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Hercules: Our Powerful and Mystical Ally

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Little Roo Hercules, Anamala & Lattice

Hercules: Our Powerful and Mystical Ally

Written: 04/04/2015

Updated 10-06-15 & 10-13-15


...Truly mystical and gallant life forms!

Hercules, our little orange bantam rooster came to us via my daughter who rescued him from a family in Seattle. They could not keep him because as he grew, he started to crow …and they realized he was NOT a hen! The family had to find a new home for him quickly because there is a city ordinance that won’t allow residents to have roosters. I was out of town when he arrived at our little rescue farm and after I came home and saw him, there was an instant bond of love. Since he was so little and adorable, my daughter named him Hercules as it seemed to be a very humorous name for him because he was so tiny. On the other hand, we had several big birds on the property and she figured his name would give him the edge he needed to hold his own here.

From day one, I realized that he had an amazing magnetic energy around him that would draw people in. He was constantly on the watch to protect the big ladies he was bunking with, and he took his job very seriously. Occasionally the girls would get into a squabble and I was surprised at how quickly he came in-between them and stopped the rumble. He was truly a “peace keeper.” When visitors would come, they all fell in love with him and had to take his picture and record his unique crow. He was a huge asset to our little farm and made everyone that encountered him smile and “feel good” just watching him!

Little Roo Hercules has graced our life for nearly 4 years…and continues on a whole new level now! You will understand after you read the following story, and perhaps even have the luck of personal encounters with "Little Roo Hercules."

Here is an edited version of two letters I sent to a group of FW-Indigos I work with.

Hello HRT and Associates,

Today (March 18th 2015) when I went to get Little Roo Hercules (with the fuzzy feet) out of his box. I was uneasy when I saw his health had taken a huge decline. His head was backed into the corner and he was unresponsive. Normally he would perk when he saw me but today he wouldn’t eat, (not even his favorite …Bananas!) or drink or even stand up by himself. I already had an appointment with the Vet to have them look at his foot again, so I figured I was covered…but they called and had an emergency and tried to reschedule for later. I said ok and tried to work with him…but he kept going limp and was not interested in anything but laying there. I called the Vet back and they said to bring him in but I would have to leave him there and they would work him in. Then I called Ronnie and as I was holding him on my lap, I knew he was fading. She suggested that I just keep him in my office and keep him close…I felt that was a way better option than trying to find another Vet.

His symptoms were very strange. In previous appointments at the Vet, he had several symptoms. He was limping and not using his right leg, keeping it lifted when at all possible. He quit crowing. He was looking really pale and his comb and wattle had shrunk. When I took him to the Vet the first time, for some reason he started to walk “normal!” …So they trimmed his talons and checked for parasites (which came out negative). They did blood work and found that he was very low in iron and protein. I opted to use my own supplements instead of taking the ones they had and they said to call if there were any changes. Three days later on March 2nd his limping got really bad so I took him back. The Vet took x-rays and could not see anything that would make him limp like this except for a little swelling on the pad of his foot that was not even red or hot. He had not gained any weight since the first visit and only weighed 1 lb 2 oz. I took him home did my own natural remedies on him. I also spent a lot of time with him, spraying his foot 7 or 8 times a day with “chicken spray” a concoction I made up that really heals wounds fast! I also made sure he was eating and drinking, as he would not do much of either on his own and had to be prompted.

Well, his comb was getting redder with all the herbs and supplements I was giving him which indicated his iron was getting better…but today, (Wed. March 18th), he was not doing so well. I know what the real problem was….. an evil relative that is a class-A Crypta B*tch got ahold of a picture of him and was doing bad mojo… Some of my colleagues and I have taken dozens of Weird Sh*t & death energies off him and he would get a bit better and then go downhill again.

