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Hidden Kryahgenetics Egg #2

Congratulations, First Wave Indigo, you found Hidden Kryahgenetics Egg #2. 

There are two more hidden eggs left on this site. Each hidden Kryah egg will be a mini-activation for those who find them. 

Only those with honor and respect will able to use these powerful allies for truth and justice!


How To Use The Kryahgenetics Egg: You can also use Kryahgenetics Eggs to protect pets, houses, cars, airplanes, etc. I have put eggs around planes I was traveling in and stopped turbulence….on many, many occasions. (I know it kind of freaked the pilot out because they forewarned the passengers of serious “bumps” and made the stewardesses stop their services and sit town till it was over… I double egged the plane and it never happened!)

Continue on your journey on this site to find the other 2 Kryahgenetics Eggs!

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