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Etheric Implant Removal Protocol

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Etheric Implant Removal Protocol

Those Nasty Noxious Inhibitors

Written: 07-02-06

Protocol Updated: 4--13-2023 Etheric Implant Removal Protocol at the bottom of this page

NOTE: This method can also be used for: Chakras - Kundalini Snake - Astral body

This web page on etheric Implant Removal is long overdue, and one of the most innovative self-discovery/self-correction/self-defense tools available. I have been working with implant removals in myself and my clients for over a decade, and have refined it to a fine science using this protocol. The following "NOTE" is an excerpt from my book "Living in an Indigo House" and will give you a good background on what implants are, what they can to do make your life a living Hell... most importantly, what you can do to fix it! It is interesting to note that at the time the book was printed some of the information about how to remove these implants was classified. Since then some of the sinister forces that would harm those that tried to do this without proper supervision and surveillance, and also the threat to me for bringing this information to the public "have been handled." NOTE: In Early Aug 2006 I was working with a client and found what looked like a "walnut" in his head that was causing self sabotage behaviors. I thought it was kind of strange and questioned my sanity when I saw it. I removed it in a little different protocol than normal and found out later that it is an implant that is in every CCC member! It is literally like a "second brain" and can be responsible for up to 60% of the causes of your challenges in getting on with your missions here. This was the handiwork of none other than "The Great Jehovah"...yes, Enlil was at it again....that old Jealous God of war, manipulation and Ego. It was put in place 24 years ago to keep Indigos and CCC members from invading what he considered his "turf" and has been seriously camouflaged till now....(and yes, Duerlah had her grimy hands in designing this one also.) This implant is kind of sly when you first detect it...and sometimes it will say stupid things like "I'm not the nut you are looking for" or "look on the other side of the head, no nuts on this side!" Don¹t buy into it...put your self in a big egg before scanning and quarantine the walnut with an small egg around your entire head...have the egg lift it out of your body and about 2 feet above your big egg and then tell the egg to "Scramble it....neutralize it....and ELIMINATE IT NOW!" Then restore and reinstall your original authentic blueprints, codes and power. When this is done, anchor and lock it in with the old "mummy protocol" at the bottom of this page. This process is surprisingly fairly easy to do, but if you want help, you can contact me for a 15 minute session to get the little bugger out!    Maybe this is the reason why we are all NUTS!  :o) (I have to confess, I have gotten a lot of mileage out of joking about "removing peoples Nuts!) ~Laura Lee Mistycah~ Eggs Quarantine, Eggs Scrambled, Egg Plants ... ahhhhh the things you can do with these eggs!


