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The History Behind Our Hologram

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The History Behind Our Hologram

Written: 8-13-07

UPDATE 03-13-12 & 8-12-17

NOTE: I have been instructed by my Spirit Guides not to actively investigate or research information on what I term First Wave Indigos (FWI's). If something is sent to me, I just put it in a "for future reference file" or skim it quickly. The reason for this is to keep my information as clean as possible and not allow myself be influenced by other authors. Not that information from other authors is invalid or disreputable, because there are some really good articles, books and websites out there on this subject. But rather to keep this particular aspect of First Wave Indigos as pure as possible from the standpoint that my information has come from: *My own memory banks. *Data from my cosmic informant, Hal. *First-hand accounts from FWI's themselves. It is also important to note that some of the concepts and specific words in this and other Stories Of The UV-Realm are analogous to the situation and narrative, as there are no words in our language for what happens in other dimensions. Also be aware that Hal is involved in much of the information given on this web site which would of course, lend a sense of humor to what is being presented. :o)

NOTE: This story has been revised with added memory, vision and dot connecting. Much of this came from one of our head security personnel. Her name in this lifetime is Autumn. NEW ADDITION ADDED 11-11-07. PARAGRAPH 9. In the beginning....before this Holographic Universe was created, before the Great UV-Realm was created, and before many magnificent life forms were created, there were 4 original Creator Beings that emerged through the void of "Self-Creation." Creator Being #1 was kind of an androgynous being that created many amazing life forms modeled after itself, and after its imagination expanded, there were even more unique life forms created. This Being was happy to just stay in its own sector of Creation and interact with its offspring... never giving a thought to what might come next or if there were/would ever be any other Creators like himself. Creator Being #2 was 100% feminine but also had an innate balance of masculine energy to keep her strong and impermeable. She had a commanding sense of Love, Compassion and Duty as she created in a fashion extremely different than Creator Being #1. She had a variety of names, but many knew her by "Auraurah" which sounds like an eternal echo when said over and over, and has powerful energy behind the tone and the name. Creator Being #3 was another androgynous type being that also created some wonderful and unique life-forms similar to that of Creator #1. This Being was more interactive than his predecessor, Creator #1, and also more free and adventurous. In time, the offspring and descendants of all 3 Creator Beings interacted with one another as Creation grew and flourished. Being #4 was different than all the others. This Being could not "pro create" .....only "manipulate and mutate" what had already been created.....but was extremely adept at this and could pervert and distort just about anything, anywhere at anytime. This being seemed to be extremely masculine, but disguised itself in a feminine form and was known as "Duerlah." Duerlah was a power hungry entity, and immediately set out to become Lord over all Creation using every deceitful tactic to usurp all the other Creator Beings positions, authority and power. He (she) also hovered over the "Self-Creation Doorway" waiting for a new and unsuspecting creation to emerge so it could be immediately corrupted and controlled as one of her minions. Auraurah..... being the more maternal personality of the three, took it upon herself to create a way of closing down the Creation/Void Doorway permanently until something could be done to insure the safety of any new "Self-Creator Beings" emerging from the doorway. There may have been many other Self-Creators on the other side, but after Duerlah's corruption of that Creation Doorway, it was not worth the risk. This made Duerlah furious and swore she would consume, mutate and control every Creation in existence, especially the ones that were the offspring of Auraurah. As the corruption and perversion of beings and life-forms continued, Auraurah birthed what are considered "Cosmic Recycle Bins" which are like black holes, and can suck all the impurities out of whatever or whoever has been placed in it, and spew them out the other end, fully cleansed and balanced. As time went on, and Duerlah's insidious obsession for power increased, it was evident that her corruption had totally infiltrated Creator #1 and #3 and they needed to be put through the recycle bin. With the help of some of their own offspring, Auraurah and her strongest allies captured #1 and #3 and put them into recycle bins. They waited, and waited and waited..... but sadly, because of their extreme corruption..... nothing ever came out the other end.....they had been totally infiltrated. Creation was ever expanding and the offspring of Creators #1, #2, and #3 were evolving and becoming Creators themselves, creating such things as new mineral, plant, animal, planetary and humanoid life forms. As you may have already speculated, many of Creator Being #1’s creations were actually older than Auraurah, however they all seemed to have great respect for her. Auraurah was adept at having the wisdom to know how to manage and counter balance Duerlah’s corruption that was plaguing everyone and everything. The creation and implementation of cosmic Recycle Bins was just one of the many wise and honorable “damage control” apparatuses Auraurah was famous for. Shortly after Creators #1 and #3 were put down the recycle bin, Auraurah heard a cry from the void. There were 2 benevolent beings trying