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Knights Training Academy - Full Course

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This is an accelerated program for you to shine up your armor and get ready to have your "X-Men" abilities turned on. These classes will aid you in connecting to and comprehending your True Soul Essence. The Knights training will give you the tools and help you to develop the skill sets to complete your mission and reason for coming to Earth. This is the first time Laura Lee Mistycah has put her classes online. She is joining forces with Rise Multiversity to advance your ability to stay stabilized, centered, sane and effective as you Rise and co-create the next human genome, complete with its upgraded divine blueprint. The full course includes 6 classes: Intro Class #0: Getting In Touch With Your Inner Warrior Knight. Class #1: Unplugging – The Key To Self-Empowerment! Class #2: Finding And Removing/Neutralizing Implants Class #3: Forced Agreement/Contract Voiding & Spiral Ceremony Class #4: Timeline Soul Retrieval Therapy Session Class #5: Energy/Psychic Debris Sweeping Training​

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