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The Secret Behind the Chakras part 2

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

The Secret Behind the Chakras Part 2

How Many Bodies Do I Have??? (More is not necessarily better!) NOTE: (Read The Chakra & Kundalini Article First)

Also, just FYI, I had EXTREME interference and challenges writing this article, go figure… "How many bodies do I have?" This is a question one of my clients asked me and it kind of took me off guard. Then he said, “…You know, like the physical body, spiritual body, astral body, etc.” That made a lot of sense to me so I scanned him and came up with just -2- bodies, the physical and spiritual body, as he had inadvertently gotten rid of his astral body when he removed his chakras… (Don’t gasp, I will explain later about the astral body.) Then he asked, “Well, what about my mental and emotional body, what happened to them??? I was like, “Sheeesh, I don’t know, I will have to ask Hal and get back to you on that one.” I was totally stumped as to how it all worked as I knew there were indeed more bodies, (or at least that is what I had always thought…that’s what the experts say anyway…) Soooo are you ready for a new paradigm breaker? Here is what Hal said.


There are actually only 2 bodies we are supposed to have that are our natural authentic state. The Physical Body & The Spiritual Body.

NOTE: The Etheric Body is just another name for the Spiritual Body or “Soul” - Genetic imprints/data and past lives/existences are all collected, encoded and imbedded in the spirit body or soul. - Here are the 3 aspects that make up the Spirit Body/Soul. *The Mental/Intellectual Aspect- Resides/operates from the head where the Brain/Mind Star is on this picture. The mental aspect interfaces with all the brain/mind functions and helps integrate left and right brain so that neither is dominant and they work in synergism with each other. You can see how this is supported when you look at the picture at the bottom and understand how the spiritual body moves the energy from left to right & right to left as it rotates. *The Emotional/Intuitive Aspect- is in the middle where the Heart/Core Star or “soul” resides. This aspect if functioning properly is the master “center” and is bigger than the other two. Its job is to manage not just itself, the Heart/Soul and its Emotions/Intuition, but it has the innate intelligence /wisdom to initiate and continue the interfacing of all three aspects and keep them in good working order. *The Creative/Sexual Aspect - is at the bottom where the Loin/Star sits. This aspect is extremely important, way more than the obvious, “sexuality” …as without creative energy, we would wither and become extinct, both as a body and a species. Creativity is how we get ourselves out of messes and is the catalyst for growth and evolution. The energy from this Loin Star-creative aspect is what can help us rebuild after devastation both inside and outside the body. It is also what ignites passion and when combined with the energies of the Core Star-emotional/intuitive center/aspect and the head-mental aspect there are no limits to what we can create, re-create and regenerate! In this picture of the chakras, you can see how evident it is that this imposed matrix makes it extremely easy for “outsiders” to enter your body and/or steal your life force. Each cone is an “open invitation” for predators, and cleaning out your chakras just makes it that much easier for them to gain access! (It’s pretty amazing how intensely the new age movement has been duped…and created a literal “free for all” when it comes to energy vampires and Shove-Ins !)


So when you get rid of your imposed chakra system, instead of just one “chakra” associated with a certain gland in the endocrine system, these three aspects/buddies in our spirit body work together and synergize to give each gland and each body part optimal input/data and energy. When I removed my chakras, I knew my Core Star got BIGGER and BETTER and this superior energy went all over my body, but I was not sure exactly how that worked. I saw the DNA helix going up the center of my body because I was inside a Kryahgenetics Egg, but that was all I saw at the time. NOTE: when you get inside a Kryahgenetics Egg and feel the DNA helix (which is more like 3 strands of fiber optics), you get in sync with the Egg and, not to get all new agey here, but you “become one” with the Egg as it cleans you out and protects you. Now here’s the kicker. I found out recently that there is an -8- infinity system (see picture below) I will call “The Infinity Star System” that goes immediately in place for all authentic, organic people on our planet who remove their chakras and activate the Heart/Cores Star… This Infinity Star System is automatic and you don’t have to do anything, it is like a default system that kicks in and keeps your energetic fields charged! All you have to do is watch/feel the Heart, the Head and the Loin Stars get bigger, brighter and more powerful as it ignites more of your authentic self. Just thinking about your 3 Star System and putting your attention there, gives them a boost that you can actually FEEL. This is amazingly easy! Also, (I just found out) that when we use the Kryahgenetics Egg for protection around our body, the DNA helix interfaces with the ‘Infinity Star System” and actually “tunes it up!” How cool is that! It is important to be aware that not all people-beings on the planet are organic/authentic and this Infinity Star System will not work for them.