The Kryahgenetics Egg is a wonderful cosmic tool that can be used both as a protective protocol and also as a quarantine device. Here are the instructions to use as a protective mechanism: First, Visualize yourself inside a Kryahgenetics Egg (or have the egg come and wrap around you. The egg can be very large, with lots of room inside, or just big enough to go around your body. Make sure to have the DNA helix running down the core of your body, with the star at the top and the diamond at the bottom. Take note as to what the egg looks and feels like inside, as it may change the next time you use it.) Then take a few breaths and when you feel comfortable, tell the egg to "Turn ON." It will immediately start sucking all the debris out of your body, and when it hits the shell it will be instantly neutralized. With each breath, release debris and keep doing this till you feel calm and stable. (Your egg may pulse or even spin to pull the debris out of you, but if it does, you will notice that you won’t get dizzy!) You can also use Kryahgenetics Eggs to protect pets, houses, cars, airplanes, etc. I have put eggs around planes I was traveling in and stopped turbulence….on many, many occasions. (I know it kind of freaked the pilot out because they forewarned the passengers of serious “bumps” and made the stewardesses stop their services and sit town till it was over… I double egged the plane and it never happened!) The first time I realized you could put a "Quarantine Egg" around something, happened several years ago when my Ghost Buster partner Ronnie and I, were invited to check out the Amargosa Hotel and Opera House in California near Pahrump, Nevada. This hotel was out in the middle of the desert at Death Valley Junction and the closest town was about a half hour to 45 minutes away. The buildings were extremely haunted with a variety of very creepy energies and literally hundreds and hundreds of ghosts stuck there. I heard countless stories where people had either seen or heard ghosts, or been the unlucky recipient of "ghost hostility." One reason for all the nasty, bizarre things that were happening constantly was that a really foul, arrogant, tyrannical ghost was squatting there. He thoroughly enjoyed lording over the other ghosts and making their life, or rather their "afterlife" a living Hell! This ghost was a jerk when he was living and was a jerk after he died. It was on the full moon in May of 2002 ...the energies were perfect for what we were about to do. As I began to open the portal across the street from the hotel, all sorts of strange things started to happen. A man appeared out of nowhere and walked aggressively toward our circle, trying to interrupt us. When he was taken back to the hotel for a cup of coffee to keep him from interfering, he just "disappeared." Finally I thought, "This is just going to keep up because the hostile ghost knows what we're about to do and is not going to give up his turf without a fight!" So without thinking, I instinctively put a "Kryahgenetics Quarantine Egg" around this intimidating, diabolic ghost, and said, "Night, Night" to him as I lowered my hand from the top to the bottom of the egg, slowly anesthetizing him. His spirit was now in stasis, totally quarantined so he couldn't escape. As I was sedating him, he was ranting and raving and cussing and then all of a sudden, a horrible stench manifested. It smelled like rotten egg gas or sulfur or some such thing, and it hung around for several minutes and then dissipated when he was fully sedated. His quarantined slumber gave us the freedom we needed to help the other trapped spirits out of the hotel and into the shimmering portal to go back home to the Light. Many angels were there assisting us and it took about 20 minutes to get them all out. (Some of them even came back out of the tunnel to say "thank you" ... which made our efforts totally rewarded!) Now it was time to figure out what to do with the dictatorial ghost. I kept him in the quarantine egg, and slowly brought him out of his slumber.....and once again we could smell the horrible stench as he woke up and realized he was still quarantined! He was really angry at being confined as he was used to being the only one who called the shots and imprisoned others. When he saw the angels, he finally realized what was going on. This made him furious and he was NOT going to go to the light through this portal, and no amount of angels attending the portal could convince him otherwise. (He believed that since he was such a mean, cruel son of a gun, that the only place he would be going is to Hell, so he was just going to park his spirit and STAY RIGHT THERE!) Well, we finally figured out what to do. Ronnie got the bright idea to have one of the angels bring his Mother back through the tunnel and into the egg with him. This sobered him up and we were stunned at his countenance transformation.....he started to soften up. His mother poured her heart out to him about how much she loved him, and that he was NOT going to Hell. She said she knew he had a hard life because of how abusive his father was when he was a child and expressed her sadness that she passed away and was not there to love and protect him. This melted his steely cold heart. He trusted his mother enough now to take her hand. With this change of heart, the eggshell's energy fields opened, and he walked out of the egg and down the tunnel with her. Whewwww, what a relief for everyone involved! After the portal was closed and sealed, the heavy energy was totally lifted. We all simultaneously smelled another essence...this time instead of a nasty stench, we smelled the wonderful fragrance of Roses! (Remember now, we are in the middle of the desert, and there were absolutely NO Roses there!) (More details on this story and many others are revealed in the newly released book, "Got Ghosts???" by Laura Lee Mistycah and Ronnie Foster.) After this quantum experience, I realized what a powerful device these eggs are for quarantining not just energies, but also entities! It is also important to note here that these eggs, like the Aurauralite/Aulmauracite rock, have a very strong code of ethics. You cannot use them for egotistical purposes or to try and hurt or injure someone or something with them. Now that you have been educated in "Eggs Quarantine", we will move on to the next group of eggs on the menu, "Egg Plants & Scramble Eggs." It has come to my attention that Kryahgenetics eggs can be of extreme value in dealing with different types of invasive implants. I have categorized them as: *Metallic- These implants are mechanical in nature, with metallic compositions. Some include elements which cannot be found on planet earth. A number of these implants, believe it or not, were introduced to the body by some of today's designer drugs. *Organic- These implants have live cells and can be detected, but many times are camouflaged. *Psychic- These implants are projected and held in place by electromagnetic fields and thought forms. Metallic and organic implants can be physical and detected under certain medical diagnosis.....but also can be totally disguised and invisible. Psychic implants can become physical in 3-D if held and sustained long enough. All implants can receive and/or transmit information, programs, commands, data, holograms and emotions...which then can cause interference in thought processes, and also physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychic functions. I have been aware of and dealt with these types of implants for more than 15 years. I have had numerous experiences with them both on a personal level and also with my clients. It seems that just when I think I'm getting a handle on how they operate, a new one comes out...