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The Spiral Ceremony

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The Spiral Ceremony

Written: 12-13-06

UPDATE 9-16-19

NOTE: This is the Ritual that was given to me by Hal and my other guides. I was yelling at them one day, and I was serious that I was ready to check out of the game if things didn't change fast, as I was losing my life-force and my will to live because of the eternal bad luck and horrible living conditions. The time must have been right as there was an immediate response to my demands. This ritual begin a reversal of all the myriads of curses, spells black magick & voodoo that had been plaguing my life for years! Every day was a living Hell! Shortly after this ceremony, I met Amikah and things in my life have steadily improved. I continue to do these ceremonies when I need a "clean out" or whenever it "feels right." It took about 5 of these ceremonies to FINALLY get the Son of a Cult Lord out of my house and out of my life.

NOTE: 9-16-19  If you feel you need to clear some Karma from the past or even past lives, you can use this method to break the ties/bonds and adapt it to your situation. Understand that some of this "Karma" could have been imposed or "forced" on you!


This ceremony is done best if you are sitting on the floor, (and yes, you can sit on a pad or small pillow if you want) but if that is not possible, then improvise however you feel would facilitate this ceremony custom designed to YOU. If you feel more candles are needed, then do whatever you feel you need to, as this is YOUR ceremony!

You will need: *Pie Tin or Cauldron *Ceramic plate or hotplate for pie tin *3 Candles *Matches or Lighter *3 Sheets of Printer Paper *Clipboard or Hard Writing Surface *Pencil (NOT A Pen) *Your Aurauralite Rocks or pendant if you have them ~Put on your Aurauralite pendant and/or hold your Aulmauracite rocks and ask them to assist you in bringing truth and justice to your life. (Be advised that if YOU are not in integrity, and YOU are the one at fault, then YOU will get a smack down from the Aurauralite/Aulmauracite that will bring truth and justice into YOUR life.) ~Place yourself in a Kryahgenetics Egg (or have the egg come to you) and make sure the DNA helix is running down the center or core of your body. When you feel comfortable, tell the egg to "Turn ON" and it will immediately start sucking all the debris out of your body and when it hits the shell it will be instantly neutralized. With each breath release debris till you feel calm and stable. ~ Place the candles in a triad around you with 2 on either side behind you and 1 directly in front of you so you are in the center of this candle triad. Make sure they are far enough away (2 feet is a good safe space) so you won’t catch your hair or cloths on fire! When you feel comfortable with the set-up, light the candles and connect with the element of fire and its transmutation qualities. ~Take the first sheet of paper and write down all the "Crappy" things that have been going on in your life that you are going to put a STOP to. (If you need more than one piece of paper to write all this down on, by all means, use a ream if you need to but get it out of you and down on paper so you can see it and address it!) ~Take the second sheet and write all the "Cool Sh*t" you desire and deserve to have in your life. (I hope you have just as much on this list as you did on the first! :o) ~Take the third sheet of paper and with your pencil, start at the top of the page and as you begin drawing a spiral, with all the emotion you have, say something like, "I'm sick and tired of all the "Sh*t" in my life and I'm NOT PUTTING UP WITH IT ANY LONGER! I NOW PUT AN ABRUPT STOP TO....... and then start naming off all the things you have in your list. If you have a huge list make sure that you draw the coil very slowly and very close together so that you will have plenty of time to get it all out before you get to the center of the spiral. It is important that you use a pencil instead of a pen because the metals in the pencil will pick up the emotions from you and you are going to use that energy for alchemy. Try to keep your pencil on the paper and not lift it up. This will keep the continual energy flow.....(but if you have to lift your pencil, psychically connect it back) It is important that you get all your emotions out and if you want to yell and scream and cuss and cry, do it! (But close the window so the neighbors don't hear -hahahahahaaa) ~When you get close to the center, say something like, " ...And I take all my power back and put an abrupt stop to all of this Sh*t NOW!!!" ~Now, do NOT lift the pencil! Take a deep breath or two or three, and then say something like ....."I now reverse all of this crap and in its place bring into my life ................(and start listing all of the "Cool Sh*t" you want to have and embrace in your life. As you do this, draw over the same line and start coming out of the spiral as you put your dreams, wishes, and manifestations into this reality.) What you are doing is literally "overwriting" the old program by tracing over the old spiral. This is another reason for the pencil instead of the pen. ~When you come to the end of the outer circle of the spiral, and are nearing the top, say something like, " ... this good luck, this good fortune and this freedom, continues on into eternity.....(and as you do this, at the top of the page, lift the pencil in a sweeping motion and continue that spiral in the air. This will keep that energy moving and you will feel the release as it goes off the paper and into the ethers. ~Next, take the spiral, crinkle or roll it up and get ready to torch it! (Remember the laws of fire when you do this....Hahahahahahaaaa I darn near lit my rug on fire one time during a an emotional write and burn ceremony! It is best to do it outside, but if have to be careful and put something ceramic under the pie tin to keep it from burning whatever is underneath. Also you may want to cover the smoke alarm and open the window.) Make sure you have the paper in the pie tin or cauldron and as it’s going up in flames, re-affirm your position of power and command over your life. When it is all transmuted and burned to ashes....take the ashes outside and scatter them to the wind.... once again affirming your authority over your life. You are creating the new laws of your life and setting your spirit free! ~When you are done burning the spiral, you can either burn the list OR keep it on file for physical evidence of your Magickal Abilities. Check each one off that has manifested or been obliterated so you can see the 3-D results of taking command over your life!  ~When your ceremony is complete, make a wish and blow out the candles….as it is a new world for you now, truly a new “Birth-day"!  :o)

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