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Indigo or Indigo Brat?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Indigo or Indigo Brat?

Written: 11-20-2010

I have been meaning to address this subject on my website for quite some time now. It seems that there is grand misconception about the Indigo Nation. Since Indigos have such a high aptitude for X-men abilities, it is only logical to assume that there are Dark Lords out there waiting to pounce and control them for their own agendas. Indigos have a very high rate of “Shove-Ins” and can be a super highway for entities both good and bad, to hang out with and/or take over their body. I have discovered that many Indigos display what I call another form of A.D.D. or “Attention Deficit Disorder” which means, if they don’t get constant focused attention, they suck energy to the point of deficit in those around them and spew disorder. They need to be in the middle of everything and be in the limelight… (even if they claim to be the opposite.) To them, “it’s all about me, me, ME!” They have an “auto response” or instant reflex to cause destruction and chaos if they don’t get what (or who) they want. Many times using intimidation and guilt if they are not in control of those around them. This is VERY hard to break and takes sincere desire, focus and extreme self correction abilities to get rid of. Only about 20% ever truly overcome “A.D.D.” or at least have some sort of command over this destructive vicious defect. Below is a chapter from my book, “Living in an Indigo House, the Heartaches & Victories of First Wave Indigos.” Since the publishing of this book in Feb. 2005, I have run across many, many “Dark” Indigos. Some are just “misguided Care Bears” who will recover and use their information to bust some tyrannical systems, and others have crossed over the “point of no return” line and are spreading poison and venom around the planet as only they can do...

Being a First Wave Indigo does NOT mean you have it in the bag, are “practically perfect in every way” and could lift off for ascension at any moment. Many people have this grandiose, distorted image of Indigos. They see them as wondrous saviors coming to this planet with all their super powers and tremendous elevated spiritual awareness. They think that Indigos (like Christ) have come here to save them! This is simply not how it works. Indigos, like Christ, can only show you how to save yourself, and are not here to do it for you. I find that many First Wave’s and Indigos are very repulsed at being labeled, and are quite annoyed with people’s misconceptions of being their “Savior.” They just want to figure out who they are, what they came here to do, and then develop/activate themselves so they can accomplish what they committed to do, to the best of their abilities. As soon as the pressure is put on them to perform or if they are expected to accomplish someone else’s demands on them, these beings want to shut down, clam up, and (or) retreat….. (much like how many of them respond to school pressure and authority). It is their nature. Because of their innate ability to tap into internal truth, they figure if it is not Their Idea, Their Intent, Their Way, then it has very little value or importance, and they will shut down, retreat, or rebel. What I am about to tell you may come as a shock to many reading this, but there are numerous First Wave Indigos here that are very challenged by planet Earth and don’t give a hoot what happens to them or anyone else. There are some who also have one foot firmly planted in Light, and the other foot firmly planted in the Dark (Ego) realms. Then there are some First Wave’s and Indigos who even have BOTH feet planted firmly in the Dark (Ego) realms! All is not the fairy tale picture many have envisioned….. because much of what is written about Indigos only has one aspect of the whole “Indigo Picture.” With this information behind you, you can now understand why it would be naive to think every Indigo on this planet is here serving the Light and working hard to bring about balance and justice. There are Indigos who are spending time on “the other” team, and raising all sorts of needless and senseless chaos! The good news is (at least from the information that Hal has given me) that only about 25% -30% of the First Wave Indigos on this planet are using their talents and powers to serve the tyranny agenda which is trying to take over this planet. It is my hope that of these 25%-30%, at least 50-75% of them can change their alliances and be converted back to their origins of Love, Illumination, Truth and Harmony. (At the time of the printing of this book, only about 20% of the First Wave’s and Indigos on this planet have awakened sufficiently to activate their true potentials, are focused and in hot pursuit of their missions here, and have their Altered Egos in check.) As I said before, there is a great deal of reverence and awe from people who think that just because someone is “Indigo,” they have it all together and are some sort of Savior or God who should be bowed down to and worshiped. This puts much stress and anxiety on Indigos and makes them want to revolt. The truth is, Indigos have more than their share of dysfunction to work through and until they awaken and get themselves cleaned up, they can be extremely dysfunctional and messed up internally. Until Indigos get their Altered Ego released, they can actually play into the hands of light distracters and light destroyers and cause upset and discord for those in their environment. (See Kryahgenetics, the Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy by Laura Lee Mistycah, for more information on Light Distracters and Light Destroyers.) It concerns me when I see or hear people buying into the idea that in order to properly raise an Indigo, and now especially with the younger Crystal and Rainbow children, that you should allow them to do as they please, all the time… thinking that they are “The chosen ones” and know best. I believe that this can be a dangerous thing and is fostering the prospects of creating what I call an “Indigo Brat!” (….which could easily turn into a future “Dark Lord!”) I have heard stories of parents who are raising their young Indigos and Crystal children with no limits or boundaries. They allow and even promote these children to always decide what THEY want to