I was doing all I could do at this point and kept him in my office… holding him in a towel, singing to him and loving him, trying to help him cross. In spite of my heartache and trauma, I got some clear telepathic communication from little Roo Hercules as he was crossing (which took about a half hour) – He said he was going to be aligning with Honkey, my sweet hen that died last year who was actually a mystical life form from the UV-Realm who is now a very valuable spirit guide…and apparently he was from her clan! He said, “Better me than you,” and “it was an honor to take the bullet for you!” …. I cried and cried at hearing this as I held him closer, rocking him and singing to him. He was lying very still and I could not see him breathing. I thought he had crossed and then he wiggled, put his little head up and rested his beak on my cheek and looked straight into my eyes for about 10 seconds…then made a gurgling sound, dropped his head and closed his eyes. He passed away fully within about 5 minutes after that. I held him close, watching him carefully for any signs of life before I laid him in his box and went out and dug a hole to bury him (in our little pet cemetery out back). He died around 1:30 ish in the afternoon today..

I took a shower and tried to process it all. I cried and cried …and then I heard Hercules say, “It is like with Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, if they take me out I will be stronger than what they could possibly imagine!”.

Now, as I’m writing this, he is just telling me some new info …he is saying…. “I am now filled with many keys and codes to take to the other side… Information and intel we could not have gotten any other way over there…things that have to be brought through the death process….and I will give them to Amikah and our allies over there to take this corruption clean-up process to the next level of efficiency. The codes I got came directly from the Crypto’s-Crypta’s so now we have their data, their plans and their vulnerabilities. The Cryptos had no idea who I was/am and that is an undercover secret. You have a clue, but it is a secret and total surprise on them. Their demise was that they were trying to hurt and torture you by hurting me. Taking me out was a huge mistake on their part.” (No wonder I got that info in the shower about Obi Wan…now it makes sense!)

He is telling me now, “All of you breathe deep and feel the calmness that he is sending everyone…the serenity, the inner strength he is giving is what we need as a platform to stand on and stabilize.” He was such an influential little guy so this makes sense that he can send us “calmness, serenity and inner strength.” Eminating joy was an intricate and dominant part of his essence (besides being the cutest little thing … You just had to smile and laugh when you watched him walk with his big fuzzy little feet! His crow was unique too, he would crow really hard and then go “ughhhhuuuuuuhhh” after. ;o)

Writing this now I am truly at peace, and it is nice to know we have a new spirit guide/guardian helping us from the other side. I’m still not sure exactly who/what Hercules is/was in the UV-Realm, but it must have been someone very important and powerful!

He was truly a little “mystical animal!” :o)

Ok, all I can say now is, “Onward and Forward!!!”

Lady Mistycah


NOTE: this is the second letter I sent to this HRT Group.

Hello everyone and thank you for all your love and support…. it is very much appreciated.

Now, here is another amazing story I have to tell. I had a session with an Indigo tonight and it came up that Hercules was one of her Spirit Guides! (I’m thinking, no, really??? …am I just being messed with because of how much he has been on my mind and also that I feel him with me CONSTANTLY now? I got NO, this is real! She needs to know this!

I told her the story about Hercules and how he said in the letter I sent you yesterday, “breathe deep and feel the calmness that he is sending everyone…the serenity and inner strength he is giving is what we need as a platform to stand on and stabilize.” He was such an influential little guy and this makes sense that he can send us “calmness, serenity & inner strength.”

Well, guess what, I checked her file and I totally forgot that in a session over a month ago, 2 of her contracts were ….. (Get this, it is totally amazing!.....)

- “Serene Safe Space Maker”

- “Mystical Life Form Liaison/Ambassador”

I was just stunned at the synchronicity of it all and of course, he is the perfect Spirit Guide for her in regards to these contracts!

I have been feeling him around me very strongly today and it is quite different than how I felt the other animals after they had crossed…(except for Honky and Birtha who also took the bullet for us.) Well, Hercules was the perfect name for him because even though he was the cutest sweetest little thing in his banty rooster body, he is a very strong, powerful and noble Being… (and I still have not gotten clarity on exactly who/what he was in the UV-Realm, but I know he was pretty high level and his work is not done here, in fact he is just getting started!)