As you know many bizarre things take place on planet Earth such as the fact that non organic or digital entities can “shove-into” organic people/beings (which includes animals, plants and even rocks/crystals). There are also myriads of “conjured” entities and NONE of these are “organic/authentic” – They will do everything they can to schmooze you and even try to cloak energy on them to make them look and feel authentic, but if you have good truth or BS detectors, you will see that they are synthetic. Getting rid of your chakras and activating this new advanced Infinity Star System (which is actually our original authentic one before it was messed with) can help you be more unified, protected, and “whole.” This new system will also give you better radar for synthetic energies and entities and be clearer on how to handle and interact with them!

NOTE:The Infinity loop can be used as an eternal “trap” …but in this unique geometry it is actually a “safety net” to help keep outside interference at a minimum.

How the System Works

What we have here in this picture, is a physical body with its spiritual Soul trio or trinity that is ultimately supposed to work together in harmony, and if/when it does, and if/when it travels through the system/tracks fast enough, it can elevate you and literally blast you into “super consciousness!” When this system is turned on, it either goes clockwise or counter clockwise …which is mostly found in Indigos. It also has the ability if necessary, for the systems energy/direction to “switch” and go the other direction. The whole system freezes for a millisecond and reverses direction without a glitch…somehow bypassing the law of inertia (the law that says things keep moving forward even if the driving force has stopped…like when you stop quickly at a stop light and your head keeps moving forward.) This has to do with magnetics and quantum physics …and somehow it is important to be able to reverse in this manner. When this Infinity Star System is turned on, the energy in the figure -8- is like a racetrack and needs to travel at a minimum of 3 cycles per second to stay alive…(If you go less than 1.5 cycles per second you will expire, as there will not be enough electromagnetic energy to hold the body and soul together.) Each cycle creates a vibration that permeates the entire physical and energetic system…the more cycles per second, the higher the vibration NOTE: With each new level you jump to, you are breaking an M-field and it is easier to do it again. Also, the more cycles per second you engage, the more “your authentic self” is revealed. At 11 cycles per second- you become more sovereign and self-aware and new psychic abilities are triggered. More soul memories awaken. You are more impermeable to outside interference. You start seeing the matrix for what it is, and have the ability to get some immunities to the corruption virus here. You are more capable of helping to clean up and fix the distortions here. Your capacity to put your benevolent intentions in place for the good of all life forms here and see it manifest, also increases. AT 22 cycles per second- Everything you had at 11 CPS but amped up and doubled. Your ability to create and manipulate the matrix is easier. You get more immunities to the Matrix Corruption Virus. At 33 cycles per second- Everything you had at 22 CPS. It’s now easier to stay at 22 CPS and anchor there and not slip back into 11. Your X-men abilities are more evident and you have better command over your physical & spiritual body… and the matrix. At 44 Cycles per second- Everything you had at 33 CPS. You have even more “super powers” and you’re nearly immune to the Matrix Corruption Virus. At 55 cycles per second- you are blasting into super consciousness and vibrate so fast you disappear At this point you have the ability to navigate through dimensions at will and return, raising and lowering your body’s vibration from non-physical back into physical or solid if you choose. From now on you will never be the same…you know too much to ever be the same. You have shattered the matrix. You now have full recall of who you are, where you have been, and why you are here. You are in position of absolute power and the dark lords running this planet cannot touch you anymore. You can do as YOU please, not as they tell you!