do, when they want to do it, and how they want to do it with no parameters. These kids then start dictating how the rest of the family operates with no concern or regard to others needs or wants. One mother waited nearly an hour for her little tyrant to decide to put on her shoes to go home from a friend’s house late at night while her little baby sister was crying and fussing because she was tired and wanted to go to bed. The mother just kept saying… “Now honey, please go get your shoes on so we can go” as she was wrestling with a sleepy, cranky, infant. The little Indigo brat just kept playing with the Lego’s, totally ignoring her mother. This kept up with the baby howling and the little tyrant doing exactly as she pleased with no regard to how her behavior was affecting those around her. In fact, she totally enjoyed the power she was given to NOT do as she was asked! Everyone in the house was getting really annoyed at the mother, and also at the father, for just standing there and not taking charge of the situation. Finally one of the hosts took the child, put her shoes and coat on, and helped escort the entire family out the door! The disrespect got worse. This little tyrant would come over to her mother’s friend’s house and play with crystals and other fragile objects and ceremonial pieces from a sacred alter in a room that was off limits to children. She would also tyrannize other children that came to this house. When the hosts reprimanded the little girl, the mother got her feathers ruffled and said that if her children were not allowed to be free to express themselves in their home without getting reprimanded for it, then she would not be coming over any more. The host was secretly relieved and thought this was a blessing... and the friendship was never the same. This story is typical of how some parents raise their Crystal children. They think that from what they have read, you should parent Crystals with no boundaries or restrictions, letting them “choose” when, where, and how things go down. I believe that the mother in the previous story truly believed that she was doing a grand job because she had so much patience and was so allowing. Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give Indigo children options: “Do you want to brush your teeth now or wash your face first?” … “Do you want to clean up your room or the play room first?” “Do you want to read before you go to bed or play with your erector set?” OOOPS….. Sorry…..These are the options you would give “normal children”. For Indigos it would be more like, “Do you want to play with the fairies in the back yard or stay in and draw unicorns and gargoyles with your new crayons?” “Do you want to watch your Harry Potter video, or make a magick wand?” “Do you want to get out of bed and turn your night light off when you’re done reading, or stay in bed and practice using the powers of your mind to do it?” Parenting Indigos requires a balance between logic and inspiration. There may be no hard and fast rules for every situation. You just have to be flexible and try to guide your Indigo in a direction that will have the best possible outcome. My second son has always been a night owl. When he was three years old, many times I would get up to in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and find the light on in the boys bedroom. There he sat, bright eyed and bushy tailed, playing with his toys. At first I was annoyed at this and would put him back into bed and turn the lights off. This went on and on until I finally decided that it wasn’t a bad thing if there were some ground rules that were kept. “You DON’T wake up your brother, You only turn on the little lamp instead of the overhead light, You DON”T pour yourself milk from the gallon jug, and you DON’T go out-side!” I got some remarks from friends and family who thought that children should be in bed by 7:30 or 8:00, but I figured that as long as he kept up his part of the bargain and didn’t disturb anyone or get into things, it would be ok for everyone involved…and hoped it wasn’t causing any psychological damage from sleep deprivation. I soon found that after an hour or two, he would turn the lights back off and climb into bed. (His capacity to stay awake at night and be creative turned out to be quite positive and useful in later years when he went to school full time, worked full-time as a waiter, and then had to go home at night and do homework for college. His ability to get up in the middle of the night with creative energy and focus, using short naps to regenerate, enabled him to adapt and get better grades!) It is important to be able to follow your gut and know when to allow, and when to draw the boundary lines. I have a friend whose Indigo daughter constantly caused immense amounts of strife and conflict in her family. The child has her mother in a chronic fear mode as she tirades over the house and her younger Indigo brother with the style and power of a seasoned Dark Lord! Her mother is extremely frightened of her and is always trying to handle her with “kindness and love” and never raises her voice. This modality of parenting actually backfired because the child grew up with no boundaries or consequences. As a result the mother is being totally controlled and “whipped” by this young woman who is now in her late teens. This girl has some incredible psychic abilities, and has done some really despicable things with them. She now uses her abilities and powers to manipulate, control, and bring terror and chaos wherever she goes. She uses her manipulative powers, and temper tantrums, to get her way at any cost. She has a total disrespect for and despised anyone or anything that she perceives to be an authority figure or…..any one telling her what to do. On the other hand, she also has an equal amount of despise and revulsion for those she considers “Underlings” (which would be most of the people she knows!) She even went as far as lighting the attic on fire, which quickly spread to the upper level of the house, causing some serious destruction and smoke damage to the rest of the house. Later she bragged about doing it on purpose to prove that there are no limits as to what she is capable of. She had her mother and younger Indigo brother terrified, just the way she wanted it. This is one situation where I believe that “Tough Love” would have been a better parenting