to emerge. She knew she could not open the self creation door as it had been permanently she found another place on the other side of the void that she could very briefly create an opening, then hold it and guard it so that these 2 beings could emerge safely. This could only be done one time, in one place.....and it could never be done again. Creator Being #5 came through first and was an extremely powerful feminine being, much like #2, She was a noble being that had many fairy like qualities. Creator Being #6 was such a different type of being it is almost impossible to describe, but very powerful yet extremely humble. In the midst of all of the challenges in Creation, many beings did their best to ease the burdens of Auraurah, because there was much responsibility on her shoulders as she adopted many of #1 and #3's offspring/creations into her family. One day, some of them overheard her say to one of her offspring, "I wonder what it would be like to have a Holographic Vacation Resort… you know… something like a Free Will Universe, with no boundaries, no restrictions, just pure free will. A place you could go for relaxation and adventure, a place with a lot of imagination. Of course there would have to be many check and balance systems encoded in this matrix, but think of the possibilities this might is amazing and amusing to contemplate....." With that,those who overheard this conversation thought it would be a nice gift and began collaborating with over 1,200 beings from all over Creation drawing up plans and creating a "Free Will Universe" hologram as a surprise for Auraurah. A Universe where beings could have adventures and experience things that they could not get anywhere else in Creation... and not get hurt in the process. There were some of the finest scientists, engineers, designers and Creation experts on this team and each one collaborated with the others to make it totally synergistic. They considered this to be one of the most intriguing and creative Universes in existence. It was truly "one of a kind!" There was much enthusiasm around this "secret project" and after a few eons, it was almost complete, except for installing the final checks and balance systems and fool proof safety features it required to insure no unauthorized energies or entities could hack in and breach the safety protocols. This was not just a hologram, but would also be a living organism when it was activated because of how it was activated. This Universe had to be activated through specifics keys, coupled with pure and impeccable tantric orgone energy. At last this magnificent project was almost complete and ready for presentation to Auraurah for final inspection. In this presentation Auraurah would also be given the keys to "turn it on" at her discretion in a sacred, private tantric ceremony. Then something tragic, unforeseen and unimaginable happened. Duerlah had been observing and preparing for a long time to destroy the Empress in a series of events, and to step into her body if necessary, and "become her." She foresaw this as a future possibility and in her mind, a total probability. So in anticipation of this, she started to emulate Auraurah and her energy. She tried to keep this hidden from The Empress and others close to her....but they knew something was awry. Toward the end of the Hologram project, several new "Lab Assistants/Janitors" were added to the project crew to keep the laboratory clean, sterile and make sure that no outside magnetics got in to interfere with anything that the hologram entailed. One of these janitors was a power hungry being who was obsessed with making a name for herself, (but at the same time did not want to pay the price it takes to get recognition.) This being was constantly mimicking others and trying to be something it was not. This Janitor also wanted desperately to "be the Empress" and was convinced that this position was rightfully hers. This Janitor we will call Janitor #1. For some insane reason, Janitor #1 had always felt she was extreme Royalty and was being denied her 'birthright'. Janitor #1 knew, as did everyone else, that only a Goddess could start the Hologram, so if she could find the key and start the hologram, then this should absolutely prove to everyone that she was indeed a true Creator Goddess and everyone would bow down to her. How she ever got on with the Janitorial Service that had clearance to get into the laboratory, is still a mystery. She had the skills for clean up work, but her integrity was lacking and there must have been a breach in security somewhere, perhaps it was one of Duerlah's Spies that hired her. Duerlah by this time had manipulated and corrupted many of the creations of Creators #1, #2, & #3 so she knew well the mindset of Janitor #1, and used it to the max. In an effort to gain unwavering support, Duerlah promised power and position to those that served her to the fullest extent and thus had many spies and minions to help her on this diabolical plan. One of those spies we will refer to as Janitor #2. She used Janitor #2 - as well as other chief spies - to learn about the key and the process that would be used to turn on the hologram. She got enough information that she was able to create her own key, with the codes to NOT shut off the machine (with the 20% of Auraurah's offspring's essence being attached to the hologram, it REALLY played into her plan to insure that it would NOT BE turned off) - but she still needed to be involved in the activation process, to get it turned on the way she wanted it to. The Hologram was designed to be turned on specifically by Empress/Goddess Auraurah. Duerlah being a Self Creator God/Goddess too (though a non-creating God/Goddess) also had the level of power to be able to emulate Empress Auraurah enough to turn on the Hologram - but the problem was... she couldn't get to it. Then ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!