(sort of like having to constantly design new anti-virus software for new computer bugs!) Recently I have discovered that there are implant varieties, which are similar to parasites in the body. When you scan for parasites, (I use kinesiology and my medical intuitive skills for scanning) these little buggers have their own consciousness, and will stop broadcasting their energy and go dormant to trick you into thinking they're not there! Through much stealth and per-severance, I have devised a way to detect them. Since they cannot change the past, you can go back in time and access accurate data on them. When I do this process, I ask my client's body if there were parasites setting up housekeeping in the body yesterday or even 15 minutes ago. If there were indeed parasites there yesterday or 15 minutes ago, it will show up in the scan. This way you can call their bluff and accurately identify their presence and their activities. Some of these implants need special treatment and have to be dismantled in a certain order, similar to the protocol of disarming a bomb. I find it mandatory to use Aurauralite/Aulmauracite to find the truth about the implant and how to disarm and remove it, and the Kryahgenetics Egg to quarantine and hold it while I'm figuring out the proper removal procedure. Most of these implants are designed to go off and debilitate you in some way when you start awakening to your spiritual path. Severe headaches and extreme physical pain of some sort is very common. They can also disturb your thoughts and your emotions. (While I am presently writing this, exposing their existence and designs, I am getting very dizzy, ill and foggy headed.....go figure!) When I give Spiritual Contract readings, I find that for every contract you agreed to, you also have at least one (and usually several) implants that are trying to keep you from fulfilling that contract. These can be negative thoughts about yourself that have been reinforced by hurtful words, experiences and memories...(many of which are not even from this life time). This dynamic can make it really rough because unless you have excellent past life recall, all you have are the debilitating emotions... which can make absolutely no sense. This scenario is prime bait for Indigos getting massively sedated and medicated either by self or by "those in authority". Once an implant has been identified and quarantined, you can use the Aurauralite/Aulmauracite rocks placed strategically to totally scramble implants and render them useless. Then depending on what type of implant it is, you can either reprogram it, or eliminate it all together. When this is done, there is usually an instant physical sensation, and a release/relief soon follows. Sometimes these little buggers have other programs attached, like, satellites, repeaters, broadcasters, receivers, time-releases, pods, seeds, and new things that may not have even been invented at the time of writing this article. When you rid yourself of implants, you also have to go after all the attachments for 100% clearing. After this process is complete, it is extremely important to fill in the empty spaces of what you just deleted from your body and energy fields with empowering elements/programs .....and especially a stronger connection with your Higher Self/God-Goddess Self. I find that with Indigos, all they need is one or two "implant removal" sessions and they can take the ball (or implant in this case) and run with it. They innately know what to do and how best to do it. I encourage this! I tell my clients that if they get stuck though, not to hesitate to contact me for help. It is not a shameful thing to need a little help once in a fact, some implants require someone else's assistance for full resolution.....and some implants are designed to not allow the recipient to take them out themselves without serious repercussions. The up side to all of this "Implantation" is... that it makes the host much tougher and wiser for the experience. You gain a more profound "intimate" understanding of these types of sinister operations, and with this education, you activate wondrous aspects of your being that you didn't even remember existed. Also, once these implants or programs have been removed, it seems that you are so happy to be free, that you face life with a new zest and joy in small things many take for granted. To give you an idea of some of my personal implant challenges, here is a recount that might help you understand a little better, how they operate. About 25 years ago, when I started waking up spiritually, I became aware of a strange response I had that centered around my kids. I found that I was very uncomfortable demonstrating any type of physical affection to them in public. My energy and actions seemed stiff and robotic. I could do things like dispassionately pat them on the head but not hug and kiss them. When I was home, I was a regular "mother goose" ...however in public, I felt very awkward and uneasy. This bizarre anxiety bothered me for years as I tried and tried to figure out what my idiotic problem was! Then one evening in a meditation I heard this authoritative, conquering voice in my head that made my blood run cold It said something like..... "If you start waking up spiritually, and fulfilling your contracts, we will hunt down the ones you love and ANNIHILATE THEM!" I knew then that this warning had subconsciously been running in the background of my mind and affected nearly every aspect of my life. This threat was backed by some extreme, intense fear frequencies and also imprints from some of my past existences where this very threat actually happened. At that time I had no idea what an "implant-imprint/program" was and no idea how to remedy it. I worked for many more years to finally get rid of this foul controller. I realized when I was on the other end of it all, that this threat dissipated slowly as my awareness increased of who I am and the empowerment of knowing what I am capable of. Had I known about the Aurauralite/Aulmauracite Rocks, and Kryahgenetics Eggs at that time, this implant could have been identified and removed in 15 minutes or less. What a relief it is to have these wonderful life forms here to assist us! WE DON'T HAVE THE LUXURY ANY MORE OF TAKING THAT MUCH TIME TO RESTORE OUR AUTHENTIC POWER! NOTE: In many instances, these implants are very much like getting your bio-computer hacked and reprogrammed by some outside source. Now you have the education and resources to bypass any encrypted hacker codes and gain access back to your own bio-computer and take command. I have personally set booby traps for any future hackers that think they can sneak in and have access to my control panel! Once you have discovered an implant, usually in the form of a fear, negative condescending thought, or bold outright threat, it is important to evaluate where you feel it is coming from. Put yourself in an egg and then place a rock on both sides of the body that you think is the center of this. (If you can't figure it out, then place a rock on your head and sit on the other one.) Then give the rocks the command to help you "identify and quarantine this implant." Wait for it to do this.....and then scramble it.....(once again wait for the rocks to execute your orders) then tell them to neutralize it.....(wait for them to complete this task) .....and then give the strong command to have the rocks "Eliminate it NOW!" Breath deeply while this is being done. When you have stabilized, you need to go and clean up anything that would re-create the implant using the same protocol. I call this the "Peripheral Energy" and it is removed in the same manner. Use your gut instincts and intuition on this as there are no set rules as to what happens. There have been times when we have had to reverse the order, and take out the peripheral first. After the implant has been removed you will most likely feel some kind of shift and relief...sometimes this is a huge weight lifted and a sense of freedom. You now need to put something in the empty space that the implant left. You can install what ever the opposite of what was taken out is..... that is always a nice change. What ever your hearts desire you can now give the rocks the command to reinstall...just like programming a computer. With this "new program" you also need to include "Restoring and Reinstalling your Appropriate Original Authentic Blueprints, Codes and Power." Then embed it in to your DNA and lock it in. If you are an Indigo, infuse with oscillating pure clear and Ultra Violet Light. (If you are not an Indigo, then just use pure clear light.) When this phase is complete, you need to anchor it. One of the best methods I have found, is to place your arms across your chest like a mummy, hold your shoulders firmly and say with conviction....."So Be It!" and squeeze tightly to lock it in your body, energy fields and soul. This will complete the process and you will feel renewed and empowered from the very core of your being. Here is an outline of the protocol. You may copy it and have it handy to help guide you through this process. Check this site periodically as we will be updating this protocol when new data comes in. NOTE: Some implants are designed to need someone else to take them out and also to detect. Do not ever feel that you have failed or that you are inadequate because you ask for help periodically. I am here to assist. There are also other people out there that can do this, but make sure they are qualified.