You may want to use these pictures to help you tune into the serenity and peace he emanated as a little Roo and still does in his authentic mystical life form self, when things get really crazy and out of whack.

Remember that he has given us “the platform to stand on” now…all we have to do is step up. :o)

“Onward and Forward!”

Lady Mistycah

NOTE: Yesterday April 2nd 2015 I got a card from the Vet's office in the mail. I was pretty surprised as this kind of thing is NOT common, and as I started reading it I got tears in my eyes... I knew that somehow they also knew what a unique little Being he was. Just further evidence that Hercules was NOT a common, ordinary “chicken” ….and he certainly changes the negative innuendos of “being chicken” to something extremely noble!

As the note on the card said, "He touched the lives of all who interacted with him!"

UPDATE: 6-12-15 - It has been nearly 3 months now since Little Roo Hercules passed. In that time there have been unbelievable changes that we have even seen evidence of! One of those is that a “new paradigm” has been created here which Little Roo helped put in place.

Apparently now that Little Roo got all the codes safely across to our team on the other side, one of those codes is that our team on the other side can “easily” and without getting slimed too badly, temporarily “Step-In” (or even “Shove-In” if necessary) to Ass Soul Bodies who are in positions of power and make them do “nice things!” (.....the total opposite of the evil Shove-Ins that rob, murder and rape and then leave the body for the resident being to take the rap for their dirty deeds.)

So what this means, is that they can now step into a body and have them sign legislation that they normally would not have done, or vote against the Ass Souls that paid them under the table, they can make Ass Souls call a press conference and come clean on their evil deeds .....and they can do this totally undetected, leaving the Ass Soul to get the rap from the evil jerks that own them! How funny and how Karmic is this!!!!!

Also, I found out that the mystical life form that Hercules was before he came into this little chicken body, was that of .....(get this) of our magnificent DRAGONS! :o)

Now, here is a song my daughter who named Hercules sent me..... what a powerful, inspiring refrain and so fitting to share here.


Little Roo Part II - The Amazing Anamala


The Story of Anamala, another magnificent life form, is best imparted through some letters I wrote to a group of Indigos I work with.

(10-06-15) Hello my Comrades, It is with mixed emotions that I write to you today. One of my favorite chickens, Anamala… a black star hen, passed away this morning at 10:45 under very unusual circumstances. She was one of our “Big Girls” or in other words, one of the girls in the very first flock we got 5 ½ years ago. (I learned from “Coop Dreams” that chickens can live to be 8-12 years old and a “pet chicken” has been known to live 20 years, so 5 ½ years is not ancient for a well taken care of chicken!) (These pics were taken just last night…I hardly ever take pictures of them but felt it was important last night…I’m so glad I did…you can see the brightness and alertness she always had in her eyes, and her feathers soooo soft...she appears to be perfectly healthy!)

Anamala had tremendous personality and was very feisty...(and the funky black feathers under her red comb by her eyes always reminded me of Groucho Marks ;o) If she saw us with a rake or shovel, she would run to see what we were about to excavate or uncover and help us dig it up…hopefully something yummy! When she ran she would actually skip, ‘thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump’ and watching her fuzzy behind when she ran just made me laugh. She could also jump very high for treats and was definitely “the alpha” of the flock.

For the past few weeks her poops have been foamy so I kept an eye on her, but she seemed ok otherwise. Then she started to move slowly and deliberately, almost like a cat! I had been taking nasty energy off of her for several weeks and actually found some cat entities that had been “shoved onto” her! I knew that she had been under attack and that she was “taking the bullet for me” and that really upset me.

