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What Is The Indigo/UV-Ray Realm?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022


NOTE: I have been instructed by my Spirit Guides not to actively investigate or research information on what I term First Wave Indigos (FWI's). If something is sent to me, I just put it in a "for future reference file" or skim it quickly. The reason for this is to keep my information as clean as possible and not allow myself be influenced by other authors. Not that information from other authors is invalid or disreputable, because there are some really good articles, books and websites out there on this subject. But rather to keep this particular aspect of First Wave Indigos as pure as possible from the standpoint that my information has come from: *My own memory banks. *Data from my cosmic informant, Hal. *First-hand accounts from FWI's themselves.

What Is The Indigo/UV Realm?

The Indigo/Ultra-Violet Ray has many definitions, facets and aspects. I will attempt to impart an explanation that may not completely define this Ray but will provide you with a sold foundation and provide directions to go when you turn to "Spirit" to understand the magnitude of this magnificent energy. (You truly do have to turn inward to the Spiritual and Higher Self or "God Within" aspect of your being to really understand this vibration.) The Indigo Ray or what I call The Indigo/Ultra-Violet Ray is a very noble, very evolved, and of a very high vibration. As stated before, this ray resonates at a higher octave unheard on this planet before. It can be understood by literally comparing it to the difference between white light and florescent black light. Both give off light, but florescent black light, or ultra-violet light has a very different illumination capability and function than white light.

Black light will actually illuminate other colors and give them very different vibrations and emanations when viewed under its rays. Ultra-violet lights also literally make white look whiter and give off its own luminescence. For instance, when you look at a white sheet under a black light, it literally emanates light! You can take that sheet and it will shine on things that were previously dark and shadowed. It has its own luminescence, almost like shining a flashlight on these objects.