Duerlah organized  an ambush which left just a skeleton crew  in laboratory, and that is when she made her move. Duerlah convinced Janitor #2 to let her partially possess him. Once inside, she setup the ego meister Janitor #1 to "find" the Key that Duerlah had custom designed. She also had Janitor #2 guide Janitor #1 in the correct process of activating the Hologram (using the ritual of orgone energy). Janitor #1 was thrilled! This was her lucky break and would indeed prove that she "was truly a Goddess being denied." Duerlah totally used Janitor #1's greed and arrogance to her advantage. Duerlah knew that the intense energy voltage she needed to use to start the Hologram might destroy Janitor #2, but she didn't care...because her only goal was supreme power! As this activation was in process, the unthinkable was about to happen, the foul, malevolent powers of Duerlah were turning on the Magnificent Living Breathing Hologram! The energy was so intense that it knocked both of the Janitors unconscious and nearly fried them. (Empress Auraurah or Duerlah could have done it without being knocked out or destroyed, in fact even getting energized from it... but few others could, least of all these two!) After the activation was accomplished, Janitor #2 completely forgot he let Duerlah take possession of him and didn't remember anything that happened in regards to how the Hologram was turned on. He only knew that he was extremely weak, sick, shaky and frazzled. Janitor #1 was purposely shielded better by Duerlah so she did not get hit as hard by the tremendous voltage which also left more of her awareness intact. In her warped perception, she didn't remember any energy coming from Janitor #2, she only remembered that SHE felt the power and was convinced that it was HER who activated the Hologram. Then ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE AGAIN! Duerlah had been anticipating this moment for eons, and now with her foul energies embedded in the hologram, it was completely infiltrated with her corruption and was now "Her Domain." The satisfaction and elation at taking over this Universe, was totally exhilarating to was truly her "finest hour." What a grievous mess.... the final checks and balance systems that were supposed to be installed the next day were never installed. Once it was turned on, it could not be turned off. There were many reasons for this, but one was because there were pieces of 20% of Auraurah's offspring that were placed in the hologram for authenticity.....and if the hologram were to be turned off, the pieces of these beings would go with it. Alarms went off and the devastating discovery was made..... "The Janitors had turned on the Hologram!" Auraurah was immediately notified, and when she assessed the situation, felt Duerlah's foul essence in and around the Living Hologram and knew it was her that had infiltrated and was the power behind this insidious one else could have done it. What was supposed to have been a gift for Auraurah turned into her biggest nightmare! Auraurah immediately called a conference with the Creators of the hologram to try and devise a way to restore or unplug it, but by then, time and space inside of the hologram had expanded and too much was at risk. Cries for help from inside the Universe were being heard as the pieces of the benevolent Creators were locked inside and in jeopardy of mutation and corruption. Duerlah's foul essence was taking over the hologram and something had to be done quickly. Auraurah called together Creator Being #5 & #6, plus her most trusted colleagues and key experts on the Hologram project so they could design a plan for a foolproof solution to fix this insidious mishap.....and that plan was..... "Create a state of the art training program to equip beings with the energy, wisdom and power to risk it all and incarnate inside the Hologram and take-on/overthrow the Dark Lords who were in control. The second phase was to then implant restoration programs and antidotes for Duerlah corruption. This training program swiftly developed and soon a one of a kind Place/Realm was created to train qualified Knights from all over Creation, with many different species, genders, and abilities. This training Academy was inside..... "The Great UV-Realm." As part of the UV-Realm plan, all 1,200+ scientists and Creation Experts were requested to be a part of the Realm's Knight's training and give their expertise to the projects. Many of them are here today, inside this hologram, living on Planet Earth, in the most corrupted sector of the Universe. They have risked their all to come here against all odds, to over throw the powers that be and install their keys, codes and safety protocols that were not able to do before. Their challenge was/is to get in un-detected from the filters that had been placed in the hologram membrane ...and in order to do that, most of their memory is wiped clean, except for the cloaked information in their core and heart. Finding this encrypted information and remembering who they are and why they are here is crazy making...BUT...there were 2 aces up their sleeve.

