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The Trick/Trap of the Light

Updated: Oct 21, 2021


White Light Deception in the New Age Movement

Written: 5/8/2016

The evidence is mounting almost every day on how baaaaad we are being messed with in our efforts to be good, decent, caring, humans! It seems that the more we try to be kind and loving, the more we get duped! What’s up with that!? And where did the old “no good deed goes unpunished” come from? (Read on and you might connect some dots.)

There are all sorts of beings, entities and “things” attempting to schmooze us into being their slaves, and good slaves are the most loyal and zealous if they believe that they are “special” and that their slave masters take favor on them. If the slave master puts on the mask of an all mighty “god” and a “god that moves in mysterious ways” and a “god that requires total obedience in order to get a piece of good real estate in the afterlife” and if this god does all the things that he said his hypothetical opponent "The Devil" does, well, then this god can really mess over his subjects good, and keep his gig going!

It would also be to his advantage to have sub slaves put in leadership and authority positions that he “blesses” with a ton of $$$ to help keep the rest of the slaves in check and report back periodically on the progress or problems that might arise. It would be mandatory to make sure that NO ONE got smart enough to figure out their gig…so the bottom line is… do whatever necessary, at any cost to keep this secret safe. It would be advantageous to punish those who start to figure out their gig, and especially those who help others see the truth of how they have been duped!

One sure way to accomplish this, is to create situations that guaranteed these subjects didn’t live long enough to figure things out… so keep them in a spin, keep the lies going, keep them drugged up, shorten their life span or even die young, especially the good “smart” ones. Lie about everything and make it look like there might be some good coming out of it to confuse the subjects back into submission. Reincarnation back on the slave wheel without consent, or under the guise of “spiritual evolution” or under a myriad of false pretenses (lies) is an excellent method to keep this gig going…and of course, make everything that seems “good” be a trap! (The best traps are the ones with the best lure, remember?)

The White Light Conspiracy


After the book Kryahgenetics was printed, the first few books went out with a small (or maybe LARGE) error that I quickly fixed. I came to realize that “white light” was not “up front” and people could be extremely betrayed and deceived by it! This will come as a shock to many, but to others, you may have already suspected that there was something that “just ain’t right” about “the light” and especially “white light.”

In Kryahgenetics and also on the implant removal protocol on this website…once a an implant has been removed, part of the restoration process is to embed and lock pure, un-corrupted “white” light into your DNA and electromagnetic fields, (and for Indigos they use oscillating un-corrupted white and UV-Light.) Well, after getting more "intel” on how white light has been messed with,I changed the word from “White” to “Clear” light, and hoped that with the word “un-corrupted” would cover the bases for those few people that got the books before it was changed at the printers.

What has been happening is that all sorts of nasty buggers and riff raff have been able to hide in “white light!” I give the analogy of painting white over a wall with graffiti…the graffiti is still there, it’s just covered up! BUT… if you put clear gloss varnish for a protective coating over the wall, you still see the graffiti or the original paint color and nothing hides. Sooo… you have to ask yourself, what in the world could “they” be hiding in the “white light”??? (I’m sure that many of your guesses are probably correct…welcome to crazy world!)


I work with a group of Indigos who are a part of the Hologram Rescue Team or HRT as I call them, and we discovered that "Clear Light" is the answer! If you used clear light, the kind of light that you see shimmering on a lake, that beautiful silvery light is transparent but also very bright and illuminating, it has all the qualities that you previously assumed the “white light” had, and if you specify “uncorrupted clear light” then you get what you asked for!

There are sooo many people and things messing with our planet from our food, air and water, to our energy sources, it can really get you in the pits of despair. I have come to realize and promote the idea that you have to make a game out of it and be a hard core detective to maneuver through all the lies and deceptions.

I have also come to the conclusion that some of the biggest bunch of BS on this planet is wrapped in the packages labeled, “church, spirituality, the afterlife, heaven and God.”

I have recently been reviewing the works of Robert Morning Sky and his research and personal experience has totally been in alignment with my conclusions. (He is also a very entertaining speaker, which is a huge bonus!) Here is an excerpt from a talk he did back in the mid 90’s on “The Terra Papers." This was VERY cutting edge at that time and very few dared to say what he said. I have a ton of respect for this man and his unwavering commitment to exposing the truth! (I would highly recommend the full version when you have time, especially if you know nothing about the Annunaki overlords and how they have been messing with us for centuries!)

Here is 2 of Robert Morning Sky’s Terra papers video excerpts.

I loved how he makes it so real and easy to understand! For those fence sitters on this, what is it going to hurt to explore other options?

This second clip from TruthMediaRevolutions YouTube channel of a Star Trek episode depicts further what Robert was referring to with people getting duped by the light. Take a look!

This certainly gives much food for thought, as questioning the illusion saved her from a hellish trap if she would have died and gone with this impostor!

