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The Magick Chair, Chief Joseph, and Other W.S.

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

The Magick Chair, Chief Joseph, and Other W.S.

Written: 11-27-06

One thing that makes this "Earth Life" so incredible and thrilling is that we can always expect the unexpected. On Sunday, Sept. 17, 2006 Ann and I went on a "work retreat" to get away from phones and constant W.S. so we could get something done and so Ann could catch up on her W.S. notes. (hahahahha yeah, like THAT worked!) This trip was a gift, compliments of Norma Jean, who was supposed to meet us there but had car problems and didn't make it. The night before we left, I went to bed about an hour after Ann did and I heard her whispering some very rude things about me and then in a different sinister whisper threatened me. I was exhausted and thought, "I'm to tired to deal with this.....I will in the morning" and laid my head down on the pillow and took a deep breath. Half way through the second breath Ann started moaning and groaning like she was attempting to fight whatever it was that was trying to be aggressive. Then the sinister voice whispered something 3 times like some sort of incantation, and once again she responded to it by groaning. I said..."Ann.....Ann....are you O.K.?" ..... She groggily responded, "Yes...I'm O.K......" and then the CD I had just turned on started to skip. I was so tired I just turned it off and went to sleep. In the morning I asked Ann if she slept ok and she said, "Yes, why?" I proceeded to tell her what had transpired and she had no recall - no idea about the incident.....(and she wished I would have recorded it because this kind of stuff NEVER happens to her!) We psyched into the situation and figured out that whatever was in her was activating some kind of a death assault designed to kill me via Ann from a Spider Lady that knew Magick...which of course, had Duerlah's finger prints on it. What's another death assault?.....Happens all the time. Instead of the old saying "S.O.S.D.D" or "Same Old Sh!t, Different Day," the cliché for us has become "F.W.S.D.D." or "Fresh Weird Sh!t, Different Day"..... ;o) We laughed about this and Ann jokingly said..."You better keep a watch on ME now!" I laughed but I knew that someone or something trying to get Ann to take me out would be the perfect it was inevitable that someone would try this..... but by now we are equipped to handle such nonsense and we never let ANYTHING come between us. We have had so many death assaults on us that we consider it just a minor set back and an annoyance. NOTE: For those who haven't had the pleasure of meeting Ann, here is her picture. She has been my "Life Saver" in every sense of the word!

After some small setbacks in getting out of town, we stopped for gas before the road trip. I gave the receipt to Ann and the total was..... $55.55. She laughed and then the clock caught her eye, it was 12:12. We both laughed really hard at that point and knew it was going to be a good trip and that Hal was definitely hanging out with us. To add more validity to this "Halish trip"..... the first time I looked at the odometer, we had gone 55.5 miles!

When we got to our destination it was like time stood still. The weather was great and we just started to unwind. While standing on the balcony of the lodge I saw a strange white light go by my head .....I told Ann what I had seen and to my surprise, she said..."Gosh, I saw it too and thought it was just some weirdness with my eyes..... What was it???" I scanned it and found it was a "flock of our Spirit Guides." (That was definitely a Hal definition!)

That evening we watched the "Matrix Revolution." During the movie we got the psychic hit:"Take down the core connection of the holographic grid Duerlah has been using and disable the emergency backup systems. Earth is the core."That¹s why we, and most of the UV-Realm Knights had to come here. (See "Piecing Together Your Memories of the Realm" for more information on Duerlah)

Ann was tired and wanted to take a candle light bath. I started getting the feeling I needed to go outside by the water and meditate. All of a sudden I felt a clarity I had not accessed for a long, long time. Here is the information and instruction I got.

"Free yourself from the imprisonment of Poverty and its energies that have ascended upon you and tried to kill you!" "Send Poverty to the PTB's (Powers That Be.) the Money Lords and to the self appointed Tyrants. Poverty will go where you tell it once you have found and freed it .....for it too has been entrapped! Free it and direct it to go to its Karmic destinations. Also free fear, self doubt, fear of success, anxiety, dread, fat, bloating, hair loss and breaking teeth, pain, suffering, bad luck, ill health, deterioration and aging...... and most of all.....'a Cursed Existence'........ all of which you have felt and endured first hand and in your heart of hearts DO NOT BELIEVE IN! You will find these energies diabolically hidden and locked inside YOURSELF FIRST!"