Then the past few days she would not eat much in the morning, and I had to give her “treats” (with vitamins, minerals, garlic, acidophilus, moringa, meal worms and lots of other good stuff) in a dish by herself so she would eat it. Then she would perk up later on in the day and act “normal” even staying out to hunt for bugs when the others started heading for bed! I decided to take her to the vet yesterday when she hardly ate anything and 15 minutes before we left for the vet’s, I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich that I shared with her and she snarfed it up like it was the best thing she had ever eaten in her life! I nearly cancelled the vet appointment thinking she was “back to normal” but decided to take her anyway. When we got there she started eating her treats and drinking the mineral water I had for her and was almost acting “normal.” They did an exam to make sure she was not egg bound or had fluid build up like water belly, and took a stool sample and X-ray. There were no parasites in the stool which was a relief (she had them last year and when I took samples in for tests they all came out negative, even though we could see the little buggers wiggling! It was W.S. or Weird Sh*t for sure!) Her heart was good, it seemed like she was in pretty good health. The X-rays didn’t show anything out of the ordinary… except that her lungs looked like there was a gap between where they were and where they should have been! This really stumped the vet and she wanted to send them off to a vet she knew at WSU. So, I paid the bill and packed her up and took her home.

When we got here, she kept trying to go into places like the dog house that has a nesting box….then later I pulled her out and tried to get her to eat, but she went into the corner of the fence and laid down. I got her out of there and tried to get her to eat and drink again, and then she walked over to another corner of the fence and laid down. When it was time for bed she went into the nest box instead of the perch, I knew something was seriously wrong. I let her stay in the nest box and it seemed hard for her to move her legs. She wanted to be alone and in a corner and isolate herself. (I had found her in the nest box that morning which is why I decided to take her to the vet.) All night I kept taking energetic crap off of her and I was extremely worried, something was REALLY not right. I felt so challenged as I knew she had some really bad mojo on her and I could not keep up with it! My wish was that if she was going to cross over, that it would be soon and not drag out for days and weeks.


This morning I was very anxiety ridden when I went out to feed all of them and was prepared to have her not be alive when I opened up the coop door. To my amazement she was sitting there in the nest box and had turned herself around so she was not facing the back wall any more but out toward the perches. Her eyes were still bright (they were always bright) and I thought maybe she would start to “perk” because I had started to give her nutra-biotic grapefruit seed extract yesterday and maybe it was working! I picked her up and set her by the food and she just stood there and looked at it…and then laid down. I decided to take her out on the grass where the sun was shining, as I thought that might help her. I brought her food and water with us and set her down. She could not stand and promptly laid down. She would not eat or drink. Some of the other chickens took the opportunity to come and eat and drink with her and took all her water. I sat with her and hugged and petted her, and tried to be positive but I knew even though she was bright and cheery from the neck up, something was seriously wrong. I went to get her more water and when I came back she had moved 2 feet, and one of her legs was stuck under her. I was just sick inside….I could see that something horrible was happening, as she started drooling fluid from her beak and I knew she had not had anything to drink since last night. I picked her back up, gave her a hug, petted her and set her on the grass again and then burst into tears…she needed to cross over and she needed to do it soon! She kept drooling and I literally started yelling at my guides, “Please, just take her, don’t let her suffer, just TAKE HER NOW…SHE NEEDS TO GO NOW! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… JUST TAKE HER…TAKE HER NOW! I’m crying and yelling out loud into the sky… and about 10-15 seconds later she started flopping and going into convulsions. I’m crying my eyes out now witnessing this as I had seen this happen to other chickens right before they die…and then she stopped. Her neck was all twisted and her eyes closed. I checked to see if she was breathing and it didn’t look like it, no movement that I could see. It looked like she had crossed, and crossed very fast. I just sat there crying and crying, and petting her in a state of disbelief …partly that she had really died…she was gone from this life forever, and partly that my cries for help had been heard and answered so quickly!

