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The Magick Chair Part 2

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

The Magick Chair Part 2


Notice The Geometry Visible Within The Orbs

Written: 12-25-06

UPDATE 01-08-07

Thursday 12-21-06

LL is in the chair. 10:55 P.M. First chair activation of the trip.

She said, "Magick Chair and all of those associated with you of the highest integrity and honor, we activate and call you forth now to assist us in our next step of evolution on and for this planet."

"Ann, I can start feeling them come, they are gathering in this room, not just humanoid beings, but many animal spirits, mythical animal spirits, alien spirits, of all dimensions, all times, all places, to bring their magick and their expertise to assist us in further clearing the tyranny and injustice on this plane and all other planes that Duerlah corrupted. I am feeling their collaborative energies swirling through my body. I feel a tremendous amount of love, honor, respect, and camaraderie. In this group there is no conflict, there is no ego, there is no hostility...there is only support of our common goal to annihilate corruption and tyranny."

"Many noble beings who have in their soul's history the pain and suffering caused by this corruption and are here to assist Karma and Justice and Omen in bringing Balance and Honor and Integrity back to all life forms."

The Beings begin talking:

"The acceptance of continual pain, suffering, hardship, and inability to maintain command of one's self is not evolutionary, it is de-evolutionary, and those who preach that this is a must for balance are in error and must be corrected. If one wishes to experience dichotomies of hot and cold, day and night, love and absence of love, that should be a voluntary action and should never be forced on another. That's what free will is. Free will to experience conscious asking for an experience, not tyrannical injustice. This is where Duerlah contaminated the free will zone. As it continued to be contaminated, free will was annihilated except for the tyrants with their money and with their aggression and with their ammunition. The biggest tyrants had the most free will. There is nothing free about someone else's tyrannical will over another - END OF STORY."

"Love in its true form can't be expressed under these tyrannical conditions because there is always inhibition of love out of fear from past existences, past memories, and fear of another's retaliation. Again, NO FREE WILL. This experiment got so corrupted and so out of hand it was threatening the very existence of all free will, not just in this Universe, but many others."

"Without those beings who have the fortitude, and the memories, and the will, and the guts to step forward and use their innate abilities to obliterate these anti-love forces, Love could have been consumed..... and Light could have been consumed as if sucked into a black hole. That threat (Duerlah) has been eliminated and now the mop-up work continues and in time will be complete. This is the reason the CCC's and the UV Realm came to inhabit this and other planets and dimensions affected by this corruption."

"It is important to have those holding the space of Unconditional Love and projecting that. That is their position. It is mandatory to have those with the courage and the ability, identify the darkness and correct or annihilate it. That is their position and if it weren't for them, those holding the position of Love & Light would be annihilated. Both positions are important, but the ones who challenge the dark are the ones who have suffered the most at the hands of the darkness and know it intimately and know what is at risk. Only they, knowing that risk, had the keys and the codes to eliminate not just the dark, but absolute corruption and absence of Love, absence of Light, absence of Compassion, absence of Justice, absence of Truth, and absence of Honor. Don’t discredit, don’t dishonor, don’t degrade those who are on the front lines."

"There are so called representatives from the 'Love & Lighters' community whose sole purpose is to discredit those on the front lines for their position, their philosophies and their broader understanding. They are making them out to be unenlightened and uneducated and uncompassionate and going directly against their philosophies of what a representative of the light should be."

"The ones on the front lines are extreme warriors of Light who understand what it would be like in the absence of Light."

"In the Love & Light community, forgiveness is a very important and intricate part. Forgiveness can heal many many afflictions and pains and physical traumas. But forgiveness can be dangerous to those on the front lines... for those in this corrupted darkness are preying on that and if shields come down and arms open, they are instantly vulnerable to annihilation. On the front lines, neutrality is mandatory. Forgiveness to corruption and tyranny can be a grave error of entrapment. In the positions of the front lines there must be extreme awareness of traps and false pretenses as lies and deceptions and awareness of vulnerabilities are their weapons of mass destruction. To trust someone who is not trustworthy is stupidity. This does not mean you are an unloving person, it means you are aware of the snares and the booby traps that are placed before those that are in service to the Light. Those trained to see the snares and the booby traps know of what I am talking and know of what we say is true. Maintaining neutrality gives the other side no places to snare or hook as there is no emotion to play upon. Assuming those on the front lines are not acting in Love is a grave error. The ones on the front lines understand Tough Love and know that Tough Love is still Love. This awareness needs to be spread across the board so that both positions of those in the front lines and those holding the rear will acknowledge each other's positions and will honor them for what they do. For the ones on the front lines have immense capacities for Love Unconditional and when tyranny is overthrown will be able to exercise that Love in every aspect of their life as they in their true nature express effortlessly."

"Our deepest admiration to those on the front lines. Your job is not easy and you have been ridiculed by others who are supposed to be your comrades and team members. This misperception needs to be corrected. We will do what we can to assist in this correction. We are your allies, we are your supporters. We honor you for your work and we will be by your side. Know that. Feel us, as we are your spirit guides and guardians. We are there with you."

"We will now be with you and Ann throughout the remainder of your stay here and together we will bring this planet, this reality through a quantum leap to a higher state of consciousness, not just consciousness, but conscientious consciousness. You understand that well. Your Will Be Done, Our Will Be Done, So Be It."