"Free yourselves, your children, all children...and the entire Indigo Nation. You will also find this element especially hidden in many of the UV-Realm Knights and CCC that would support you the most. When you free these entities from their entrapment, they will all willingly be at your command. Redirect these entities and lock them into all the appropriate PTB¹s, Money Lords and Tyrants. Take their money and the power it gives them away, and they are NOTHING...THEY HAVE NO POWER!"

After identifying the locations of these "Spirits" and figuring out how to free them all, it was amazing what happened next. These Spirits were thrilled to now be under Our Command and were telling me they didn¹t want to do what they were doing.....but they had been ambushed and forced into that position. They wanted to be in our service now by enslaving the enslavers!

We cleared any residue from us and then sent the Spirits to the PTB's. I commanded them to lock into these tyrants and never leave unless they do a permanent transformation. Only benevolent people shall control the money. Now it is just a matter of time.....

In the previous 24 hours we were inundated with psychic assaults from many different sources and many people in "low places" as I humorously call them. We handled one assault after the other and were exhausted when we went to bed. I laid down, took a deep sigh of relief, and closed my eyes. I was amazed when I immediately saw a strobing light that flashed 13 times, each one revealing some kind of cat.....(Remember that my eyes are still closed) The first one was a black panther that looked straight at me with piercing eyes. The others were smaller versions of black cats in different positions. I'm thinking ....."Now this is way cool, I've never had THAT happen before!" (Yeah right, that depends on your definition of "cool" .....wait till you hear what happens next.)

I wake up a few hours later at 4:00 AM with a severe pain between my shoulder blades that radiated through my body and made me short of breath. I got a very creepy feeling,.....I felt like I was going to die...(or at least was the intent.)

I sat up in bed and Ann groggily said..."Are you O.K.?" I tried to take some breaths but it didn't work so well, and I responded...", I don't think so." Ann rapidly woke up, got her notebook and tried to help me figure out what was going on. I realized that the "Cats" I saw before I went to sleep were a newly discovered breed of Duerlah's protégé a cousin to the Spider Ladies and Snake Ladies. These "Cat Ladies" have a little different mode of operation. Spider Ladies weave their web of deceit, and then lure you in to their sticky web of entrapment. They roll you up; wrap you up and suck you dry. Snake Ladies are smooth, slippery, slithery and quiet. Then when the time is right, they hypnotize you with their eyes so you feel like a deer in headlights, and then strike before you know what hit you.

We found that 60% of the cat ladies are also spider ladies.....which makes them double the fun to get free of! We didn't know who the Cat Lady leader was. Ann asked, "Is the Queen of Cat Ladies incarnated?" The answer I got was, "Yes." We don¹t know who the Queen Cat Lady is because she moves around. The time release that hit me in the back was extreme and was supposed to kill me.....therefore, we realized that we were really, really being protected.

We found out that they were using some kind of "Cat Magick." They were in fact trying to use up our "9-lives." (I didn't know this phenomena even existed!) They just successfully used up 8 of my lives with this attack. One more and I would have died. I quickly reinstated a billion lives just to give me some cover. We got the message that these "Cat Ladies" are trying to use up and expire key people¹s lives on this planet and then kill them. These "Bad Cats² were also trying to overthrow the benevolent cats, like Ann's Jaguar Spirit Guides.

After we handled this and about 50 other things, we both fell into deep restful sleeps. W.S. 24-7 can really get to you after a while!

Monday 9-18-06

When we woke up we found that Norma Jean was having car trouble and would not be coming so we moved to another room.

This room had a very different feel than the one we were in. It had some very interesting furniture to say the least and Ann asked me to check the leather in the strange looking bone chair and bench to make sure it was not "corrupted."

NOTE:For the past 5 years I gave my all to trying to help a young man untangle from "The Leather Cult." His father, a dark voodoo master, was the head of this cult. (Later we found out that his Father and Duerlah were "partners" .....and it all made sense as to why I found myself smack in the middle of the most vile cult on the planet!) This "contract" left me nearly lifeless as he consumed all my time and energy, and then drained every resource I had. I lost my house, my jeep, my dogs, my kids had to go live with their dad and wicked step mother for a year, my health deteriorated, I gained 50 lbs and nothing I did seemed to break this "curse".....I felt so powerless over myself in so many ways, it was really depressing and I felt my life-force slipping away. Most of my friends and support systems mysteriously disappeared, and everything in my world seemed to get "broken." On top of this I was constantly getting eviction notices and utility disconnect notices. I had no where to turn for rich relatives, no savings, no resources at all. I had my car partially broken into so many times I finally decided to rip my CD player out and pawn it myself instead of letting the thieves do it! (Just FYI.....I never ever got stolen from till I met this guy and then it became "common place.") After that, I resorted to pawning other things in my house that I loved for sheer survival! I was in a real dilemma as this guy could NOT work and I could NOT send him back to his cult family. He had a smoking addiction that I found myself forced to support and I was furious that I had to use the money I needed for my kids to support him!