I ran into the house sobbing and got some Kleenexes… and then went back out to bury her. This time when I picked up the shovel…she would not be under foot trying to help me…and that made me cry even harder. I scooped her up and held her sobbing with an aching heart, and trying to understand it all. I put Aurauralite on her feathers before I put her in the ground, and during this process I started to get communication from her. She said “Go get something to eat, then get some note paper, you’re in for a big surprise! Wowww…what a tremendous relief….. I was now FINALLY able to get some kind of communication that would bring some clarity to the bizarreness of what had been going on.

I did as she asked …I got something to eat and tried to pull myself together and then went out on the deck with a pen and paper, took a deep breath, and then I heard Anamala say, “I am here with Hercules, Amikah, Jef, and the rest of the Team. They helped me cross, and you needed to be there to witness and stabilize the portal for me to cross with no complications or any not so funny ‘funny-business!’ – I am a rare breed. I can make things happen. I am NOT a chicken either – Like Hercules we are very advanced life forms – Living with you to gather Intel and cross back to be with the ‘fixers’ – we can now ‘fix’ things that are broken or corrupted, and also put evil people “in-a-fix” which is greatly needed for Karma and Justice to be served.

NOTE:"For those of you who don’t know, there is a new school I became aware of this past month that is not a guide school, but a “fixer school” and the graduates have extreme “fixing” skills …that’s what they do…fix things on/ from the other side to help us, and can even fix things on this side too! This school has only been in operation for about 3 months and is off the charts amazing!

"Yes, my countenance is different now than it was in the chicken body, as I had to “dumb down and disguise myself” but the trait of running to get in the middle of digging things up and taking out “bugs and worms” is purely me! I love getting in the middle of a “good dig!” :o)

"Now, know this, my crossing will change things for the better for all involved in our “earth/hologram rescue operation” I too went through “the immortal portal” and now it is functioning even better, as it is like Aurauralite and gets better with use! I took the bullet for you as you suspected, and it appears that this is the last, and as you said last night, “they will be very sorry for doing this!” - more intel and their secrets are now in our hands through the “death chamber” (a place I had to go through, but safely arrived with our team on the other side.). That chamber is now obliterated but we have the plans and now guess who gets to spend time there??? This “sprit trap” is now in our power and jurisdiction and there is NOTHIING they can do about it! I spent only 2-3 seconds there…Just long enough to get their intel/plans. (Some beings spend what seems an eternity there!) Now this ‘death chamber’ will only be available for beings who deserve it – no more innocent beings forced there (which includes animals, and insects like lady bugs and bees.)"

Then the phone rang and the communication quit.

NOTE:The vision I had was that I was holding a “life line” here and Amikah and our team on the other side had the other end of the line. Anamala was able to get through the death chamber because she had conscious life lines being held on both sides. She had to wait till this morning to cross when I was with her physically and conscious in order for this to work. It is important to note that she was ALWAYS alert and focused, right to the end. Only truly evolved and focused beings can cross over with full cognizance and get through the way she did.

This death chamber/spirit trap has many thousands of different types for different purposes, and each one can hold thousands of beings…beings that are considered a “threat” to the agendas of the “Ass Souls” that made them. These “Death Chambers" have been used for eons and it was very challenging to find beings trapped there and get them out of it.

I was working with FW-Indigo last week whose mother in law (also a FW-Indigo) died recently and was in what I heard as a “Null Zone.” I looked and looked but could not find her…it was very confusing for me. I found out later that this “Null Zone” was actually one of these horrible “death chamber spirit traps” and some of the benevolent gargoyles on our team found her and were able to help her out. They had the “vision” to see thorough the camouflage. Having ownership and control of the plans/schematics and the Death Chambers is HUGE! WE are moving at light speed together as an Indigo Nation and we are indeed making headway in overthrowing the corruption here!

Anamala did an amazing service to all life forms in this dimension! Now she is on the other side and continues to be available to help us. We have an extreme and superior team assisting us on the other side…always remember that… I hope this inspires you to know that we are making definite progress…all of us together… and we have some serious and top notch help on the other side…

“Onward and Forward!”

