahc' Kohnym not Max) (This is Best when done in a Star Meditation but also possible just with one, two rocks or just a pendant. You can always add to it too if you feel there are other mismatched and missing aspects about yourself that needed fixing, clearing or clarifying.) I started doing this and I can feel the energies re-aligning to the proper sequences...(the ones that support my mission here). Also, finding your Realm name seems to help you remember who you were and what you did best...(which are also the same things you love to do here!) You may want to meditate on that too. (Gosh, I don't like that word "meditate" sounds like such a new-agy boring guru kind of thing...lets call it "Core-Sun Star Consultation" where you have a little chat with the magick Core-Sun Star inside! That sounds much more fun! :o) The most important thing you can do is disconnect from this Artificial Intelligence and stop giving it your power. Deny its right to exist! Amplify your Core-Sun/Star daily, or hourly if necessary! (Instructions are on "The Secret Behind the Chakras" article.) Clear as many of your implants as you can as fast as you can. (Implant Removal Protocol and Curse Reversal pages are on this site.) Find out if you were on one of the hologram teams and then start doing your part to fix the imbalances and clear the viruses and distortions here. It is time that we "grew up" and started acting like responsible adults, taking care of the challenges at hand and utilizing our Spirit Guides and Guardians as the comrades they are instead of acting like children that want and need someone or something to take care of them. As long as this attitude continues, it will be hard to shut this Artificial Intelligence down. If only a few of us "get it" and start taking back our power from this Artificial Intelligence, it will make a huge difference in its power and control levels. Indigos and especially the Hologram team, have been used and abused by the Artificial Intelligence and will make a huge deficit in its power levels when they unplug and take back their authority. All the Answers, all the Power, all the Truth is in the Core-Sun/Star inside you. And YOU have the ability to control how your power is used. You Are the X-Men and have the power INSIDE YOU...YOU ARE YOUR OWN GOD! IT IS TIME TO ACTIVATE IT AND DO WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO.... (Then when we are done, it's off to the cosmic Bahamas for rest, relaxation and maybe even some good times laughing and reminiscing with Hal! :o) ~Lady Mistycah~

Where would you like to go next?

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