From the time I met him my computer kept breaking and was in the shop 1-4 times a month. I continuously got computer viruses, got my website hacked, had pass codes get "mysteriously changed" and even had a death threat that showed up on the bios when the computer was booting up! Weird Shit took on new meaning and just did a quantum leap! My car was constantly breaking, my appliances and electronic devices were always going out, the repairmen and techies I talked to told me they never ever had the kind of problems show up that I was having...some of them were virtually impossible! On top of that I had a psychic invisibility shield over me and no one could find me. Clients and friends could not find me and I would even go to stores and not get waited on because I was "invisible!" I had curse after curse on me.....I even got psychic stab wounds in the chest in the shape of an upside down pentagram that left me immobilized! I knew what a "Cursed Existence" was at a very intimate level. (Some of these "curse" stories will be told in future articles and at Knights training courses.....they are fascinating and how I over came some of them was literally "a joke!")

After the first year of knowing this man he came to live with me and I was with him 24-7 .....never a break and it was hellish! I was in a 2 bedroom apartment with him and my kids, so I was forced to have him in my room. We slept on the floor since there was not enough room for a bed with all my computer and office furniture mixed with my dressers and bookshelves. My back would ache in the morning and in the summer it got to be 120 degrees in that room! He would growl at night in his sleep and sometimes I would wake up to him 3 inches from my face glaring at me! He had been under severe mind control and also had entities coming through him like a super highway..... I never knew who would show up next. One time an entity named "The Reever" possessed this guy and started chasing me through the house with a knife and my only thought was..."I sure hope I get this entity out before my daughter comes home from school!" (Later I became friends with "The Reever" and he actually became my ally!)

This young man's father was the head of the Leather Cult that had a "Queen" which was like something out of a twisted nightmare. They were grooming this guy to be their "Queen" (.....I know is really bizarre but it is true.....) and A Sex change was in the works! You cannot imagine the foul, vial, disgusting things they did with leather...besides the normal leather clothes, furniture, draperies, sheets, blankets, pillowcases, they had some very creepy things they did with leather sexually. It was like there was an "Entity" they had conjured up that was imbedded in this material that they could command! The Queen was the heart of the cult and used twisted orgone energy for control, manipulation and power. The total opposite from "The Ways of the Goddess" I remembered in the Realm ...BUT totally in alignment with the energies of Duerlah!

Finally after nearly 5 years of periodically going off on Hal and all the rest of my guides and yelling..."If this is how you help me, if this is what you call 'Help' ...then just go away.....I don¹t need your 'help'.....your fired!" Finally in a rage of passionate desperation, I locked myself in my son's room and once more yelling into the Universe for this to stop or I was out of here.....I got the instructions for "The Spiral Ceremony" that began the reversal of all these curses and was the beginning of the end of this "Cursed Existence" Shortly after that.....I met Ann. (Note: The Spiral Ceremony instructions will soon be available on this website)

I checked the chair and found that it used to be a Magick chair..... but is not at this time. Some how Chief Joseph took out the Magick in it but was going to put it back in again for us!. (I was surprised at the information I was getting as I did not know much about Chief Joseph except that he brought his people to this area for ceremony and that one of his famous quotes was "I will fight no more forever.") We decided to check him out on the internet and when we read the stories of his life, we both cried.....I felt a strong connection to him and Ann said to me..... "I think he wants to talk to us" ...and I agreed, he very much wanted to tell us something.

I sat in the chair that we had now named "The Magick Chair" and began to "Feel its energy." My intuition said that they were able to keep their Magick safe because this geographical area is a "null zone." I suddenly sensed that a whole tribe of Native Americans were with us. Then I started getting a message from Chief Joseph- "We have been saving our Magick and Knowledge for someone who could return Mother Earth and her inhabitants to its pristine state."

Ann asked, "Were the Native Americans Earth or of Galactic Consciousness?" My answer was that about 10% were Galactic Consciousness. Chief Joseph was a FW-Indigo. Galactic Consciousness can also mean just the "One With the Earth" concept. Only 10% were aware of ET contact. The leaders knew their people could only understand things through ceremonies, etc. Their society was highly Spiritual throughout.