skill for the mother to use from Day One. Remember, Tough Love is still Love! Now, on the opposite end of the scale, here is a true story of what I call a little “Power Crystal/Indigo.” I was at a health fair a few years ago and the woman in the booth next to me had this beautiful, amazing little girl. She was 3 1/2, going on 43! I had never seen anything like her! She was kind, considerate, loving, gentle and very inquisitive. She came over to my booth, and said “May I please look at your necklaces?” (So much respect and reverence for a child so young!) I said “Certainly”, and showed her some of the Aulmauracite Rocks too, letting her hold them, and told her how the Aurauralite pendants work. After spending some time with her, I was inspired to “gift” her with a black cord pendant. As she held it in her hand, she looked at it with sheer wonderment and delight! She took the scroll I gave her, and all the information plus the “Aurauralite” story and scampered over to show her mother…..(who was sort of embarrassed that her child had made me feel obligated to give her one, but I assured the mother that I felt it was important that this gift was given.) Then the little Indigo said with anticipation, “Mommy, will you please read this story to me?” Her mother agreed, but first had to finish helping some people who were buying things she had on her table display. After the crowds had dispersed, the mother picked up the little girl and sat her on her lap. As she read the story, the little Indigo was comprehending and absorbing every word! I was joyfully amazed and shocked at the aptitude and attention span of this little cutie pie! The mother later told me of how she doesn’t know where her daughter gets her information, but is constantly teaching her things. One day the little girl was watching a cartoon about Gargoyles, and the mother said, “Honey, why don’t you turn that off or change the channel. Those are such ugly things. I don’t want you to get frightened.” The little master replied, “Oh, mommy, noooo, you don’t understand, Gargoyles are wonderful, and very kind. They are protectors and also my friends!” (Her mother had no idea that there was such a kingdom as the Gargoyle Realms, and still to this day I don’t think she gives it any validity, since she is a very devout Christian, but honored that her little girl was not afraid and allowed her to keep watching. This incident actually helped the mother see a little better that, just because something looks ugly and different, doesn’t mean it is scary and evil.) Later on that day, I was doing some deep tissue body work on a man who was not inhibited to use tones and moans for letting go of stresses and energy while I was working on him. As he was vocalizing his release of energies, we were getting the attention of everyone around. The little girl looked over at us and was taking it all in. Finally she came over and stood right in front of him and said, “Is she hurting you?” We were both amused at her tenacity, and it was hard not to laugh. He said to her, “No honey, I’m just releasing energy this way.” I then explained to her what I was doing and why he was moaning. I told her that this man was actually an old acquaintance of mine; his name was Jalinka, but we called him Link for short. She then, with all the grace of a queen, put her little palms together with her fingertips touching her chin. She closed her pretty eyes, and bowed… keeping her hands in place under her chin and said in a melodic voice, “Very happy to meet you Jalinka.” We were both floored! Her articulation was perfect! I have never, ever seen such respectful grace and charm as this little girl demonstrated, not even in adults! I later asked her mother if she taught her to bow like that when she met people, and she said, “No, actually, this is the first time I’ve ever seen her do this.” This tenacious, but charismatic little Indigo is a grand example of how young Indigos and Crystals can conduct themselves with grace and with style, enchanting all they come in contact with. The key is that they need the proper balance of love, respect, and boundaries in parenting. Part of the balance being to explain things they question, and also to command respect. When they were getting ready to pack up their booth at night, the little girl was getting tired, and a little spunky, and said, “I want to go home now,” and started heading toward the door. The mother firmly brought her back and told her to put her things in the box and to help her grandma get packed up. This was all it took and the little girl got busy helping her mother and grandmother get ready to go. I was happy to see this little incident for two reasons: 1- To know that the little girl could be headstrong and try to get her way, and 2- That her mother didn’t let her pull a tantrum and knew how to set the parameters of acceptable behavior, doing it with firmness and love. Since a large portion of First Wave Indigos are now having children, with a high percentage of them Indigo-Crystal children, it is important, now more than ever, to realize that balance must be in place for a healthy upbringing. If you go inside and follow your inner guidance or “gut” feelings, you will be more likely to raise these children in the way they require, instead of following the “rules” of our society. The trick is, to not allow ego or social consciousness to be a factor in your decisions and interactions with Indigos. If more people start doing this, the acceleration rate of Indigos awakening to their true nature will increase, and the planet will in turn raise its vibration to a new paradigm…one of Freedom, Justice, Truth and Enlightenment. I for one, am looking forward to this, and like any paradigm shift, there is usually a lot of shaking and chaos that ensues while the Dark Lords of the past try desperately to maintain their turf.….but with Indigos waking up and balancing their powers with love and awareness of “Unity,” the Dark Forces don’t have a chance. It is only time that is between us and this new world. I have seen it… others have seen it…and when YOU see it, the shift will occur even quicker and with more ease. May the love and power of all the Gods/ Goddesses of the Universes be with YOU always, and may we all join forces to bring Love, Light, and Laughter to our own realms. So Be It!

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