Ultra-violet lights also give other colors a different character: more brilliant, vibrant and effervescent. Under the influence of these rays, everything takes on a different dimension, a dimension that at first seems surreal. Everything it shines upon creates an almost magical environment, and from my experiments with Ultra-Violet light, it is a very healing and powerful light. It can, in fact, scatter radiation from computer screens, TV's and other electronic equipment! I have found that if I run energies of white light and ultraviolet light together or oscillate back and forth when doing healing work, it creates a balanced polarity and healing time quickens! I have recently done experiments using black and white light randomly while simultaneously oscillating Ultra-Violet and white light to maintain balance and security after an implant clearing-session. Another aspect of Ultra-Violet light is that you can see things that were previously hidden or concealed before. For instance, there are certain colors that are only seen under ultra violet lights i.e.; a certain color of ink is put on currency that can only be seen under a Black Light...or, you can have your hand stamped for entrance into a club or event, which is invisible until it is exposed to a black light. Get the picture? Ultra-Violet light also has characteristics of both Royal Blue and Electric Purple. When you look at a black, florescent-light globe or tube, it looks Dark Royal or "Indigo" Blue. However, when you see its reflection on something, it has Electric Purple hues infiltrated with Royal Indigo Blue. Black Lights embody both colors.....and when analyzed, personify the qualities of First Wave Indigos! Violet: Regal, Dignified, Assured, Spiritual Strength, Nobility, Emotionality, Sensitivity, Intuitiveness, Channeling Information & Energy. Indigo Blue: Royalty, Loyalty, Responsibility (able to respond) Managerial, Directorial, Intellectual, Wisdom, Discernment, In Charge. I got these definitions from different colour therapy books and it appears that these color descriptions also define left-brain/right-brain functions. Putting them together creates a balance of assertive, intelligent power and calm, intuitive a balance of left and right brain. I have observed that Indigos, in general, have a great balance of left and right brain + masculine and feminine energies, particularly when they are awake and know who they are. NOTE: If you have always had an affinity to florescent Black Lights, now you know why. I would highly recommend that every First Wave Indigo invest in one or more florescent Black Lights. (Make sure they are the florescent ones and not the backlight bulbs. Unless they are florescent bulbs, they do not have the same luminescent effect and are also a serious fire hazard!) Florescent black lights are fairly inexpensive and will shed new light in your life...literally! (I have several in my home and leave them on 24-7. They are very durable and some of mine have been going nonstop for over four years!) The first time I really got in tune with the Ultra-Violet energies of the Black Lights I had in my bedroom, was about 1995. I first experimented by taking pieces of white printer paper and noticing that different brands of paper varied to the extreme in their illumination qualities. Some hardly illuminated. Some were ultra-white and iridescent. But under regular White Light you could hardly tell there was any difference. I started using the brighter iridescent white paper for my Journal....I would shut off the overhead light and only have my black light. It was amazing how bright the paper was, enough so that I could clearly see what I was writing as long as I didn't cast a shadow on the paper. My journaling took on a different essence when I wrote this way. My experiments continued and I discovered all sorts of colors that illuminated better than others (but I found that my teeth were not on the "high illumination list"! ;o) After playing with the colors, I decided to go deeper and find out what the black light "felt like." I got the inspiration to lay unclothed on my bed with the black light shining down on me. I turned on some soft music, put an Aulmauracite rock in each hand, focused on the Aurauralite pendant around my neck, and started to breathe deeply and absorb the energy. I was not prepared for what happened next. I started to flash back to powerful memories and deep feelings of love that came from another time and place. I began breathing with more intent as I absorbed the rays, which in turn activated more encoded memories. Deeply embedded emotions began firing off. I could feel the rays penetrating my body and waking up recollections that were hard for my mind to catalog...but the emotions were so prominent that I couldn't deny the truth of what I was feeling. The energies escalated to such intensity, that I burst into tears of both joy and agony. It was then that I began to remember and recognize my existence and position in the Ultra-Violet Realm. The emotions were so passionate, that it was hard for my nervous system to handle the vast amount of information coming in. All I could do in order to balance and try to comprehend it all, was release my innate response to cry. The crying eventually turned into sobbing as I fell into a deep, profound sleep. Several hours later I regained consciousness, feeling like a different person. I remembered a very important piece to the puzzle of my existence in the "Ultra-Violet REALm"... which was and is as real to me as where I am at this moment in time on Planet Earth. I encourage each of you to do your own "Ultra-Violet Light" experiments... because only then will you understand what I am talking about.....and when you do, may you embrace what happens next. It is time..... you have waited your whole life for this awakening of memories and personal power. It is time for the X-Men and Women to "WAKE UP"! It is time to remember who you are, what fields of expertise you brought with you, what you came here to do, and to stop being afraid to EXPRESS & BE WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE! The Indigo Ray, like ultraviolet rays, can seem as unearthly and as surreal as ultraviolet lights. It is like going to another reality. How would you try to explain a black light to someone in the 1800's who has absolutely no point of reference. It would be next to impossible. This is how difficult and frustrating it has been for these First Wavers to relate to people, and the environment around them. They have the capacity to see, comprehend, and emanate both black light and white light...and how to function in both realities. Sadly, for most of the First Wavers, it takes years to wake up from their amnesia and finally understand that those around them do not see the world through their highly-evolved "ultra-violet black light" and "white light" perception. Therefore, most of them do not understand why others cannot see or comprehend what was so obvious to them.... they do not know that others are privy only to the "White Light" reality! FWI's usually have some type of past life recall, (which may or may not include this planet) and about 65% have had a great deal of previous experience on this plane. Approximately 35% of First Wavers are from other sectors of space, and have had very little experience as to how to operate physically, socially and/or psychically on Earth. This can be useful at times, but more frequently makes things extremely difficult and complicated, especially when they have not opened their memory banks to who and what they truly are, and understand their spiritual contracts here. All FWI's are on what I called in my book, Kryahgenetics, "The Cosmic Clean-up Crew".....or the "C.C.C." This "Clean-up Crew" is a cross between a Service Organization and a Cosmic Special Forces Team. This group has been equipped and trained to go to the most dysfunctional and perverted places in our Universe, and clean up energetic/thought pollution/distortions and the destruction which have been left behind. Their focus and goal is to restore balance and synergy to systems/societies in constant chaos, corruption, devastation and debilitating decay. In other places that are "really messed up!" It is my understanding that all First Wave Indigos went to the "Ultra-Violet Realm" for intense training, and earned their Ultra-Violet Ray before coming here to do their jobs. This Realm is in another time, another place, and another dimension inside this hologram. There is also a UV-Realm outside the hologram. There are approximately 5,500 UV-Knights from outside the hologram that are here on voluntary assignment as part of the Hologram Rescue Team.

