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Desperate Sex - Don't Do It!

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Desperate Sex Don't Do It

Written: 11-10-06

UPDATE: 07-28-2015 Have you been feeling extremely lonely and empty to the core the brink of tears or apathy?  Have you had old fears you thought were dead and buried come back to haunt you and run-a-muck to the point of obsession?  Have you had bad dreams that tie you to "old romances or relationships" and "stuff" that you thought had been previously handled?  Do you feel that if you don't have a "quality relationship" in your life, you might as well be dead because that emptiness makes you feel dead inside already?   Do you find yourself standing in front of the open refrigerator looking for something that "Looks Good" but nothing seems to "hit the spot" when you eat it? These are symptoms that many, many First Wave Indigos are having and it seems to have been amped up lately. This feeling of sadness and desperation to find a "Soul Mate" is almost getting out of control and you need to know that others are feeling it is NOT just YOU! Ann and I have been feeling it too (trust us on this has almost been debilitating and consuming us at times. We are not immune to this challenge...YET.) I remember a few weeks ago I was changing the sheets on my bed and a windstorm started kicking up. I didn't think much at first but then it got worse and the gate started banging. Then this voice came to me and said....."Do you like being alone?"  It didn't take much time to answer that one and I replied....."Heck, yes, it sure beats being in a Hellish relationship!"  Then the voice said, ".......but you are REALLY alone one else is around anymore.......your son is gone now, and you are all you like that?"  

