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"We Are All The Same" and "We Are All One": Fact or Fiction?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

We Are All The Same and We Are All One: Fact Or Fiction?

Written: 07-02-06

A great deal has been written about both of these subjects. Go to any new age bookstore and you can find volumes on this topic. Click on your favorite search engine to get enough channeled material to permanently clog your printer. Here is my opinion on what's out there: (Remember, this is an "opinion," so don't go blaming Hal for what you read next....this information comes to you straight from my own gut. Perhaps it will resonate with yours?) So much has been written from a range of authoritative sources on this subject. You'd feel like an outcast if you didn't adhere to the "accepted truth" from the metaphysical Goo-ru's. (Goo is a great pun on this one!) The "ones in the know" say, "We are all the same." Any opinion to the contrary is considered "separatism" and shunned like a politician who tries to convince congress that earth actually has "feelings!" Consider this: If members of the CCC - and especially Indigos - were all "the same" as everyone else, they would be useless in terms of making permanent energetic, global or cosmic changes. Efforts to raise the consciousness grid would be futile because there would be nothing to raise it to if the CCC were "all the same" as the immediate, collective "unconscious" consciousness. I agree that the psychic powers of the CCC and Indigos are things that any "earth person" can attain, BUT they are going to have to pay the same price that was originally paid to get these abilities, and they weren't cheap, and they didn't come easily either. No one "schmoozed a professor," prostituted themselves, or had their daddies buy these powers for them. They were all EARNED! They were all earned in another time and place that the collective consciousness of earth can hardly comprehend. I know it is frustrating to some of the old metaphysicians, sages and shamans who have devoted years and years of training to acquire their skills, only to have these "blue folks" come in and do it all just by being given a directive or an idea...poof, it is done! Developing these powers took years of training for these old timers. They are used to using looooong drawn-out methods involving considerable amounts of pain and drama. Then an Indigo comes in and can do it quicker and even improve on it! Indigos have been ridiculed, shunned and even interrogated for what comes "natural" to them. The old timers just can't figure it out because they are using old, outdated "software" and the "blue folks" are using nano-tech super chips, and "blue tooth" types of technology. It seems that Indigos have been outcast both in the 3-D world" and also the metaphysical world. They just can't seem to fit in anywhere! Through eons of time, souls are being constantly created, so it would just make sense that there are some souls that would have a greater amount of experience, wisdom, expertise and "soul evolution" than others. Then there are souls who keep having the same experiences over and over again because they haven't gleaned the wisdom that their soul sent them here to experience in the first place. Each being here on Earth is at a different stage of soul evolution due to the different life experiences it has previously undergone, both here on Earth and in other realms. With this in mind, to say we are "all the same" is ludicrous so when I hear new-agers say, "we are all the same, we are all one" I want to revolt! Yes, there is a thread that connects all life in the grand web of this illusion/hologram we call 3-D, and that web is a web of LOVE! This LOVE web connects the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms all together in one grand matrix. BUT, there is a trap here. To say/embrace "we are all one" could covertly align you with the very energies, elements, and beings that are deceptively attempting to control and have power over everyone and everything. There are beings, entities, energies and elements on this planet that are corrupting and altering this web into a distorted web of Anti-Love. One way they are attempting to overthrow it is by infiltration and deception. It takes an eagle eye and top notch truth detectors to identify some of these traps... and this is something that Indigos were trained to do. They were also trained to walk in Love, emanating immense and intense amounts, while scanning for infiltration. When this infiltration / infection is found in the web, Indigos were trained in either converting this distortion or removing it. This propaganda agenda that promotes "we are all the same" has a self-serving motive. They might as well say that we are all clones from the same mold, no one greater or lesser, all the same. This perception being sold to us reeks of imprisonment of the mind and soul. No room for growth or individualism.....just everyone and everything painted a neutral "beige." If this campaign continues to run, and Indigos and other members of the CCC buy into it, the entire rescue/clean-up operation is in jeopardy. This does not mean that we do not honor other people, other cultures, and life forms for their similarities and differences. It means that we don't turn a blind eye to blatant but quiet overthrow techniques from the powers that be. I can agree that it is not only important, but MANDATORY to keep altered egos in check so that a "super ego" doesn't run amuck and get out of control. This is a "no brainer" ...egos constantly need to be monitored and balanced. I also agree that to be older doesn't make you better; it should only make you more responsible and wiser. I tell you this: If highly evolved, benevolent beings are here to make changes, it makes no sense that they would "be exactly the same" as the very things that are in need of transformation! Think about it..... "Love All Unconditionally...Trust Only The Trustworthy." Laura Lee Mistycah.....the Cosmic Rebel.

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