Get Ready:


Put yourself in several layers of: Original, Authentic, Un-corrupted, Upgraded, Kryahgenetics Badd Ass Eggs. (Which includes Invincible Technology of the Ultima-17 Module. You may want to have it go in stealth mode which includes tracks sweaper to cover your tracks)

Have them clear the debris in you and your auric field. Then breath and get real focused. Use your Aurauralite Pendant or Aulmauracite Rocks to assist, placing them where they are needed in order to get rid of the implant. If you have Rocks, put one on both sides of the implanted area, or if it is your entire body, put one at your head & one at your feet or hold one in each hand. ~Also-use your breath to clear these energies. Take deep breaths in-between each segment and use your breath to “blow them out” when appropriate.~

Clear The Implant, Imprint OR Mind Control Program

*Have your Aurauralite/Aulmauracite help you: Identify & Quarantine it with a Kryagenetics Egg.

*Next have your rocks collect and download all the Data/Intel from the implant, imprint or program for future reference.

*Now have your rocks help you Scramble the implant - then Neutralize it - then Eliminate it NOW! (Next: Take Out All Peripheral Energies listed below that may reinstate the implant.) Note: Sometimes this needs to be eliminated first, sometimes both simultaneously - use your intuition on this. PERIPHERAL ENERGIES & BACKLASH:

(This includes things that could reinstate the implant, things connected to the implant or things that have you on their radar.)

