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The Kundalini Conspiracy

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The Kundalini Conspiracy

Path to higher consciousness and power? or Road To Imprisonment and Insanity?

Written: 08-20-09 Updated 03-03-16 Kundalini: Sanskrit - meaning “Coiled.” All the good spiritual "Goo-roos" (Gurus spelt this way deliberately, goo being the operative word here) and authorities talk about “Kundalini,” one of the most sought after supernatural energies which bring you enlightenment and power. They describe Kundalini as the energy rising… the elusive serpent slithering and winding from the base of your spine, slowly creeping up your spine to the brain… and Wham-O, sexual bliss and enlightenment!


This excellent picture of the Kundalini rising was taken off of an internet site. Sadly there was no reference to the artist. I don’t know about you, but the thought of this freaky snake coiled at the base of my spine and then slowly sliding up my back toward my head, really disturbed me… BUT all the good Goo-roos and swamis say “this is the way it is,” and since these are the “divine” secrets handed down from holy people for centuries, it must be good and true…right? This was the topic of discussion this week with some of the First Wave Indigos on the Hologram Rescue Team. Airah' and Zorah from California raised some very important questions that needed immediate attention. The information I am about to share is a compilation of input from the entire team, as well as my own.

The Kundalini Conspiracy What we discovered is that Kundalini is actually a cousin to the Chakras and just as “user hostile.” It collaborates and uses the host for outside energies and entities to have easy access to the thoughts and energy/power of the body and its electrical/magnetic system. As it snakes its way up the back to the Crown it maneuvers so that it completely bypasses the Heart/Core, (even if you try to make it go there). When it gets to the head, it spreads vibrational waste and alien thought forms, especially sexual waste that may literally feel "intoxicating.” It then creates a magnetic field that is most desirable to Energy Vampires, and now, with the Crown Chakra open, it is easy access to suck on and literally get inside the unsuspecting victim. Now, it is important to know that the snake can go BOTH ways. It can take the trauma, fears, suffering and negative programming from the head and descend moving swiftly down to the base collecting all sorts of undesirable emotions and memories. During intimacy, you can literally down load this onto and into your partner or vice versa! This is called “Kundalini dumping” and it happens all the time (This dynamic is also referred to in the article "Desperate Sex, Don't Do It" on this website.) Kundalini Dumping can even happen without physical copulation. All you have to have is the willingness to connect sexually and intimately while you are with another person, and you are a candidate for dumping or draining. (In some cases with sensitive and open people it can even occur during an intimate conversation.) I have educated and counseled many friends and clients who were devastated by this cloaked dynamic. Sometimes it was challenging to help them identify it, clear it, stabilize from it, and then guard against it in the future, but I have enough expertise and experience with this riff-raff to find ways of permanent removal. There is ALWAYS a way to get it out of you! After this intense experience, you become a wiser more observant being that now knows better how to outmaneuver the control systems here on Earth, and then can spread the news. There is no reason for shame or guilt here, it is our personal education and training for overthrowing the Dark Lords and Ladies. Kundalini is a counterfeit to "Su-ee-a-lah" (the term we used in the UV-Realm), the pure essence of Love and expansion or ability to self-evolve. When engaged during lovemaking, Su-ee-a-lah adds trust, camaraderie and soul union to the experience. This magnetically and magickly energizes both parties and enhances their soul essence, activating creativity and expanding their consciousness/horizons. It makes you more of who and what you are. It has many attributes, and enables you to more readily see and activate potentials in yourself and in your partner. Not only is Kundalini a counterfeit to Su-ee-a-lah, but it masks and sedates this pure authentic energy. It is an override system to take over and snuff out the authentic “Su-ee-a-lah.” Kundalini is literally an essence or dictator that makes orgone energy go only one direction, straight into the Porn Vibration. Kundalini is what Duerlah, the “D” meister, put into this Hologram when it was turned on to corrupt it! It is like one of her minions. She used Kundalini (it even sounds dirty) to infiltrate the Hologram with Porn energy. Yes, Kundalini even has a consciousness and a spirit. When Ann (Amikah) and I were working on taking out all the negative consciousnesses, such as depression, terror, hate, vindication etc that were corrupting other spirits of emotions…. we overlooked this one. When I became aware of this several days ago, I went into meditation and called in Amikah. Together we scanned the Hologram and hunted down the original “Mother Brain” of this system and annihilated it. The rest of the clean up is an “inside job” which means each person has to do it themselves, in their own way. You can treat it like an implant and hunt it down, quarantine it, scramble, neutralize and eliminate it (I would use the implant removal protocol on this website to do a thorough job) and make sure you clear the residue and get it out of your magnetic fields, your DNA, your Core/Soul essence. It is interesting to note that many people who believe they have had a “Kundalini experience," say that it was chaotic, frightening and darned near made them go crazy! It is equated by some as a near death experience….and not a good one! (Sounds like a fun family activity to plan for the weekend :o) Psychologists have written reports on patients that claim to have had a "Kundalini experience” and how unstable and/or full of ego and arrogance they became. (If you want more info, google it.) Now, it seems to me, if you have an enlightening experience, you should feel more stable, more balanced, more inner peace and more confidence, not paranoia, over the top ego or insanity. With all the negative reports there are on this subject, why do people still think it is “the road to enlightenment!?” One reason is that no one questions “the goo-roos and masters/teachers” because they are “spiritual idols” and "know best.” One of the main reasons people seek after this, is the notion of experiencing sexual bliss (explosion) and sexual mastery (superiority.) Bottom line is, they want to experience better Sex! It’s all about Sex. It seems that all roads down here ultimately lead to Sex and the Porn Vibration … “the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.” This is the reason I am writing my next book, “The Anatomy of the Porn Vibration, what they DIDN’T Teach You in Sunday school.” This book reveals how the silent financial backers and promoters use the seductive and addictive insanity of the Porn Vibration, to suck it's victims into a black hole of destruction, all for greed, money and power! NOTE: This page revised 03-03-16. More information coming soon! I would suggest that you read “The secret behind the chakras” part I and II on this website, and remove the kundalini snake along with the chakras. Remember to do the Implant Removal Protocol when you remove the Kundalini to make sure you get all the residual energies and entities that might be attached...(like snake eggs!) The Kundalini is NOT a part of your natural authentic being and the more people that understand this and remove it, the more empowered and authentic the entire planet will be! My advice to you is take your power back and stop getting duped! You now have the truth… and the tools to get “unhooked” and set yourself free. For information on this and other topics, visit our youtube Channel at RWSProductions55. You will find some excellent videos there ...and of course, RWS stands for Really Weird Sh*t! ;o) The only other thing I can say is the infamous quote from Amikah… “Onward and Forward!” ~Lady Mistycah~

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