Then Chief Joseph said to me.... "I¹ve been waiting a long time to find the right Spiritual chieftains. I felt that you were 'The One' when you came here 7 years ago with your ex-husband, but you were not with the right person then. He would have insulted you and not allowed my message to be brought to you. He was extremely jealous and threatened by you. There is a reason why you changed rooms and came here. WE brought you here to us!"

"As you sit in that chair, we'll make it a Magick Chair."

(I now began sensing not only Chief Joseph, but all the chieftains and medicine men & women from what he called the "Area Nations" .....which I didn't understand at first because I thought he said, "Aryan Nations." These were shamans, and great spiritual leaders from all over the planet and all through time.)

The place was full of them now. He then continued..... "We are gathered in circle for a very monumentous event that we have been preparing for, for many many moon cycles. We are here to help you bring the Earth and her inhabitants back into balance and harmony. The white men have had no honor and have proven over and over, that especially their leaders, cannot be trusted. We feel however, that we can trust you and your partner and we know that you have honor. We are willing and honored to give to you every kind of support we have and especially our Magick. It did not work for us, but it will work for you. We did not have the awareness of the cosmos the way you do and this Magick we bestow upon both of you will help you transform this vile darkness that has been plaguing our people and your people for thousands and thousands of years. You are right. I gave my word to my dying father and I realized my word was useless. I could not fight the white man. Their numbers and their guns were more powerful than us and our Magick was not enough. This shook my faith in my God and broke my heart. If the Great Spirit cannot help you, who can? I understand that you have had similar challenges, but I know who you are and that you do have the other keys to unlock the prisons they have built around the benevolent souls. It is with much honor and respect that we give you all we have to support your efforts in bringing to an end the war that has been plaguing us all. It seems that only the greedy and the arrogant are free. This needs to stop. We trust that you will succeed. We will put our Magick in this chair. When you sit in it, absorb it and lock it into your souls. It will only work for you two and then we will remove it from the chair when you leave. This is our gift. We give it freely and with honor. Aho. Chief Joseph."

NOTE: This Session Ended at 12:12.

We were both flabbergasted at what just happened and very sobered by the magnitude of it all.

As I was working on the computer, I knew life would forever change. This picture has another version of the chair that was more like a love seat but this one was not activated. Several orbs are on this picture, which I have found many times is the manifestation or bi-product of a raise in vibration.


The next day...Tuesday 9-19-06

Ann and I were working with the information we had gotten earlier about why the laws of metaphysics and the laws of attraction were not working for many of the FW-Indigos. When I saw part of the movie "The Secret" it got me annoyed and I had to turn it off. I knew that this was the way the laws were SUPPOSED TO WORK but did NOT WORK for many of the front line UV-Realm Knights! It SHOULD BE THAT SIMPLE but simply is NOT!

This Universe was supposed to be a "free will zone" but because of the corruption from Duerlah & Co, it created an entirely new dynamic. It really upset me when well meaning new-agers would say things like...."well, if you are in a pickle all you have to do is put up a bubble of love and light and say prayers and god will answer you" or "you need to have positive energy or you will not get positive energy must be having negative thoughts or this awful stuff would not be happening to must be doing something bad to attract negativity to you."

After my in-depth dealings with curses, spells, voodoo, black magick, dark arts and cults, I knew that there was more going on than most new-agers could wrap their minds around. It seemed to me that the ones that were getting hit the hardest were the ones that were on the front lines and could do the most damage to the "powers that be" .....and had nothing to do with their "Bad Karma" or "unloving, unevolved thoughts!" I knew these energies/entities were real and that not believing in them does NOT make them go away, in fact it makes them more powerful and prevalent. If you didn't know how to stand up to this "Power Force" and use core level forceful intent, then they would run over you and own you! In many cases you have to out-wit and out-create them! You have no idea how many times I used "love and light" as a response to their vileness, and it was like a joke to them. Using love and light will work for many things and I am an advocate of this....BUT.... There are times when you have to not only "match" their energy but exceed it! The strongest force wins....(and sometimes that comes in the form of unplugging and going neutral) If you don¹t have the strength and fortitude to take on full authentic power/authority over them, if you don't give them a nuclear blast to get their attention and then have the power to put them in their place, it does no good and could actually empower them because of your self doubt and fear. Sometimes the beings that are assaulting us are so vial that nothing can reform them and they need to go to "the cosmic recycle bin." Then there are those beings that are trying to own everything. Beings that are rapidly spreading such tyranny, pain and suffering across all of creation like a virus into infinity ( Duerlah) ....that they need to be totally and unthinkably "annihilated." This is not an easy job and not a job for the faint of heart, and not a job for someone with a run away have to keep a cool head, a pure heart, an expanded view, and trust your gut and your higher self.