Laura Lee Mistycah


Little Roo Part III - The Marvelous Lattice

The following is another letter I wrote to my Indigo Team

It has been a week since the crossing of my comrade Anamala…and I have yet another sad story to relate, which also feels like a double edge sword.

This all started Monday the 12th of October (2015).

One of my other favorite Hens is “Lattice” (I call her “Laaaaaaatice” in a back woods redneck kind of voice) as she can give you that “look” with a sleepy eye that is half open, and it’s as if she is say’n, “What ‘er YOU doing in these here parts…Yur not from around here, are ya???”


This picture was taken a few weeks ago.

I had to take lots of pictures in order to get "the look" that was just described here.

She is a barred rock and lived in the pen with “the big girls” (the older ones like Anamala) and has lived with us for 4 ½ years. Lattice has been a little “talker” ever since she was a baby chick, we could easily tell her apart from the other barred rock because she always had something to say. She also has the biggest, fuzziest behind that makes me laugh when I see her run and I just loved the stuffing’s out of her!


This is Lattice with one of her "Best Girl Friends" ...Anamala

Well, Lattice had been kind of slowing down a bit lately, and very cautious coming down the chicken coop ramp, so I put extra strips of non-skid rubber on the ramp for her and the other “big girls” so they won’t slip. Then on Monday I found her roosting on the edge of the nest box instead of up on the roost with the other girls. I lifted her out and set her by the food and she just looked at it. I tried to get her to eat something but she just sat there. I hurried and cleaned the cages and came back and tried to encourage her to eat but she wanted nothing to do with food…no treats, no meal worms, or bananas (which she just LOVED) …and the only thing she would do is drink. I took her out to the run with the ducks and she walked over to the duck’s little swimming pool and drank the water. I was concerned about her but had things to do so I kept checking in on her frequently and I put some liquid minerals, colloidal silver and catalyst frequency water in her own drinking water. She drank and drank and drank…but would not eat anything and she also had serious diarrhea. I knew something was really wrong and I was terribly concerned about her. Monday night she put herself to bed really early and ironically went into the nest box that Anamala spent her last night in. I followed her and put some water in there for her and some food in case she got hungry. I also rigged a screen at the front of the box so the others could NOT come and drink her water. I was really worried and sick inside, this certainly felt like another attack and I was getting truly at my wits end with this crap. I half expected her to cross over in the night but when I opened the door Tuesday morning, there she was, but her water dish was empty and I knew she must be thirsty. I lifted her out of the coup, gave her some fresh water with grapefruit seed extract to clean out her system. I was very upset, and could get NO insights or information on what was going on with her and what I should do. This REALLY turned me inside out…it was like my psychic antennas had been turned off and I was left alone. I would think, “take her to the vet” then think “she is going to be ok” and I was really, really confused and heartsick about what I should do to help her. I put her on an Aulmauracite radionics device I rigged up with supplements and protein to help her keep her strength up since she was not eating. Then I put her out in the sun and she loved that and tried to lay down, stretch her wings and enjoy the sunshine, but there was stress on her heart (I could tell because I have had this happen to me) and she had to get back up on her feet. This happened over and over again. I turned her around so she could lay on her right side so not to be as stressful but that didn’t help. I knew she was tired but could not lay down and had to keep standing. I was devastated watching her… it was ripping my heart out to see her this way, no position was comfortable for her. In grief and despair I yelled at my guides to “take her like you did Anamala” …but nothing happened. Then I really felt at a loss and abandoned.