*Now, one more VERY important aspect of this new Infinity Star System… besides the energy rotating around the figure 8 track, THE TRACK ALSO SPINS! It spins at the rate that energy goes around the track, minus 1. So if your energy is moving around the track at 11 CPS, the spin is at 10 CPS. As you view and study this picture, your mind will see the blueprint and start to remember and engage with it… you are taking your first step in activating your Super Consciousness! NOTE: You probably won’t “feel” the energy moving around like this, but what you WILL feel is your Heart Core Star expanding, your head clearing and your creativity increasing!

Problems With The System

As you might have guessed, there is a ton of interference with you activating this potential “Super Conscious” system. (The good news is that you have gotten this far and there are others reading this who are making haste to activate their Super Conscious System too…there is definitely strength in numbers!) A major trap is that outside forces try to get us to use either the Loins-Creative/Sexual aspect or the head- Mental/Intellectual aspect and jump over/ bypass or even shut down the Heart/Core-star! This is the BIG coup to attempt to dominate and be in charge or control the rest of the entire being, because without the integration of the Heart/Core-Star energy, information gets out of balance and misinterpreted… and that’s where things could really get messed up. This is how the Porn Vibration tries to take over and control you and can literally destroy your life and those around you via addiction to distorted sex. Bypassing the CoreStar/Heart is also how the Altered Ego messes with your head and lies about who/what you are and who/what others are. Another challenge is that there are a variety of implanted residue and booby traps that the chakras and kundalini snake deliberately leave behind which need to be removed in order for this new system to run at optimal. One of those booby traps is to make the loop at the CoreStar junction get entangled and stuck! Another one is that they left barbs on this “track” kind of like a row of tacks that are used at road blocks so cars won’t pass by. Another is an energetic glue like substance that gets the energy ‘stuck” and sluggish and makes it slow down and even get too hot! Keep your eyes open for any slime they left behind and do a thorough clean out of residue when you remove the chakras and kundalini. Implanted Interference: Insulators - Plates - Crust As you have probably noticed, BIG problems arise when you shut down or slow down your Heart/Core Star energy/emanations (or opportunistic exterior energies/forces attempt or succeed in doing this for/to you). Pain from having love withdrawn which leaves you feeling sad and empty is a huge reason for a Heart/Corestar shut down. It seems better to turn off your heart than feel the pain and suffering of a broken heart! We opt at this point to put “insulators” around our hearts to keep us from “feeling” and to make sure we avoid love at all costs. Then there is the other type of shut down where it is done for/to you. I have gone through some interesting experiences that were very confusing at the time, as I did NOT personally shut down my own feelings, but never the less went through looong periods of time when I had “insulators” on and around me which kept me from feeling the things I love… especially authentic/organic things like nature’s plants, animals and authentic humans. I felt like I was in some kind of robot mode with no feeling and no emotion… just existing and drifting. It took some vigilant detective work to locate these culprits and handle them so I could get myself cleared of these implanted insulators and back in order again …connected and feeling. Also, a few years ago I felt really “disconnected” and it was very hard to think, or feel or have any amount of creativity. I scanned myself and discovered insulator plates at my neck and across my waist! This made so much sense as that is exactly what the blockages felt like. I of course removed them with the implant removal protocol on this website, put all the intel and data from the experience into the Aulmauracite Rocks, and then went after the buggers that put them there and stuffed them down the cosmic recycle bin! (Sometimes there are some useful things that come out the other end, but most of the time very little comes out… this time there was nothing worth keeping so nothing came out the other end.) Crust on the pineal gland?


There is much talk on the internet these days about the pineal gland…some people love it, some fear it, and some hate it and think it should “go away!” I asked Hal and he told me that the pineal gland (as I suspected and previously felt) is EXTREMELY important and that is why it is being hijacked! The pineal gland is the master that tells the pituitary gland what to do (NOT the vestigial or useless organ that our scientists used to think it was) and also collaborates with the thalamus and hypothalamus of the brain, which interfaces with the nervous system and controls all the involuntary actions and responses such as breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure, thirst, etc. These are things in the body that are automated; we don’t have to think about them, it just happens.