There were many reasons for "cause and affect" and "the law of attraction" to not be working ....from Karma and Justice being held captive (see article on Karma) to people having over-riding systems/energetics of curses and spells on them. If these were not matched with the opposite intent, and if not handled "exactly right" these curses would not be lifted. Then there is the dynamic of outside beings/entities/energetics actually tuning- in/coming-in, and intercepting or "stealing" the energy of the heartfelt intent or affirmation, and making off with it! And last but not least, electronic/energetic interference i.e. HAARP, GWEN, ELF and radionics devices.

We also found a CHALLENGE that no one seemed to "CHALLENGE" or think was "Off Base" and that was that the Conscious mind is subservient to the SubConscious mind! I was appalled at the stupidity of it all and that no one seemed to challenge this concept, but just accepted it. There appeared to be a "Conscious/SubConscious switch" somewhere in our manipulated DNA's History that made the SubConscious the "Ruler" instead of the subservient. The SubConscious SHOULD BE a back up system and support system.... the slave not the master! It should be like a file clerk to the database so our Conscious doesn¹t get bogged down. The SubConscious's job should be that of managing background programs such as heart beat, blood pressure, driving a car, etc, so that the Conscious can do other things and still maintain order and balance. The Conscious mind should have 24-7 access to change or alter the background program. With all the heavy manipulation that has been going on here, it seems that there are so many instances that we try to access the now extremely altered SubConscious and get the "Access Denied" error message! In my book, "This is just WRONG!"

There were also other situations happening continually, like I had a "selective reverser" on my Conscious/SubConscious intents. I was so sick of having my positive intentions get messed with that I figured I would "intend the opposite of what I wanted" and see what happened... (good idea in theory but....) nothing changed....the selective reverser kicked in and I got exactly what I asked for .... a bunch of crap! I felt sooo helpless, like "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't, and Damned if you do nothing!

After doing several things with the Aurauralite Rock to make our Conscious-Will rule, like clearing the perversions from the SubConscious, and unplugging from the chemical that made the SubConscious the ruler, we put in place a "Key word mechanism" so that when we hold our Aurauralite "Stone of Truth" pendant and say "My Will Be Done" then the SubConscious and Conscious work together simultaneously to make it happen. That way we would not be sabotaging our true desires by making a joke or inadvertently saying something that would be taken as law and acted upon.

After working on this I got in the "Magick Chair" first and put a new paradigm in motion. As I sat in it my body started to tingle. I felt very empowered and protected as I saw Nations from all over the planet with us, supporting us. All the nations on this planet who were ever oppressed. Even ancient tribes: Celtic, African, Druids, Egyptians. Every tribal nation. Billions.

I declared..... "From the core of my being..."

"I Call in the power and emotions of my authentic self and flood my SubConscious."

"My Will Be Done. I know who I am and I am in command of my Conscious and SubConscious mind. My Conscious word is law when prefaced by 'My Will Be Done.'"

"My Will Be Done. My Conscious intent is now law. My Conscious intent turns into SuperConscious and the SubConsious is subservient and will support and protect Conscious Will now and forever. So Be It. My Will Be Done."

"My Will Be Done. Physical regeneration and total health balance top to bottom and side to side, every day more balanced until perfect balance is manifested and locked. My Will Be Done."

"My Will Be Done. Money/Dark Lords now begin receiving their Karmic Justice, the pain/suffering poverty plagued on others, they will begin receiving, magnified and amplified until Justice is served. My Will Be Done."

"My Will Be Done. Court Knights from UV Realm getting immediate relief from pain and suffering and poverty and absolute reversal permanently. My Will Be Done."

"My Will Be Done. To have all of the polluters of this planet, the Conscious polluters of this planet, rectify their deeds or suffer instant Karmic consequences now. My Will Be Done."

"My Will Be Done. Every pure heart, every compassionate person be rewarded with financial backing. No strings attached. ....And so they have every needful thing. My Will Be Done."