I had to do something though so I finally made the decision to call the Vet and luckily they were able to get her in for an appointment as soon as I could bring her in. I started to gather things up and get ready but I could not get Lattice in the cat carrier as she is such a BIG girl she hardly fit through the door. She kept clinging to the bottom edge with her toes and would not go in. I decided to Take the lid off and placed her in that way. I took some extra water with minerals etc. to replace what I knew she would drink and we were on our way. It is a 20 minute drive to the Vets’ office and I kept singing to her and telling her how much I loved her as we drove. It is interesting but she actually was able to sit down went to sleep on the way there! (I think the vibration of the car relaxed her enough to doze off …and for that I was very grateful.) When we got there they took her right in and weighed her. She was 2 ½ pounds heavier than Anamala. The Vet assistant got the information she needed from me and I started to break down a few times with emotions and the pending outcome. Then she put her arm around me and gave me some comfort …comfort that someone was there for me and had compassion for my dilemma …which was extremely helpful. I had felt so freaking alone not being able to hear my guides and doubting every decision I made! When the Vet came in she listened to Lattice’s heart and said it was very fast and barely audible…like there was water around it. She felt Lattice’s abdomen and said it was really filled with water and was clear up to her crop, which ironically was full, even though she had not eaten in 2 days. I felt like something must be blocking her digestion and as I looked at poor Lattice struggling to breathe right and guzzling water….. I knew I had to make a decision quickly. After discussing with the Vet the not so good probabilities of her recovery, even if we extracted the water, I made the decision to put her down. I was crying my eyes out and went through about 20 Kleenexes while I was there. We decided to have them do a necropsy (autopsy for animals) after they put her to sleep (which revealed some very uncommon problems in places they should not have been.). The Vet let me spend some time with Lattice before they took her to the lab, and I put millions more Kryahgenetics Eggs around her as I cried and petted her, hugged her and told her I would somehow figure all this out. Then the Vet assistant came in and helped me clip some of her feathers off (I keep a vase of feathers in my living room) and then very lovingly wrapped her up in the towel she was standing on. I reached over and gave her one last hug and then gave them the go ahead to take her away. I gathered up my things, and through glossy teary eyes, tried to sign the wavier to have her put down. I then paid them and started out the door … my arms full with my purse, water bottles, and the cage. A very compassionate man who had his dog there could see my dilemma and got up to open the door for me. I thanked him profusely through even more tears.

On the way home, 5 minutes down the road (at about 4:05 PM) I burst into tears as I felt Lattice had crossed. Then I heard her say, “Death is sweet – I arrived safely” …And then I heard Amikah say, “We got her with us boss…All clear! (Amikah would call me boss sometimes and it always made me laugh.)

This gave me some solace and relief but I was still disturbed as to what the heck was going on and why I had been in the dark about it all. I was trying to see if she was a Land Sea Air Being like Anamala, (I had just found that out a couple of days ago) or a dragon like Hercules, I wanted to know what she was and what her purpose was. There were no codes to cross to the other side like Little Roo, and no death chamber like Anamala went through…all I was getting is what I had gotten for 2 days and that was “this is different.”

A few more miles down the road thoughts of things I had read and seen in movies about magick and black magick started to surface, and then I heard “A life for a life” and then “Sacrifice a life of someone you really, really love for $$$ and power” (This is what the Illuminati and other dark lords do to gain power and stay in power and it is absolutely sick and twisted and perverted…it is evil magick!) Then in an instant I knew exactly what I needed to do…I realized I had them by the kahunas and I yelled as loudly as I could, “I demand all the $$$ and power I have earned and deserve that has been stolen from me NOW!” …and I did that 3 times… and then yelled even louder, “This Sacrifice is Complete!!!”

At that moment, in that instant, clarity came flooding into me as to why none of my guides could tell me what in the heck was going on… I had to give the execution orders to take the life of something I loved dearly…and I had to do it on paper too! If I had known I had to “out-magick them” in this manner, I NEVER would have done it…so my guides and guardians kept me in the dark until it was over.

