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The Realm Court Structure is Changing...

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The Realm Court Structure is Changing

...and sex ain't what it used to be!

Information given on this website is believed to be accurate at the time of its writing, based on the knowledge that is available at the moment. Operations and structure sometimes change as time progresses due to shifts in events and new data that are given to us. Certain pieces of information can't be divulged until very specific points in time after key events have taken place. If "Knowledge"...and especially "Hidden Knowledge" was given to us before we were ready, it would in many cases, drastically jeopardize our health, our lives and the lives of others ...and ultimately our missions here. I have witnessed both in my own life and in the lives of First Wave Indigos close to me that information and even some of our psychic abilities were deliberately withheld to keep us safe, because if the other side knew who we were and what we could do, they would do everything possible to destroy us!

Also cloaks were put on people and situations to keep us out of fear and from making decisions that would put us in jeopardy. Then there is also the dynamic of “overlays.” Many of you know that I was in 2 relationships where the Emperor's energy was overlaid on these men. There are many reasons for this, but mainly to make me give that relationship my all, and to get extremely close to these men to understand how the dark in them operated. This also gave me experiences and inside information from "the other side" that was vital to our mission here which could not be found any other way. (This is how I got all the keys and codes to take Duerlah out!) Most of you understand that there are booby traps and time/event releases that occur with nearly every take-down operation and new piece of information or knowledge gained. The more critical the knowledge, the more severe the repercussions are to us, and many times the entire Indigo Nation when that knowledge is unveiled. We have to be ready for anything and extremely adaptable at all times in order to flow through the changes without breaking down and self destructing. Last week a series of events happened that altered the course of my life and many of yours. The structure of the UV-Realm here on this planet is supposed to be very similar to what it was like back home, but right now is swiftly morphing into something different. Since the extinguishment of Duerlah, it recently occurred to me that when we have cleaned up all of the corruption, vileness and deception created by Duerlah, and her minions, there would be no need for such a huge defense force of Knights around the Empress. This has brought me much confusion as I contemplated how it will all morph into place so that all of the Knights that had been in service to the Empress for eons would not feel "displaced." I previously thought that all of the Knights in the Empress's court did not have twin flames, except for the 13th Knight. The Empress, during Tantric ceremonies, infused them with her feminine ray and thus filled the gap in their souls. These ceremonies were vital to the Knights to give them strength, solidarity, and wholeness. On Thursday Jan. 25th I went with one of my Knights to set up an Aulmauracite Power Grid around the downtown inner city of Spokane which contained most of the important political, religious and financial buildings. This energetic set off a domino effect of many events that rippled out to many of you. (We have since put grids up on the city limits and the county all day job on that one!) The effects of these "power grids" are phenomenal. When we set the center stones, we wrote on the back of a small Kryahgenetics egg the intents of this grid...Love, Light, Laugher, and TRUTH & JUSTICE FOR ALL! .....and buried them with the center stone. It has only been a week but the results and the stability of energies are being felt.

When I returned from setting up the power grid, things started to shake down. Ann and I had found some information that put together many puzzle pieces we had been looking for....pieces of US! Here are some excerpts from Ann's Notes: The pieces of us that are missing are in the place where the GWEN towers were getting their Duerlah energy from per Autumn's email quoted above on 1-23-07. It creeped LL out to go in this place. She took Realm Super Soldiers with her. My stomach is getting queasy. LL has "too much resistance to going in there." On a scale of 1 to 10 - Duerlah's "living room" was a 10 and this place is a 5. It is another storage facility. Not organic like the other one we found a couple of months ago. It has its own Consciousness but it is as far from organic as you can get and still have a consciousness. It is kind of big, sort of like a warehouse. Nothing is in there except part of our essence. If we have a total of 100 units of essence, 5 units are in there. There was an attempt to suck more of us in there. They needed more of each of us if they were going to use the essences for control. LL finally went in and rounded all the essences up. She froze the warehouse. She put eggs around all the essences. They all went back to the Realm for cleansing. There were 500 of us. Beings + Dragons. No Realm Super Soldiers. There is still something in there. A booby trap? Everyone is out. LL said, "Blow the joint." We did but it was still there. LL said there is some kind of schematic or blueprint inside. It is Duerlah's master plan for corrupting Creation including all of her time/event releases. Quarantine it with a billion eggs. Super Soldiers everywhere. LL said, "Blow it up." It is now 1/2 there and 1/2 not. My stomach is queasy again. We can't blow it up till we do something with the schematics and blueprints. LL can't take this information and keep it inside herself. The Realm told her not to look at it. She can't see it.....It might freak her out. She asked the Emperor if he wanted the information it held and he said yes...he just downloaded it from her. LL was relieved and put the plans back in the room and was told to nuke everything now. She is seeing eggs in the room still and feels bad about nuking them but they told her it is OK, that is one of the things they were designed for. Everything is also in one big egg. LL is injecting the egg with something to dematerialize it. It is going away. There is nothing in the egg left. The Realm is whooping and hollering. They didn't know where the master plans were and if they did they wouldn't have known how to get it. LL got the codes when Duerlah tortured her. Duerlah told LL some of her plans when she thought LL was going to die. The mermaids (Land Sea Air Beings) are ready with the 5 units of each of the 500 beings. LL heard, "Waiting for reinstall." LL told them to go ahead. The Realm is still thrilled. We needed to be on starfire to do this, and we both got out of our cycles to be in sync with this day.