Approximately 1,200 of them are scientists and creation experts who were a part of the Hologram Creation Team, and have a huge vested interest in seeing the corruption cleared out of the hologram. At the time of the posting of this article in 2006, there were approximately 1,000 members of the rescue team in bodies on planet earth. A new scan was made in March of 2012, and we only have 400 in bodies. Amikah is one of those rescue team members who is not here in the physical anymore.  Things change fast.  In October 2019 there were now 1,200 again! Both Inside and outside UV-Realms had access to and used the Aulmauracite-Aurauralite Stone of Truth & Justice for energy, focus, strength, healing, broadcasting, and internal code activation. This is in addition to the main function of exposing Truth and implementing Justice. NOTE: There are other training facilities for the Cosmic Clean-up Crew Inside the hologram which are very significant and credible. I am honored whenever I am in the presence of anyone who is a member of the "C.C.C." I have worked with and given spiritual contract and other readings to many impeccable and talented beings who were trained at these other facilities or academies. The C.C.C’s work together in harmony with the UV-Realms, and each respects the expertise and skills of the other. The difference between FWI's and the rest of the people on the planet, is that they have taken on & absorbed the Indigo/Ultra-Violet Ray before they came here this time. This Ray, has to do with the high frequencies of unconditional love and compassion, is only attained by very evolved souls and had to be earned! The job of these Beings is to bring new vibrations, new information, new technology, new wisdom, new life, and a newly expanded-consciousness to the corrupt and unloving frequencies which are embedded here and guarded by tyrannical systems that keep their agendas intact. It is not a job for the weak and wimpy... (although some of the Indigos may feel weak and wimpy because of the mis-perceptions and labels that have been placed upon them, and the embedded implants that are running false information.) First Wave Indigo Beings are here now anchoring their rays of love, compassion, balance, unity, higher consciousness and freedom into this planet, and it is changing the earth grid systems permanently. If it weren't for these robust, impeccable Beings making the commitment to come here and transform the energies of our earth, the new subsequent ray of Indigo and Crystal children that are here now as infants and small children, would not be able to express their hyper-intelligence and psychic abilities. The FWI's came first to neutralize the hostile energies that repel and reject higher frequencies. In many ways, the First Wave Indigos were (and are) the trail-blazers, the wake-breakers, the morphogenic-field shatterers, the Bravest of the brave... the Toughest of the tough... and the Boldest of the bold on this planet. I honor and give tribute to all of you FWI's for your valiant efforts and commitment to your contracts and sacred agreements here, to transform the path of spiritual evolution and his-story on this plane. Your example and presence here is influencing the future of this planet, and will forever change the course of the corrupt and tyrannical systems we have been enslaved in for soooo long! The Indigo/Ultra-Violet Light = FREEDOM! ....or Freed Om? May you be blessed in all your Noble Quests.....