Then L.L said, "Wooow Ann, It was a collective of everyone speaking at once. That was well was like "O.K. Love and Lighters you have your position but don’t condemn those who are putting their souls and their very existence on the line for everyone else by going head first into the darkness which may appear "unloving" when they take them on and take them out."

Laura Lee and Ann In Communion With The Chair

And Her Multitudes Of Spirits

This was a very much needed message to our FW-Indigo community that has been wounded and scarred in battle and then belittled and degraded by well meaning "light workers" for their unconventional tactics. There were/are energies and entities that do not respond to "Love & Light" because their origins were not from this Universe and when they shoved into this Universe, felt that the laws here "did not apply to them" making them "lawless." The Angelic kingdom is of this Universe and has had their hands full ...and because they did NOT have jurisdiction over these entities, they have asked for the UV-Realm's assistance. We recently found a virus that was released into the angelic kingdom's C.C.C. academy as well as several other C.C.C. academies. It was undetected by those kingdoms and if allowed to spread could have been a major disaster for their realms. Without our special forces team who was trained for such detection and then having the wherewithal to handle it, this planet and this Universe would have been in danger of annihilation many times over because of the infiltration of Duerlah and her minions. You may be questioning...."Where is God in all of this? God/Creator would not let this happen" Well, if God is all powerful, all loving, and always in control did this happen? Remember that this is just one Universe in a huge cosmos, where there are Gods many, Lords many, and Dark Lords many...(the biggest one being Duerlah and her minions....the ultimate Dark Lord!) We are all aspects of our own prospective Creator God/Dess and must be constantly reminded to own and internalize that aspect of the God/Goddess force with-in. Also, may I remind you.... with the vastness and limitlessness of our cosmos, that we may not all be offspring from the same "Creator God/Dess."

Friday 12-22-06 12:45 P.M.

With the assistance of all the energies, entities, spirits, guardians, all of our allies and Pure Magick of the Chair.....(and many of YOU) .....we successfully tracked down and took out every speck of residue and personal essence left behind in unthinkable places and spaces by the most sinister being in creation, Duerlah. We cried and had a breakdown when it was has taken eons to get to this point. It has been a long heartbreaking bloody battle as many of you know and remember. Sooo many times we have gotten so close. To have it over was literally overwhelming. Now we have the task of cleaning up everything she infected.....which may take a while, but the threat of utter annihilation of all benevolent creations is no longer a risk. We figure if we work real hard collectively, it will take about 2 generations to clean up the gene-pool....not bad considering how many generations have been under the influence of centuries of Duerlah's corruption!

Thank You & Bless You.... to everyone and everything that supported, protected and assisted us during this procedure..

Saturday 12-23-06 11:35 A.M.

Closing down the Magick Chair

L.L. sat in the chair and after getting some personal messages said, "Ann, my biggest desire is to get out of this chair, I don’t want to be here, I don’t want the responsibility."

Ann told L.L. to look at the Magick Chair that was back in the castle and put herself in it. L.L. said, "O.K., I'm there, but it was fuzzier in the Realm. Can you get me the black fuzzy blanket I brought?" Ann got it and helped L.L. put it in the chair.

"Ahhh, that's much better, this is how I remember it."

She then began to get a message from herself, the aspect of her from the UV-Realm. "I am the Empress Auraura. I am - we are regaining and refortifying all that was lost and stolen by Duerlah. I am in full command again. You and I are One."

"You have done the impossible. Both of you and your Indigo Team have done the impossible. Your challenges in the future will be just that, challenges instead of grueling, on going hardships. Know that. All that was lost and stolen in your life will also be restored and recovered. You are now taking a strong stance that will be questioned, but those who have been on the front lines will know you speak the Truth and that Truth will ring to others until it has filtrated to all."

"This new year will be unprecedented to anything you have ever experienced in this lifetime. More Freedom, more Support, more Laughter, more Truth, more Love. Go now. Know you're protected. We will meet again soon in this form. Remember, we are one. So Be It."

NOTE: This message was for everyone who has had such hardships in this life that they were ready to throw in the towel many, many times. I would request that before you cast judgment on this, that you go neutral and in observation mode.....and make notes of things that have changed and improved in your life, and things that were lost or stolen, returned.

"Ann, the chair is going neutral now. It wants to give us warm fuzzies before it does! The people/beings that have been with us want to hang around - well, not all of them, but a lot of them. Some of them are even going back to Spokane with us!"

With that the chair was shut down and neutralized till next we meet.....(or until you view some of the Chair pictures and in total Honor and Integrity, activate its power and its Magick within yourself and your life.)

NOTE: Here is a little "Hal Humor" for your "Enlightened Entertainment." We were discussing many of the challenges we are facing at this time with Steve, one of our Knights and book editors. The subject came up of all the corrupted souls that will need cleansing, the ones that are beyond repair that will need to go to the cosmic recycle bin, and we were contemplating how to most efficiently handle them. Then I heard Hal Say...."Yes, there is a real problem with some of those 'Ass-souls' you have there.…." I was laughing so hard I could hardly relay this to Ann and Steve. Then we all busted up and I wondered why this obvious play on words had not come up before! (....But I must say this was perfect timing!) Now my dear FW-Indigo Knights…..Our mission is to go where others fear to tread and track down all the "Ass-souls" where ever they may bodies or out..... and get this mess cleaned up so we can go on that long awaited and much deserved vacation to the Cosmic Bahamas.

~Lady Mistycah~

Where would you like to go next?

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