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Piecing Together Your Memories of The Great UV-Realm

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Piecing Together Your Memories of the Great UV-Realm

Written: 7-15-06

UPDATE 03-12-12

Most of you have had memories of the Great UV-Realm in some form or another from the time you Walked-In...(or Crawled-In if you were an infant :o) It is important when piecing the memories together to leave it open ended and available for new and improved interpretations. It is imperative to note that the UV-Realm has been there for a very very long time, and so if you frequented that magical place...and you remember a hot romance....and then remember another hot romance or "soul mate relationship" then you could very well be right! There was plenty of time to have many many relationships! It is also significant to note that the Realm was known for its ethics, nobility and "passion" .....and "Everyone Loved Everyone" there! I had a First Wave Indigo Think Tank at my house a few weeks ago to start memory activation and recognition of who was who and what their positions were. When I invited Steve, my editor and Realm Comrade to the gathering, and explained what the purpose was he laughed and said, "so you're sponsoring an orgy eah?" I busted up laughing and could hardly contain myself, because ...well, there was definitely some validity to his joke! The UV-Realm outside Universe was very similar to the one inside. It was created by the Empress to bring balance back to all of Creation that had been distorted or desecrated in any form. With 12 cohorts, she invented a Cosmic Clean-Up Crew Academy, which was unsurpassed in its state of the art training in every field. You had to have graduated from at least 5 other CCC training facilities before you could submit your application for Knight's training in the UV-Realm. There were many, many experts in their fields who came to help staff the training center, and many specialists from all over Creation were summoned from time to time to be advisors to the Empress and Emperor. Some of these were even royalty from other Realms, planets and star systems. There were also many different species that were helping to staff the if you remember the UV-Realm, and you were NOT Even may have a valid memory! As I have given service contract readings and through the information that has been revealed to me, I find that UV-Realmers have many of the same personality traits, skills, psychic abilities and passions here that they did in the Realm....(although some of those skills and abilities may be or have been temporarily dormant either because it was not safe to display them, or, because some "outside force" has sabotaged them and they need to be recovered.) We are also finding that many of the scenarios that took place there are repeating themselves here in some form or another. It is my plan to re-establish a "mini version" of the Realm here on this plane, to help bring Balance, Truth, Justice, Compassion & Passion....and FREEDOM, back to this planet and the rest of the Universe that was infiltrated and infected. This "mini version" of the Realm will be complete with the castle, the training facility, many of YOU, (and maybe even some of our "mythical" animals! :o) The Beauty of The UV Realm

The Ultra-Violet Realm was a magical place with brilliant lighting and colors that we would equate to that which we see under an Ultra-Violet Black Light. The landscapes and skyscapes were spectacular, and you would have to have "been there" to understand it. The castle was built partially into a mountain of Aulmauracite....more like a cave. The outside was iridescent and glistened with Aurauralite sparkles. The architecture was very, very high tech but organic at the same time. There was an organic/electronic vegetation wall around the castle with a huge egg at the entry and you had to go through the DNA Helix for scanning in order to get into the courtyard. The 1st tier outside the court had very futuristic looking structures and domes that housed the high tech research facilities. In the 2nd tier were the gardens/green houses and food storage facilities. In the 3rd tier were domes and cottages for all the staff. The 4th was a huge tier that had all the training facilities for the Knights and security was very tight from here to the Castle. The 5th tier was the village..... which looked more like a futuristic city. Environmental stewards were an important part of the Realm to keep balance and harmony with all life forms there. After training maneuvers were done, the stewards would come behind them and bring any stress to the plants, animals and elementals back to balance. There were dragons, fairies, unicorns, centaurs, and all manner of life forms that earth people would consider "mythical." There is not another place in Creation quite like "The Great UV-Realm" The Royal Court