First, Aurauralite, the Stone of Truth was snuck into the Hologram in a dormant state so it would not be detected. It was buried deep beneath the earth and would surface and be activated when enough Indigos were in place. Proper use of the rock would trigger their memories and super human abilities. The Second ace was that each cadet/ knight was well trained for this Mission.....(and they were trained to Succeed!) You may ask...what happened to the Janitors? They were required to be in the UV-Realm, because we needed to baby-sit #1 and put #2 on house arrest. We also needed them there so we could identify precisely the energy signatures they used to turn on and activate this Hologram and devise plans to eliminate or reverse them. Janitor # 2 is no longer in existence and was extinguished with Duerlah. Janitor #1 was snuck in with Durelah’s help, and is on Planet Earth right now. She is a double edged sword, as she had subtle intel we needed to crack some of the codes she inadvertently installed. That intel has been located and her usefulness has been served. There are plans being made to stealth fully get her out of the hologram as there are many booby traps Duerlah set in and around her. Once it is safe to pull her out of the Hologram, she will be made accountable for her insidious actions that have caused so much pain and suffering. She is under watchful eyes of "baby sitters" both on and off planet, and needs much supervision and surveillance. She has not changed much since her irresponsible, arrogant actions. At this time, she still believes she is entitled to be Empress and is doing what she can to infiltrate the Indigo Nation and gain a following to overthrow the Empress and take her position. Keep your eyes open and your antennas up, and if you encounter her, your Truth detectors will go off and you will know you have met "The #1 Janitor!" NOTE: This letter below is new information that will help you understand how things work and why some things don’t work so well here. It is encouraging to note that with the help of the scientists and creation specialists who constructed this Hologram, (some of which are here now and might be reading this website) together we are making huge headway in cleaning up “D’s evil essence” and the corruption virus that nearly devastated this Holographic Universe! NOTE II: 8-12-17 -- It is important to know that “D” came in the hologram in the late 1930’s and immediately had her staff (which many of them were members of the “Hologram Rescue Team” and “Hologram Creation Team" that had been hijacked and forced to do her evil bidding) start messing with the history here, corrupting everything and putting her minions in power positions. Then the Montauk project was implemented and that blew everything out of control, her evil agenda was not just all throughout time/history now, but also in 99% of the Time Lines too! We have been working diligently cleaning them, combining, them, and then clipping the most corrupted ones from existence after pulling our comrades out. July 4 2016 Good morning, Just waking up for a minute and got some info on the hologram. Will you please verify that I am getting it correctly? I hope all are well there, things here finally settling down. First: There were different modes built in to the hologram. One was memory blocking mode. We built in the ability to have our memories blocked. Some of us were so battle weary, that we thought it would be good to have the ability to block the memories so the vacation could be healing and actually help us. There were other healing things built in to this mode I don't quite understand yet. Memory blocking mode was to be an option. One did not have to have it on, like going on vacation here on Earth. You remember who you are and what you are doing. The other option is NOT to remember. There were 2 ways to come out of it. If you needed to for some reason, it could be instigated by the higher self of the Indigo (what those of us awake have partially done), and also an emergency memory blocking shut off. The individual mode, is only partially working. The codes were messed with and we have only partially straightened them out. The second mode, is an emergency protocol. This would awaken every one of our people within the hologram. Giving full memories. This includes not just clipits like we get now. But full memories of who we are, what is going on there, how the hologram works, our ‘god’ or X-men powers, Everything. This control has been uncovered, and most of the programming on the other side done, but something needs be done here. Not sure what yet. The next part of the hologram that I got info on is the walk-in part. We designed the hologram for us to have that ability to work with different bodies. There were not contracts needed at that time, because it was to be like going on a ride at Disneyland. You go from ride to ride, and your favorites, you go back and go again. The bodies here were locked, so that only one could use one body per dimension. This is where the lock came in. It would have been confusion here if one of us used a body wanting an experience, then another wanted the same body with a different experience. Thus different dimensions were installed. Same body, different experiences. With the spreading of the corruption virus from “D” the lock on bodies was messed up, causing us to not have to have permissions to use them etc. The hologram was also designed to give insight, by letting the 'soul’ within the body stay if we so chose, so we could observe and get another perspective. This would not be possible if we took the body over entirely. This was an option, like selecting a channel on the radio or TV. Ghosts, entities and demons were never intended to have the ability to body jump or body hijack AKA Shove-In. The third major thing I heard, was there was a Battle Simulator built in to two or three additional hidden dimensions. This would give us the ability to do simulations that could possibly help with the real war we were involved in back home (the UV-Realm outside the Hologram/Universe). This was added after what happened to you and a few others. We needed a safe way to help us figure it out. Anything goes in these dimensions. They were designed to help figure out how to treat the wounded and also figure out different strategies. We needed a way to understand and calculate how a wicked mind operates, and what really works to maneuver against the evil ones. This was to be additional training for those in the war academy at home. I am not sure exactly where we are on clean up, but with the Montauk pull apart, that really screwed things up. In the war dimensions, part of the training was not to be able to get the supplies you needed. This was training, because in the real world, we don't always have instant access to what we need, and abilities can be blocked, as you know first-hand. Somehow this has melded with the other dimensions, limiting our ability to manifest what we need. There is a crew working on this. The problem in the code has been found, but may take a bit more to figure out how to clean it up and unjam it, and then implement it. I will send more when I get it. Info came from Draakee, Samhadian and G. Happy Independence Day (that had to be Hal), cause this info can lead to it. Airah’

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