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The True Story of Karma

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The True Story of Karma

Instant Karma's Gonna Get You!

Written: 07-02-06 What On Earth Happened To Karma?

Have you been wondering why it seems that people, and especially "The Powers That Be," literally get away with murder? Does it also seem that some people have no accountability whatsoever for their actions? When you observe this kind of injustice, does it make you feel powerless? As if it doesn't matter what you do, nothing is going to change anyway? I have been mulling this over myself for years, and it came to a head when Steve, one of my editors, was at my house fuming at what is happening with our government and the arrogant and blatant unethical conduct they abide by. This was in late August 2005. I told him to calm down, that raising his blood pressure over it wouldn't fix these Dark Lords.....and since it won't, it was not in his best interest to continue running this energy through his system. I had him take some deep breaths, and as he was doing this, I was wondering to myself..... "There is something really WRONG here! What the Hell happened to Karma.....where is the justice .....?" I have always maintained that since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the rules to karma had changed, and the only karma we had to fix were the messes we personally made, and the things we did that were unloving, unethical, in THIS LIFETIME. Worrying about some nebulous past life that we may or may not have messed up in was useless, especially since most people can't remember all their past lives, and many people don't even believe in them! As I was contemplating this, nothing made any sense. It seemed to me that there were very dark, arrogant and sinister people out there who had literally found a way to "duck" past Karma's radar, and were free to do whatever the heck they wanted because there would be NO CONSEQUENCES! I also felt that THEY KNEW THIS! As my thoughts continued on this track, my conclusions felt really right... that there was indeed something very, very wrong going on! I took some deep breaths, got really focused and started scanning for answers. What I found was shocking! Through technology and magick.....somehow "they" (who ever they are) had been able to literally sedate Karma. This started gradually at the Harmonic Convergence. Finally, over time, they were able to ensnare Karma in some sort of Spirit/Soul Trap! This operation had the familiar resonance of some type of Montaukian experiment with Dark Magick laced all through it.) Until this moment, I had never perceived Karma as being a literal Being. To me, Karma always had seemed like some vague abstract concept. After this intense experience, my perception of Karma's essence and power changed. It now felt very spiritual, natural, and logical. As I scanned creation I was able to locate this spirit trap, and, with the help of the Aurauralite Rock and the Kryahgenetics Egg, quarantine this trap and create a safe environment for Karma's release. It took a while for the powerful sedatives to wear off, but after some time, Karma became coherent enough for me to explain the situation and let this magnificent being know just exactly what had transpired in her absence. I was not ready for what happened next. It was at this moment I realized Karma was feminine.....which was a very new and shocking concept for me. I just sat there and watched as Karma raised her arms, put her head back and let out a loooong primal scream. This scream rippled throughout the entire Universe and I felt its epic shock wave! (It made me shrink back and out of the way as I thought "...Sheeeeesh....I would never want to get HER ticked at ME!") Then, from out of the nearby darkness, came all sorts of Karma Supporters/Helpers that gathered behind her and began to march forward. As more joined in, she literally had legions in her army to assist her in bringing back balance and justice. Who/what ever had done this to her believed this would remain undetected, and even if, somehow, someone learned of Karma's plight, they would be powerless to reverse the situation. They were perilously close to being right in that belief. My UV Realm assistance and also all of the "on the job training" I've had in this life with close encounters with the darkest of the dark, gave me the knowledge and the tools to rescue Karma. Steve was sitting by me holding energetic support and grounding me while I handled this situation and he knew that something monumental had just happened. I explained this amazing episode to him and he just sat there and listened, feeling in his gut that what I had said was right. As we put the pieces of what had happened together, we realize that, some how, a photon beam had blinded Karma. All she could see was her own reflection no matter where she turned. This was coupled with an energetic drug like LSD which altered her awareness and perception enough so they could blindside her and put her in a spirit trap. It was one of the most ingenious attempts to insure that the Dark Lords could continue and increase their reign of foul tyranny and have absolutely no repercussions for any of their heinous acts. You can see by the smirks on some of their faces that they believe they are above Natural and Cosmic Law, and can do what ever the Hell they want with no regards to anyone or anything. After all, they believe, the one with the most money rules supreme! After Karmas entrapment, any karmic repercussions were purely random and sparse. When we both got a clear picture of the enormity of what had just taken place, we breathed several huge sighs of relief (...and maybe a little disbelief). I said to Steve, "Your stress levels are about to ease up. I think you should start keeping a log of evidence that Karma is alive and well again, and bringing justice to those who disserve it." It was the very next day that things started to manifest, not just with people we knew personally but especially those corrupted in politics. Here is an excerpt from an e-mail I got from him shortly after this rescue operation. 09-28-05