The structure of the UV-Realm was quite a bit different than what we have here on this planet, and you would have to step out of 3-D thinking to comprehend it. The Emperor and the Empress were total synergistic "Counter Parts." This relationship was not necessarily what we would consider "husband and wife" that were exclusive to each other, but a highly evolved kind of collaboration that Earth people can't understand. The Emperor's Father was one of the highly respected, extremely noble and honorable Giants, and his mother was of the kind, intelligent, super-healer "Land, Sea and Air race " with wings and gills. The Emperor's ancestry was not from this Universe, but he has a piece of himself, or his signature here for authenticity so therefore, he is indeed part of this hologram. Because of his noble character and bloodline, he quickly moved up in the ranks and earned his rightful position as the Emperor of the Great UV-Realm. He has ALWAYS been the Emperor, and will never leave his post there in the Realm. The Empress was the creator of the Great UV-Realm and has been assisted in its evolution by many of you. Her position and safety was always of the utmost concern to the Emperor because he knew there were many with dark agendas who would want to infiltrate and take over her position for the obvious reason of personal gain and power. One being in particular, Duerlah, was being watched 24-7 for covert operations. Her darkness was "Unthinkable" because she was obsessed with consuming anyone and anything that stood in her way of "Ultimate Power... Lord over all of Creation everywhere (not just this Universe but ALL Creation everywhere!") She was the last of the four original Self-Created Beings. She was the only one of the original 4 that could not "Create" or "Procreate" ...she could only "Manipulate" and she did that to the max with great precision. One of her aces was that she was a master at "The Un-Thinkable" and most benevolent beings could not even have an inclination as to what "Unthinkable" things she could do because it was beyond their ability to go to those despicable places. Duerlah was the Bi-polar opposite of the Empress...who was sometimes referred to as "her sister." Those that could go into the "unthinkable" knew Duerlah's energy was more of that of a perverted male than a female and she used her "goddess image" as a disguise. Duerlah was allowed to come to the Realm but did not have clearance for the castle and was monitored carefully... (You keep your friends close, your enemies closer!) She was what would be considered "The Queen of the Spider Ladies" and knew every diabolical cunning trick in the book. She was especially seasoned at looking really good on the outside, playing the game to make those around her think she was loving and benevolent.... but those who had "eyes to see" knew the vile darkness within. She was allowed into certain areas of the Realm for several reasons...her diabolical thinking gave us a heads up on what new programs needed to be designed for holodeck training, and also, as a test for knighthood. You had to correctly identify the Realm infiltrators before graduation. She was truly a double edge sword. Duerlah's cunning and manipulation was unsurpassed and she was willing to wait for eternity for just the right moment as she put all the illusions and manipulation in place and make her move. The fatal day did come when utter chaos broke loose, and somehow, all the Knights were blindsided, the elaborate security systems were breached, and Duerlah and her cohorts abducted the Empress during all the chaos. The Empress was also blindsided, severely drugged and transported to a remote place where she was degraded and tortured nonstop for several weeks, using dark magick, trickery and curses to try to force her soul to leave her body so it could be sucked into a spirit trap and then scattered all over Creation with the annihilation weapon. Duerlah planned on using the Realm's High tech healing and biological restoration devices to repair the shell, then "Shove-In" to the renovated Empress's body, and wa-la...she could now reign supreme! (NOTE: only the Empress's soul could activate certain keys in her body...that's why Duerlah wanted the Empress's body ....with the keys already activated.) Finally when that didn't work Duerlah started pulling the Empress's teeth and hair out. Then in obsessive vengeance she used every disfiguring method she could think of to completely mutilate, dismember and destroy the Empress's body out of spite! If she couldn't have one would! Seconds before the Empress expired, she was rescued by 3 of her Knights. She was entirely dismembered, leaving only a torso with all the organs pulled out and totally unrecognizable! The Knights rushed her and her body parts back to the castle for reconstruction...(while one of the Knights carried and guarded her essence). Meanwhile, things were at critical mass down here. Duerlah had poisoned and corrupted this Free Will Universe and especially this planet with her foul essence and at that time there was only a 10% chance of success of this mission. Changes/Corrections to the corruption and inserts in this Universe and Earth Hologram have to be an "inside job" and everyone in the Realm knew it. They also knew it was very risky these days to go "Inside" the hologram. The Empress was still in recovery when she quietly left the Realm (against much counter advice) to help with the clean up operation on Earth. She snuck away because she knew she would be stopped....she did what she felt was necessary....she was the only one who knew how to take Duerlah she did it for her love of all of creation! Shortly after the Empress left...Knights began coming down to earth en mass to help. Even partially trained knights were walking into earth bodies to help. Any UV-Realm training was better than no training and many "Half-Baked" Indigo Knights were coming to Earth! This left the Emperor and a skeleton crew to run the UV-Realm and the Academy. (Since that time more alliances have come to the Realm to train Knights and they are walking into bodies constantly here.) In the years 2001-2003 much of the Realm court walked-in to Earth bodies, including many of the Empress's Knights. Many of these Knights and also Lady Knights were spirit guides to the beings in the bodies they were about to walk into. Many had a choice of 3 bodies they could inhabit and took the one that was in the best position to fulfill their mission. The being in those bodies either stayed and co-habituated with them or left to go on another mission. We sometimes refer to this as "musical bodies" and it can get very confusing at times, and other times make perfect sense! (It is important to understand that one month in the Realm is equal to 20 earth years.) NOTE: There is much, much more to this story (which will soon be written in a sequel of novels.) Duerlah was eventually captured and beheaded, but much of her vile soul essence was hidden, and imbedded here in this Universe and especially this planet. This "soul essence" needed to be fully Identified, Extracted and Annihilated for the sake and preservation of all life-forms everywhere. You will be relieved to know that in the summer of 2005 Duerlah's soul essence was captured and extinguished or "Un-Created" .....but she has left Booby Traps, Trojan Horses, Death Assaults, Time Releases, Event Releases and Curses such as "The Big Easy" designed to annihilate anyone or anything that tried to oppose her. (She was the one responsible for putting Lady Karma and Lady Justice in Spirit Traps. All the universal laws were being breached because of her insidious infiltration and domination!) She also was assisted by ego-centered dark Lords like Enlil Jehovah and was the energy-source/mastermind for an order of Spider/Snake/Cat Ladies who are keeping many Noble Knights entangled and trapped in their webs of deceit, unwarranted guilt, and master manipulation. This is the reason my dear Indigos, that YOU and the CCC are here clean up the mess she made! Her corruption and thirst for greed and ultimate control can be seen now in the $$$ and Power Lords here on this planet and in this Universe. Her Cronies are still running amuck and Instead of this being a "free will zone" we were swiftly becoming a Prison planet and eventually a prison Universe! Details on exactly how our impermeable security was breached are still not clear. If you have any memories of this, please submit it for evaluation. A fuller version of this story will be released soon. The Court Structure