Now, problems occur when these “auto responses” get improper commands such as constant fight or flight, or raised blood pressure even after a trauma is over…which can lead to illness and even death. Much research has been done in this area and the outcome is state of the art mind control! I have told my clients that if you can mess with or control someone’s hypothalamus, you can control their behavior and subsequently all aspects of their life…and that is exactly what happens! I have found countless “implants” in and around my hypothalamus and also many of my clients… especially “ET” implants. The good news is we don’t have to put up with it and once these are removed the positive changes are drastic! When Hal said there is “crust on the pineal” I thought he was talking about energetic crust, but upon doing some research I found that fluoride actually accumulates and calcifies there…leaving a “crust” on the outside…just like Hal said! The implications here are enormous and you can guess that this gland is a gateway to super consciousness and also longevity, therefore the “Powers That Be/Were” certainly don’t want any of THAT happening on Earth, we might get wise to them and stop letting them run our lives and our planet…and that would be the end of them! Folks, our pineal gland is NOT a bad thing, but it has been hijacked and we need to do whatever it takes get it back! Read up on nutritional things that help get rid of the fluoride residue/poisoning and start eating more organically. There are definite reasons we are being poisoned and incapacitated with all the toxic chemicals in our food, water and air…BUT there are also things we can do to override it! Don’t underestimate the power of your conscious determination and will! You can literally will the poisons in your body to be neutralized or even will them out of existence! Really, you can! What are things that make the CPS higher?

You probably figured out by now that the “lighter” and less uptight you are, the easier it is for your Infinity Star System to increase in CPS. Sooooo one thing that will help is to constantly unplug from negative energies, thoughts, and people …all the things that “bring you down” need to be disconnected. (I know, it ain’t easy …that was the plan... make things so challenging here that it seems impossible to pull yourself out of the trap!) The good news is that you have some tools here on this website to help you out…and you now have more puzzle pieces to make things easier to see the bigger picture! Also the book Kryahgenetics has a chapter on unplugging that is really helpful. You can increase CPS by:

~Engaging in intense self-love and respect, and/or love and respect for another being… which could be an animal, plant, elemental, rock etc. and also for your spirit guides and guardians! NOTE: The Powers That Be/Were have immunities to love directed toward them, BUT it really annoys and throws them off balance when we truly love someone or something… it’s like kryptonite to them! ~Expressing gratitude and appreciation to those who have assisted you, (especially your spirit guides and guardians) is a huge bonus that can really put you in an altered state that is out of this world! NOTE: I was under heavy psychic attack a few weeks ago and trying everything I could think of to get out from under its spell. I was talking to Ronnie my Ghost Buster partner on the phone about it and all of a sudden this overwhelming love and gratitude for her came over me, and I started to cry and express it to her… Instantly I felt the energies of the spell start to crack, crumble and dissipate! In a few minutes it was completely gone…what I experienced was real… and it was “counter magick!” ~All the sensations of stability, inner strength, sovereignty, and personal power. ~Joy, excitement and wonderment for little things in life… it doesn’t have to take much if you’re on the lookout for it! ~Satisfaction and exhilaration from exposing corruption - Being a champion for those who are oppressed or injured (which includes animals and nature) - A sense of fulfilling your purpose – The delight you feel when someone close to you starts to “get it’ and wakes the heck up! ~And leaving the best for last, which is of course Laughter & Lite-ness… one of the most effective methods of elevating your CPS! Experiment with these tools and see what you can do. You won’t know what you can do till you consciously make the effort …so don’t be afraid…just do it! You literally have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! …I said literally…and I mean it! I personally have made it to 22 CPS and the last one occurred during a laugh fest I had when I was on the phone with Ronnie and we laughed ourselves silly! From what I understand, others have made it to higher levels but for the most part were “forced into it” by alien technology, not via their own will and heart. I would be delighted if one of you could make it to 33-44-and 55 and tell the rest of us how you did it and be our coach. I feel that I have some implants I need to handle that are holding me back from jumping to the next level, but I’m going to be as persistent as a fly at a picnic and never give up till I have arrived at 55! (Hey, that rhymed…we should make a song about that one, eah?) Recipe for getting to 55 CPS Super Consciousness :o) *Ask your spirit guides and guardians to help you and cover for you if you do something unintentional/wrong. *Remove chakras & Kundalini Snake + the plates at the neck and waist line with implant removal protocols (Aulmauracite Rock or pendant would be of extreme assistance and value in this process!) *Clear all residue from the chakras and kundalini snake…(make sure you get any eggs it might have laid!) ***Clear all methods of tying the junction of the -8- together and put spacers at the junction to keep it from touching or slowing down. *Clear as many booby traps and back lash as you can think of. *Clear crust and negative programming off of the pineal gland which has been hijacked. (Maybe also use a psychic jack hammer and dissolver etc for this? *Reinstall your original authentic blueprints, codes and power. Once you are comfortable with this: *Activate the Love and Purity from the core star. *Activate the Clarity and Focus in the brain star. *Activate the authentic Sueelah and Creativity from the loin star. (Keep this up and take notes…it really helps to see your progress! :o) So what about our Astral Body you might ask?

