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The 'Secret' Behind "The Secret"

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The Secret Behind The Secret

Written: 3/18/2007

NOTE:This evaluation is not intended as a slam to those who wrote and produced the movie, but to give an insight into the dynamics around the law of attraction that are truly a carefully guarded "Secret....TOP SECRET!"

When I saw the first 2 minutes of the movie "The Secret" on my PC several months ago, I thought, "Awesome.....some new code has been broken and a fragment of truth finally revealed!" As I continued to watch, I became restless, and then annoyed to the point that I had to shut off the movie.....I continued to be really, really upset inside.....actually I was LIVID! It felt like the concepts in this movie were a personal attack somehow...not just on me, but on millions of First Wave Indigos out there that have had extreme trials and extreme suffering for an extreme amount of time. It felt like the movie was saying..."All you have to do is put out good intent, and the law of attraction is bound to bring it to you...What you think, you attract.....END OF STORY!" I am not a newbie to the metaphysical community and have been on the "Change Your Mind, Change Your Life" band wagon for more than three decades. I have spent countless hours reading self-help, metaphysical and motivation books and practiced the concepts religiously. I coupled this with listening to motivational tapes, self-transformation tapes, subliminal tapes, and cutting-edge technologies like John David Learning Institute's brain-mind expansion/holographic sound tapes, the Voyager Mind Machine, high tech seeing- eye posters, and the list goes on and on. This obsession/passion for understanding how the mind works and using that knowledge to create the life of my dreams has been a major part of my life since the early 70's when I started this journey by selling SMI (Success Motivation Institute) training courses. I believe in positive thinking and getting yourself out of ruts with a change in attitude. Whining won't fix things (unless you have a sugar daddy that bails you out) so you have to pull yourself up when you fall and learn from the lessons. I have a "wishing tree" that I update every solstice and I see results I never thought were possible! I believe this energetic works, and CAN work very well.....IF NOT INTERFERED WITH! It wasn't until just the last few years, after enduring tremendous, insidious hardships that I realized why nothing I seemed to have done had a long lasting affect in clearing the gross misfortune from my life. I realized after years of studying and practicing Magick, reflecting on my own life, the lives of my clients and observing the "haves and have-nots" that something was terribly wrong here. I finally recognized that the law of attraction could be manipulated and is NOT the one and only golden key is not the only law that is on the table. (Another key being "The Strongest Force Wins".....even if it is "homeopathic force") I understand on a very deep and profound level that there is something missing, something manipulated or outright stolen! I realized that there is a camouflaged "secret agenda" that is extremely well guarded and propaganda is everywhere keeping this "Secret" a "TOP SECRET!" As I investigated further I found many agendas from what I call PTB's (Powers That Be) being carried out and sheltered. For one thing, creative energies and magnetics of "good fortune" were actually being STOLEN! This skimming and stealing seemed to be happening almost exclusively guessed it.....The FW-Indigo Nation! I call this the "Health, Wealth & Good Fortune Energy Vampires." The agenda was/is, "You FW-Indigos go ahead and create all the Happiness and Good Fortune you can. We will steal it without your knowledge to create more power and affluence for us... (especially financial power to further our agendas and empires.) We hope you do this a lot because as fast as you can create, we can steal! When you get frustrated, because nothing ever happens, you will be blamed by others, and think something is dreadfully wrong with YOU and that YOU are inept. After years and years of "failure" you will surely give up out of despair and depression (and hopefully take your own life.) At that point we will have a double win.....we will have increased our power and control, and as a bonus, one more FW-Indigo is out of the game! One more FW-Indigo we have used and abused till the end to further our agendas and empires because We Are The Supreme Power Here!"