Well, THAT was a no-brainer and I replied, "Well, yes, it is nice to have some solitude after so many years of constant chaos of kids and husbands and constant stream of people coming through the house...this is the first time in my entire life I have had the grace of being alone, and not have to clean up after everyone.  I can now have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and how I's great! ...I LOVE IT!" .....And then the voice said....."Well, what if something happened to you, no one would know .....and what if someone broke into your house and you screamed, no one would hear you.....and what if..."     I abruptly stopped it right there and said..."Who the Hell are you?!" (....silence.....) Then I said....."You're ou-dah-here and this conversation is over!" Then I took a deep breath,  put my eggs up, turned on the stereo loud and finished making my bed...I started thinking about what had just happened and then I said in my head ..... "I know who you are and I am NOT GOING TO LET YOU SCARE OR BULLY ME, OR MAKE ME FEEL LONELY WHEN I KNOW I'M NOT ALONE!   Then I called out to Hal and my dragons and said .... SIGEM!"   (I felt much better after that.) Statistically, the majority of First Wave Indigos are currently "single." Out of the ones that are married or in a relationship, only about 6% are in happy, stable, and supportive partnerships. The others are in hideous relationships with spider/snake/cat ladies or male tyrants that are making their life a living Hell and they wish they were single and free! This is NOT the way it should be and .....if we have anything to do about is not the way it WILL BE in the near future. Since UV-Realm Indigos are "wired differently" is very important for you to understand that intimate relationships can only be truly fulfilling if you are with another Indigo, and also one that that is on the same "wavelength" that you are. If you aren't, and if you "sell out" and get together intimately with an "Earth Person" or someone who is convenient just to stop the loneliness.....this can be very destructive to both parties. First of all you will NOT get what you need out of the interaction and chances are you will be the unlucky recipient of some kind of Kundalini dumping.....a process that happens when someone knowingly or unintentionally, dumps their psychic debris/poisons/fears and stresses on their partner during intimacy. This can take hours, days, weeks or even months & years to clear, especially if you don't have a clue what happened and how to fix it. What Indigos are REALLY looking for is mutual respect/honor and energetic exchange that comes through high level Tantra, the art of conscious loving. Through Tantra you and your partner can move to elevated states of awareness/consciousness and truly "know thyself" in ways that nothing else can touch. It is one of the hidden keys in my book "Kryahgenetics, the Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy." Tantra is truly the bridge to higher consciousness, and that is precisely why organized religion has tried to make all sorts of rules and taboos to regulate it. They have deliberately created so much guilt and lies about sexuality to guarantee that you will not be free to explore and express your True Nature, the authentic God or Goddess within! If you never know the God/Goddess with in, you will always be looking on the outside of yourself to find "God." This way, "they" have control because you believe they have the roadmap and an "In" with God. They set themselves up as a mediator to Source...and you would NEVER want to cut off your link to "Source" .....Therefore, they "OWN YOU!" First Wave Indigos, in their heart of hearts, know this to be true, and long for a "soul mate" they love and trust to explore "the God/Goddess within" and become "one" with their partner. Magick happens when two people become one .....a union of heart....a union of soul...and if you know how to command and conduct orgone energy, (the power of the Orgasm.....the power of life itself) you can change your reality and the matrix of the entire hologram! Orgone energy laced with Divine Love is THE MOST POWERFUL ENERGY/FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE! It is the power to create ANYTHING and also can be used for destruction! The Powers That Be know this, and THAT is one of the main reasons you have been kept so isolated and so disconnected from those from the Realm that you love. If your "soul mates" from the Realm came into your life, and you started practicing Creation and Re-Creation through Tantra.....this world would be a different movie! We would change the social structure, extinguish the tyrants, and bring balance, peace and life force back to the earth and let Justice and Karma reign once more. Then we would head off to the cosmic Bahamas for some R&R before going back to the Realm for our next assignment. (If all this Tantra stuff is foreign to you, I would suggest picking up the book "The Complete Idiots Guide to Tantric Sex" by Dr. Judy Kuriansky, which is on the required reading list for "The Knights of Mistyc House" training.) NOTE: 7-28-2015 - I might remind you here that we have “Esoteric Lovers” that can be more loving, fulfilling, and many times more authentic and memorable than the encounters we have with someone in an “Earth Body.” Also, with the stepping up of “Shove-Ins” and “Electronic Shove-Ins” etc. you may not be with who you think you are during intimacy! Keep this in mind when “The Matrix Controllers” try to make you think that this 3-D reality is “real” and everything else is a figment of your imagination! Ok, so I have pointed out the problem here. What is the solution????? Ann and I are working on that and have identified many of the causes of this debilitating takeover energetic. If they can make First Wave Indigos feel extremely desperate for Love and companionship, the agenda is to either make you sell out and take what you can get...or become depressed and lose your zest for life...or ultimately take your life. Get the picture? So, my suggestion is to hang in there, see this problem for what it REALLY is, do some of your own meditation and research, connect with other FW-Indigos, and don't let the energies consume matter who, what or where they are coming from! I have found for me that connecting to my guides and guardians from the Realm has been extremely beneficial and many times I have even felt their arms around me...just holding me.....and sometimes I cry. This has been a very profound experience indeed, and it has helped me through some of these tremendously lonely times. Also, (and this is extremely important)...use this "solitude time" to get "cleaned-up and cleared-up" as much as you can if you have been "messed-up"...(hahahaha and what FW-Indigo hasn't?!) You want to be at your best physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically for when one of your "beloveds" comes into your life. Get as many of your implants cleared out as you can and make sure that you are not going to be a "donor" of Kundalini Dumping! (Not a good way to start a companionship/partnership!) Use this solitude time to explore yourself and understand/cultivate your sexual power by being intimate WITH YOURSELF! This is where quality intimacy with someone else starts. You can’t have a synergistic relationship with a partner until you learn how to be a good partner with yourself. You have to cultivate being comfortable with yourself before you can add another’s energy in on the mix and have it work! Being in solitude, you now have the luxury of not having to worry about someone physically Kundalini dumping on you, or giving you any diseases….and for women, no worries of getting pregnant. It is totally risk free! I have had clients who were always whining about being alone and my response to them (if they were ready for some hard core truth) is, “What’s the matter, don’t you like the company?" Really contemplate this about this the next time you are inclined to whine :o) May we all find the Love and Cosmic Romantic Relationships we so richly deserve, and may we shake the cosmos with passionate orgone energy that will permanently change this reality, and bring Honor, Truth, Love, Passion, and Prosperity to us all. ...And may Lady Karma and Lady Justice and the Law of Compassion reign once more..... ~Lady Mistycah~

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