Well, we have been duped, and duped really bad (or good depending on who you ask) on that one. Our astral bodies are actually “conjured bodies” that have been imposed on us and can trap us and force us into going to the “Astral Plane” when we sleep. This realm is a vile, creepy, nasty place that you would only want to visit once for the education of it and then get the T-shirt so you don’t have to do it again! It is the place that inspires horror movies. It is a place that escalates anxiety, fear and dread energies into terror, which the astral beings (and others) cultivate and feast off of. It is a place where you are more vulnerable and can be abducted easier. (Are you getting the picture here? It is easier to manipulate, use and abuse us when we go there!) Now I can hear some of you saying… “But how do we go to other places in the cosmos when we sleep if we don’t use our astral bodies, I thought that was how we traveled through other spirit worlds and dimensions?” (Don’t worry, you’re not alone, I used to think that too until I started to connect the dots!) Your Spirit Body/Soul is a marvelous magickal body that can do myriads of things we cannot even fathom here. It is your Spirit Body that does the traveling… (no need for a cumbersome Ass-tral Body with a cord attached!) Your Spirit Body/Soul can actually bi-locate to many different places at once. It can travel at thought speed. It can travel through time and dimensions in an instant! It usually keeps 50% of itself with the Earth body while it goes out on its travels, BUT it can manage the body with only 5% … cool is that! When Amikah was alive and we were working on some issues we were having, the subject of the astral body came up and all the creepy things associated with it and I was getting from Hal it needed to go! So we did the implant removal protocol and got rid of the sucker! To our amazement, our abductions decreased by 98%. For me personally, after getting rid of the astral body plus many of my other implants and forced agreements, I have not been abducted in over 7 years! My dreams can be annoying and funky sometimes, but I never wake up from horrible nightmares and being exhausted from being chased all night! Before I dumped my astral body, I used to wake up with all sorts of strange anomalies. Once I had big gouges cut out of my hair… (you could see where someone had actually cut my hair…and since my hair is quite thin, this was pretty traumatic!) Sometimes I would wake up with really sore muscles like I had been lifting weights, and a couple of times I felt like I had bruises under my arm pits like I had been hanging on a doll stand for days. (Amikah and I had that one at the same time…go figure.) One time all the elastic in my brand new underwear had vanished and my underpants literally fell down when I stood up! Many, many times I found pin point punctures and scratches, on my face and arms, some in geometrical patterns. I would also have bruises in the morning that weren’t there when I went to bed, (and this one really creeped me out) …some were in the shape of finger prints on my inner thighs like someone was trying to pull them apart and I resisted it!