I knew there was more to the Lattice saga than this and so last night at about 2 A.M. I was thinking about all the Archons, Ass souls and Ass No Souls that are running this planet with needless pain, suffering and terror that they propagate….. And I realized that somehow because of what happened with me and Lattice, I had some kind of ability to do something I had been wanting to do for a long, long time, but the time was not right. I now have the ability to take codes designed and created outside the hologram …codes that can accelerate cleaning up the corruption here and I can be a liaison for that energy inside the hologram! I decided the best place to broadcast these correction codes is the HAARP instillation in Alaska….. so I projected myself there and imbedded in their broadcasters and repeaters this energy and the codes that are now going throughout the planet, through the underground bases and inner earth, and out into space, into all the galaxies in the universe. This is what is now being broadcasted and there is NOTHING they can do about it! WAHOOOOOOO!

I realized that I had broadcasted an “Ass Soul Seeking Virus” …a virus that is their worst nightmare…a “truth and justice serum” that propagates itself and cannot be stopped, once put in motion. What this virus does is makes all the psychopathic Ass Souls that are running this planet with Black Magick:

*Start confessing their secrets and agendas…

*Then the virus forces them to make restitution for their evil deeds!

*Call press conferences and spill their guts…and swear and be the vulgar Ass Souls that they are… so that NO ONE will feel sorry for them and think they have “seen the light and come to God” or some such thing.

*Start making restitution for all the things on this planet they have destroyed.

*Angrily saying things like "I hate doing this but something is making me" (as they give their $$$ to our Indigo team and others that have plans and programs to help the Earth and all her inhabitants…and then they say, "Here’s your $$$ now get the F*** out of here, I hate you all!"

*This will scare people but they will do what these “Ass Souls” say when they give orders, even though it is diametrically opposed to everything they stand for!

* Ass Soul Clergy will confess sins of $ laundering, child trafficking etc, in foul vulgar language, and also confess that “Jehovah is psychopath just like us! …and reveal things like “Nature is the only pure God” … “God is not love, LOVE IS GOD!” (And all manner of other types of confessions.)

*Alien Archons will show themselves and come clean and divulge their plans of how they have controlled us and our leaders for eons and start making restitution even though they don’t want to, they will have no choice but to “do as the virus tells them to do.”

(How hilarious and cool is THAT!)

I was getting that perhaps in a few short years, once this virus takes hold, starts to expand, and “goes viral” that in 3 moon cycles, our planet could be clean and pristine... (I know it is mind boggling because it is so messed up now and getting worse with the messed up ass souls in charge….. but just think about it for a minute…what happens when we change leadership and make new sustainable instantly implemented laws. We abruptly stop dumping oil and debris in the oceans, and use clean free energy…as we take the billions and trillions of enslavement $$$ and use it for new innovative Tesla technology to clean up the planet : No gas powered anything, no fracking, no factory farms, no banksters, no shady politicians, and we stop all the wars (because all the ass souls will then turn on each other and war with each other, and soon there will be no more ass souls! hahahahaaa) No AMA – FDA – no GMO’s no Monsatano …..only holistic Dr’s and surgeons and organic farms feeding the people clean food. Consumerism will be frowned upon and the “Old ways” of the indigenous people can rule again, only now with the innovations of Tesla technology!

This is what our planet will look like when evolved beings instead psychopaths run the world!

What I need for you to do is help me keep propagating this energy and vision that has already been put in motion, so that this virus takes off quicker and more potent/forceful. We need to work together as a team to really make this happen as we are “Powerful Jedis” and it’s time we started acting like it!

Do some experiments and use your Indigo abilities in whatever way you can to help me keep this “Truth & Justice Ass-Soul Seeking Virus” going! :o)

Thank You to all of you reading this and being a part of the solution creation… and thank you to Little Roo Hercules, Anamala, and Lattice for your service to this planet and beyond. Together we are changing the movie here from a perpetual nightmare of suffering and enslavement to “Freedom , Truth & Justice for all!”

Onward and Forward!

Lady Mistycah

Where would you like to go next?

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