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Hidden Kryahgenetics Egg #3

Congratulations, First Wave Indigo, you found Hidden Kryahgenetics Egg #3. 

There are two more hidden eggs left on this site. Each hidden Kryah egg will be a mini-activation for those who find them. 

Only those with honor and respect will able to use these powerful allies for truth and justice!


How To Use The Kryahgenetics Eggs: After many quantum experiences, I realized what a powerful device these eggs are for quarantining not just energies, but also entities! It is also important to note here that these eggs, like the Aurauralite/Aulmauracite rock, have a very strong code of ethics. You cannot use them for egotistical purposes or to try and hurt or injure someone or something with them.

It has come to my attention that Kryahgenetics eggs can be of extreme value in dealing with different types of invasive implants. I have categorized them as:

Metallic- These implants are mechanical in nature, with metallic compositions. Some include elements which cannot be found on planet earth. A number of these implants, believe it or not, were introduced to the body by some of today's designer drugs.

Organic- These implants have live cells and can be detected, but many times are camouflaged.

Psychic- These implants are projected and held in place by electromagnetic fields and thought forms.

Metallic and organic implants can be physical and detected under certain medical diagnosis.....but also can be totally disguised and invisible. Psychic implants can become physical in 3-D if held and sustained long enough. All implants can receive and/or transmit information, programs, commands, data, holograms and emotions...which then can cause interference in thought processes, and also physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychic functions.


You can learn how to use the Kryahgenetics Egg to remove implants in this article, and when you're ready, you can futher your study with Kryahgenetics, The Book.

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