Sometimes I woke up really sore, feeling like I had days of “marathon sex” (which I can definitely attest that nothing like that was happening in my waking life at that time!) Speaking of sex…a couple of times after my first husband and I had sex, he had long scratch marks on his “Manhood” and it freaked him out, as he said that from the looks of things, he thought I must have grown sharp teeth inside of me! (I have to confess, I thought it was actually kind of funny as his libido was much higher than mine. He left me alone for a while after that, till his desire and hormones overrode the trauma and fears of sharp teeth! I tried to have a good attitude and sense of humor about it all and considered it a temporary useful side effect. ;o) Once I dumped my dastardly "imposed" astral body using the implant removal protocols on this website almost all of this nonsense came to an abrupt stop. Just a coincidence eah? I used to get chased all night and wake up feeling really creepy for no reason…and that creepy, disturbing energy was really hard to shake, sometimes it took days! Having the creeps in the morning rarely happens now and if it does I know how to clear it with the Kryahgenetics Egg, Aulmauracite Rocks and lots of use of the “tea strainer” technique (found in the book Kryahgenetics). Ok, now that I have spilled my guts and you have heard my “true confessions” I hope it will help you understand how all this works and now you have information to help you remedy the situation like I did! It’s All up to you now!

This article has been months in the making. I would only get bits and pieces and then get slammed energetically and have to quit and do something else for while… but that was my strategy, make them think I was too busy to work on it but I always had it on the back burner simmering and now it looks like it’s about cooked and ready for you to “partake!” :o) Now in closing, here is some information to make you motivated and encouraged. When I first started doing this work with First Wave Indigos around the turn of the century, only about 20% of the planet was Indigos. Now with the second wave coming into adulthood…you will be happy to know that we have greatly increased our numbers to about 35% of the population on our team! I am seeing extreme changes on the planet and we are picking up momentum and speed! Indigos make up 90% of the Humanitarian/Animal rights and environmental activists which are making huge changes in how we eat, think, feel and conduct our lives.

There are truth exposers on all fronts and the dark lords are not getting away with all the crap that they used to. We are here in mass and gaining new ground every day! I get letters from people all the time that say they are just waking up and wanting to get their X-men abilities up and running so they can help… what a joy and relief this is as I feel I have been waiting all my life for what is about to happen next…the Indigo Nation overthrowing the corrupted systems here…then taking over and running the show! I know that most of you have been through some very gut wrenching, horrendous life experiences and some days you wonder where you got the strength to carry on. Well, I tell you that your “unearthly willpower” your “intestinal fortitude” is inside of you. It is what and who you REALLY ARE! … and “they” …the sleazoids that have been controlling and torturing this planet, have been trying to take that away. They have been trying to break you down and make you give up and give in …but it didn’t work, YOU ARE STILL HERE!!! It might interest you to know that the Dark Lords on and off planet who are controlling the laws and the $$$ here…if they had to live with the pain, the suffering, the poverty, the lack of support, the ridicule, the drudgery, the horrendous impossibilities many of us have had to endure day after day, week after week, year after year… they would not make it even 72 hours! If they did not have their $$$ backing them, their global networks in power places, their minions, their disguises etc. they would quickly perish! Most of us are dealing with all these atrocities and in spite of it all, are STILL making huge headway in exposing the lies, the evil deeds, and the insanity of the Dark Lords… and overthrowing their regime! Does this let you know how tough you are and how scared they must be now that we are pulling together, wising and rising up… taking our power and bodies back!? We are already doing some serious damage to the agendas of the psychopathic Dark Lords who have been controlling and torturing this planet and we’re gaining momentum! I know for a fact that they are aware of this and getting truly scared…and I say to them, “Be afraid, Be VERY afraid, The Indigo Nation is rising and we are NOT afraid, and we are NOT going away, and we will NOT back down till truth and justice is served, and corruption is overthrown once and for all!” Onward and Forward!

~Lady Mistycah

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