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A Note From Laura Lee Mistycah For First Wave Indigos

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

A Note From Laura Lee Mistycah For First Wave Indigos

Written: 7-02-06

UPDATE 3-13-12

Many times I find myself gazing into space, contemplating the magnitude of my stewardship of assisting the Indigo Knights on the front lines and also helping to gather and activate First Wave Indigos (FWIs) globally.....(Thank goodness for the World Wide Web - that makes it so much easier for us to find each other!) I do not take this responsibility lightly. There is much at risk, with only a small margin of error in how I operate and the methods I use. My job feels like a double-edged sword most of the time. I blaze new trails and put myself on the front lines with all of you on this cosmic battlefield....and then, once in a while, reap the rewards of making progress in what has seemed to be useless energy spent, in the quest to bring truth and balance to this planet. My saving grace is the tremendous support from those Indigos who understand and are beginning to remember their positions in the Ultra-Violet Realm, the ones who are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the service contracts they agreed to fulfill on this planet. It is such a relief to know that the Indigo (Ultra-Violet) Nation is finally waking up and remembering their calling, both individually and collectively. With this awakening is also the realization that the power inside needs to be "turned on...activated....ignited" and used to empower and spiritually evolve the planet and all its inhabitants. The challenge here is overcoming the centuries of indoctrination from the so called spiritual communities about the word "power" and about how spiritual power can only be used in certain ways.

Even the words "power or powerful" when used to describe someone's abilities are deemed as egotistical and wrong...and any one who seeks power is evil. Well, news flash, the "evil doers" already are there, and if no one opposes them, with not only equal amounts of "power" but "superior power" then the "evil doers" will continue to control/own this planet. They will continue their insidious use of power and control to keep raping/consuming the land/natural resources and enslaving the people. This planet's only hope is for capable, benevolent beings to use their abilities to "power up" and start taking charge....which also means taking charge of the monetary system. If only "evil doers and Corporate Dark Lords" have charge and control of the world's currency to continue their agenda of oil wars, drugs, and media mind control, then this planet is doomed. On this planet, in this social structure, who ever has the $$$ has the power/control! No one with true "power" has ever opposed them so they keep reigning with blood and terror across the globe.....(until now.) It is imperative that each of you remember your fields of expertise, your innate POWERS and stop being afraid of who you are inside. Stop being afraid that someone will think you are arrogant because you can do things they can't understand. Stop being afraid of what other people will think of you... and get on with your missions! Yes, it is vital that you keep your ego in check...for that is your only possibility for downfall....but if you don't get over your fear and just "do it' you will never know if you have conquered your ego. We don't have the luxury of hiding behind low self-esteem and timidity are here to do a job, so get over your fears and step into your contracts NOW! (Go inside yourself, look into your know I speak the truth.)

You each have incredible spirit guides and guardians assisting you and helping you to remember your contracts. I can help you define these contracts and also help you peel off the layers of who you are NOT so you can be who you ARE! I am not the only one that can do this, just make sure when you look for assistance, you scout out someone who has THEIR egos in check first or you will get entangled up in a web of conflict. Even this scenario can be an education though so stop procrastinating and do whatever it takes to embrace WHO YOU TRULY ARE! The Ultra-Violet Realm

First Wave Indigos, as I have said before, are the bravest of the brave, toughest of the tough, and boldest of the bold. It is the FWIs that came here to bust sleazy, dysfunctional, tyrannical, unethical systems and bring peace, justice, compassion and balance to this planet. FWIs have been preparing this planet for the second wave, the "peace keepers" ...the Young Indigos and the Crystal Children. Once the corrupted systems are busted and overthrown, the peace keepers can do their job as members of the Cosmic Clean-up Crew (CCC) by stepping in and maintaining that peace and balance....(Hahahhaaaaa....and when THAT time comes, I'm headed off to the cosmic Bahamas for some R&R!) The Ultra-Violet Realm was the most difficult training ground in the CCC, in fact, to even enroll in this "cosmic special forces academy" you had to first graduate from at least 5 of the 11 other CCC academies. This is how and why First Wave Indigos seem to be "gifted" in their abilities......but let me assure you, there were no "gifts" handed out when it came to acquiring spiritual, physical, emotional and psychic was all EARNED! For many of you reading this, the UV Realm is just a faded or even dormant memory. I am finding though, that as knowledge of "The Great Realm" and the "Aurauralite Stone of Truth" spreads, many FW Indigos' amnesia lifts and their mental and emotional recall sharpens. I myself am presently more able to connect the dots and remember more people-beings I knew there and what their positions were. It is interesting to observe that the things they loved to do in the realm, have carried over here and they find themselves doing the same things they used to love and have passion for. Passion!

One of the trademarks that set the UV Realm apart from the rest of the CCC, was the extreme elements of compassion......and within that COM, lies PASSION! Everything in and of the Realm was fabricated from and around Passion. The entire environment literally vibrated with Passion all the time! The beings there embraced this vibration and emanated it. They had incredible amounts of Passion for everything.... they had passion in their work, passion in their play and especially passion in all their relationships. This vibration of soaring passion in their romantic relationships, brought awareness and realization of how the powers of creation REALLY work. Intimacy was not reserved merely for procreation, but for elevating the entire soul and being to higher consciousness. Tantra, the art of conscious loving, was practiced to a fine art and was taught in the knights training facility. This was the spiritual communion that brought souls to heights of ecstasy and cosmic awareness this planet can hardly comprehend. It was understood that the ultimate function of the Feminine Ray was creation, and the Masculine Ray was there to inspire, support and protect during this process. When this was done in balance and synergism, entire worlds and species were created. (One ray could not manifest properly without the focus and combined energies of the other ray.) Many of you reading this will be triggered by these words and your memories and emotions aroused. This is only the beginning....the truth is coming to life once more. First Wave Indigos are activating and banding together again. Now it is too late for the counter forces....their days are numbered. It is time to re-write history.....are you ready?!

Where would you like to go next?

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