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Intro Class #0: Your Inner Warrior Knight

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"Getting In Touch With Your Inner Warrior Knight" (NOTE: Aulmauracite rocks not mandatory on this first intro class but extremely helpful) *Aurauralite Water Test: (Have 2 glasses of water ready) Put your pendant in one of the glasses, swirl it around till the water gets thicker and drags - then take a sip from both glasses. You can taste the difference! (It used to take a few minutes, now it can only takes 15-20 seconds to charge a glass of water.) Q&A *Kryahgenetics Badd Ass Egg Connection (See copy of Badd Ass Egg traits.) Q&A *Understanding your Suemah & how to connect to it: A part of our spirit/soul – Can change shapes, similar to “Golden Compass” – Our own personal muses – (Read Chapter 8, “Suemahs” in Kryahgenetics II) We can help each other out. We truly can have each other’s backs! (Excerpt from my journal notes) 12-29-19: Woke up with eyes goopy and right eye burning – kept spraying it with catalyst water – felt intense tingling again in my feet. This ticked me off. – grabbed my rock, started scanning – my Suemah came to my attention, something was wrong – she was not in a spirit trap, not all the normal things – not scared for the future, not scared I’m going to die, etc. When asked if she saw the future she said, “yes.” When asked if that was the issue, she said, “No.” She had a “get stuck in empathy for the pain and suffering on the planet” virus.... And more!

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