The Emperor had 24 Knights in his court....12 male and 12 female that were "soul mate" couples who were very cohesive and extremely evolved. The Emperor had 3 "Goddess Energy Infusers" to keep his male energies in balance and for Tantric ceremonies. The Emperor and his "Goddess Energy Infusers" are still in the Realm to this day. The Emperor also had many qualified advisors, consultants, healers, and attendants to call upon as he deemed necessary or appropriate. Part of his essence is embedded in each one of his court Knights, some of the Empress's Knights and some other key people. This keeps his powerful energy anchored in this plane. The Emperor was very handsome, but wore a "Mask" on part of his face, much like the Phantom of the Opera because Duerlah had some how disfigured him and she was the only one with the codes to reinstate it. Her plan was to make him "come to her and grovel" (and try to corrupt and control him) in order to restore his face. The Emperor of course, never would succumb to her tyrannical manipulation, nor her seductive advances which infuriated her. In the summer of 2006 the codes for restoring the Emperor's face were discovered during an unrelated clean up operation. He has his debonair physical features back so if you psychically tune into him now, he will not be as you remembered him in the past....with his mask. The Empress's court had quite a different structure. She had 5 circles and 5 satellites of Knights/Body Guards around her who pledged their lives, and all they had to being in her service. (There were 5 Knights in each satellite.) 1 Knight, (the 13th Knight) was a conglomerate of everything the Empress loved and revered. He was her main body/soul guard and would move about wherever he deemed most appropriate to keep her safe. At this time his identity is classified. In the inner circle were 5 trainers/alternates for the other Knights. These men were qualified to take on the position of any of the other Knights in the event of losing one. Their focus, their life, their existence was to be in service to the Empress and help relieve the pressures she had of overseeing the UV-Realm. There were 12 Knights in the second circle. These 12 knights and the 5 trainers/alternates were privileged to have Sacred Tantric Ceremonies with the Empress, which kept them strong, and impervious to attack and infiltration. Never at any time was there a betrayal from any of these Knights. Their life, soul-purpose, and passion was their position as one of the Empress's Body Guards. These Knights were so dedicated to their position that none of them had outside female relationships or children. This would distract them and make them and that which they were protecting vulnerable. The same was true for the 5 trainers/alternates. In the 3rd circle there were 28 Knights, who were also sworn to protect the Empress. They were scouts, surveillance operators/specialists, and messengers. Like the other 2 inner circles, none of these Knights had time for or the desire for outside feminine relationships. They too had Tantric Ceremonies with the Empress that kept them focused and sovereign. There were a few however that did not. These were beings that were androids, or robotic in nature and had no desire or need for that type of interaction, although they too were protected by the orgone energies of the Empress. There were 55 Knights in the 4th circle. 90% of these Knights were androids. They were programmed by the other 10% of Knights in this circle to serve and protect the Empress. All the androids had the potential of receiving a soul from the Empress at some future time, but at this time were not because it could have compromised their position and purpose. The 10% of knights in this circle with souls also had Tantric ceremonies with the Empress and that energy protected them and the entire circle of androids. Every Knight that was qualified for these positions as bodyguards, had the option of refusing that position when first requested. Only one refused out of feeling personal unworthiness, but was later inaugurated. In the 5th or outer circle there were 105 Knights. 90% of these Knights were androids also and followed much of the same structure as the 4th circle. 5 Satellites with 5 Knights in each. These are what I would term as "Ghost Knights" who spent most of their time on the perimeters doing surveillance and like secret agents, no one knew who they were except for some of the castle court. They would occasionally come into the castle and spend time on the grounds, but mostly were "Out There" doing their part in protecting the castle and especially the Empress. These Knights also were occasionally privileged to have Tantric ceremonies with the Empress ...which kept them connected and protected. The Empress also had many advisors, consultants, healers, attendants, and scouts, as well as liaisons between her court and the Emperor's court. When you remember the Empress, you will recall that she had a very unique style of dress. She was aesthetically balanced, stunningly beautiful, and she wore very elaborate masks on her face that covered her eyes....but for a very different reason than the Emperor. She was so striking and her eyes were so intense that if someone were to look at her face they would immediately lock onto her eyes. If they were not ready for the power and intensity of what they held, the Light and Brilliance would overpower them and had the potential of making someone go blind or even spontaneously combust! The Ability and codes to regulate this had been manipulated and stolen by Duerlah in an effort to make the Empress's life miserable and full of pain and sorrow. She could never be in public with out a mask or head dress....and only her 2 closest female companions/scribes, the Emperor, a handful of her Knights could be with her without her eyes covered. This made Tantric ceremonies with her Knights very challenging. Another challenge the Empress had was that of privacy. Because of the extreme need for security, the Empress could not be left alone with out being under close watch...she could not even have a bath with out some type of surveillance. It felt to her much of the time, that because of Duerlah, in many ways she had become a prisoner in her own castle.