Another dynamic to consider is the aspect of black magick, spells and curses that contributes even further challenges. Many people smugly say that this energy won't hurt you if you don't' believe in it. This is a naive statement. The only way it is true is if you consciously disempower the hostile energetic, and your intent has to be the strongest force... you have to "out will" the magick. For those who don't believe in black magick, curses, spells, and dark sorcery and that it can totally consume and trash your is most likely because they have never encountered this type of "Take Over" personally or they would change their tune. To add insult to injury, for those of you who have been under the oppression of these dynamics, I'm sure you encountered many well meaning "New Agers" saying things such as, "You must be harboring unloving emotions or some kind of negative thinking that sabotages all of your efforts. Your life is a mirror of the negative things within you. You are just not vigilant enough in getting rid of your negativity on the inside or your life and health would be more 'blessed' .....God gives you what you ask for and what you deserve! ( now it seems you even have God annoyed with you and withholding blessings!)" UPDATE: 11-15-18 -- Read The Artificial Intelligence Article and you will find out that yes, God indeed may be upset with you and making your life miserable! I have had many instances of being the focal point for dark magick dog piling on me from many sources at the same time so I know first hand how hellish this can be. I understand what it is like to have every little morsel of "The Law of Averages and normalcy" stripped away and getting thrust head first into bad luck and misfortune in every aspect of my life...and then it felt like I was bound, gagged and locked inside this hell hole! The intense misery was then amped up for over 5 very looooong years. I began dealing with the Leather Cult head on, and my life and sanity were in constant jeopardy. Along with all these challenges, just about everything in my life broke and fell apart, got lost or stolen, or got stuck and locked...(Especially electronics like computer equipment and cameras...and also mechanical things like cars and lawn mowers.) Then my body started falling apart...especially my teeth. I became very toxic and gained 50 lbs. Changing my diet did nothing to remedy the problem. It would take 20-50 times more effort than "normal" to get any particle of relief. I could write volumes of stories that few people would believe if they hadn't been around to watch it happen, and all this crap kept recycling over and over and over again! The impossible was always taking place.....things that were impossible to break the way they did would break or fry, sometimes more than once! I joked that Murphy's Law would be considered good luck and a welcome reprieve! I tell you this not to whine or to drudge up old skeletons, but to let you know that I have been there and understand what many of you have been through or are going through. It makes sense that if we had not been trained for this mission, we would never survive! Now that I am on the other side of that and many other "Hellish Missions." I can use the information I gleaned to help my Indigo comrades and also to bust these tyrannical oppressors! Knowledge is potential POWER! Another contributor to a hellish and "unblessed life" are the myriads of implants going off to keep you from your life's purpose.....and many of those are designed to make you sick and impoverished. (See article on implants) Ok, now I've laid a bunch of worm cans on the table, so what are we going to do about all of this now??? Understand that for the most part, these energetics come directly from some form of The PTB's. They can control the mass consciousness with their high tech and organic mind control systems and also target people individually. For centuries they have been in control of "The Haves & Have-Nots." They know that FW-Indigos are a threat to them and their agendas so they are doing everything they can to break us down and take us out. If you look at all the millions of people that seem to have "blessed lives" with health, wealth and freedom to do what ever they please.....understand that 99.999% of these people are playing into the PTB's hands as incessant unconscious consumers and uneducated as to how they are being manipulated. These people that are using the "laws of attraction" to magnetize several cars, houses, boats, ATV's, entertainment systems and electronic toys of all kinds and using those laws well. For the most part these "God fearing humans" don't have a clue about what is REALLY happening on Planet Earth, and just go about their business of consuming resources with little regard as to the affect they are having personally on the web of life. In many ways they are mirroring their puppet masters. There are a handful of FW-Indigos that got under the wire somehow and are living affluent lives and have some resources to fulfill their contracts. A handful is NOT ENOUGH! WE NEED ALL INDIGOS EVERYWHERE TO HAVE THE SAME RESOURCES! I would recommend that you: *Start by doing a spiral ceremony (see spiral curse reversal web page) to clear any interference of any kind out of your life and especially any curses, spells, black magick, voodoo, dark sorcery etc. Also be cognizant of the "Creation Energy Vampires" ....identify them and target them specifically. I would do a spiral ceremony every month until you get the interference off your backs and start manifesting your desires. *Get as many implants cleared as soon as possible and then keep yourself clear, it is like gardening...once you get all the weeds out, you have to do regular maintenance to keep it clear. It is easy to spot new ones when you are implant free and can pluck them out before you get over run again. *When having Tantric ceremonies, take charge of your orgone energy. Put a Kryahgenetics egg around the room that you are having the ceremony in and also one around yourself and your partner. Use this creative orgone energy to magnetize your hearts desires and wishes. I would put an automatic "zapper" on that energy so if any PTB Energy Vampires are hanging around ready to pounce, they get "Zapped" if they try to steal your Creative Energy! Remember that they are good at this and if you don't take charge of your Tantric Creative Energy and Power...THEY WILL! *Once you have gotten a handle on some of this debilitating interference, go and help some of your FW-Indigo comrades get a handle on theirs. Team up with other FW-Indigos to help keep these energies in check. I believe that thoughts and passion create reality....and if our collective thoughts and passion of Truth, Freedom and Justice for All are the strongest energetic in motion, THEY WILL PREVAIL! As I said before, THE STRONGEST FORCE WINS! ... and we CAN WIN THIS WAR & over-throw the tyrants and opressers that are in charge! IT WAS MAGICK THAT GAVE THEM THEIR POWER, AND WE CAN USE MAGICK TO STRIP THEM OF THEIR POWER! MAGICK HAS BEEN FREED AND IS NOW ON OUR SIDE! May you be Ultra-Violetly blessed and assisted in manifesting all your Noble Quests & Desires..... ~Lady Mistycah~

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