NOTE: The ones in blue were recently added. Have the rocks help you identify and quarantine with the Kryahgenetics Egg all of the: *Satellites - Repeaters - Broadcasters - Receivers - Receptors - Attractors - Reactors - & Resisters *Projectors - Projections - Projectionists - Programs - Programmers - Overriders - Overwriters - Underwriders - & Underwriters *Injectors - Injections - & Psychic Poison *Pods & Seeds - Eggs - Larva - Caterpillars & Bugs *Attachments - Piggy Backing - Cloaked Tag-ons - Hijackers & Saboteurs - - Shove-Ons’ - Hitchhikers - Parasites –Energy Suckers - Loosh Feeders - Squatters *Back Lash – Front Lash – Side Lash - Lash Removal Lash - Unlash/AntiLash - Research & Discovery Lash *Inappropriate Prayers and /A.I.- God Energies *Mimickers - Imitators - Copy Cats - Clones - Twins & Relatives *Morphers - Phasers & Random Phasers - Shape Shifters & Shape Shifting Deceivers *Time Releases - Event Releases - Space Releases - Time Loops - Space Loops - Event Loops - Loop Holes - & Fruit Loops (Makes you CRAZY) *Disrupters - Corrupters - Perverters - Truth Twisters - Mutaters & Mutations - Distorters, Distortions & Distortionists, Erosion & Corrosioners *Networks, Liaisons, Minions, Workforces, Staff *Plans - Blueprints - Schematics - Patterns & Templates - Duplicates & Duplicators - Copies & Libraries *Originators - Designers - Engineers - Bosses - Sources - Sources Sources - Master Minds - (& Their Memories Of You) Puppet Masters - Puppeteers Manipulators - Controllers – Enforcers - Intimidators - Gaslighters - Brainwashers - Mind Benders - Propagandists *Re-creators - Re-animators - Reseters - Rerouters *Reverters - Reversers - Set Backs & Booby Traps *Thought/Focus: Snatchers - Misplacers, Displacers, Replacers, Scatterers, & Foggers *Memory: Snatchers, Cloakers, Shatterers, Re-arrangers, Misinterpreters & Filterers - Erasers - Eradicaters *Phantoms - Illusions & Illusionists - Smoke & Mirrors - False Memories & Fear of Memories *Bad Luck - Curses - Jinxes - Whammies - Spells - Hexes - Voodoo/Hoodoo - Mojo - Juju - Signs - Signals - Tokens - Sigils - Signets - Prohibitions - Codes - Charms - Amulet Magick - Talismans -Black/White & All Other Magicks *Fear Imprints - Lies - Deceptions - Truth Deniers - Threats - Black Mail - & Sinister Agendas *Unauthorized Psychic Surveillance Passes - Remote Viewers & Controllers - Voyeurs *Forced Force Fields & Bands - Traps - Prisons - Freezers & Thawers ***NEW-03-13-2014 - Unauthorized Sleeper/Dormant: Programs - Garbage & Debris - plus all Trauma Re-setters/Re-creators ***NEW-01-09-2015 - Manufacturers - Producers - Directors - Enforcers - intimidators & Obligators ***NEW-11-16-2015 - Hidden & Camouflaged: Invaders - Attackers - Snipers - Surveyors & Perpetrators ***NEW-08-20-2016 - Trash Talking Voices and Voice Boxes - Background Programs - Intimidators – Demoralizers - Fear & Phobia Projections & Imprints ***NEW-09-04-2016 - Anxiety, Pain & Suffering, Fear & Dread: Exaggerators - Trumpers - Escalators - Intensifiers - Exacerbaters, Amplifiers ***NEW-01-22-2017 - Time, Space, Dimension, Realm & Reality Jumpers ***NEW-11-24-2017 - Networks: Organized & unorganized - Named & Unnamed ***NEW-02-01-2019 - Covenants - Codes - Restrictions ***NEW-05-10-2019 - Replicators + Echos & Echo Chambers that make things repeat endlessly

***NEW -4-13-2023 - Egregores (thought forms that collaborate & take control)

***NEW -4-13-2023 - Dead Man's Switches

***NEW -4-13-2023 - Permission Slips

*Unethical, Obsolete, Coerced, or Forced: Agreements - Contracts - Promises - Pledges - Pacts - Oaths & Vows ~~ Through ALL Time/Time Lines, No-Time, Anti-Time ~~ Space, No-Space, Anti-Space ~~ Everywhere & Nowhere and All Dimensions, Parallel Lives & Existences, Realms & Realities ~Now & Forever!~ *Next: This step is very important! -- Have your rocks help you collect all the Data/Intel and store/download it in the Aulmauracite Rocks for future reference - Then Scramble - Then Neutralize - Then Eliminate everything in the Kryahgenetics Eggs- NOW & FOREVER!