"My Will Be Done. All of the brave hearts/minds that have technology to bring this planet into balance and pollution free have all of the financial support, backing, and everything they need. No strings attached and no hostile action or threats against them. Those threatening them will be instantly Karmically handled. These brave souls will be free to do what they came here to do. My Will Be Done."

"My Will Be Done. To take on the grace, countenance and power of my Realm self, my authentic self in this world. No one dares raise arms against me in any capacity. My Will Be Done."

Then Ann got in the chair and added her Conscious will to mine. The energies that were emanating from her and from the chair were "unearthly!"

NOTE:We got many psychic assaults throughout the days we were here in retaliation to what we were doing.

9-20-06 Wednesday...end of trip... Ann and I were both feeling very overwhelmed because of the tremendous impact of the events that transpired in the last 3 days. As I was sitting in the Magick Chair, I felt all of the chieftains are returning from all over the globe, from all over time. We both started crying as we relived all the emotions, pain and suffering of all of the oppressed people throughout time. Not just the chieftains and medicine people, but any person, male or female, that was a leader in standing up against tyranny has gathered with us. Thousands and thousands of people are here through many many generations. Every culture is represented here. I couldn't hold my tears back, tears of grief and sadness for all they¹ve been through. I declared to these noble people that it is time to put an abrupt end to this once and for all. This war cannot be fought with guns and ammunition. This war must be fought with Magick. It was Magick that threw everything out of balance and it needs to be Magick to bring it back. Every culture that has ever been on this planet, even those that have not been written in history is represented in this room, giving to us their Knowledge and their Magick to take one last stand and overthrow the tyranny at the base and the core. We have all the keys now. Let all of those with a heart and soul, those living and in Spirit, that have been plagued with a perverted SubConscious to now align with us in clearing that and putting the Conscious back in power where it belongs. My Will Be Done. Your Will Be Done. Our Will Be Done. We will continue to reinforce this and spread it until every last vestige of perversion and tyranny has been cleansed. Chief Joseph, you will have to fight no more. We will take it over and use the power of the Goddess to transform, transmute and Uncreate if needs be, anything that reeks of tyranny. This is my promise. This is what I came here for. This is what Ann came here for. We will prevail. Our Will Be Done. (Ann - "Our Will Be Done"). So Be It. (Ann - "So Be It"). All of those that are gathered are down on their knees paying homage to the Goddess because they know that¹s where life comes from, with the support and protection of the Male Ray. We will return again to this place and life as we know it will be different, like a different movie. We will have physical evidence that tyranny is falling when next we meet. All those here may join with us for a grand reunion. And each time we meet the reunion will be a bigger celebration. Until the last when there is no tyranny and then we'll be free to leave this plane or stay. It will be our choice. My Will Be Done. So Be It. (Ann - "My Will Be Done. So Be It"). Then, in grateful unison they said, "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.........." Ann and I both had tears streaming down our cheeks. When I leave this chair I will egg the chair and the room and it will return to the state that we found it, unless there is a being with a pure heart and a pure mind. They will be blessed to feel the energy here. So Be It. Then I said to Ann, "Everything is just going back to neutral. The people are just disappearing" and she felt it too. Ann asked, "How many people had the SubConscious/Conscious switch take place during this ceremony?" Answer, 92. NOTE: This ceremony ended at 11:33. We had David Arkenstone's "Spirit Wind" CD playing the entire time we were there, and it helped create extreme esthetic energetics for this ceremony. David is a UV-Realm Knight that is doing a magnificent job of activating peoples' codes and helping them remember who they are through his music. I love David's music, and I love and honor him. WARNING! - We have been given permission to extend the Magick from the Chair that was given to us, to benevolent people of the appropriate vibration, intent, etc. All you have to do is look at this chair and tune into its energies to be able to access and activate them in your lives. I must warn you though, that if you are NOT in an appropriate space, and if you try to use these sacred energies for ego, suffering and tyranny..... (because I know you are out there and think this warning does not apply to you)... I can promise you, with the backing of all the cheiftans, your life will not be worth living and you will deeply regret that move, so I would advise you to use caution. You have now been warned!

Where would you like to go next?

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Unknown member
Jan 16, 2022

I can’t express how beautiful this is! I’m in tears & I have so much love for you & I’m so very thankful for you & all the work you & the others have done! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your work & sacrifice on this journey💙

Unknown member
Jan 17, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for your heartfelt message - Yes, that was certainly an amazing adventure that changed the course of history, whether or not you know about it...

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