Subject: Ahhhh, karma Hi sweetheart Karma, I love her. Tom DeLay was indicted this morning and has had to step aside as House Majority Leader. Now, let's hope he's frog-marched back to Texas. Love you, Steve If you go back in the news now and do a little of your own research, you will notice that toward the end of August 2005 was the beginning of the end in politics and corporate deception being disregarded. Keep your eyes and ears open and celebrate as you witness Karma's resurrection! YOU GO GIRL!!!

Karma's "Alive and Kicking" (behind) .....The Rest of the Story.....

On December 20th, 2005 Ann, one of my editors and closest allies, was at my house for a "working vacation" during the holidays. She was in the office typing up some notes of all the W.S. (Weird Shit) that had been shaking down when she came to me and said, "I just got the impression that Karma had a "counter part" that is also trapped too. Do you think that is possible?" I got focused, and scanned her impression and found that indeed, Karma had a male counterpart that was also sedated and trapped. Apparently Karma had amnesia about this or she would have told me herself. Her male counterpart was also in a spirit trap on the other side of the Universe! Here's the story on him: His job is to protect Karma and also protect the Karma she puts in place. Without him her function, ability and efficiency is only half. When he was taken over, all the karma that was up in place was undone. Any real Karma that actualized after that was purely a fluke. That's why things have gotten so messed up! What they did to Karma's counterpart, her protector, was hideous. "They" had made him virtually unrecognizable, by changing his "soul signature." The visual image I got was of a guy with all his appendages, organs and joints in the wrong a nose on the thigh, and an eye on the wrist, and an ear on the foot, an arm where the head should be, and a leg sticking out of the get the picture. "They" shut down and confiscated his powers. He was left floating, unrecognizable and powerless! Ann asked if he was sad and the answer was, "No, he's just mixed up. He's so confused he doesn't even know there is a problem! He just floats around the cosmos and randomly bi-locates." I can't reveal publicly right now, exactly how I located him and all his parts, but I did. I then brought back his original blueprints, re-installed them, and debriefed him. Now he is back together with Karma once more. He is thrilled that Karma has legions of helpers, (as he is not at all egocentric), and that he is free once more to do his sacred mission of helping he beloved feminine counterpart bring balance and justice to this plane once more. On December 29, 2005 it was revealed to us that since so much corruption had taken place since Karma's capture, that more assistance was needed. A Karma Triad was created, sort of like Karma Clones. Then, on January 5, 2006 they came to us for more assistance. There were people using magick to try and phase in and out of time to duck Karma. To help stabilize and police this unethical conduct, the Karma Triad was multiplied by 11! I would advise now, that each of you take this information and use it to promote optimism for the future as each of you fulfill your private contracts and do your part to assist Karma. If you see or hear of unethical conduct...ring a cosmic bell, put the spot light on it, and point one of the many Karmas to that situation. We are NOT sitting ducks anymore! I know that many of you have felt this way as you see the pathetic and foul manner that the "Powers That Be" have been taking over the planet and the consciousness. Take heart now and breathe life into the new paradigm of Truth, Love, Balance and ..."Liberty and Justice for ALL!" SO BE IT!

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