NOTE: It is important to understand that both the Emperor and Empress would not ask anyone in their service to do anything they would not be willing to do themselves. It was not uncommon to see them do menial jobs or domestic things that you would not expect someone of this rank to be doing. One trait that might be considered as a flaw of the Empress and many times the Emperor too, was that they had to be forced to take time to care for themselves. There were people assigned to this position, which was NOT an easy one to fulfill! The Way of Life Everyone and everything in the Realm was treated with respect. There were no "lowly jobs" there because every job had to be multiple jobs.....even the equivalent to our plumbers, electricians, chefs, and domestic assistance had to be skilled in electronic and psychic surveillance in order to keep the castle safe. Singing, toning, music and dancing, were also very important .....we all worked hard and then played hard.....with PASSION! There were research facilities of every kind, organic gardens, training buildings with holodecks that were updated on a constant basis. Scouts were sent to places like "Earth" to collect data on the latest corruption/energy viruses/time-space manipulation to keep the cadets up to date on the latest challenges they may have to face. These "Scouts" would "Walk-In" to bodies, collect information, perhaps change some history for the better, Walk-Out, and then report back to the Realm on the latest corruption so it could be incorporated in the holodeck programs. (This is why many of you remember lifetimes on earth, but at the same time did not really relate to that were Scouts, and may have not actually experienced that entire life time, but got the "upload" from the genetics and memories of the person or animal you walked into.) These Scouts could only stay in a body for 3 moon cycles at a time or they would then be locked into the consciousness grid and be trapped there. There would then have to be a "rescue operation" and it could be done but wasn't easy. Some Cadets came through the training and went off on their way as proficient members of the Cosmic Clean-Up Crew and never returned. (Remember that a large number of cadet's did NOT make it through the first time and were sent back to do the training again.) Upon graduation, an Ultra-Violet/Indigo hue was added to the graduate's aura and they were bestowed the rank of "First Wave Indigo Knight"....which includes WOMEN! Then others came back for "post graduate work" and continuing education. There were also alumnae that came back to help staff the realm after their graduation. Everyone on staff was a graduate no matter what their position was.....(Except for the occasions that the Empress and Emperor needed council from representatives from other Realms and CCC's) May this spark your memories of the "Great UV-Realm" and may you waken to your True Identity, magnificence, expertise and power you have inside. YOU ARE THE X-MEN AND WOMEN!


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