The Legend of the Ultra-Violet Realm

Once upon another time and space, there was a beautiful, majestic, loving planet. This Celestial Body was host and nurturer to many different species of plant, animal, mineral, aquatic, and human life. Everything on this plane of existence ebbed and flowed with the rhythms and balance of the Goddess. Each kingdom had honor and respect for all other kingdoms and life forms that they co-existed with. Life on this planet was a synergistic masterpiece. No one (save the Goddess herself) would have suspected what was about to happen. An experiment got out of control, and treacherous viruses were released on this planet. They spread slowly at first, but rapidly began to multiply throughout the land and sea. They soon gained forceful momentum, taking on a shape and form as had never been experienced on this or any other planet before. These ever-expanding viruses and those infected with them were filled with "consumption, greed, and obsession for supreme power" believing that they could devour and overthrow the very essence of the planet and control it all. In their insanity, the infected even believed that they could create an artificial technique for the power of creation to eventually usurp and overthrow the Goddess..... and ultimately become the Lord of it all! It was apparent that the infections of these consuming viruses were out of control. If nothing was done to correct the distortion and destruction left in their path, they would consume the whole of the planet (inside and out) and in the end, there would be nothing left.....just empty space, and the residue of terror, suffering, desolation and an out-of-control virus. The imbalance these viruses caused soon began sending ripples to other dimensions and star systems. They too were in jeopardy of being polluted, distorted and knocked out of balance. Just when it looked like things might be beyond repair, there were some experiments done by some virus-crazed men on this planet. They were playing and tampering with what they perceived to be The Ultimate Powers (next to the Power of Creation) .....the power to control life-forms through their thoughts and emotions.....and then control events through manipulation of the Time-Space Continuum. Through the use and abuse of some of these sinister experiments, they aggressively started ripping holes in the very fabric of Time and Space! During one of these experiments they opened up a portal that allowed an intruder in .....a nameless "beast" that was not from this Universe, and had no business being here. It morphed and soon became more lawless than those who had let it in! At this point, the planet and all of her inhabitants put out an urgent "S.O.S." to the Universe (and other Universes as well) to come to her aid. If something wasn't done soon to stop this infernal insanity, the entire planet and others connected to it would be affected/infected with this insidious sickness and destruction.....and in the end, all would perish. In a realm far, far away on the other side of space, in another Universe, the cry was heard and quickly responded to. This realm was (and still is) known throughout the cosmos as the "Ultra-Violet Realm" which was renowned for its superior training academy of Inter-Dimensional Knights.....Knights that, after their commencement, would be eligible to re-join the Cosmic Clean-up Crew with the Indigo Ray added to their status. When knights were trained in this academy, each graduate was awarded a unique color for their superior achievements and valor. That color was a deep blue/electric purple mix or Indigo-Ultra-Violet (IUV). The Knights of the Ultra-Violet Realm were educated and trained to be strong, yet flexible in the most intense, adverse conditions in imagination ...for it is the imagination that creates new game rules. Many simulators and holo-decks were programmed and reprogrammed to equip these aspiring Knights with every thinkable, and especially the unthinkable situations of darkness and corruption that could exist in all of Creation. Countless cadets, both male and female, androgynous and  android, and many other amazing species and life forms Earth cannot understand, come from all over creation to this academy with fond hopes of graduation...but only approximately 5% make it through the intense training to see their graduation and earn their Indigo-Ultraviolet color that is presented to them ceremonially, and permanently embedded in their energetic/auric field. One of the benevolent species that assists in the training of future IUV Knights in this realm, are a clan of kind, noble and courageous dragons. They teach how to stand tall in the face of opposition and find alternative routes to resolve conflict. They teach how to go neutral in an instant (especially in the midst of chaos) to find your source of Truth and Inner Strength. They teach grace and dignity when enslaved in hostile, vulgar and humiliating environments. They teach how to see through the illusions that others project onto and into you. They teach how to anchor and broadcast Love, Light, and Laughter from the core of your being in environments that are void of these. They teach that fear is an illusion of the mind and how to reverse this mind game. They teach that all life forms in our Universe are connected and how to love unconditionally. And.....they teach that "tough love" is still "love". The Emperor and Empress of this realm are a gracious, impeccable couple who would not ask any of the cadets, servants, or anyone in the Royal Court to do anything that they would not or could not do themselves. No job was too lofty or too lowly for anyone, including the Emperor and Empress. They demonstrated this on many occasions and the entire Kingdom knew they were in the best of integrity at all times. This is one reason they were so highly revered and respected. They were icons to inspire others. As Royal Overseers of the UV-REALm, the Emperor and Empress, were the final filter for "quality control." With their collective and diverse psychic/intuitive abilities, they knew if a knight was qualified to receive their IUV Colour. Many a Knight made it through the intense training, but did not make it through the strict examination from the royal couple. With the alliance of "The Stone of Truth" the Emperor and Empress went straight to the knight's core to know if a pure heart, unconditional love, innate wisdom, psychic powers, passion, stamina and inner strength were at optimal enough levels to earn the IUV color. Sometimes it took eons to get through this final qualification. As legend has it, the Ultra-Violet Realm is training and qualifying Inter-Stellar Knights to this very day. If you visit Planet Earth in the 21st Century, in all its chaos and tyranny, you are likely to encounter some of these Grand Knights..... those who embody and emanate the IUV-Ray. Many don't even know who they are.....but the sleeping Knights are waking up. As they do, the outcomes change. Futility turns to hope... and hope turns to optimism...and optimism turns to trust ...which turns to knowing that balance and justice will soon be restored!

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