FINAL RESTORATION STEP Now...(and this is EXTREMELY important)  Ask your rocks help you restore your authentic self, and fill up the empty spaces left by the removed implant/program.  If YOU don't fill those empty spaces, Someone OR Something Else WILL! *Clear, Repair or Replace all Body Mechanics and Their Tools. *Clear, Repair or Replace all Vortices and Vertices In Holographic Matrix Grids. *Clear/Neutralize Physical Toxins caused by the Implant/Program. *Restore/Reinstall All Appropriate/Custom Designed ~Up-graded~ Original Authentic Blueprints, Codes, memories & Power (+ any other appropriate programs or desires.) *Embed and Lock Into DNA & Electro Magnetic Fields - Infuse oscillating pure uncorrupted clear (& UV-Light into DNA & Electro Magnetic Fields ...For Indigos Only.) *(This step revised 6-19-2016) Feel/See your Authentic Higher Self/Suemah energy (Core Star) move through the figure 8 racetrack (Head - Heart - Loins) and spinning at the same time. Feel/See this energy move into the empty spaces left by the removed implant, and totally regenerate & rejuvenate you! ~ *Anchor by crossing your arms over your chest like a mummy. Using a strong verbal command such as "So Be It" ...squeeze your shoulders simultaneously to lock this new matrix in place. (Anchor 3 times, each time with more intent and passion!) EXAMPLES OF IMPLANTS / IMPRINTS / PROGRAMS / LABELS / FORCED AGREEMENTS *Chakras - Kundalini Snake & Eggs - Astral Body --This should be your first priority - I NEVER wake up with scratches, bruises and have night terrors like I used to before I got rid of the astral body.  It will greatly improve your sleep and your life! *Plates-Blocks-Insulators: I found these at the neck and the waist to keep Heart/CoresStar energy from interacting and integrating with the HeadStar and LoinStar. (See Bodies Article posted Jan 2016) *Anchors, Anchor Points and Lines etc. that Tie/Bind/Imprison you to Dysfunctional and/or Traumatic; History, Memories, Places & People/Beings. (Discovered 7-16-12) *Anxiety Maker - similar to a "pacemaker" that monitors anxiety and when it gets to low,

this A.I. mechanism auto installs more anxiety to maintain high levels.

*Shape Shifting Deceiver Implant (this is an implant most FW-Indigos have that can make good look bad & bad look good.) *Smoke & Mirrors - This is a peripheral energy that makes it hard to find the Shape Shifting Deceivers and other Implants.) *Reverser Implants *Commanders - Program Overrides *Intimidation - Threat Implants *UNNECESSARY, UNWARRANTED, UNFOUNDED: - Worry, Fear, Pain, Sorrow, Grief, & Anger Implants - (Scenario Builders & Worry Warts) *UNFIXABLE, ETERNAL: - Worry, Fear, Pain, Sorrow, Grief, & Anger Implants *Duerlah "Post Traumatic Stress" (P.T.S.) & Insanity (This is especially for those who had close encounters with her and remember!) *Mind Control P.T.S & Insanity *Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) P.T.S. & Insanity *Porn Vibration P.T.S. & Insanity *Thinkable, Unthinkable & Anti-Thinkable Implants, Programs and Backlash (These are the types that Duerlah was famous for) *Forced Hologram & Earth Entrance Agreements, Oaths, Vows, Promises etc. & Psychic Ability Shutdowns - i.e; Mandatory Amnesia Acceptance **NEW-03-18-2019  -Forced Paradigms, Scenarios, & Templates NOTE: Some implants need to be scanned in past &/or future tense because they can go immediately dormant when scanned for in present time... (this phenomena/hiding ability was discovered back in the 80’s during my research in scanning for parasites. I found that they are "smart little buggers" and could go "dormant" ...not emit energy and therefore not show up in scanning, even though they were indeed there. Parasites can also be a host and "house" entities.) The instructions should give you what you need to "handle" these little buggers, but if you would like to set up an implant removal session, here is the web page that tells what is required and how to do that. Book a session with LauraLee Mistycah here. Yes there are lots of things to read and do, but it will help you in the long run be more self-sustaining and also more capable of helping your fellow Indigos with their implants too! Now... "Onward & Forward!"   :- )

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