The next day I had a melt down. I was psychically and physically drained. My body shook and convulsed and the tears oozed out of my eyes. I felt so alone and confused. It seemed that something was terribly wrong but I didn't know what. I knew also that my stewardship and position with my Knights was changing for the better but I had no conscious idea how. That evening the Truth came catapulting down on me. I was having an implant removal session with one of my Ghost Knights. This implant (which I believe every one of my personal Knights has, and also many other Knights and Lady Knights,) was, "You will never get what you want/deserve & you will NEVER fill the empty hole inside - & if you try, you DIE! ....(and so will the One/Ones you Love!)" These implants were in the center of the heart, the hypothalamus, between the shoulder blades, and a rover, which moved up and down and in between the chakras. When we eliminated them and were downloading his original authentic blueprints, codes and power into his core, he was wholeheartedly engaging in this process. When complete, he asked me if I got the blueprint memories too. I took a breath, did a thorough scan and said, "Yes, but I don't know exactly what it entails." Then this remarkable Ghost Knight said, "I saw it.....The structure of the Empress's court was not always as it was when we left....All her Knights used to have twin flames, but some were cut out, stolen and hidden by Duerlah. Their alliance to the Empress was out of total Love, respect, and honor, but also out of the knowledge that she was the only one with the power, wisdom, and the keys to get the twin flames back. If not done properly, and if Duerlah was not extinguished with exact precision and methodology, the twin flames of the knights would also be in jeopardy of being extinguished with her." After some deep memory scanning, I discovered he was very accurate in this memory and that there were about 50 knights through Realm history that, in their heartbreak and chivalrous intent to get their "Ladies Back" ...tried to take Duerlah on by themselves and were consumed by her darkness. Some were lured in by seductive magick and never seen or heard from again. Now they too must be found and healed. This information changes everything on the game board and I am now in the process of attempting to understand it all. I believe with this "new structure" the Empress's court will some day be very similar to the Emperor's court, with twin flame Knights and Ladies on the front tier of her court. Also, as many of you have remembered, there were many, many different types of life forms in the UV-Realm from many different modalities of "procreation and love exchange" Not all were "2 pole/ Male-Female" beings, some of them have 3 poles...positive, negative and neutral, and some of them only have one.

I recently discovered that the Empress created a "pea-pod" of 12 feminine beings that were Master Wizards and could morph into anyone or anything they desired. They were first and foremost in service to the Empress, but also to the entire Realm. The empress considered them "Ghost Knights" since very few really knew what their true identity was. They did NOT have a masculine counterpart, but by morphing into another form, could experience both male and female polarities anytime they wished. In this respect they each had 11 other twin flames! These wizards were extremely valuable in spy operations because they could do exactly what Duerlah was doing to us to get inside appearing to be someone else. They also morphed into the Empress when she needed a "double" and were truly an asset and an ace up our sleeve, but this job could also prove to be extremely dangerous! This is only a partial list of different species magnetics. When you go inside for the answers, you will know and remember that the vastness of creations, and the possibilities are endless. In the limitlessness of all of Creation, not just this universe, but the whole of Creation, there are multitudes of different ways to share "unions" with another being.....our way here on planet earth of "standard copulation" can be very limiting and many times not very satisfying. I have often said that it doesn't take any brains to have sex, it is truly a "no brainer" .....BUT to share soul union, takes heart, mind and soul. If you want to go to the next level, it also takes and "absence of ego" from both partners, and total honesty to fully engage in the higher frequencies of intimacy.

These higher frequencies are what the Powers That Be (P.T.B.'s) do NOT want to have you engage in because they lead to "higher consciousness" and ultimately FREEDOM! They are doing a good job of leading the masses on a wild goose chase to find love.....with myriads of distractions and manipulations, particularly with the porn industry.....most of which is designed to keep you coming back for another fix because the love you were looking for was never found and you were left even more empty than before. A vicious, depressing cycle that is heart and honor breaking.....looking for something that was pure and true, but settling for something counterfeit that is degrading, corrupting and makes you feel guilty.....guilty for many reasons.....selling out on your true nature being the biggest one.

NOTE: This by no means indicates that I think that artful nudity is bad and unethical.....there is a BIG difference between well presented, tasteful nude art, and the degrading, devolving negative energetics around porn. For those of you who are in the middle of this web of may be there to understand the energetics surrounding this huge dis empowering system that takes souls down to the depths of unfulfilled love and holds them there. By going there you can understand how the system works and do your Knightly duty to bust that system in your own custom designed ways. Coming out the other end of this trap, and fully understanding the inner workings of it, empowers you in ways others may not understand if they have not "been there." This conquest empowers those around you...because you now carry a frequency of "busting that system" ...which will then spread! :o) What we are doing here on this Earth Service Mission has to keep adapting and upgrading to a new paradigm that will be able to mesh the future and the past of the Realm. Whatever we are accomplishing here will affect what we do in the Realm when we get back. The Realm's Training Facility will continue to be maintained. We still must teach all of the protocol used to take out Duerlah as a safety precaution, just in case something happens in the future.....we will be prepared to handle it before it threatens all life forms everywhere. Many of the court Knights and allies from other Realms will be released from their duties when we return, and will have the option of staying on as staff, or moving on to another adventure in the cosmos. May you all be filled with the grandness and impeccability of your soul's True Nature, and may we band together and support each other in our joint quest for Love, Truth and Freedom! ~Lady Mistycah~

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