Recently I came across another most excellent YouTube video by Dr. Kelli Coffee, (but it got taken down for some reason). After her death experience, she has come to the same conclusions I have. She gave some very honest and practical advice to people, and that is, after you die, just chill for a while, and let the fog clear out of your head before you make any decisions or get schmoozed into going somewhere or signing any contracts. This is my advice too. Don’t be in a hurry, go to your core star, chill with your own internal master and take your time to make any decision…you literally have all the time in the world!

Several months ago when I saw this segment of a Simon Parks lecture on ChaldeanCauldron's YouTube Channel, it threw me into a tizzy because I knew what he said was true! I had seen these nets or grids before…when Ronnie and I had ghost busted the world trade center!

After watching this I was really disturbed inside and it took a while to stabilize myself enough to get some clarity on the situation. The challenge I was having was the concern that after nearly 15 years of professional Ghost Busting with Ronnie… I wondered if unknowingly we had sold people out and sent them to the “false light deception arena!” I wondered if instead of liberating them, we sent them into another trap!

This “net” or “grid” was very, very real to me as both Ronnie and I had seen it several times, once when we Ghost Busted the WTC after 9-11 and also after hurricane Katrina to name a few. What the net did was hold the spirits in and these poor souls were in a loop and they kept reliving and recycling their pain, suffering and terror over and over and over again…which was reverbing into the planet causing further challenges with our poor Earth! The reason for this net was to create a smorgasbord of pain and terror energy for corrupted beings and entities to dine on!

NOTE: We are not the only ones that saw this net or grid, other psychics saw it too! I knew at the time that these nets had ET fingerprints all over them as the instigators and it took a while to figure out a plan as we could NOT dismantle the net at that time. The ONLY way we could get these ghosts out of that “spirit trap” was to put each one in a Kryahgenetics Egg that would then float out and somehow bypass the magnetic prison of the net and get through to where there were beings waiting to assist! It was amazing to watch and when we did the WTC, there were even animals and lots of Fish! At the very end, we both watched in amazement (both seeing the same thing) as at the very end, when everyone else was out, we watched the weary Firemen and First Responders help each other into the Eggs and float through the net. I about cried when I saw this absolute honor and valor They were true to their calling and mission of making sure everyone was safe before they themselves went to safety. (We will be sharing these amazing stories in our next “Got Ghosts??? …The Sequel” book)

My concern was that the angels that Ronnie was working with and some of the beings I was working with might have been a part of the entrapment system, and maybe even the prison guards disguised at “helpers!” This really upset and troubled me, and it was extremely difficult to get in a space to where I could be neutral enough to get clear and accurate information. Finally after hours and hours of anxiety and worry, I got a communication from Hal. He said that our behinds were covered because we were using the Kryahgenetics Eggs and the Aurauralite-Aulmauracite stone of truth and justice in all our ghost bustings. By collaborating with these 2 allies, every single ghost both human and animal (and insects and plants) we worked with had successfully outmaneuvered the nets, traps and coercion tactics of the false light and went to their predesignated place or “home” …wherever that might be. Whewwwwww… was I ever relieved!

This brought me to another conclusion. I have been totally stumped as to why our book "Got Ghosts???” has not sold like hot cakes! In 2015 we sold …(Drum Roll)... 20 books, and in 2016 we sold another whopping 22! This is outrageous because everyone who has read it LOVES it! The stories are real and we weaved a ton of humor in each chapter so that you won’t get sucked into the fear and be a part of the problem. It has practical applications and like it says on our website, Angel Girl and Witchy Woman, together we have the realms covered! By working together we can reach more people as some relate to an Angel more than a Witch and vice-versa. It is totally mind boggling and our distributor just shakes his head too, it makes NO sense to him either as we have spent thousands of $$$ on advertising with them, and even hired what were supposed to have been two of the best PR firms who came highly recommended. We have hired several professional publicists, spent a ton of $$$ on advertising, and it never seems to make a difference. Other people write ghost books and they sell extremely well… what’s up with that!?

Well, after I heard what Hal had to say, it started to make sense. The reason our book has been held back is because within the book were the two keys to help people get passed the traps and “the tricks of the light" ...which as I said before, is the Kryahgenetics Egg and the Aulmauracite Stone of Truth & Justice.This is something all the other ghost books on the market were lacking! I am working with my committee on the other side, (Hal, Amikah, my dragons, Little Roo, Anamala, Lattice etc., ) and we are devising a plan to out trick the tricksters who put a hold on this book, and finally get this information out to the public!

I am not saying that the rocks and the Eggs are the ONLY way to get through the nets and portals of deception, but it is a way for people, especially those who are novices, to have the courage to help themselves and their loved ones, especially if they are not aware of the “trick/trap” of false light that could keep them enslaved.

I’m pretty sure there will be a part II to this article and maybe more, but I wanted to get this out ASAP so you can get savvy to this trap and help not just yourself but also your loved ones! Remember, “the light” you are seeing is within you, and THAT essence will help you decide what to do when the time comes. Just make sure that you give yourself time to really embellish your own essence and then let that essence be your guide!

Onward and Forward!

Laura Lee Mistycah

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